Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gateway to SSD-cost Western Digital drives in 65 million dollars.

Western Digital Company has bought the company SiliconSystems for 65 million dollars, reports Computerworld. This transaction allows Western Digital to begin production of solid state (SSD) drives under its own brand.
SiliconSystems The company was founded in 2002. It is a production of solid-state drives, and development of technologies to improve their reliability. In particular, SiliconSystems has created a program PowerArmor, prevent errors in the work of the drive.
While representatives from Western Digital is not raised no plans to release SSD-drives under its own brand. SiliconSystems to absorption produces various drives based on flash memory. Among them, SSD-drives in the 2.5 - and 1.8-inch form factor that can replace the hard drive in notebooks and netbukah.
Western Digital is the second largest producer of hard drives in the world. The leader of this market - the company Seagate. It should begin to release solid state drives by the end of 2009.
The main advantages of solid-state drives over hard disks are low power and high speed. In addition, SSD-drives are not noisy. However, their production costs significantly higher than that of the hard drive.

Transparent LG phone will start selling in May.

Mobile Phone LG GD900 Transparent keyboard appears on the display in May of this year, reports Electronista. For the first time it was presented in February at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
LG GD900 face of a slider with touch screen trehdyuymovym. It will support an interface S-Class UI, optimized for control мобильником through your fingers. GD900 The keyboard can be used as tachpad laptop.
Move your finger on the touch panel LG GD900, you can activate the various functions of the phone. For example, if you write a letter "M", then launch a music player.
LG GD900 thickness is 13.4 mm. Phone works in 3G networks and supports wireless Bluetooth. Other characteristics of the cell phone are not reported, as well as its price.
LG-GD900 become the world's first transparent mobile phone. It focuses on the premium market segment.

Humanoid robot can read thoughts.

Humanoid robots have learned to understand the thoughts, reports AP. The technology developed by Honda Motor. It is designed for use with the robot Asimo.
Honda Motor engineers have created a special helmet, which is based on an analysis of changes in activity of the brain can determine what people think. Then, the corresponding signal is transmitted to the robot wireless.
However, this technology is imperfect. If a person is distracted, the system may not recognize him, accordingly, the robot does not receive any instructions. In addition, the system of reading the thoughts worked, it is necessary for two to three hours to adjust for each user.
Currently, Honda Motor technology allows the robot Asimo to understand when a person thinks about moving his hands, running or foods. At the signal, and the action of the robot takes a few seconds.
Honda Motors Company is working on humanoid robots in 1986. The first Asimo was demonstrated to the public in 2000. The growth of the robot is 130 centimeters, weight - 54 kilograms.
In summer 2008, Asimo has learned to understand the speech of several people simultaneously. Previously, these robots were taught to work in pairs. In May 2008, Asimo made in the role of the symphony orchestra conductor.

Best supercomputer CIS became more powerful than a quarter.

Released the tenth edition of 50 rating the most powerful supercomputers CIS. It continues to be led by a set of MVS-100K set in Mezhvedomstvennomcuperkompyuternom center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Peak performance of the MIF-100K is 95 teraflops. In autumn 2008, this figure was 75 teraflopsam. Number of processors MFR-100K during this period increased from 1564 to 1980. In the rating of 500 most powerful supercomputers world, this system takes place 35.
The second place ranking remained supercomputer SKIF located in the MSU. Its peak performance is 60 teraflopsam. Also in the top ten most powerful supercomputers CIS includes computing facilities, located in Ufa, Russia, Taganrog, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk and Chelyabinsk.
Note that total peak performance of systems in the ranking the most powerful supercomputers in the autumn of the CIS in 2008 increased by 14.95 per cent, reaching 510 teraflops. Average peak performance for the first time exceeded ten teraflops.
In the tenth edition of 50 rating the most powerful supercomputers CIS number of systems based on Intel processors has decreased to 37. On AMD processors built seven supercomputers. At the core of five computer systems based on chips IBM, based in one - HP.
A leading manufacturer of supercomputers in the CIS became the "T-Platforms". It accounted for 17 of the 50 computer systems that are included in the rating. HP had been set up 11 supercomputers, IBM - eight.
Currently, the most powerful supercomputers world is IBM Roadrunner, located in the United States. Its peak performance is 1456 teraflops, almost three times more than the total peak performance 50 best computing capacity CIS.

