Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phones with a portrait of Stalin is not intended for sale.

Representative of Ion Pavel Muhin explained the presence in the stores of the network of mobile phones Nokia with an image of Joseph Stalin's "pre-bustle."
"This is not intended for sale, he got to the store by chance in a series pre fuss. We brought it showed we said - fun, but not now" - quoted Mukhin said.
He said that the phone has appeared on sale only at one store network "Ion". This Muhin did not disclose the supplier.
Information that the "Jonah" You can buy a mobile phone, Nokia depicting Stalin appeared on 29 December. The cost of such phones, depending on the model ranged from 1 to 60 rubles.
Meanwhile, the company Nokia announced that the company is not for the emergence of these phones is no relationship, calling it a "great blow to the brand."

In Moscow, began to sell Nokia phones with the portrait of Stalin.

In Moscow shops electronics "Ion" appeared in the sale of Nokia mobile phones with the image of Joseph Stalin, said on Monday agency RIA Novosti. The cost of such phones, according to the officer "Jonah", depending on the model ranges from 1 to 60 rubles.
Director of Public Relations Nokia in Eurasia Victoria Eremina reported that the company is not in a phone no relationship with Stalin, and called such a move "a great blow to the brand" of the company.
"Even if Nokia was on the brink of ruin and release phones or panel with a portrait of Stalin was the only chance to save our business, Nokia will be has not done that," - said Eremina. In addition, it recommended not to buy such phones, as they do not have a certificate of the company and, therefore, not eligible for warranty repair.
According to the radio station Ekho Moskvy, according to a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, no shop "Ion", neither company Nokia are not responsible for the emergence of such phones. According to him, in this case, the responsibility for the emergence of such phones has the company that bought them on the market, modify and sell in shops "Ion".

LG announced a wrist phone.

Korean company LG has announced wrist mobile phone, LG-GD910, looks like a clock, writes Electronista. The device is equipped with a 1.43-inch color LCD touch screen.
The phone can work in a third-generation networks, with HSDPA mode can download data at speeds up to 7.2 megabits per second.
Wrist phone is able to synthesize speech from text, supports Bluetooth and voice dialing, and can be used as an MP3-player.
It was expected that the official presentation of LG-GD910 held during the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas. Price device is not yet known.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nvidia graphics cards to start deliveries of partners without marriage.

Nvidia Corp. urged partners to buy its graphics card GeForce 8700M GT, GeForce 8800M GS and GeForce 9650M GS graphics on a new system NB8E-SET, said VR-Zone. Previously, they were issued on the basis of NB8E-SE. The main difference from each other is the shift of some materials that can eliminate the defect NB8E-SE.
Nvidia admitted in the supply of defective graphics cards in July 2008. Graphics processing overheated, refusing to work. NB8E-SET improves heat.
After calling on the defect, the company set aside for the exchange of components under the guarantee of 150 to 200 million dollars.
According to the Electronista, some new pictures of Nvidia, in particular, GeForce 9400M, established in the MacBook and some laptops Toshiba, are already using the new materials, excluding this defect.

Price iPhone 3G in the U.S. fell to 99 dollars.

Mobile phone operator AT & T offered a discount of 50 dollars for the return within 30 days of customers vosmigigabaytnye iPhone 3G, says CrunchGear. Thus, the cost of a smartphone with a two-year contract in the United States fell to 99 dollars. Version smartphone with 16 gigabytes of memory also podeshevela from 249 to 199 dollars.
Two days later, December 28, the new devices Apple, began selling in retail chain Wal-Mart, which unites 2500 stores. Until now, iPhone 3G is sold only in AT & T, shops Apple, as well as network Best Buy.
Wal-Mart managed to reduce the cost of new vehicles only two dollars. Vosmigigabaytny iPhone 3G is worth 197 dollars, a 16-gigabaytny - 297 dollars. As noted by Reuters, all these phones are sold with a two-year contract, AT & T.
Apple iPhone 3G in the United States entered the market in July 2008. In the United States, he still can not be sold without reference to the operator. In Russia, the sale started at the beginning of October, all phones sold without a rigid attachment to the operator, but is several times higher price.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Published specifications pocket notebook Sony.

Online store Sony briefly appeared on a new Vaio notebook series P, writes jkOnTheRun. Diagonal screen new laptop will be eight Dame and a resolution - 1600 by 768 pixels. The description says that the laptop will fit in your pocket.
According to the specifications, Vaio P osnastyat processor Intel, operating at a frequency of 1.33 gigagertsa and the hard drive of 60 gigabytes. Instead of the hard drive, users can select a solid storage capacity of 128 gigabytes.
How it will look like is unknown, instead of photographs published a picture of a series of laptop TT. Also unknown, but it will cost, how much it will weigh and how many would be able to work offline.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Psion internetchikov asked to abandon the word "netbook".

The company Psion has asked sites do not use the word in their submissions netbuk (netbook), reports Electronista. Eight years ago, the company has released two handheld computer netBook and netBook Pro, whose names are registered trademarks.
Psion suggested that site owners to remove from their resources netbuk floor before the end of March next year. What sanctions will be taken to those who ignore that requirement, the Psion is not reported. They only stress that its continued use would be regarded as a harm to the right.
It was believed that the concept into practice netbuk introduced by Intel. They were taken to signify ultradeshevye notebooks designed primarily for work on the Internet. One of the brightest representatives netbukov are a family of mobile computers Asus Eee PC.
Psion netBook was introduced in 2000. In many ways it resembles the current netbuki. The main operating system, Psion netBook was EPOC (forerunner of the Symbian). Because of the popularity of these small devices, their production has been curtailed.

Intel is not allowed to use the Atom processor platform from Nvidia.

The company opposed the installation of Intel Atom processor platform Ion, designed to netbukov and nettopov by Nvidia, DigiTimes reports citing information from computer manufacturers.
According to computer manufacturers, Intel has notified them that the Atom processors will be supplied only with chipsets Intel 945GSE and 945GC. In addition, Intel has no plans to certify a set of system logic Nvidia to work with the Atom chip and work with Nvidia to develop a platform for ultradeshevyh computers.
Platform Nvidia Ion ultradeshevyh for mobile and desktop computers has been presented a week ago. Its main feature is the built-video GeForce 9400M. It is set in the last generation of Apple notebooks and several times the graphics performance embedded Intel.
In addition, Ion provides HDMI and DVI connectors and supports the memory of standard DDR3. It was expected that netbuki based on this platform will be able to work with the operating system Windows Vista and its successor Windows 7.

Nokia has established a touch screen in the classic mobile phone.

The company established a Nokia touch screen mobile phone on the Series 40 platform, reports Electronista. He called the Nokia 6208 Classic and is intended only for the Chinese market.
Nokia 6208 Classic is a normal mobile phone. Previously, Nokia has established a touch screen in smarftony Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97, based on the Series 60 platform.
The new touch-sensitive mobile phone Nokia is made in the form of monobloka with a full numeric keypad, below the 2.8-inch screen. The size of the phone make up 109,8 x49, 3x14, 7 mm, weight - 130 grams.
The amount of internal memory tube is 27 megabytes, the resolution of the camera - 3.2 megapixels. Also the phone has a Bluetooth module and slot microSD.
Last appearance Nokia 6208 Classic in sales were reported. Price cell phone is not known.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Russians have been buying fewer cell phones.

Sales of mobile phones in Russia in December 2008 declined by 15-20 per cent, says the newspaper Vedomosti, citing information received from one of the suppliers of mobile phones.
Representatives of cellular network "threaded" underline that in the period from 15 to 21 December, sales of mobile phones increased by 14.5 percent in shtuchnom equivalent relative to the previous week. A year ago, sales growth over the same period was about 24 percent.
In Betalinke "demand for cellular phones dropped by 20 percent compared with December last year. The network "Eldorado Mobile sells for 10-15 percent of cell phones is less than a year ago.
In Euroset no drop in demand. According to the company, sales of mobile phones in December of this year are at the same level as a year ago.
The main reason for the fall in demand is the economic crisis. For example, in connection with the tightening of bank credit conditions fastest falling sales of phones on credit. As a result, buyers have become more likely to buy cheap mobile phone, or to refuse to replace the old phone.
According to a leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, credit retailers sell about 20 percent of cell phones. He believes that if the fall in demand will continue in the latest pre-week, following the fourth quarter of 2008, sales of mobile phones in Russia could be reduced by 40 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Quarterly losses Micron rose almost threefold.

Losses American company Micron, one of the leading manufacturers of memory in the first quarter of 2009 fiscal year, which ended the fourth of December, amounted to 706 million dollars, reports DigiTimes, with reference to the financial report Micron.
A year ago, Micron net loss amounted to 262 million dollars. Thus, the loss for the year grew nearly three times the manufacturer.
Micron's revenues in the first quarter of 2009 fiscal year amounted to 1.4 billion dollars, which is 8.7 percent lower than a year ago. In the first quarter of 2008 fiscal year, Micron earned half a billion dollars.
Height loss Micron connects with the economic crisis and the collapse of prices for various types of memory. For example, DRAM-memory podeshevela by 34 percent, the flash memory NAND - 24 per cent.
To improve the financial situation of Micron plans to reorganize production at several factories. In addition, the company will reduce staff by 15 percent.
Simultaneously with the publication of financial reports Micron has forecast losses of Taiwan's largest manufacturers of DRAM-memory. According to some experts, over the last three months of 2008 consolidated losses Inotera Memories, Nanya Technology, Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation and ProMOS Technologies will be 606-908 million dollars.
It is anticipated that in the first quarter of 2009, DRAM-memory market to decline by 20 percent. This is expected to stop falling prices for DRAM-memory.
Recall that the government of Taiwan has pledged to support domestic producers of DRAM-memory during the crisis period. According to DigiTimes, Taiwanese memory manufacturers can rely on the 6.5 billion dollars of government investment.

The new console Gizmondo will be released in 2009.

Logout updated version of the portable console Gizmondo had to be postponed because of the economic crisis, says Eurogamer, with reference to The Nordic Link. As noted by Carl Freer (Carl Freer), responsible for launching the game system in the current environment is much more difficult to find the funds needed to finance the project.
Previously, developers have promised to launch a new model Gizmondo Europe closer to Christmas this year. Outwardly, the console will be virtually no different from previous versions. For the schedule would be a new chip from Nvidia. It is also known that the Gizmondo will have the functionality of a full-fledged smartphone.
At the console can be installed as a Windows CE 6.0, and Android operating system from Google. Moreover, Gizmondo will be an open platform. This will allow to install any games for Windows CE, as well as various emulators. Originally planned that the cost of the new model will be just 99 dollars. Later, the developers confirmed that the Gizmondo will cost more.
Recall that the first version of the portable console company Tiger Telematics has been on sale in 2005. Gizmondo is not in demand, and in February 2006, Tiger Telematics went bankrupt. Also, the information that the leadership of the European unit was linked to criminal structures. Later, Carl Freer, which was directly related to the launch of Gizmondo, announced that in developing the new model is a portable console.

