Friday, April 3, 2009

U.S. senators have declared war on mobile spam.

U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe (Olympia Snowe), and Bill Nelson (Bill Nelson) have developed a bill designed to reduce the number of unwanted messages per mobile phone, transmits AFP.
The authors of the document, which is called m-SPAM Act of 2009, indicate that mobile spam comes not only in cell phone, but also accounts for the services of millions of people. In the United States, some tariff plans involve the payment of incoming text messages. Sometimes the cost is 20 cents.
Bill tighten existing rules prohibiting commercial messages to mobile numbers entered in the list of "Do not call" (Do-Not-Call). In this registry may include a number of every American, not wishing to call him with commercial offers.
In addition, senators have warned that with each passing day increases the threat of transfer of viruses and other malicious programs via mobile communications. It is believed that the law will help protect their mobile citizens.
According to the senators, U.S. mobile subscribers in 2007, received over 1.1 million messages, which can be attributed to mobile spam. This is a 38 per cent more than in 2006.

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