Nvidia has released a new generation of professional graphics cards.

Company Nvidia introduced a new line of professional graphics cards series Quadro. It consists of seven cards, the cheapest of which costs less than a hundred dollars. This was reported in the press release Nvidia.
The younger model is a new line of Quadro - Quadro NVS 295 graphics card. It is positioned as a solution for business and supports the simultaneous work of two 30-inch displays.
Video Quadro FX 380 and Quadro FX 580 are a professional entry-level solutions. Quadro FX 1800 is a mid-level decisions and is the best for price / quality ratio.
Video Cards Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 and FX 4800 SDI technology support and SLI Multi-OS and provides, inter alia, for developers of graphical applications. Quadro FX 5800 - masthead new model line Quadro. This card supports SLI Multi-OS and is the first decision of this level with four gigabytes of memory.
Technology SLI Multi-OS allows the system to use multiple Nvidia Quadro graphics cards at one workstation in the virtualized environment. In this way you can optimize costs and increase productivity with graphically heavy applications.

Sun cut one and a half thousand people.

The company Sun Microsystems will reduce staff by one and a half thousand people, reports IDG News. This step is part of the restructuring program Sun, announced in November 2008.
According to analysts Wedge Partners, essentially reducing the affect sales and service Sun. They will be laid off up to half staff.
Sun representatives confirmed the information about the impending dismissals. But stresses that under the reduction podpadut staff in all divisions of the company, including top managers.
Sun's restructuring program during the economic crisis, a reduction of 15-18 percent. It is expected that this will allow the company to save between 700 to 800 million dollars a year. At the end of January 2009 was dismissed from the Sun 1300 people.
Company Sun Microsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of servers and workstations. Sun is also known as the developer of operating systems, Java platform and the party to project OpenOffice.org.
Note that the economic crisis has forced many IT-companies to begin the restructuring, which includes a reduction in staff. In particular, the dismissals announced Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM and Nokia.

Russian operators were charged with "improper" sale of iPhone 3G.

In Taganskiy and Savelovskaya district court of Moscow filed suit against four companies: MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon, "writes on Tuesday the newspaper" Kommersant ". The plaintiffs accuse the largest cellular operators in violation of consumer rights when implementing the sales of mobile phones iPhone 3G.
Representative in court on behalf of the plaintiffs - an uncertain group of people - society serves to protect the rights of consumers, "Social control" (JC). As the newspaper company chairman Michael Anshakov, in one of the lawsuits, aimed solely at the MTS, we are talking about the conditions of admission to the iPhone warranty service. According to the rules of the MTS, the buyer can return the phone is only subject to the availability of cash and a check guarantee card, which the initiators of the proceedings, contrary to Russian law. Note that it follows from the "Law on Protection of Consumer Rights", "lack of consumer goods or cash a check or other document certifying the fact and conditions of purchase, not a ground for refusing to meet his demands."
The remaining claims, said "Kommersant", directed against all three companies. Human rights defenders, in particular, accuse the operators that they provide incomplete information about the unit sold, as well as indicate the instructions to the phone that it was impossible to use it without activation through the Internet. Do not agree with the value of OK and the phone, changing depending on the buyer enters into a contract for the provision of services or not.
The press service of the MTS categorically rejected such accusations, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti". According to the representative of the company Irina Osadchy, MTS conducts warranty service even in the absence of a buyer's cash receipts. For the remaining claims Osadchaya stated that they should be directed not against the MTS, but the iPhone 3G.
In companies Vimpelcom and MegaFon declined to comment, citing the lack of information. At Russian Mission Apple promised to comment on the situation with the lawsuits, but at the time of the output numbers that have been made, writes Vedomosti. "Kommersant" meanwhile reported that the head of the Russian Mission Valery Lanovenko Apple declined to comment on.
Apple introduced the iPhone 3G, one of the most popular smartphones in the world, in the summer of 2008. For 2008, it sold 13.7 million devices in the plan at 10 million. In Russia the iPhone 3G came in early October 2008. According to unofficial data, in 2008, sales of phones of this model was only 180 thousand devices.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nokia will collect the phones themselves.