The cost of production of PlayStation 3 has fallen almost by half.

The cost of production of one PlayStation 3 console, dropped to a mark of 448.73 dollars, writes BusinessWeek, with reference to the research company iSuppli. In doing so, Sony continues to lose money on each sold prefix. Recall that in the North American console with hard drive with 80 gigabytes can be purchased for 399 dollars.
Analysts point out that the cost of PlayStation 3 has declined compared with 2006, when it had just entered the market. Initially, the production of the console costs 840 dollars for a 60-gigabaytnuyu version and 805 dollars for a model with a hard drive at 20 gigabytes. In the retail sale of these stations were worth 599 and 499 dollars respectively. According to experts iSuppli, Sony will continue to further reduce the cost of production of PlayStation 3. This company may start to receive revenue from sales of each game system in 2009.
The original PlayStation 3 was composed of 4048 different parts. For two years this figure has fallen by more than 30 percent. At the moment, to create a console, you only need to 2820 parts. It should be noted that this attachment has lost several USB-ports and slots for memory cards. Also PS3 has lost the support of games for PlayStation 2.
According to iSuppli, the cost of Cell processor has fallen almost by half. In 2006, the creation of a single chip Sony had to spend 89 dollars. In 2007, its price has fallen to 64 dollars, but now the production cost of 46 dollars. The cost of Nvidia graphics chips also fell from 129 dollars in 2006 to 58 dollars this year.
Recall that the PlayStation 3 has been on sale in the territory of Japan and North America in November 2006. The European launch of the console in March 2007. At the moment, PS3 is the third race in a new generation of game systems, after the second-line Xbox 360 and the leading Wii. According to a rough estimate, the world's sold more than 17 million consoles Sony.

The Taiwan authorities support the manufacturers of memory.

The Government of Taiwan will provide about 6.5 billion dollars to support domestic producers of DRAM-memory, DigiTimes said, referring to the information received from its own sources.
The Taiwan authorities did not officially confirm this information. But Minister of Economy of Taiwan Chi-Ming Ying (Chii-Ming Yiin) said that the Government will support the producers of DRAM-memory in a time of crisis. In particular, facilitate the conduct of negotiations with banks and debt restructuring.
Plans for the Government is not shared by all politicians in Taiwan. For example, some legislators believe that in the case of subsidies to producers DRAM-memory not ordered government budget money. In addition, the intervention of the State upset the market.
Earlier, the head of the company Foxconn, a leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturers, said that the economic crisis has affected the IT-industry three times worse than expected. In this regard, Foxconn intends to cut one and a half thousand people at its plant in Hungary. In Taiwan, the company intends to dismiss a 10-15 per cent of employees.

The Chinese released iPhone clone with two SIM-cards.

Online store Lightinthebox, продающем Chinese goods, a clone of a smartphone Apple iPhone, supports simultaneous work with two SIM-cards. He called EPHONE M8 and costs 160 dollars.
Outwardly EPHONE M8 is almost an exact copy of iPhone. Identical original iPhone box and EPHONE M8. However, some functions inferior clone of the original.
In particular, the amount of internal memory EPHONE M8 is equal to one gigabyte, and the iPhone at least eight. The truth is EPHONE M8 has a slot for memory cards, a standard which is not specified. Permission EPHONE M8 camera is 1.3 megapixels against the two-megapixel phone from Apple.
Skærmdiagonal EPHONE M8 is 3.2 inches, its resolution - 240h320 points. Interface device supports 10 languages, including Russian. In addition, manufacturers EPHONE M8 embedded in TV tuner. In the third-generation cellular networks, this smartphone is not working.
Dimensions EPHONE M8 constitute 112h62h15 mm, weight - a hundred grams. Of the wireless interface, it supports Bluetooth. For wireless data transmission owner EPHONE M8 can only use GPRS.

The Chinese newspaper reported on the new iMac.

SyuzhetyMacworld 200922.12.2008V Network has a snapshot of an unknown product AppleKorporatsiya Apple is going in the first quarter of 2009 to produce a new generation of computers iMac, Digitimes says, referring to the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News. That, in turn, refers to its own sources of suppliers.
According to the newspaper, the only collector of computers Apple, Quanta Computer, will release the first three months of the year 800 thousand iMac. The shipment of computers will begin in January 2009. The representatives of Quanta Computer refused to comment.
New iMac and Mac mini is one of the most likely announcements at the conference Macworld, which will be held in early January. This assumption is supported by the files found in the new Macbook and Macbook Pro mention of new models of iMac and Mac mini (9,1 and 3,1 instead of the current 8.1 and 2.1).

Laptops were the first popular desktop PCs.

In the third quarter of this year in the world for the first time sold more notebooks than desktops, PC World said, referring to the data analysis company iSuppli.
According to iSuppli, in the third quarter of 2008 in the world have been sold 38.6 million notebook PCs. Desktop computers for the same period has sold 38.5 million. Compared with the same period last year, sales of notebooks grew by 40 percent, while desktops fell by 1.3 percent.
Overall, in the third quarter of 2008 was issued on 79 million computers, which is 15.4 per cent increase over 2007. Is the market leader HP, sold for the quarter, 14.9 million computers. Second place is the company Dell, which for three months has sold 11 million computers.
Representatives iSuppli emphasize that a significant role in the growth of sales of notebooks have played netbuki. So, thanks largely to its ultradeshevym Acer Laptop for the quarter increased sales by 45 percent. Last year sales of Acer computers grew by 79 percent.
Meanwhile, the Japan market share of notebook PCs in November this year amounted to 71,1 percent. Last month, the Japanese market has been sold to 457 thousand and 185 thousand laptops desktops.

Living in Japan, bought a million consoles DSi.

Living in Japan bought more than one million portable consoles DSi, reports IGN, with reference to the figures published by Enterbrain. A new model of the popular game system, Nintendo has been in the company's sale of November 1. According to the report Enterbrain, to 21 December in the territory of Japan, has sold 1062416 consoles.
From the previous model, which is called the DS Lite, DSi console is increased to 0.25-inch screens, the availability of slots for memory cards format SD, built-in camera and the ability to play music files. In addition, the new version of the game at 12 percent thinner than the predecessor.
Currently DSi is sold only in the territory of Japan. Launching the console in Europe and North America will take place only in 2009. Add that all Japanese gamers bought nearly 24.9 million portable game systems DS.
The first version of the console has been on sale in 2004. At the moment, DS leader in the market of portable gaming systems. By the end of September this year throughout the world have been sold over 84 million consoles. Note that the competition from Sony's been able to implement only a little more than 40 million portable game systems, PSP.

Palm has attracted a hundred million dollars in investments.

Investment fund Elevation Parthers spent on buying shares in the manufacturer of smartphones Palm One hundred million dollars, reports Cnet News.
In October 2007, Elevation Parthers already invested in the Palm 325 million dollars. Given the current investment proportion Elevation Parthers in the Palm of about 38 per cent.
Palm is a leading manufacturer of business smartphones, but recently the company is going through a crisis period. For example, in early 2008, it was decided on the closure of all American stores Palm, except for one. In the period from February 2007 to November 2008 the share of Palm in the business smartphone market has fallen from 28 to 11 percent.
There are currently produces devices like Palm is running Windows Mobile, and its own operating system Palm OS. The new version of the latter will be presented in early 2009. A week ago, Palm has launched an online store applications Software Store.

The creators of Mac-clone questioned the right of Apple's Mac OS X.

SyuzhetyApple against the creators of clones Mac15.12.2008Sud dismissed a lawsuit Psystar to AppleAdvokaty company Psystar, which produces clones a Mac, said Apple does not belong to the right of the operating system Mac OS X, reports AppleInsider.
In Psystar sure that Apple has failed to meet all of the instructions for registration of copyright in Mac OS X. In this regard, Apple can not accuse Psystar of violating the Copyright Act (DMCA).
In addition, Psystar claimed that the operating system, Mac OS X Leopard contains code that blocks its launch on a third-party manufacturers. This, according to Psystar, Apple violates antitrust laws.
Recall that in April this year, Psystar has released a computer running an operating system, Mac OS X. In July this year, Apple filed for Psystar to court, accusing the latter of copyright infringement. Under the license agreement, Apple, Mac OS X can be installed only on computers manufactured by Apple.
Apple later amended its suit, accusing Psystar burglary anti-piracy protection in the operating system, Mac OS X, which violates the DMCA. Apple is also suspected that Psystar hiding behind the backs of others.

Intel has released a 160-gigabaytnye solid state drives.

The company started production of Intel SSD-drives X18-M and X25-M 160 gigabytes, the InformationWeek. 80-gigabaytnye models of these drives came into production in September this year.
160-gigabaytny solid-state drive Intel X25-M implemented in 2.5-inch form factor, X18-M - in the 1.8-inch. They are designed to be installed in mobile and desktop computers.
The speed of reading data 160-gigabaytnyh Intel SSD-drives of 250 megabytes per second, the speed record - 70 megabytes per second. On the computer X18-M and X25-M are connected via SATA. The life expectancy of the reservoirs is 1.2 million hours.
At the same time, Intel has released a SSD-drive X25-E Extreme. It is designed for installation in servers, storage systems and high-performance workstations. Capacity X25-E Extreme is 32 and 64 gigabytes, lifetime - two million hours.
The first 160-gigabaytny solid-state drive Intel was announced in March this year. SSD-drives Intel X18-M and X25-M had announced in August 2008.
Currently, the maximum capacity of serial SSD-drive is 256 gigabytes. A week ago, Toshiba announced a 512-gigabaytny SSD-drive, which will be presented in early 2009.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Japanese have developed a Multi-optical drive.

Japanese company Infinity Storage Media introduced an optical disc combining DVD format and Blu-ray, reports CrunchGear. Working with the new carrier can be any players formats Blu-ray and DVD.
Multi-disc total capacity of 33.5 gigabytes. It consists of a single-layer Blu-ray volume of 25 gigabytes and two DVD layers of a total capacity of 8.5 gigabytes.
Lower layer of new media is the Blu-ray. The installation disc to normal DVD-player laser passes through the layer Blu-ray and reads data from a DVD-layers.
The first film will be released at the Multi-ROM in early 2009. They will become a Japanese TV series Code Blue. It will be recorded in the four Multi-disc, which cost $ 400. The duration of the series - 534 minutes.
In the future, Infinity Storage Media intends to issue a second model of Multi-drive. It will include two-layer Blu-ray and a single layer DVD.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nokia has launched a postal service.

