Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Japanese have bought a million Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft has sold one million Xbox 360 consoles in the territory of Japan, reports IGN, with reference to the data company Enterbrain. This attachment point was able to overcome last week. Total to date, residents of Japan bought 1001191 console Xbox 360. Sales of Microsoft gaming system in this country began in December 2005.
It should be noted that American companies use the console is not too good demand in Japan. According to journalists, sales of Xbox consoles first stopped at the point of approximately 500 thousand gaming systems. In Enterbrain also added that Japanese gamers have already bought more than 3 million PlayStation 3, although the console is now on the market almost a year after Xbox 360.
At the moment, a game system Xbox 360 is in second place in the current-generation console race. According to official figures, by 31 December 2008 Microsoft has sold worldwide over 28 million prefixes. PlayStation 3 is the last place. According to Sony, gamers have bought more than 21 million consoles.
Leading game system Wii from Nintendo. By the end of last year around the world has sold 44.96 million consoles.

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