Sunday, January 15, 2017

Journalists have appointed a new prime minister Kindle is the sixth of May.

Amazon presented 2B Kindle Amazon coming days the company will introduce a new device for reading electronic documents, reports CrunchGear. Indirectly, this confirms the appointment of six May press conference Amazon. The truth is what it will be dedicated to the company did not elaborate.
According to The New York Times, the new Amazon Kindle is for reading newspapers and magazines. As a result, this device will be a big screen. Characteristics of new Kindle are not reported.
Currently, Amazon releases the device for reading electronic books Kindle 2. Diagonal screen it is six inches. Cost Kindle 2 - 359 dollars.
One of the features of Kindle 2 - Text to Speech. When it activates the device reads the currently open document.
The first version of Kindle was introduced in November 2007. It cost 399 dollars. Development of the device has taken more than three years.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems.

The American Oracle, the third-largest software company in the world, Sun Microsystems will acquire the company for 5.6 billion dollars, the corporation said in an official joint press release. Given the debt and free cash flow Sun Microsystems amount of the transaction amount to 7.4 billion dollars (9.5 dollars per share).
It is anticipated that the transaction will close during the summer of 2009, after the company get approval of U.S. authorities and shareholders of companies.
Earlier in April, Sun Microsystems Board of Directors rejected the proposal on the purchase of IBM, then IBM withdrew its proposal to buy Sun. One of the reasons for collapse of the deal was that Sun is not arranged for the leaders of the proposed amount for the company - 9.4 dollar per share, while IBM was originally intended to buy the Sun, paying for one share of 10-11 dollars.
Company Sun Microsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of servers and workstations. Sun is also known as the developer of operating systems, Java platform and the party to project
In March 2009 it was reported that Sun Microsystems will reduce staff by one and a half thousand people for the restructuring, announced in November 2008 (a reduction of 15-18 per cent). In late January 2009 from the Sun has already laid off 1300 people.
Oracle is one of the largest developers of database management systems, tools for database development, and ERP-systems. The most famous product is Oracle - TimeZero database management system.

Flash technology into the TV.

The company announced a new version of Adobe Technologies Flash - Flash Platform for the Digital Home, reports IDG News. It is designed for consumer electronics and allows you to watch on a TV video from the Internet in the FLV, not using a computer or a special prefix.
The new version of the Flash enables you to watch on the TV screen video in HD-resolution. It will work not only with television but also, for example, players with Blu-ray and DVD. This will both look content, and burn it to optical media.
Currently, technology Flash, in particular, are streaming videhostingi different, for example, YouTube. Also, Flash is used to create animated sites.
Flash Platform for the Digital Home support by such companies as Atlantic Records, Broadcom, Comcast, Disney Interactive Media Group, Intel, Netflix, STMicroelectronics, The New York Times Company, NXP Semiconductors, and Sigma Designs. The first device in its database appear in the second half of 2009.
Note that in August last year, the company Yahoo! and Intel have agreed to create a platform that combines TV and Internet. It involves the installation of televisions, cable TV tuners, and optical disc players special Intel processors and software shell Yahoo!. This will allow the viewer to enjoy during the various mini-applications.

Mobile solar battery will be in Japan during the summer.

In June of this year, Japanese operator KDDI will start selling a mobile phone, equipped with a solar cell, the CrunchGear. The body of the phone will be waterproof.
According to the developer, after ten charging solar battery for mobile phone, you can let out a minute. In standby mode, after a phone elaborate charging up to two hours.
In addition to the solar battery, the phone will be installed and a regular battery. It can be charged as from the electrical network, and on solar energy. In the latter case, the battery is charged no more than 80 per cent.
Developer waterproof solar-powered phone - the company Sharp. The name and value of the mobile phone are not reported. Also unknown is whether it is available outside of Japan.
Sharp is not the only company that has created the phone with solar battery. In February this year at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona on the same mobile phone company LG and introduced Samsung.

In clockwork laptop install gigagertsevy processor.

In ultradeshevy laptop XO, escaping fund OLPC, will establish a processor VIA C7-M, the maximum clock frequency which is equal to one gigahertz, reports Electronista. Currently, the XO establish 500-megagertsevy processor AMD Geode.
The minimum frequency chip VIA C7-M, which will be installed in the CW, is 400 megahertz. Which processor is put in a CW depends on the model netbuka.
The new processor will allow netbuku CW to work with three-dimensional graphics, HD-video and surround sound. Power your computer after you install the processor VIA C7-M will not increase, but its price will decline.
Along with the new CW will increase the processor memory to one gigabyte. The amount of storage built this Laptop will be four gigabytes. As an option in netbuk can install vosmigigabaytny drive.
The first prototypes netbuka CW VIA processor will be in May of this year. Serial production of these computers will begin in August.
Apparently, OLPC laptop with a VIA will be known as XO-1.5. Netbuk XO-2 was announced in May 2008. It consists of two large-sensory displays and to appear in 2010. His alleged price was 75 dollars. Model CW-1, produced at the present time, it is worth 188 dollars.

Chinese fold Nokia N96 c Apple iPhone.

The Chinese company has released a mobile NokiPhone N3000i, reports Engadget. It was made in the form of dual-slider, like Nokia N96, and is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen.
The front panel NokiPhone N3000i looks like a smartphone Apple iPhone. It posted a large touch screen and one mechanical button.
N3000i supports simultaneous work two SIM-cards. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module and Wi-Fi. Permission of the phone's built-in camera - two megapixels.
Menu NokiPhone N3000i supports English, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian and Thai languages. The cost of the phone - 129 dollars.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Motorola turned Bekhema in Terminator.

English footballer David Bekhem Terminator withdrew from the image for a new advertising company Motorola, reports The Daily Mail.
Advertising poster Bekhem appears naked to the waist, one half of it darkened. With the help of computer technology athlete "pririsovany" through the translucent skin of the skeleton and the famous red-eye Terminator. The left hand holds Bekhem new model mobile phone from Motorola - Aura. Estimated retail price Aura will be 1.4 thousand pounds.
In January 2009 a Bekhema ended a 10-year contract with Pepsi, brought him, according to some data on 2.5 million pounds per year. The contract with Motorola is not a football player is named.
To date, David Bekhem played 108 matches for the national team of England, 58 of those matches he spent as captain of the team. In March 2009, Bekhem once again was named the most paid player of the world. Popularity athlete contributed to the invitation to participate in various advertising campaigns of companies - it was filmed in advertising Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Sharpie. Currently footballer stands for Italian club Milan "by lease from the American club Los Angeles Galaxy. In February 2009, Bekhem announced its intention to sign with the "Milan" a permanent contract.
For the first time a humanoid cyborg - Terminator - Arnold Shvartsneggerom was embodied in the same film by James Cameron in 1984, but became the most popular image of the hero in the form of polucheloveka-polumashiny appeared in the continuation of the picture, shot in 1991.