Friday, April 17, 2009

Toshiba dismiss because of the crisis, and four thousand employees.

Japanese Toshiba Corporation announced the reduction of 3900 jobs until March 2010, reports AFP. According to Vice President Fumio Muraoka Toshiba (Fumio Muraoka), the company will not update the ending labor contracts with employees, most of whom work in the Toshiba temporarily.
Previously, Toshiba has already dismissed 4,5 thousands of temporary workers. Thus the company tries to cut costs because its business in the global economic crisis has ceased to be profitable. The company expects on the basis of 2008 fiscal year, which ended last month, the net loss amounting to 350 billion yen (3.5 billion dollars). As noted by Muraoka, in 2009, business conditions remain "severe."
At the same time, significant reductions in staff, and said one of the leading manufacturers of cellular phones in the world of Sony Ericsson. The Company intends to terminate the appointment of two thousand people, after it was reported a net loss of $ 380 million dollars for the first quarter of 2009.
In summer 2008, Sony Ericsson has announced the dismissal of two thousand people. Given two cuts, the number of personnel in the company fall to 8 thousand people.
In recent months, many companies in the field of hi-tech was told that they intend to get rid of staff. In addition to the economic crisis, the reason for the reductions was the increased competition in the market. In particular, sales of Sony Ericsson and Nokia has suffered due to release an Apple iPhone, which significantly reduced the demand for traditional cellular phones at an expensive segment.

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