Friday, April 17, 2009

Motorola turned Bekhema in Terminator.

English footballer David Bekhem Terminator withdrew from the image for a new advertising company Motorola, reports The Daily Mail.
Advertising poster Bekhem appears naked to the waist, one half of it darkened. With the help of computer technology athlete "pririsovany" through the translucent skin of the skeleton and the famous red-eye Terminator. The left hand holds Bekhem new model mobile phone from Motorola - Aura. Estimated retail price Aura will be 1.4 thousand pounds.
In January 2009 a Bekhema ended a 10-year contract with Pepsi, brought him, according to some data on 2.5 million pounds per year. The contract with Motorola is not a football player is named.
To date, David Bekhem played 108 matches for the national team of England, 58 of those matches he spent as captain of the team. In March 2009, Bekhem once again was named the most paid player of the world. Popularity athlete contributed to the invitation to participate in various advertising campaigns of companies - it was filmed in advertising Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Sharpie. Currently footballer stands for Italian club Milan "by lease from the American club Los Angeles Galaxy. In February 2009, Bekhem announced its intention to sign with the "Milan" a permanent contract.
For the first time a humanoid cyborg - Terminator - Arnold Shvartsneggerom was embodied in the same film by James Cameron in 1984, but became the most popular image of the hero in the form of polucheloveka-polumashiny appeared in the continuation of the picture, shot in 1991.

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