The company Nokia has launched a Postal Service Mail on Ovi. It allows you to create mail account directly from their mobile phone and work with e-mail without a PC. This was reported in the press release Nokia.
Currently, Mail on Ovi service is in beta and available in 12 languages, among which there are no Russian. Mail on Ovi can take advantage of possessing more than 35 models mobilnikov Nokia, built on the Series 40 platform.
In order for each user's Mail on Ovi company Nokia will provide gigabytes of disk space on their servers. Also Mail on Ovi supports anti-spam filters. In February, Nokia will launch a Web interface Mail on Ovi.
Service Mail on Ovi Nokia was announced in early December. At the same time, the company introduced the service Nokia Messaging, combining a mobile company features e-mail and instant messaging. In addition to mail Mail on Ovi, Nokia Messaging supports to Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and AOL Mail.

Sony has developed a "revolutionary" laptop.

Ninth January, Sony will introduce a new notebook series Vaio. Promo section on this laptop is open on the official website of the company.
What it will be for the laptop, Sony does not. The site only states that the novelty will be "revolutionary" and "will change the presentation of laptop users."
Editions of PC World and Fudzilla suggest that this revolutionary innovation may be a compact laptop Sony. He recently was approved by the Federal Communications Commission USA.
The code name of the laptop PCG-1P1L. We know that it works on the basis of the Windows operating system and the module is equipped with 3G. The length and width PCG-1P1L accounted for 22 and 11 centimeters.
It is anticipated that the revolutionary Sony Vaio laptop will be presented at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. At its January 9, 2009 made head of Sony Howard Stringer.

In India, disable 25 million mobile phone.

In early 2009, 25 million Indian cellular subscribers will not be able to take advantage of their mobile phones, reported The Economic Times.
Millions mobilnikov will be disabled in India on January 6, 2009. This touches only phones with a modified and missing IMEI.
Mobile will be disabled in the interests of national security. The Indian authorities suggest that such phones can use the terrorists.
IMEI is a serial number that is unique for each cell phone. It is used in particular to authorize mobile network operators and track stolen phones.
In all, India has 315 million mobile phone.

Mac enthusiasts have found an unknown device Apple.

SyuzhetyMacworld 200917.12.2008Pyatogo January in San Francisco starting Exhibition and Conference MacworldSayt Macenstein.com published a photograph of an unknown device Apple, sent leading resource anonimom. Slogan over the image reads: "The smallest in the world desktop computer."
This image shows the thin systemic block with slit to load discs and a small lid on top. In addition, in the middle of the bottom of the device, you can see the blue LED.
The views of users of updates divided. About half of them believed the photo forgery. The other half shows that the image is exactly in line with the rules of design posters for other products Apple, including font design.
Users who consider this a snapshot, basically, suggest that the new, significantly redesigned model Mac mini. In support of this version, said finding participants of the forum on the site Insanely Mac. They found in the files of new Macbook and Macbook Pro, equipped with video Nvidia GeForce 9400M, lines MCP79 and Macmini 3,1 and iMac9, 1. MPC79 - code for new chipset Nvidia. The most advanced Macmini and the iMac is a symbol Macmini2, 1 and iMac8, 1. Of these users have found emergency upgrade these lines. Rather, the appropriate device will be presented at the January conference-exhibition MacWorld.

HTC has developed its second guglofon.

The company HTC commissioned by the operator T-Mobile has developed a new model communicator running on a platform of Google Android, reports The Boy Genius Repor. He called G2.
G2 made in the form of monoblock with a large touch screen. The physical keyboard of the communicator is missing. It is also known that G2 is equipped with a trackball.
Initially, the sale of Communicator were to have begun in February 2009. However, because of issues related to software, G2 will appear in stores until April.
Reported that in addition to T-Mobile, Communicator G2 will sell another operator. But as the G2 is a registered trademark of T-Mobile, then the company will sell G2 under another name.
First guglofon had before September 23 and put on sale on 22 October this year. He called G1 and the establishment of HTC Custom T-Mobile. G1 is equipped with a touch screen and sliding QWERTY-keyboard.
In addition to HTC, devices based on Android developed a Chinese company TechFaith and QIGI, as well as the Australian Kogan. In 2009, guglofony must submit, and other manufacturers. Among them are Motorola, Asus and Sony Ericsson.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nvidia will produce graphics card GTX 295 in January.

Nvidia Corp. eighth January at CES in Las Vegas officially reveal a new graphics card GeForce GTX 295, created using 55-nanometer tehprotsessa. Multiple sites, in particular, AnandTech and Tom's Hardware Guide, a company authorized to publish their reviews of the device.
GTX 295 will be equipped with two graphics processors and the 1792 GTX 200 megabytes of graphics memory. Each processor has 240 shaders. Video works on the same frequency as the GTX 260, but shaders corresponding to the two graphic cards GTX 280.
Construction GTX 295 includes two DVI-connectors and one HDMI. Power the new card can reach 289 watts.
It is expected that this video will be the fastest on the market. Earlier this title belonged to ATI Radeon 4870 X2. In tests GTX 295 mostly beats Radeon 4870 X2, although in some cases markedly from her behind.
GTX 295 will cost less than $ 500.

Apple has invested in the manufacturer of chips for mobile phone.

Apple Corp. has acquired 8.2 million shares (3.6 percent), British Imagination, produces processors and semiconductor components for mobile devices, says Techradar. The amount of transactions was 3.2 million pounds sterling.
One of the main products Imagination is a graphical kernel PowerVR SGX, which supports the standard OpenGL ES 2.0 and Shader is a universal mechanism that enables you to use Shader three-dimensional graphics on mobile devices.
Analysts suggest that Apple with the new graphics system, the company will be able to upgrade the iPod and iPhone.
Cooperation Apple and Imagination, likely started in September. That is when the company announced that it is working with an international company engaged in electronic systems. " Browsers then found that the company is Sony, allegedly bought Imagination develop chips for next-generation Playstation Portable.

A audioakvarium for the blind.

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed audioakvarium for the Blind, transmits Associated Press.
In such an aquarium built camera with the recognition of objects by their shape and color. The program tracks the movements of fish, changing the timbre and pace of playable melody depending on the speed and direction.
Thus, the fish will be directed to the bottom, consistent with a higher sound. The faster floating fish, the higher tempo melodies.
People in the aquarium indicate that wanted to create a visual thing that would not be functional, as most of the devices, and entertained to the owner.
The developed technology allows you to track not only of fish. Inventors have tried it on the ant, animals and even children playing soccer. In the future they hope to use the technology in aquariums and zoos throughout the United States. One of the first may become the world's largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, located near the institute.

British scientist invited to write a code of robotics.

British professor Noel Sharqi, an expert in the field of robotics, in an article published in the journal Science, called to establish international rules on ethical and safe use of robots.
Sharqi fears that define the scope of robots are not legislators, and military and industry organizations, as well as working parents. He also notes that children are increasingly tied to home robot more than the usual toys and predicts that the relationship between robots and humans in future efforts. Professor finds that several children communicate with the robot may have adverse psychological effects.
In spring 2007, drawing up such a code to order the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Group took futurologists. It is expected to include not only the rules of management and treatment of robots, but also, perhaps, three laws of robotics Isaac Asimov.
Robots nurse for both children and the elderly are subject to more and more. For example, the company Secom has released a robot My Spoon for the automatic feeding robot company Sanyo can wash rights in the bath, a robot Wakamura Corporation Mitsubishi recalls the need to receive medication.
In 2008, to be sold 5.5 million of professional and personal robots. Over the next two years, projected the figure will reach 11.5 million. The cost of robots can also be affected. From 1990 to 2006, they were cheaper by 80 per cent.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Micron and Sun released resistant to wear flash memory.

Company Micron and Sun have developed a flash memory capable of withstanding up to one million rewrite cycles of information, reports TG Daily. The manufactured now flash memory has a much lower life.
Micron has already begun to test the supply of flash memory produced by the new technology. Maximum capacity of the module - 32 gigabita. Its serial production will be launched in the first quarter of 2009.
Representatives of Micron stress that they have developed a flash memory ideally suited for use in areas that require high reliability storage. This, for example, storage systems, SSD-drives and industrial equipment.
Currently, average flash memory withstand at least 10 thousand cycles rewrite information. After that proper carrier is not guaranteed.
In the middle of this year, a Samsung and Sun announced a joint project to develop resistant to wear flash memory. It is expected that the flash memory will withstand five times more cycles rewrite information than existing models.

Nvidia equip netbuki video GeForce 9400M.

Nvidia Corp. announced graphics platform Ion, calculated for use in netbukah and small desktop computers, writes Cnet News. It will include video GeForce 9400M.
GeForce 9400M has so far only in ordinary notebooks, in particular, MacBook last generation. It surpasses the speed of Intel X3100 decide in a few times. In addition, Ion includes HDMI and DVI connectors and supports memory DDR3. Ion supports processors Intel Atom, which is now equipped with the most netbukov.
Through Ion netbuki will be able to work with Windows Vista and its successor Windows 7. It is expected that the new platform will increase the cost of netbuka no more than 50 dollars. While not known how to increase energy such netbukov.
The main competitor Nvidia, AMD, intends to present its own platform for netbukov, Yukon, in January at CES in Las Vegas.

Toshiba increased the capacity SSD-drive up to 512 gigabytes.

Company Toshiba has developed a SSD-storage capacity of 512 gigabytes. Currently, the maximum capacity SSD-serial drive is 256 gigabytes. This was reported in the press release Toshiba.
512-gigabyte SSD-drive Toshiba implemented in 2.5-inch form factor. It will be submitted in early 2009 at CES.
In addition to 512-gigabyte SSD-drive at CES 2009 the company Toshiba will introduce new models in 64 -, 128 - and 256-gigabyte solid state drives. They will be produced in 2.5-inch, and 1.8-inch form factors.
Series production of new SSD-drive Toshiba will begin in spring 2009. Their value is not reported. Cells flash new solid state drives Toshiba produced in compliance with 43-nanometer tehprotsessa.

Panasonic has agreed with the Americans on the purchase of Sanyo.