Company Nokia has refused the services of contract assemblers of mobile phones, reports DigiTimes referring to the data analysis company iSuppli. This decision caused a decline in global demand for mobile phone.
In 2008, the share of contract assemblers accounted for 17 percent of phones Nokia. The main partners were Nokia Taiwanese company Foxconn, BYD, Elcoteq and Jabil Circuit.
The company Nokia to use the services of contract electronics assemblers, as well as its production could not satisfy the growing demand for mobile phone. However, because of the economic crisis, sales of phones declined sharply. As a result, Taiwanese electronics assemblers in 2009 did not doschitayutsya five billion dollars from Nokia.
According to iSuppli, in 2008 the total revenue for contract electronics assemblers exceeded $ 300 billion. In 2009, analysts have predicted a reduction of revenues of these companies to 270.8 billion dollars. However, after the decision of Nokia to abandon service contracts collectors, this forecast will be revised.
In mid-March, Nokia announced a reduction of 1700 people worldwide in the program to reduce expenditures in times of crisis. In addition, the first of March in Nokia launched a program of voluntary retirement, as a result of which thousands of people leave the company of their own volition.

The Russians began to talk less on the mobile phone.

KommentariiMobilny antikrizis11.03.2009Kak Russian cellular operators to cope with the economic downturn? Russian customers during the crisis have been less use of cellular communications, writes Vedomosti. Because of the demand reduction net profit of "Sonic Duo", which operates under the brand name "MegaFon-Moscow", fell in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 13.4 percent.
Basically subscribers MegaFon-Moscow "abandon such costly services such as roaming and international communications. The duration of conventional negotiations until reduced by only a few minutes a month.
At the same time, MTS subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2008, referred to 2.3 per cent more than in the third. They began to move to cheaper fares, but the operator has reduced the average per minute from 1.3 to 1.18 rubles.
Operators have begun to respond to reduced demand in the winter of 2009. They have raised prices for roaming, as well as the revised cost of calls on some of the normal tariff. It also became an opportunity to SMS and calls for "your favorite room."
Also, the MTS, Megafon and Beeline has already launched a crisis rates, which dramatically reduces the cost of calls after a few minutes spent on us. MegaFon-Moscow also launched a fare "Just to talk" enables subscribers connected to it to talk with each other for five cents per minute.

Computer-monoblock Asus entered the market.

Computer-monoblock Asus Eee Top ET1602 will go on sale, reports Engadget. It is currently available, including online and in stores, including Amazon, for 599 dollars.
Asus Eee Top ET1602 was introduced in November last year. Diagonal its touch screen is 15.6 inches. Inside the computer is the processor Intel Atom N270, running at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz.
Disk Capacity ET1602 is 160 gigabytes, the amount of memory - a gigabyte. Also, there's a module Wi-Fi, 1,3-megapixel web camera, Ethernet connectors, and USB.
During the premiere of Asus Eee Top ET1602 reported that he is available for pre-order at several online stores. Then he was worth 734 dollars.
Note that along with the ET1602 has been submitted to the computer-monoblock Asus Eee Top ET1603. Its only difference from ET1602 - video. U Asus Eee Top ET1602 is Intel GMA950, a ET1603 - discrete graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450. While the Eee Top ET1603 not be on sale.
Both computer-monoblocks Asus are running Windows XP. For the first time on their design became known in June 2008.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Netbuk Asus with DVD-drive will appear in April.

Series netbuka Asus Eee PC E1004DN with integrated optical drive will begin in mid-April of this year, reports DigiTimes, citing information received from sellers of computer equipment.
Netbuk Asus Eee PC E1004DN was introduced at CES 2009 in January this year. He is ultrabyudzhetnym the first Asus laptop with integrated optical drive.
The basis of Asus Eee PC E1004DN based on Intel Atom N280 processor and chipset GN40. The volume of the hard disk of the netbuka is 120 gigabytes. Depending on configuration, the price of Eee PC E1004DN range from 531 to 590 dollars.
Along with the Asus Eee PC E1004DN sales come ultrathin netbuk Asus Eee PC 1008HA. The thickness of the shell does not exceed 2.54 centimeters, weight of machine is 1.1 kg. The value of this netbuka not reported.
At the end of January 2009 the Japanese company has released netbuk Mouse Computer LB-F1500W. It was built on the basis of 1,6-gigagertsevogo Intel Atom processor and is equipped with a DVD-drive. In Japan, LB-F1500W is 64800 yen, which corresponds to 729 dollars.

