Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Announced the world's first computer platform Nvidia Ion.

Company Acer has created the world's first computer-based platform for Nvidia Ion, reports Engadget. This computer is called the Aspire Revo and belongs to the class desktops.
Inside the Aspire Revo is 1,6-gigagertsevy processor Intel Atom. The maximum amount of memory that your computer is four gigabytes. Depending on configuration, for storing data in the Aspire Revo can be used either a hard drive or solid-state drive.
The main body of Acer Aspire Revo are connectors HDMI, VGA, Ethernet ports and six USB. Also, there's a module Wi-Fi. As an operating system on this PC preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium, or Vista Basic, depending on configuration.
The integrated video platform Ion, desktop Acer Aspire Revo can handle HD-video with a resolution of 1080r. In addition, it can run games requiring DirectX 10 support, for example, Spore, Call of Duty 4 and Sim City 5.
Arrival date and sales price of Acer Aspire Revo are not reported. According to Nvidia, the first computers based on the Ion will be the summer and will cost $ 299.
On the development of Acer computer company based on Nvidia Ion became aware in late February. Then, it was reported that this PC is called the Hornet, and will be sold complete with controller, equipped with a motion sensor.
Platform Nvidia Ion was introduced in December 2008. Its GeForce 9400M integrated video is several times better than similar solutions on the performance of Intel. Last criticized Ion, stressing that this platform is nothing new and it consumes a lot of energy.

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