Panasonic Company has agreed with the three main co-owners of Sanyo for the sale of shares in the latter, reports The Wall Street Journal. Earlier, American INVESTBANK Goldman Sachs refused to sell his shares owned by Sanyo, referring to their undervalued by Panasonic.
In accordance with the agreement, Panasonic buys 70 percent of Sanyo shares from banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Daiwa Securities SMBC and Goldman Sachs for 131 yen (1.48 dollars) per share. Initially, Panasonic offered per share Sanyo 120 yen (1.3 dollars), later increased the offer to 130 yen (1.4 dollars).
As a result, Panasonic Sanyo cost of 800 billion yen, which corresponds to 9.01 billion dollars. The three largest shareholders of Sanyo won 560 billion yen (6.3 billion dollars).
The intention to buy Panasonic Sanyo became known in early November. In early December, the American INVESTBANK Goldman Sachs Sanyo felt unappreciated and refused to sell it owned 29 percent of the shares Sanyo.

IBM, Toshiba and AMD have shown 22-nanometer memory.

KommentariiPervy 22-nanometrovyy19.08.2008Kompaniya IBM has created the smallest cell pamyatiKompanii IBM, Toshiba and AMD at the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco introduced the world's first cell memory SRAM, an in compliance with 22-nanometer technology, reports EE Times. It was first announced in late August this year.
Area 22-nanometer SRAM memory cell is 0128 square micrometers. Previously, the area of the smallest SRAM memory cell of 0274 square micrometers. Area cell SRAM processors Intel, performed on 45-nano tehprotsessu is 0346 square micrometers.
In a 22-nanometer SRAM memory cell transistors based on the type of FinFET, based on technology high-k/metal gate. The latter involves replacing silicon dioxide in the electrode shutter transistors alloy hafnium, which reduces the size of transistors.
About when to begin production of 22-nanometer memory, not reported. Instead, the developers stressed that the technology used in the manufacture of 22-nanometer memory cell, would potentially reduce its space to 0063 square micrometers.
SRAM memory is part of the processor. It serves as a temporary data storage, processing chip.

Russian schools have received 42 thousand netbukov.

As part of the charity program "The computer for school, started late last year in 2008 to 193 Russian schools were supplied 42 thousand netbukov Asus Eee PC, writes the newspaper Vedomosti.
Organizers of the "computer for school" are fund "liberal cause", established by Basic Element, companies Microsoft, Intel and Asus. Originally planned that, starting in 2008, a period of five years in the Russian school year will be supplied by 200 thousand netbukov Asus Eee PC.
Representatives of the "Free the case" emphasized that the cause of the failure of the supply plan has been increased complexity of the project. For example, put computers in schools was not enough. It took a further build infrastructure and train teachers working with netbukom. Only in 2008 were trained 1800 teachers.
Despite the difficulties encountered, the fund "liberal case" does not intend to abandon the program "The computer for school." In early 2009, ten thousand netbukov come to school Irkutsk region.
According to unofficial sources, in 2008 to implement a program of "computer for school" fund has spent 400 million rubles. One netbuk is approximately 200 dollars. Yet as much spent on his setup and configuration.
On the stock to "liberal cause" to place in the Russian school million netbukov became known in mid-October 2007. Then the only netbukom Asus Eee PC 701 was to semidyuymovym screen. Currently, Asus produces more than a dozen models netbukov.

Lenovo Mobile will offer Chinese "murderer" iPhone.

Company Lenovo Mobile is developing a mobile phone-based platform Android, IDG News reports with reference to the publication in the forum ModMyGphone.
Lenovo Mobile Smartphone-based Android called OPhone and is designed to work in networks of TD-SCDMA (Chinese standard for third generation mobile communication). It is equipped with a large touch screen, one mechanical button, as well as pyatimegapikselnoy camera with flash and autofocus.
It is also known that in OPhone will be Bluetooth 2.0 module and a slot for the card formats microSD. Its virtual keyboard layout will be maintained in both English and Chinese.
Start of sales OPhone unknown, as is its price. Also not reported whether the smartphone sold outside China.
The company Lenovo Mobile is not part of the Open Handset Alliance, which supports the platform Android, and is not part of the manufacturer of computers Lenovo Group. From the latest Lenovo Mobile Division in 2008, when it was bought for a hundred million dollars by Hony Capital.
Lenovo Mobile was among the first released mobilniki working in networks TD-SCDMA. Currently, the company manufactures smart phones and communicators based on Windows Mobile.

Dell exchange Windows Vista on Ubuntu Linux.

Company Dell has released a 12-inch netbuk Inspiron Mini 12, reports Engadget. He is running an operating system, Windows XP Home or Ubuntu Linux. Previously, Dell promised to install this netbuk Windows Vista Home Basic.
In a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 processor is Intel Atom. Depending bundling netbuka is a 1.6-gigagertsevy chip Z530, a 1.3-gigagertsevy Z520. The amount of RAM Mini 12 is one gigabyte. In the standard netbuk module is equipped with Wi-Fi.
Dell Inspiron Mini 12 with Ubuntu Linux, 40-gigabyte hard drive and processor Intel Atom Z520 is at 499 U.S. dollars. During the same computer with Windows XP Home will pay $ 50. Inspiron Mini 12 with 60-gigabyte hard drive, processor Intel Atom Z530 and Windows XP Home costs 599 dollars.
Inspiron Mini 12 was the second netbukom Dell. In early September, the company has released netbuk Inspiron 910 Mini. It is equipped with a 8.9-inch screen and built on the base 1.6-gigagertsevogo processor Intel Atom N270.

Analysts predicted a sharp decline in semiconductor market.

In 2009, production of chips will decline by 16.3 percent compared to this year, IDG News reported, citing a report by analysts Gartner. This fall the market will be the largest since 2001.
It is estimated Gartner, in 2008, world sales of semiconductors will be 261.9 billion dollars, which is 4.4 percent lower than 2007. In 2009, semiconductor sales fall to 219.2 billion dollars.
In the fourth quarter of this year, analysts predicted decline in sales of semiconductors at 24.4 per cent from the previous quarter. Previously, the maximum quarterly decline in sales was recorded in 2001 and stood at 20 percent.
Forecast sales of semiconductors Gartner analysts sharply revised in mid-November. Previously, analysts predicted growth of semiconductors in 2008 to 0.2 per cent. In 2009, they predicted decline in sales of semiconductors at 2.2 percent.
Semiconductor market growth is projected to Gartner, will resume in 2010. Then sales grow by 14.6 percent. In 2011, chip sales will increase by 9.4 percent.
The last decline occurred in the semiconductor market in 2001. At that time, annual sales declined by 32.5 per cent. Before the crisis in 1999 and 2000, the industry has experienced dramatic growth. Then the market grew by 22 and 34 percent respectively.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

French authorities have banned the sale of exclusive iPhone.

French anti-monopoly office has instructed Apple to allow iPhone smartphone sell not only the operator Orange SA, owned by France Telecom, transfers AP. So far, Orange has been laid down for an exclusive right to sell iPhone in France.
Antitrust proceedings had been initiated through a complaint rival Orange SA, the company Bouygues Telecom SA, which is the third largest mobile operator France. The complaint was filed in September. Bouygues Telecom hopes to begin selling iPhone in the near future.
The governor noted that the new solution is a protective measure, which applies until the end of the investigation. At the same time, anti-monopoly agency named the exclusive contract Apple and Orange SA "serious and imminent threat" of competition in the mobile communications industry. Antimonopolschiki noted that the treaty has led to an increase in consumer spending, seeking to replace operator.
The company Orange, trading iPhone since November 2007, intends to appeal the decision of the regulator, which it called contrary to practice in Germany, USA, Britain and Spain.

In Rosgidromete installed a new supercomputer.

In Rosgidromete installed a new supercomputer, a capacity of 27 teraflops (trillion operations per second), RIA Novosti.
Mounting supercomputer Rosgidromete began in the spring of this year. Initially, its launch was scheduled for autumn 2008.
Transferring the existing predictive technology to a new supercomputer Roshydromet take about six to seven months. Year will be required for the withdrawal of supercomputer for maximum performance.
The new supercomputer Roshydromet is the sixth power of computing capacity in Russia. Productivity of the best Russian supercomputer is 71.28 teraflopsa. In a rating of 500 most powerful supercomputers world, he took 35 seats.
Earlier Rosgidromete worked two supercomputer capacity of 13,68 and 10,29 teraflopsa. According to RIA Novosti, the new supercomputer to ten thousand times stronger than their predecessors. Apparently there was a view that it was ten thousand times stronger than conventional computers.
For example, the performance of a 2.4-gigagertsevogo processor Intel Core Duo 2 is 1.3 gigaflopsa (trillion operations per second). The performance of two chips such as every ten thousand times smaller than the productivity of the new supercomputer Roshydromet.

Xbox 360 outperformed PS3 sales in five European countries.

Xbox 360 game console PlayStation 3 was able to overtake on the combined sales in the territory of the five key European nations, says Eurogamer, with reference to data Chart-Track. Reported that in Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy company Microsoft has been able to realize approximately one million consoles more than the company Sony.
Previously president of the European unit Sony Computer Entertainment, David Reeves (David Reeves) stated that the PS3 ahead of Xbox 360 consoles sold by the number of Pal-region, which includes in addition to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He did not specify the exact number of sold console. Reeves said only that Sony has sold for 300 thousand consoles than Microsoft.
Note that Sony representatives declined to comment on figures published by Chart-Track. At the moment, PlayStation 3 ranks third in the race current-generation consoles. According to rough estimates, to date worldwide sales of more than 17 million consoles Sony. Prefix Xbox 360 took second place. By the end of November, Microsoft has sold over 25 million video game consoles. Leads the race prefix Wii from Nintendo, which by the end of September was able to get to the point of 35 million consoles sold.

MacWorld 2009 will be without Steve Dzhobsa.

SyuzhetyMacWorld 200916.12.2008Pyatogo January in San Francisco, starting MacWorldKommentariiPodarki Exhibition and Conference Steve Dzhobsa13.12.2008Lenta.ru compiled a list of potential new products at the exhibition MacWorldNa MacWorld conference 2009 will not serve the head of Apple, Steve Dzhobs. Moreover, in 2009, the company Apple for the last time to participate in MacWorld. This was reported in the press release Apple.
Instead Dzhobsa with introductory remarks to the MacWorld 2009 turn Apple Vice President of Marketing Philip Schiller (Philip Schiller). He also will introduce new products Apple.
Refusal to participate in future MacWorld Apple representatives explained the existence of more efficient channels of information to consumers about their products. In particular, this site and a network of retail stores to sell technology Apple.
For Announcement of their new products Apple will increasingly use the specially arranged press conference. For example, both were presented new MacBook laptops and iPod Nano music player fourth generation.
At MacWorld conference company Apple over a dozen years Announces their best products. That it has been shown UI Aqua, the browser Safari, Mac Mini computer and the first Apple desktop computer with a processor with Intel. In 2007, at MacWorld was represented iPhone.

Toshiba nearly a third would reduce production flash memory.