Announced netbuk with a processor from a smartphone.

Taiwanese company Wistron presented netbuk Firstbook with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, reports Electronista. Currently, the chip is used in smartphones.
It is assumed that the diagonal wide-screen Firstbook is 11.1 inches. Outwardly, this netbuk very similar to a laptop Sony Vaio P. It was introduced in January this year and is positioned as the easiest in the world of 8-inch laptop.
The frequency of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, established in Firstbook, is one gigahertz. Of the wireless interfaces that netbuk supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.
Detailed technical specifications Wistron Firstbook unknown. Also, the manufacturer does not report when the netbuk appears in the sale and how much it will cost.
In early March, it became known that the ability to install Qualcomm chips in netbuki consider the company Asus. It is assumed that this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon.
In early February, Communicator-based Qualcomm Snapdragon company announced the Toshiba. He called TG01, and is equipped with 4.1-inch touch screen.
Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was released in late 2007. It supports playback of high-definition video with 720p resolution and is optimized to work with three-dimensional graphics. Also, it can work with 12-megapixel camera.

LG promenyaet notebooks to smartphones.

LG Company intends to focus on the development of smartphones due to changing demand and the economic downturn, reports Electronista. The development of the segment of laptops and netbukov the company will spend less force than intended.
Increased attention LG will pay, in particular, the smartphone with qwerty-keyboard and touch screen devices. My new developments in this regard the South Korean company will introduce before the end of this year.
In LG expects that the new smart phones and mobile phone will be more subtle and functional. The company also intends to promote a device with high resolution cameras and a large amount of memory.
To meet the demand at the lower price segment LG will release several budget models. To attract more buyers, smart phones and LG phones will be produced in several colors.
Currently, LG is the third volume manufacturer of cell phones. In 2008, the company has sold more than one hundred million mobile phones.
The market netbukov and LG notebooks occupy leading positions. However, it is this company has developed one of the first laptops with built ultrabyudzhetnyh module 3G.

Nvidia sued the Intel.

Nvidia company filed a lawsuit against Intel, accusing the latter of violating the license agreement. This action was a response to the lawsuit Intel, filed against Nvidia in February 2009. This was reported in the press release, Nvidia.
Nvidia believes that the licensing agreement of 2004 allows it to produce chipsets for all processors Intel, and Intel, prohibiting Nvidia chipsets for processors to produce Nehalem, violated the terms of this agreement. Moreover, in its lawsuit Nvidia asked the court to suspend the license to Intel technology Nvidia.
Recall that in February this year, Intel has filed a lawsuit against Nvidia, alleging the latest in the illegal development of chipsets for Intel's new generation, including the memory controller. These include chipam processor microarchitecture for Nehalem. In Intel believes that the license agreement entered into between the companies in 2004, does not allow Nvidia to produce such chipsets.
Once the company Intel has filed a lawsuit against Nvidia, the representatives of the latter stated that currently the role of graphics processor in your computer increases. Intel resist this trend, seeking to protect in a way his own business.
Chipset Nvidia graphics cards using graphics processors GeForce 9300 and 9400 whose performance substantially higher than that of the outcome of Intel. As the basis of its new notebook chipsets Nvidia has chosen, for example, the company Apple.
Chipset called the chipset, the core of the motherboard. The main producers of chipsets are Intel, Nvidia, AMD, VIA and SIS.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Announced the computer with 192 gigabytes of RAM.

The company introduced the Dell T7500 computer with 192 gigabytes of RAM standard DDR3, said Networkworld. He belongs to the class of work stations, and will cost no less than 1800 dollars.
At the core T7500 server based on Intel processors with miroarhitekturoy Nehalem chipset and Intel X5520. This machine is equipped with five slots, PCI Express. Two of them support a standard PCI Express x16, two - PCI Express x8, one - PCI Express x4.
In addition, Dell announced two additional workstations - T3500 and T5500. The maximum amount of memory equal to 24 and 72 gigabytes, or GB, respectively. The cheapest version of Dell T3500 will cost a thousand dollars, Dell T5500 - 1620 dollars.
To work with the graphics in the new work stations installed Dell Video ATI FirePro V3750 and V570. If you prefer, they can be replaced by the Nvidia Quadro FX4800 and FX5800.

