Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The second sensor BlackBerry smartphone will appear in September.

KommentariiShtormovaya ezhevika08.10.2008Predstavlen touch smartphone BlackBerry StormKompaniya RIM will release a second BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen in September this year, reports SlashGear. It will be called the BlackBerry Storm 2.
When you create a Storm 2 RIM engineers took into account the criticism received by the address of their first touch smartphone. In Storm 2 will be the outcome, in particular, the module Wi-Fi, which is lacking in its predecessor.
In autumn 2008, the company RIM has released the first BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen - Storm. It is equipped with a 3.25-inch screen, a maximum resolution of which is 480h360 pixels. This smartphone works in 3G networks and is equipped with a module of GPS.
The amount of RAM BlackBerry Storm is 128 megabytes capacity embedded flash memory module - one gigabyte. Smartphone also supports memory card format microSD of up to 16 gigabytes.

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