Company Toshiba intends to reduce production 30 per cent of the flash memory in a factory in the city Yokaiti, running in conjunction with the American SanDisk, reports Cnet News. The reason - the global decline in demand.
Representatives of Toshiba said that 31 December, 2008 for 13 days, stop two production lines producing flash memory cards for 300-mm substrates. Two production line memory modules for 200-mm substrates will be stopped for four days.
In SanDisk confirmed the stoppage of production in Yokaiti. Representatives of SanDisk reported that in January 2009, production will be restored to 70 percent from the current figure.
In addition, SanDisk said that continuing to negotiate with Toshiba on the restructuring of joint ventures for the production of flash memory. It is expected that the new agreement between the companies will be signed during the first quarter of 2009.
Previously, it was reported that Toshiba intends to purchase the share of SanDisk in joint ventures. For Toshiba and SanDisk are two such enterprises, 49.9 percent owned by SanDisk.

Journalists to declassify the new version of PSP.

Company Sony plans to release an updated version of the portable console PSP, reports Eurogamer, with reference to an anonymous source. The model PSP-4000 should be put on sale in late 2009. The journalists also learned that some time after that Sony will release a new portable gaming system, which will become the successor PSP.
It is not yet known as PSP-4000 will differ from previous models. Nor was there any information about the new portable console. Journalists only underline that the developers had already begun to create games for it.
Representatives of the British unit Sony refused to comment on this information. Note that a few days earlier, President of European unit Sony Computer Entertainment, David Reeves (David Reeves) denied all rumors of a possible withdrawal of so-called PSP2.
PSP Game System for sale in Japan in 2004. After a while, got PSP-2000, which was thinner and lighter the first model. Console PSP-3000, which has a built-in microphone and advanced LCD-screen, introduced in October this year. Note that the world has already sold more than 40 million portable consoles of Sony.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AMD has released two new budget processor.

The company AMD has released two new processor family of Athlon X2. These dual-core and are designed to be installed in the entry-level desktop computers. It is reported TG Daily.
Both chip built on the basis of K10 microarchitecture. It is the basis of three-and Quad processor family Phenom. Previously, AMD Athlon chips produced at the microarchitecture K8. The new mikroarhiteture chips in a cache and third-level support HyperTransport 3 technologies.
The processor Athlon X2 7750 runs at 2.7 gigahertz. The amount of cache memory third level equal to two megabytes, energy - 95 watts. Wholesale price of the chip is 79 dollars.
The processor Athlon X2 7550 is only available to computer manufacturers. He works at a frequency of 2.5 gigahertz. The cost of the processor are not reported. Like the Athlon X2 7750, he issued in compliance with 65-nanometer tehprotsessa.

Goldman Sachs dissuade buy shares of Apple.

KommentariiPodarki Steve Dzhobsa13.12.2008Lenta.ru compiled a list of potential new products at MacWorldSyuzhetyMacWorld 200916.12.2008Pyatogo January in San Francisco starting Exhibition and Conference MacWorldInvestbank Goldman Sachs for the first time in two years removed from the list of shares of Apple recommended for purchase , Writes AppleInsider. The reasons the bank described the possible reduction in consumer spending and, moreover, suggested that the company was at the January MacWorld Expo exhibition has provided innovative products.
The actions of Goldman Sachs led to a decline in shares of Apple quotations of four percent. Analyst Bank also noted a slight decline in the supply of MacBook, iPod nano and iPhone.
In 2009, MacWorld will take place from 5 to 9 January. During the dozen years at MacWorld Apple announces its best new products. In 2007, this product has become a smartphone iPhone, and in 2006 Apple announced the release of first-generation iMac processor Intel.
Other analysts suggest that Apple could provide a device for reading books, netbuk, Tablet PC or a mini iPhone. In addition, the expected renewal line iMac, announce semnadtsatidyuymovoy model MacBook Pro, as well as upgrading the Mac mini.

People in Half-Life looked in the computer gamers.

Two-thirds of gamers (65.11 percent) use the video card Nvidia, 27,44 percent - card ATI, a 1.76 per cent - solutions Intel. This is stated in the November record digital distribution network Steam games company Valve, created a series of games Half-Life.
Gamers prefer to use processors from Intel, they are equipped with computers 63.62 per cent of users. AMD processors are installed in 36.37 per cent of computers.
In doing so, a growing number of quad processors, the share of 10.43 per cent. More often than not, in 49 per cent of the cases, the computers are installed dual-core chips. Uninuclear processors used in 40.19 per cent.
Total 21.43 per cent of computers supports DirectX 10 graphical user interface, which supports only Windows Vista. At the same graphics card supporting DirectX 10, but running under Windows XP, set in 24.54 per cent of computers. About 15 per cent of graphics cards supporting DirectX 8 and below.
Steam system has more than five hundred games, but its audience is over 16 million active users. This is one of the largest networks of legal dissemination of games.

Journalists learned of the intention to renew Apple Mac mini.

Company Apple will introduce a new generation of Mac mini desktop computers at the MacWorld conference in early 2009, reports Wired, with reference to information received from an anonymous employee Apple. Specifications computers source of Wired not disclosed.
Based on the trends that are seen in the latest generation technology Apple, Wired predicted the technical characteristics of the new Mac mini. Thus, the maximum amount of RAM computers will be expanded from two to four gigabytes. The minimum amount of hard disk is 160 GB.
According to Wired, in the older model Mac mini will install a new generation 2.3-gigagertsevy processor Intel Core 2 Duo, the younger - dvuhgigagertsevy Intel Core 2 Duo. To work with in topovoy graphics model Mac mini will videocard Nvidia.
In addition, Wired predicts decline in the value of Mac mini. If your computer is now worth 599 and 799 dollars, a new generation of Mac mini will be a hundred dollars cheaper.
The first information about the upcoming premiere of a new generation of Mac mini at MacWorld 2009 came in early November. Then one of the users of the machine has sent a letter to Apple, which expressed their concerns about the future of Mac mini. In response, representatives of Apple advised him to have the patience and stressed that they know about the great popularity of Mac mini.

Himself known roller Apple turned 25 years old.

Himself famous advertisement Apple, removed the director Ridley Scott on the grounds of the novel "1984" Orwell, December 15, turned 25 years old, writes The Register. Video advertising computers Macintosh, was established agency Chiat \ Day.Hotya movie was shown a wide audience during the American Super Cup in 1984, his first show was held a month earlier, in 1983, one of the channels Idaho. Without this test would show advertising has not been able to claim a withdrawal in a national broadcast in the Super.
In the video shows the totalitarian society of the future and "Big Brother", saying people on the harmonization of thinking. In the hall, where a huge screen broadcasts "Big Brother" run into a girl with a hammer and hammer at the screen launches. Domain played Melanie Griffith.
Roller Apple has become one of the most famous spots in the world. In 2004, when he was twenty years, Apple peresnyala movie in London Shepperton Studios. The role of a girl with hammer performed by Anya Major, in the zone which has the player iPod.
The idea of the famous advertising used by Apple and others skate. For example, the edited video appeared on YouTube during the election campaign Barack Obama.

Sony will release a competitor's iPod Touch.

The company is developing a Sony Walkman player with trehdyuymovym touch screen, said TechRadar. It is expected to be submitted in early 2009 at CES 2009.
The amount of internal memory player is 16 or 32 gigabytes, a screen - 480h240 points. Display your player based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), thereby reducing energy system.
It is also known that the Walkman touch screen module will be equipped with Wi-Fi and enables you to watch videos on YouTube. Buy music player will be able owner of online store Amazon.
The main competitor Walkman player with touch screens will be iPod Touch. The latter is equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal 3.5-inch module and Wi-Fi. The memory iPod Touch is 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes. Depending on the amount of memory, the player is from 229 to 399 dollars.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The crisis has sacked more than a hundred thousand IT-specialists.

KommentariiShagrenevaya kozha03.12.2008V Europe continued massive reduction shtatovBez output posobiya18.11.2008Veduschie banks around the world began to reduce staffing sotrudnikovBolee hundred thousand IT-specialists have lost work because of the global financial crisis, said TechCrunch. According to the publication by mid-December, 300 companies working in the field of technology, were laid off 109,629 people.
Only 4 December in this area lost more than 18 thousand employees. One of the world's largest telecommunications holding companies, the U.S. AT & T, announced that it had sacked 12 thousand people. In addition, the Japanese unit of IBM staff was reduced by 2.5 thousand employees. To dismiss said, and other IT-companies.
Earlier dismissals began in the Internet company Yahoo!. In the near future, the search engine will reduce about ten percent of staff - 1.5 thousand. Another search engine, Google, in late November announced his intention to dismiss up to ten thousand employees in the company of freelancers.
The financial crisis has forced many large companies to reduce costs of production. In particular, the banking sector, which suffered most from the crisis, the work has already lost more than 160 thousand people.

By 2020, mostly web-based tools will be mobile.

By 2020, mobile devices will become essential tools to access the Internet, sends AFP, referring to the results of a survey hundreds of IT-experts and analysts, conducted by the Project Pew Internet & American Life. The idea mobilnikov as principal and low-cost Internet devices supported by 77 per cent of the 578 interviewed experts.
Mobilniki future will be driven primarily through voice and touch interfaces. With this statement agreed 64 per cent of respondents.
Moreover, in everyday life often appear artificial and virtual reality. With this agreement, 55 per cent of respondents.
Sixty percent of those surveyed experts disagreed with the assertion that in 2020 for the protection of intellectual property will be applied with copy protection technology.
It is noteworthy that the majority of experts has been unable to agree with the assertion that the Internet promotes social tolerance.

The U.S. has a new producer of Mac-clones.

SyuzhetyApple against the creators of clones Mac05.12.2008Sud dismissed the claim Psystar to AppleKompaniya EFi-X USA presented the Millennium 4 computer running Mac OS X, reports AppleInsider. It is 2100 dollars, including the adapter to install the operating system of Apple.
Computer Millennium 4 is equipped with Quad Processor Intel Core 2 Quad, runs at 3.8 gigahertz and four gigabytes of RAM. For work with graphics on the computer responds videorkarta Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS.
In addition, Millennium 4, two hard drive. The capacity of one gigabyte is equal to 150, second - terabytes. The rotational speed of the spindle first hard drive is about 10 thousand revolutions per minute, the second - 7200 revolutions per minute. Such a system unit is 1900 dollars.
Another 200 dollars will have to pay extra for the adapter EFi-X. It connects to the USB port and emulates BIOS Mac to a PC. Since then, at last, you can install the operating system Mac OS X Leopard or Leopard Server with the original DVD Apple.
Note that the adapter EFiX and system unit Millennium 4 produce different companies - EFi-X and EFi-X USA, respectively. Representatives of Art Studios Entertainment Media, which owns the brand EFiX, emphasizing that have nothing to do with EFi-X USA and the computer Millennium 4.
Currently Mac-compatible computers offer the company Psystar, Open Tech and OpeniMac. At Psystar Apple filed in court, accusing it of copyright infringement.