Asus will return the money for pre-Windows.

KommentariiBezokonnye PK13.02.2009FAS will help return the money for pre WindowsU of Asus in Russia a procedure for refund of pre-to the new PC operating system Windows, writes the newspaper Kommersant, citing the statement by representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).
According to FAS, the Asus has the documents governing the refund of pre-to the new computer Windows. According to them, you may receive for the rejection of the Windows OS from 20 to 77 dollars, depending on the version of Windows. The companies Acer, HP, Samsung, Dell and Toshiba, Russian antimonopolschiki such documents are not found.
FAS representatives told Kommersant that the current test results are studied for a violation of antitrust laws. What sanctions are waiting for producers in case of violations not specified.
It is assumed that if FAS recognizes the computer manufacturers guilty of violating antitrust laws, they have to pay a fine of from one to 15 per cent of revenues.
It is possible that antimonopolschikam, in case of violations, will have to bring cases against foreign entities. The fact is that most manufacturers are working in Russia as a marketing representative and have no legal entity.
Recall that in February this year, FAS start checking on companies Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Dell and Toshiba. The purpose of inspection - to find out whether the Russians are buying PCs preloaded with Windows operating systems to abandon this and return the money.
According to the company "Finam", currently about 70 percent of computers sold in Russia with preloaded operating system Microsoft Windows. If ten percent of the buyers of computers with Windows abandon the OS, demanding return of money, the revenues of producers could be reduced by 100 million dollars a year.

Western Digital has released dvuhterabaytny external hard drive.

Western Digital Company launched a series of external hard drive My Book volume two terabytes, reports Electronista. Previously, the maximum capacity external hard drive Western Digital is one and a half terabytes.
All dvuhterabaytnye Western Digital external hard drive interface is USB 2.0. This allows them to exchange data at speeds of 480 megabytes per second.
The external hard drive series Home Edition also supports FireWire 400 and eSATA. Hard drives Studio Edition and Studio Edition II - Interfaces FireWire 400/800 and eSATA. The speed of the eSATA interface is three gigabytes per second.
Cost dvuhterabaytnyh external hard drives from Western Digital is 330 to 380 dollars, depending on the model. Version dvuhterabaytnogo external hard drive for Apple computers will be in April.

Working at night PCs cost the German companies in 918 million euros.

On the services included in a time of computers, German companies spend more than 918 million euros a year, according to a press release, 1E and Alliance to Save Energy. In 2009, these computers are cast into the air as much harmful substances, but almost half a million cars.
American computer companies to work in night-time cost of 2.8 billion dollars. UK Companies annually spend on maintenance of computers, nevyklyuchennyh staff before leaving the office, 300 million pounds (about 437 million dollars).
According to the 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, nearly half of employees in the U.S., Britain and Germany did not disable their computers before leaving the office. One reason for this is forgetfulness. Many do not shut down your PC because it takes a long time, some are connected to your office computer remotely.
According to Gartner, the share of annual IT-industry accounts for two percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions. Working computers and monitors are responsible for 39 percent of carbon dioxide emissions IT-industry.
It is anticipated that if all the PCs in the world to switch off for one night, then saved in a manner sufficient electricity for lighting the New York Empire State Building skyscraper for 28 years.

Nintendo Wii PlayStation 2 ahead of the pace of sales.

Company Nintendo has in the retail network, more than 50 million game consoles Nintendo Wii, said on 25 March the head of Satoru Iwata at the passing of the San Francisco Game Developers Conference. According to Iwata, Wii, thus, became the console of bystroprodavaemoy history, ahead of PlayStation 2.
Iwata said that the popularity of Wii is directly related to the growing market of video games and the growing number of Casual gamers. In support of this assertion Iwata cited the fact that one fifth of families with Wii in the U.S. to purchase the console did not have other prefixes.
Earlier in March, Nintendo announced the delivery of the stores 100 million portable console Nintendo DS. According to Iwata, 47 percent of sales in 2008, DS was purchased by women.
According to the agency, the number of sold copies of Wii, launched 19 November 2006, far been spared major competitors - Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

European Union by 2011 will reduce the cost of roaming.