In North Korea is running a network of 3G.

Company Cheo Technology start commercial operation in North Korea's first cellular network third-generation, reports IDG News. The network was tested in late May of this year.
License Cheo Technology for the provision of mobile service provider of third generation in North Korea will expire after 25 years. During the first four years of work, the company will be the exclusive provider of cellular services in the country. At five years, Cheo Technology exempt from paying taxes.
Prices Cheo Technology is not reported. Representatives of the company, only underlined that prices will be acceptable to the people of North Korea.
Cheo Technology Company by 75 per cent owned by the Egyptian operator Orascom Telecom. 25 percent of its shares owned by North Korean companies Korea Posts and Telecommunication.
The first mobile networks were built in North Korea in 2003. In 2004, access to cellular communication was limited because of the attempt to blow up a train, which move the head of North Korea's Kim Jong Il. Then the bomb was set in motion a cell phone signal.
Currently, sales of mobile phones in North Korea is prohibited. They use only a small portion of the North Korean elite.

The most popular Communicator in Russia was HTC Touch Diamond.

Five percent of Russian Communicator users prefer HTC Touch Diamond. The second most popular Communicator became the ASUS P535, obtained 4.5 per cent Russian-speaking respondents. This was reported in the press release of Spb Software, which conducted a survey of owners of communicators and smartphones from 22 countries.
The most popular producer of communicators, according to the survey Spb Software, an HTC. My vote for the company lost 46 percent of respondents. Among the Russian-speaking respondents chose this company for 28 per cent.
The company Nokia has won the vote only three per cent of users of smartphones and communicators. Given the vote only Russian-speaking users, Nokia's share will increase to eight per cent.
When buying a new smartphone Russian respondents pay attention primarily on its functionality - it is most important for 81 percent of respondents. For 66 per cent is equally important design the device for 55 per cent - the existence of the module Wi-Fi.
Also, researchers found that 90 percent of respondents are using Russian-speaking smartphone or communicator to connect to the Internet, games or reading books. To work with office applications Communicator need 78 percent of those surveyed. Integrated GPS uses 60 per cent of respondents.
Total questions Spb Software said several thousand people. Most of those surveyed Spb Software resides in the U.S. - 20 per cent. The share of Russians had 15 percent of respondents. Eight percent of those surveyed Spb Software from the Czech Republic.

Asus has set in nettop processor Intel Celeron.

Asus The company introduced a new model of its ultrabyudzhetnogo desktop computer (nettopa) - Eee Box 203, reports Cnet News. It is based on Intel Celeron processor 220.
Dimensions nettopa equal 222x178x26, 9 millimeter. Power Eee Box 203 is 20 watts, which is 90 percent less energy consumption of conventional desktop PC. Buy a new nettop Asus will be over 240 dollars.
Depending on the bundling capacity hard disk Eee Box 203 is 120 or 160 gigabytes, the amount of RAM - up to two gigabytes. As an operating system on your computer predustanovlena Windows XP Home or Windows Vista.
The main body Eee Box 203 has a four-port USB, and DVI connectors, Ethernet, as well as kartrider. In addition, nettop module installed Wi-Fi.
First nettop Asus put on sale in mid-July. He called the Eee Box 202, and worth 320 dollars. Underlying Eee Box 202 processor is Intel Atom. The amount of RAM nettopa equal to one gigabyte, hard disk - 80 gigabytes.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Americans a month have bought more than 2 million Wii.

In November of this year, Nintendo was able to sell the company in the U.S. 2.04 million game consoles Wii, reports GameSpot, referring to a monthly record company NPD Group. This is more than two times more than able to realize the same period last year. In October, U.S. Gamers have purchased only 803 thousand Wii, but the console still could become the most selling game system of the month.
Second place on the basis of the November sales won a portable console Nintendo DS, to reach 1.57 million mark in the console. Interconnects the three top Xbox 360 (836 thousand consoles). Representatives of Microsoft also added that from now on every sold prefix accounts for about 8 games.
Fourth place was taken by portable PSP (421 thousand consoles), and the PlayStation 3 was able to get only up to fifth place (378 thousand consoles). In Sony noted that in November, has sold more than 3.5 million games for the stations. Lowest demand this month enjoyed the PlayStation 2, which won the last row of the result of 206 thousand realized console.
Total revenue U.S. game industry in November amounted to 2.91 billion dollars. This represents a 10 per cent more than able to earn a year earlier, as well as in more than two times higher than in October this year. Recall that in the previous month, industry revenue totaled 1.31 billion dollars. To a large extent on the sales growth was influenced "Black Friday" (Black Friday) - Day, which comes immediately after Thanksgiving Day. In 2008, he came on 28 November. It was at the end of this month, traditionally starts Pre-season sales, when Americans increased purchasing activity.
Revenues from sales of consoles also increased by 10 percent and amounted to 1.21 billion dollars. Various game accessories industry had 255 million dollars (7 per cent higher than a year earlier). Revenues from sales of video games totaled 1.45 billion dollars, exceeding last year's figure of 11 per cent.
The most successful game in November, the U.S. became the second part shutera Gears of War, razoshedshayasya circulation of 1.56 million copies. The second version was the game Call of Duty: World at War for Xbox 360 (1,41 million copies). PS3-version of the shutera reached only up to sixth lines, focusing on the mark in the 597 million copies sold. Note that the top ten best-selling project came just five games for the Wii - Wii Play (third place, 796 thousand copies), Wii Fit (fourth place, 697 thousand copies), Mario Kart Wii (fifth place, 637 thousand copies), Guitar Hero World Tour (seventh place, 475 thousand copies) and Wii Music (tenth, 297 thousand copies). Also on the list came Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 (410 thousand copies) and Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3 (385 thousand copies). These games took eighth and ninth places respectively.
So far, no precise information on how many games for the PC bought U.S. residents. However, the most sold the project for personal computers in November was the addition to the multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, which is called Wrath of the Lich King. In this game took just two top lines of charts: first got the standard edition, while the second - collection. Shuter Call of Duty: World at War reached the third place.

Olympus will rename its extreme camera.

The company will rename its extreme Olympus cameras, said TechRadar. Since January 2009, Chambers SW lineup will be named Tough.
Marketing director of European Olympus office stresses that the name of SW no longer reflects the essence of a series of extreme cameras Olympus, because this rule is not limited to-impact (shockproof) and waterproof (waterproof) devices. In particular, in a series SW appeared hardy cameras.
The first camera series SW was represented Olympus in 2006. All models in this series are high-strength hull, they are not policeman and a fall in the water with a little height.
For example, the camera Olympus Stylus 1050 SW allowed to photograph at 13-meter depth. In addition, it can be without consequences drop to polutorametrovoy height. Also, Olympus Stylus 1050 SW can be a long time to work outdoors in temperatures to minus ten degrees Celsius.

Mobile preliminary results "Golden Phone - 2008."

's Web "Golden Phone - 2008" summed up the preliminary results of "popular vote", which started on the fourth of December. During that time, in 10 categories prize voted more than 4.5 thousand people. This was reported in the press release the organizers of the Internet "Golden Phone - 2008".
In the category "Operator years with an equal number of votes leading MTS and Megafon." Not more than two percent of those behind "Beeline". Best Network Sales mobilnikov is still "connected". Second place in the category "Riteyler year took Euroset.
In the category "Brand Year" Nokia leads with 41 percent of the votes. In addition, Nokia is a leader in the category "Best phone Year" and "Best tachfon, where the first lines is the Nokia 5800. In the category "Best Design" and "Best buy" the leaders also aids companies Nokia - 8800 Arte and N79, respectively.
Phone Sony Ericsson C905 leader in the category "Best kamerofon" and the Sony Ericsson W902 in the category "Best music phone." In the category of "Best budget phone" lead Sony Ericsson K330 and Nokia 7070, obtained a 25 per cent of the vote.
Results of the Golden Phone - 2008 "will be known after the first in February 2009, which will be completed" popular vote ". In addition to "popular vote" will determine the winners of the competition jury, composed of independent experts.

Grafenovy transistor dispersed to 26 gigahertz.

Company IBM has developed a transistor based on a graph, which operates at a frequency of 26 gigahertz, said the blog The physics arXiv. Grafe was opened in 2004. In nature, this material does not exist, as it is unstable.
Indicators grafenovogo transistors is not a record. For example, the frequency transistors based on indium phosphide is 1000 gigahertz. Faster transistors grafenovyh work and transistors based on silicon.
IBM representatives have stressed that to achieve this speed kremnievomu tranzistoru took forty years. The first transistor based on the graph was created a year ago.
Grafe is regarded as one of materials that can replace silicon in chips, as well as through 15-20 years of silicon transistors reach their minimum size. Also as a potential replacement for silicon transistors are considered gallium nitride and indium antimonid

The Americans fired OLED-keyboard.

UnitedKeys American company presented a keyboard, which replaced the buttons of OLED-screens. The cost of such a keyboard is 260 dollars. It is reported Engadget.
New keyboard UnitedKeys consists of 103 conventional buttons. In her left side of the block is a nine-OLED-keys. They can take any image or symbol, but only B & W copy.
Note that the block of nine monochrome OLED-buttons can be ordered separately from the main keyboard for $ 200. Advance orders for the keyboard already in the market, it should come within two weeks.
Earlier, a Russian designer Artemy Lebedev, introduced two OLED-keyboard. Full keyboard Optimus Maximus, composed of 113 buttons available for sale in the winter of this year. Each of its key may be replaced by color OLED-screen. Depending on the number of OLED-screens, the cost of Optimus Maximus is from 470 to 1600 dollars.
Later Artemy Lebedev introduced miniklaviaturu Optimus AUX. It consists of 15 colored OLED-screens, replacing press, and is positioned as an attachment to the main keyboard.

Update NXE spurred sales of movies in the Xbox Live.

The number of films downloaded through online service Xbox Live Marketplace, increased by 49 percent in the first week after updating New Xbox Experience, reports Joystiq referring to the comments given by one of the leaders of Microsoft Aaron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg). It is also known that Xbox 360 owners have become increasingly download individual episodes of television. According to Microsoft, after the appearance of NXE the figure rose to 30 percent.
The total number of friends, which adds a user service Xbox Live, grew by 33 percent. The calculation takes into account how Gamers subscribed Gold, and those who use version of Silver. We know that prior to leaving New Xbox Experience with the average user's Xbox Live Gold was about 23 friends. While not specifying to what point the figure rose after the appearance of NXE.
Greenberg also stressed that the sale of some projects for Xbox Live Arcade has grown since they add to use avatars. For example, issued Nov. 19 draft A Kingdom for Keflings able to take second place among all the games for XBLA by the number of digital copies sold in the first week after release. Sales game Uno, which was published in 2006, jumped to 650 percent.
Recall that the update New Xbox Experience published on 19 November this year. It completely changed the user interface console Xbox 360. For gamers the opportunity to create three-dimensional avatarov and install all the games on the hard drive to reduce noise, which produces a console.
At the moment Xbox 360 is one of the most affordable current-generation video game consoles. Some models bypass the console at a price even prefix Wii from Nintendo. In late November, it became known that Microsoft was able to sell more than 25 million Xbox 360 worldwide. To achieve this result, the company took exactly three years.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Canadian created robozhenschinu.

Le Trung Canadian inventor has created a female robot named Aiko, writes TechRadar. Leather Aiko made of silicon. According to Trung, this is the first android that can depict the pain and react to it. He suggests that the solutions applied in the design Aiko, will help carry out a breakthrough in prosthetics.
In addition, the inventor built into the software system androida BRAINS (mean roughly as follows: "Biometric nervous system robot with artificial intelligence). It allows Aiko talk and interact with people. The database BRAINS planted over 13 thousand phrases.
Aiko quite clever. So, she is able to analyze weather and invite umbrella if going to rain or dress poteplee if the street is cold.
The publication notes that robozhenschina, although they called robozhenoy, is not designed to perform spousal duties.
Robozhenschinu Le Trung creates in his basement in 2007. To finance it uses own savings and credit cards.

In Japanese ATMs installed "glushilki" provider.

Japanese police will deal with bank fraudsters with the help of generators interference in cellular communications. They will be installed in ATMs and will not be allowed to intercept data on the card and its owner with special devices. It is reported Lets Japan.
First Bank, which has equipped its ATMs generators interference became Chiba Bank. Currently, these devices are installed at several ATMs Chiba Bank in Tokyo.
The generator interference suppresses cell signal within a radius of up to two meters from the ATM. But he will not affect the work of the ATM.
Control of the generators of interference in the ATM is the bank's security service. If a device is out of order, bank employees will know about it immediately via computer monitor.

Estonians allowed to elect MPs using the mobile phone.

Estonian parliament on December 11 majority approved a law that from 2011, citizens will be able to vote in parliamentary elections with the help of mobile phones, reported Interfax.
The law allows voting by cell phone, SIM-card which is equipped with a special certificate to provide identification of the voter identity and allow him to enter into electronic voting.
The system will operate from 1 January 2011. In spring of that year to all citizens of Estonia will be able to take advantage of it at the time planned for this time of parliamentary elections.
The law also allows the extension of the early e-voting with three days to seven.

Bluetooth-headset on the third increased the productivity of clerks.

Using Bluetooth-headset to 35 percent increases the productivity of office employees. However, their fatigue during the working day is reduced by 33 per cent. This was reported in the press release the company GN Netcom, referring to research agency ICA Business Rating. "
In the study 53 percent of office employees said the increase in productivity when using Bluetooth-headset. If you work in an office without a Bluetooth-headset only 20 per cent of staff called his working day productive for all one hundred per cent, while their headset using the number rose to 33 percent.
Also, researchers found factors that reduce the efficiency of the office staff. It leads the inconvenience of reference of telephone conversations, which is 49 per cent of respondents complained. 41 percent of office employees could not work effectively because of neudobnogo job. The efficiency of 22 percent of office employees reduces the insufficient use of their organizations advanced communications technologies.
The study was conducted in October-November 2008. It was attended by one hundred office workers, 61 of which used Bluetooth-headset. Their performance comparable to the 39 employees, does not work with Bluetooth-headset.

The computer learned to read thoughts.

Japanese scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories have developed a device that can read human thought, reports The Daily Telegraph, referring to the publication in the journal Neuron.
During the experiment, researchers showed test their design six letters of the word neuron. In parallel computer analyzed the activity of the brain and play these characters on the screen.
Technology ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories is based on an analysis of electrical signals to the brain from the retina of the eye. Processing these signals, the computer creates an image.
Currently, the development of ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories can play only simple images. In the future, scientists expect improved technology and hope to be able to infiltrate through her dreams rights.

Laser pointer helped find pirated discs.

Five Spanish physicists from the University of Grenada, have developed a simple method by which to distinguish the license from the disc piracy, said the journal Science. It is based on the difference in recording technology licensing and pirated discs.
To determine the license disc or not, scientists have used ordinary laser pointer, which are light on the mirror surface. When the light from pointer coming to the surface of licensed disc, it was visible only bright point. If the disc pirate, the top and bottom of the points appeared parallel lines.
Researchers stress that conducted a similar experiment with a hundred optical discs. They have different content and were produced by different manufacturers. As a result, physicists have concluded that their method is absolutely accurate.
American physicist Chunle Go (Chunlei Guo) from the University of Rochester, New York, confirms the effectiveness of a method to identify counterfeit disc or not using a laser pointer. He believes that the opening should be used to strengthen the fight against piracy.

In Beijing, built the world's largest network of Wi-Fi.

By 2011, Beijing will build the world's largest network of Wi-Fi, TechRadar reported, citing a report by the Beijing representative of the Department of Information Technology at the conference Wireless City Summit 2008.
Beijing authorities expect that by 2011 the wireless network Wi-Fi will be covered as a city and suburbs. Construction of a wireless network in Beijing started this year in anticipation of the Olympics.
Currently, Beijing has about 500 free wireless Internet access points. While wireless network covers only a few areas, the Chinese capital.
Earlier, Marketing Director Johan Ericsson Bergendal (Johan Bergendahl) said that the Wi-Fi has no future. He was confident that the development of networks of third generation mobile communication will make a point of access Wi-Fi unnecessary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In a nettopah integrated graphics Nvidia.

Companies Intel and Nvidia intend to implement in the Nvidia MCP79 chipset support processor Atom, reports DigiTimes referring to the information received from its own sources among computer manufacturers.
Nvidia MCP79 integrated graphics card includes the GeForce 9400M and GeForce 9300M weaker, depending on the set. Both are far superior to the built-in Intel graphics performance. At present Atom processor works with chipsetom Intel.
In the first phase of Nvidia MCP79 chipset will be installed only in ultrabyudzhetnye desktop computers (nettopy). According to DigiTimes, creating nettopov at its base interest manufacturers such as Asus, MSI and Gigabyte.
Nvidia MCP79 chipset is at the core of Apple MacBook laptops last generation. Its computing power was five times higher than the Intel graphics system for laptops.
Based on Intel Atom processor built most nettopov and netbukov. It is low cost and low power consumption. Clock Speed Intel Atom is equal to 1.6 gigahertz.

Revenue from cellular communications for the year will grow in Russia by one third.

Russian companies in 2008 will earn at the cellular 27.4 billion dollars, said the forecast ComNews Research. This was seven billion more than in 2007. Overall, industry revenues will grow by more than a third (34.2 percent), as compared to the first three quarters of 2007 and 2008 - at 37.6 percent.
In the fourth quarter of 2008, the number of mobile subscribers in Russia is 186.3 million. It is almost seven million more than in the previous quarter and 19 million more than in the third quarter of 2007.
Russia holds first place in the industry's projected income for 2008. In Ukraine, revenues amount to little more than five billion dollars in Kazakhstan - the entire 1.8 billion, while Belarus - only 935 million.
Ctoit noted that the growth of industry in the CIS republics slowed, but in Russia the rate of growth, in contrast, for the year increased from 24 to 34 percent. The slowdown in income growth SomNews Research analysts associated with devaluation.

Apple was accused of abusing the law on copyright protection.

The company Psystar, producing clones of computers Mac, modified its lawsuit against Apple, reports AppleInsider. In particular, Psystar renounced Apple charges of violating antitrust laws Clayton and Sherman.
However, representatives of Psystar argue that the policy against Apple Mac OS X is a violation under such legal concepts as "the doctrine of abuse" ( "misuse doctrine"), which prevents the use of the law on copyright protection (DMCA) to deal with competitors for the limits prescribed by law framework.
Psystar argues that under the terms of use Apple controls not only software but also hardware. This allows Apple to abuse the law on the protection of copyright, without violating any article of competition law.
Recently, Apple changed its lawsuit against Psystar, further accusing the manufacturer of Mac-clones in the burglary anti-piracy protection of the operating system Mac OS X to run it on computers, issued not Apple, which violates the DMCA. According to Psystar, the accusation proves that Apple is abusing the law on copyright protection.
Recall that in April this year Psystar released a computer running Mac OS X. Apple considered this a violation of its license agreement and filed for Psystar to court, accusing the latter of copyright infringement.

LG dispersed mobile Internet to one hundred megabits per second.

The company LG has developed the world's first chip to work with mobile phone networks in the fourth-generation cellular (4G). The maximum download speed of data provided by this chip is equal to one hundred megabitam per second. This was reported in the press release, LG.
Chip technology is built on 3GPP LTE. Its dimensions are 13 by 13 millimeters. It is expected that the first phones based on it will appear in 2010. In addition, LG plans to release 4G modules to be installed in notebooks.
Developers chip tested it on devices running Windows Mobile. The maximum download speed of data recorded during the test, amounted to 60 megabits per second. Currently, the maximum download speed data networks of 3G is 7.6 megabita per second.
According to Strategy Analytics, in 2012, will be sold 70 million devices technology to support 3GPP LTE. In 2013, this market will grow to 150 million devices.
In mid-October, the company Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) began producing equipment for cellular networks fourth generation working in the technology LTE. It is estimated NSN, the commercial exploitation of 4G networks will begin in 2010.

Intel completed the development of 32-nanometer tehprotsessa.

Company Intel completed the development of the manufacturing process for producing the next generation of chips. These chips will consist of 32 Nanometer transistors and should arrive in production in the fourth quarter of 2009. This was reported in the press release Intel.
32 Nanometer tehprotsess Intel provides chips used in the manufacture of 193-nanometer immersion lithography technology and second-generation high-k + metal gate.
For more information on the 32-nano process Intel to unveil at the conference of International Electron Devices Meeting. It will be held next week in San Francisco.
Under the plans, Intel, in 2011 to be launched processors to 22 Nanometer tehprotsessu. Processor on 45-nanometer technology Intel has mastered in 2007.
The main competitor of Intel - a company AMD - is planning a 32-nano chips in 2010. Manufacturing processors for 45-nanometer technology AMD at the beginning of the year after Intel.

Google Android supported by 14 other manufacturers.