All 27 countries - EU members have agreed by 2011 to reduce the cost of roaming services for tourists, writes Electronista. Minute talk on mobile phone roaming will cost no more than 35 Euro cents.
The maximum value of SMS roaming will not exceed 11 cents. Now sending a text message that costs an average of 29 cents, which is almost ten times higher than in the transfer of the internal network. Some countries charge for SMS roaming to 80 cents.
Falling prices for roaming will be gradual. Thus, the French customer, who per minute in the UK pays 45 cents, before the end of 2009 would drop to 43 cents. By mid 2010, the price will drop to 39 Euro cents.
EU countries also agreed in 2010 to reduce the cost of data transmission for mobile communication networks. Maximum price megabyte while roaming in the year 2010 will be 80 cents, and in 2011 - 50 cents.
The length of the conversation will be determined to the nearest tridtsatisekundnogo interval. Currently, the last half minute is counted as complete.
Negotiations to lower the cost of roaming, began in 2006. Then reduce the anticipated cost of roaming calls in the half.

The Japanese have bought two million consoles DSi.

The Japanese bought more than two million handheld consoles DSi, IGN writes, referring to data the company Enterbrain. This box of Nintendo game system has overcome the previous week. Total to date, residents of Japan have acquired 2024431 console. On the territory of the country's DSi has been on sale on 1 November last year.
Launch console DSi in Europe to be held on 3 April this year. Living in North America will be able to buy this game system on 5 April. Diagonal screen by DSi at 0.25 inches more than the previous model called DS Lite. In addition, the new version has two integrated cameras and slots for memory cards format SD. Added that the DSi can play music files, but it has no slot for the cartridge Game Boy Advance.
Recall that the DSi is the third model of the console DS. The first version of the portable game system came out in 2004. The second model, known as the DS Lite, introduced in 2006. It is thinner and lighter the original console.
By 6 March this year, Nintendo has stores in 100 million different models of DS. The exact number of consoles sold has not yet been named. We know only that by 31 December 2008 has sold 96.22 million DS. Add to that the game system is a leader in the market of portable consoles. As it overtakes sales reaching second place in the PSP is almost two times.

The first budget zerkalka Canon support HD-video.

The Company Canon has released its first digital SLR camera, entry-level, which can shoot HD-video. It is equipped with 15-megapixel matrix and trehdyuymovym display for the sight picture and viewing captured material. This was reported in the press release Canon.
In the U.S., called the new Rebel T1i, in Europe - 500D. Maximum video resolution, which can record the camera - 1080r. In this case, speed shooting at 20 frames per second. When shooting at a speed of 30 frames per second maximum video resolution is equal to 720r.
During the processing of images in the Canon 500D with the DIGIC 4 processor. Velocity images in JPEG format at 3.4 fps. The maximum camera sensitivity is equal to 12800 ISO. 500D autofocus system supports nine points.
Canon 500D equal dimensions 128,8 x97, 5x61, 9 mm. Camera Weight - 480 grams.
Canon 500D on the shelves will be in May of this year. It will cost 800 dollars. For the kit with lens Canon EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 have to pay another hundred dollars.
The world's first digital SLR camera with the ability to capture video in August 2008 presented by Nikon. It's called D90, and allows you to record video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

Announced a game console for developing countries.

The event Game Developers Conference 2009 and Tectoy company Qualcomm announced a new gaming console called Zeebo, writes GamesIndustry. The device will be focused on countries with developing economies. The developers hope that the console will be in demand in Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  Prefix Zeebo can display the picture in the resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. The device is equipped with three USB-output and memory card slot format of SD. All games for Zeebo will be distributed through the network 3G and EDGE. Especially for this console will be a network service called ZeeboNet. The device will support developers and publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Capcom, id Software, Namco and THQ.
Games for the new console will cost by 10-20 per cent (around 2-3 dollars) more expensive than pirated copies. According to the creators Zeebo, is the prefix will be released in Brazil in late May - early June this year. The cost of the console in the country will be $ 199.
Official site of the device, it is reported that in the set will be supplied with Zeebo four games: FIFA 09, Need for Speed Carbon, Brain Challenge and Prey. Another project (the first part of Quake) can be downloaded free of charge through the network. In the future, the library of games will be added as the games that have emerged relatively recently (such as Resident Evil 4) and a rather old project (for example, released in 1996, the Fighting Tekken 2).
At the end of 2009 Zeebo should appear in Mexico, and in 2010 will launch the game system in India. Date the console in the territory of Russia has not yet been clarified.