K Alliance Open Handset Alliance, created by Google to support its mobile platform Android, joined 14 other electronics manufacturers. Among them are such companies as Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Asus. This was reported in the press release Open Handset Alliance.
Also, the alliance became AKM Semiconductor, ARM, Atheros Communications, Borqs, Ericsson, Garmin, Huawei Technologies, Omron Software, Softbank Mobile, Teleca AB and Vodafone.
New members of the alliance would like to develop mobile devices based on the platform Android, and develop this operating system, for example, creating additional applications and optimize to work with existing hardware and software.
In its press release on the entry in the Open Handset Alliance, Sony Ericsson will report that intends to produce phones based on Android.
The first smartphone based on Google Android was presented to 23 Sept, 2008. His company has developed HTC commissioned by mobile operator T-Mobile. Later, smart phones based on Android provide Chinese companies and TechFaith QIGI and Australian Kogan.
Open Handset Alliance was established in 2007. Currently it includes more than 40 companies, including Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Qualcomm and HTC.

In notebooks HP will install a new generation of batteries.

In early 2009, the company HP will install in notebook lithium-ion batteries Sonata, reports Cnet News. They are several times more durable modern analogues and more environmentally friendly. To install the Sonata does not need to make changes to the design of the notebook.
Typically, the time of autonomous work laptop starts to drop after 150 cycles of recharging the battery. Representatives of Boston Power, drafted Sonata, saying that the time of the laptop batteries with the Sonata is not decreasing and after thousands of cycles of recharging the battery.
Testing Sonata batteries began three years ago. During this period, the autonomous work laptop with Sonata declined by only 20 per cent.
The cost of batteries Sonata will be 20-30 dollars higher than that of conventional lithium-ion batteries. Warranty on the Sonata is three years.
The production of batteries Sonata Boston Power Company does not use PVC and heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury. Batteries Boston Power forwards for processing.
  Currently, Boston Power is negotiating the supply of batteries Sonata and other laptop manufacturers. In addition, the company intends to issue a similar battery for mobile devices. Also, Boston Power expects to enter the car market.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First version of the standard to accelerate the programs through the video card.

Khronos Group has released the official specifications of the standard OpenCL 1.0, support which enables programmers to use the computing power of multicore systems, including graphics accelerators.
It is expected that one of the first operating systems that support OpenCL, will be Snow Leopard corporation Apple. The company announced support OpenCL even six months ago. OpenCL will significantly accelerate the implementation of programs.
In addition, there will be challenges that previously could not be implemented because of lack of computing power. For example, voice recognition system learn to read lips, the operating system can recognize a person or to monitor the situation in the hands of the user space to spare him from having to use a mouse.
Standard OpenCL support 3Dabs, Activision Blizzard, AMD, ARM, Electronic Arts, Nvidia, Nokia, Motorola, IBM, Intel and other companies. Previously, AMD and Nvidia, the main producers of video, trying to develop their own programming languages to use power graphics processor - Brook + and CUDA.
Inclusion of support OpenCL in Windows 7 has not yet been scheduled.

Acer Asus outpaced sales netbukov.

Corporation Acer outpaced the creators of the first netbuka, Asus, sales in this market, says Engadget, with reference to the quarterly report Acer.
During the third quarter of 2008, Acer sold 2.15 million netbukov, occupying 38.3 per cent of the market. Share Asus, Sold, only 1.7 million units, up 30.3 percent. HP took third place with 5.8 percent, and the MSI with 5.7 percent market. The percentage of any of the other players do not exceed three per cent.
It is noteworthy that in the notebook market leaders HP, Acer and Dell with 19.7, 17.1 and 13 per cent. Share Asus, although it has grown over the years more than doubled, representing only 8.6 per cent.
Overall, the industry netbukov for the year from the third quarter of 2007 to the same period of 2008 grew 160 percent, said DisplaySearch. Thus, in 2007 the market netbukov numbered less than one million devices. By the end of 2008 it will rise to 14 million netbukov.

Computer mouse turns 40.

Computer mouse 9 Dec., 2008 turned forty years, sends BBC News. 9 Dec., 1968 Douglas Engelbart demonstrated for the first time they developed manipulator. Needless device was collected within its command Bill Inglishem.
Mouse shown Engelbartom was made of wood and had only one button. The demonstration took place on a system of NLS, which had the option of full editing and was able to put a hyperlink.
Engelbart had not received any royalties for the mouse, as well as patent term ended earlier than has been widely disseminated personal kompyuterov.Manipulyator further defined as the development of computer programs and equipment.
Sama mouse was invented in 1964, a device that can take its predecessors, appeared in the early fifties years. Since then, the world's produced many mice. In particular, Logitech said in December Issue billion mice.

Company computers "Neotorg" was unable to settle with creditors.

Retail trade network computers "Neotorg can not settle with creditors who are owed 30 million dollars. This writes the newspaper Kommersant, citing its sources.
According to the publication of the purchase "Neotorga" has already claimed two companies - this distribution "Pronet" and supplier of bathroom equipment and furniture Makslevel. " Interestingly, in "Neotorge with 1 Dec, 2008 appointed a new CEO Konstantin tenants who, according to Kommersant, a representative of" Proneta ", the largest retail lender network.
Network Neotorg ", which includes 50 stores owned by British" Tonghem Limited. " One of the owners' Neotorga "Kommersant calls Alexander Antonenko, a former company director.
In November, General Director of MICEX Stock Exchange Alexei Rybnikov said that a month and a half Russian companies allowed 16 technical defaults. Rumors of early debt crisis due to numerous defaults small companies have emerged in the late summer - early autumn, when the banks stopped issuing loans to businesses of reckoning for old debts.

Sony has dismissed eight thousand people.

Japanese corporation Sony will reduce the 8 thousand jobs and investprogrammu, which would annually save the company 1.1 billion dollars. It is reported Reuters.
Total company employs 160 thousand people. Thus, Sony has dismissed 5 percent of their employees.
In October, Sony urezala half its forecast for profit in 2008, arguing that it would be forced to close several plants and begin mass dismissals. Agency France Presse notes that Sony will also reduce investment in their units for the production of electronics by 30 percent and withdraw from unprofitable enterprises.
Sony is the production of consumer and professional electronics, game consoles and other products. It is also one of the world's largest media companies.

Determines netbuki Intel in the 32-nano chips in 2010.

The company will introduce Intel processor netbuka carried out in compliance with 32-nanometer tehprotsessa, in 2010, reported The Register. He will be known as Medfield.
Medfield will include a memory controller and subsystem input / output. Also part of Medfield will be a graphical kernel. The processor will be available in dvuhyadernom, and uninuclear options.
In 2009, Intel will introduce processor Pineview, for netbukov. Its technical characteristics are similar to chip Medfield. But Pineview will be available on 45-nanometer technology.
Currently, Intel offers a set of netbuki processors Intel Atom. They are available in uninuclear, and dvuhyadernom options. Atom is issued in compliance with 45-nanometer tehprotsessa, is a low price and low power consumption.

Americans bought 800 thousand Wii in the week.

The company Nintendo has been able to sell in the U.S. over 800 thousand Wii game consoles in the last week of November, transfers Reuters. This is more than two times more than able to realize the same period a year earlier. Then Gamers bought only 350 thousand console. However, sales of DS compared to last year grew by 20 percent.
Recall that the November 27, residents of the United States celebrated Thanksgiving Day and 28 November, started the so-called "Black Friday" (Black Friday). On this day traditionally begins Pre-sales season, during which, typically, an increase in purchasing activity of Americans.
Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (Satoru Iwata) said that if the country's favorable economic situation, people can afford a few major purchases. When the economic crisis, they have to choose what they consider most important. In other words, at this moment for many Americans it is the most attractive Wii gaming system.
Adding that by the end of March, Nintendo plans to sell 27.5 million Wii. This represents a 48 per cent more than the company could realize in the past fiscal year. Recall that only by end-September this year around the world have been sold around 35 million Wii.

A flexible displays crashproof.

Corporation HP engineers and researchers from the University of Arizona on Dec. 8 announced the creation of the first prototype of cheap, flexible and crashproof electronic displays. This was reported in the press release, the two organizations.
Flexible displays are almost entirely composed of plastic. They consume less energy than conventional computer displays. Such devices can be used as electronic paper and electronic signatures.
In the production of new displays used by 90 per cent less material than in the production of old. Mass production of flexible displays will reduce the cost of laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices, as is usually the screen is one of the most expensive components.
Crashproof displays are created using the technology of lithography SAIL, which clearly align imprint on the substrate, regardless of the distortions introduced into the process. Using SAIL production is not on big plates, and the wind off the foil. Это снижает издержки.
In 2007, the market volume of flexible displays is estimated at 80 million dollars. By 2013, analysts predicted it will rise to 2.8 billion dollars.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Intel has developed a cheap photo-based silicon.

Company Intel has developed a cheap avalanche photodiode (APD) for the transfer of information technology silicon photonics, said Cnet News, referring to the publication in a scientific journal Nature Photonics.
Typically, in silicon photonics are used fairly rare and expensive materials. For example, indium phosphide and gallium arsenide. Representatives of Intel managed to create an APD-based low-cost silicon and germanium.
In addition, the photodetector based on the new APD Intel has proved more powerful counterparts. This would allow, among other things, increase the distance at which information can be transmitted through it.
Currently, the test sample avalanche photodiode Intel makes it possible to transmit information at speeds up to 40 gigabits per second, that in two to three times higher data transfer rates of similar devices. The maximum data transfer rate, which is able to reach engineers Intel, experimenting with the new APD, at 200 gigabits per second.
The development of avalanche photodiode based on silicon, in addition to Intel, attended the company Numonyx, the management of advance planning defense and scientific research dollars, as well as the University of Virginia and California.
It is expected that the development of silicon photonics will allow chips to replace the metal connections to light. This is several times faster transmission of information. One of the promising areas for the use of silicon photonics are supercomputers.

Intel devices will be supplied by radio waves.

Intel develops miniature devices that receive energy from radio waves, reports InformationWeek. Currently testing experimental samples, but hardly the device will appear on the market until at least 3-5 years.
New devices based on Intel technology Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WISP). The source of energy for them can serve, such as hot spots Wi-Fi and cellular base stations.
During the experiment conducted at San Francisco, Intel has established sensors based on technology WISP, in cars. This allowed for the least cost to examine the state of air in different parts of the city, based on the testimony of WISP-sensors.
Intel representatives have stressed that extending the device around the world, you can get information about the state of the atmosphere at any point on Earth. There is no need to use satellite monitoring system.
In the future, WISP-sensors can be used to monitor human health. For example, they will monitor the work of the heart. If you reduce WISP-sensors to the size of molecules, they can be used to detect various viruses.