Announced netbuk keyboard 12-inch laptop.

Samsung Company presented desyatidyuymovy netbuk N120, reports Electronista. Its main feature - the keyboard, which is comparable in size keyboard with 12-inch laptops.
Despite the fact that the diagonal screen Samsung N120 equal to ten inches in size, this corresponds to ultradeshevy laptop 12-inch laptops. Its screen occupies the central portion of the upper lid, while its edges are two dynamics.
A similar arrangement is used in semidyuymovyh netbukah Asus Eee PC. Dimensions of the shell corresponds to the amount of 9-inch ultradeshevyh laptops, while at the edges of the screen are two semidyuymovogo dynamics.
Netbuk Samsung N120 is equipped with 160-gigabaytnym hard drive, three USB-ports and 1.6-gigagertsevym processor Intel Atom. The amount of RAM is one gigabyte. From wireless modules installed in the N120 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
N120 is equipped shestiyacheechnym battery. Its capacity is not reported, but it is known that the time for autonomous work netbuka was 10.5 hours.
Samsung recently announced two more desyatidyuymovyh netbuka. This is N110, and NC310. The first should change in the market first desyatidyuymovy netbuk Samsung - NC10. The main feature of NC310 - high-capacity battery, which would allow the netbuku without charging up to 11 hours.

The head of Dell has confirmed plans to release a smartphone.

The company is developing a Dell smartphone, as well as additional services for him, reports TG Daily, with reference to the statement by the head of Dell, Michael Della. Earlier, representatives from Dell does not comment on the development of a smartphone.
Special services for owners of smartphones should help the company Dell to receive additional income. Perhaps, you are an online shop of mobile applications for smartphones Dell.
According to the publication of the Taiwan Commercial Times, the world's largest contract manufacturer Foxconn Electronics has received an order to produce smartphones Dell. But their serial production has not yet begun.
About Dell to release a smartphone it became known in mid-January of this year. It was anticipated that this device will be shown in February at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
In Barcelona, its first smartphone revealed other computer manufacturers - Acer. Smartphone Dell at the World Mobile Congress has not been submitted.
Recently it was reported that Dell has several models of smartphones for operators of cellular communication. The latter is not interested in these devices. Operators are not arranged that smartphones Dell does not fundamentally differ from the already available models from other manufacturers.
For the first time rumors of Dell to enter the market of smartphones have appeared two years ago, when at work in Dell moved the head of Motorola mobile division Garrikes Ron (Ron Garriques). According to analysts of Kaufman Bros, this time the company Dell beginning to look to the mobile market.

New online service will replace the video game.

The new network service OnLive, announced at the Game Developers Conference GDC 2009, will do away with the need to install the game on a computer, says IGN. They will be stored and run on the server. On the screen the player will be broadcast in the format of the video image and commands from the player will be broadcast to the server. This will allow to play the latest games on slower computers.
Users will be able dokupit special device that allows the image to display OnLive on the TV screen. For the game in 480p mode, the channel is required at a rate of not less than a half megabit per second. Resolution 720p (high definition images) already requires pyatimegabitnogo channel. Alleged that the delay of video will not exceed one millisecond.
The scheme of the service to avoid the appearance of pirated copies. OnLive already supported by publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Atari, Eidos, Codemasters, THQ, and Warner Bros., Writes Eurogamer. OnLive works with Windows, and on the Mac.
Beta testing OnLive place in summer 2009. Finished version for launch in late 2009.
This is not the first solution for streaming media game. In 2007, launched a similar service StreamMyGame, which allows you to play Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, EVE Online and other games.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nokia has brought to Russia dvuhklaviaturny smartphone.

The company introduced the Nokia smartphone in Russia E75. It was made in the form of slider to be nominated by the qwerty-keyboard side. Thus, under the screen E75 is a normal numeric keypad.
Diagonal screen E75 is 2.4 inches. It displays 16 million colors, with resolution of 320x240 pixels. Smartphone Weight - 139 grams.
In the E75 has two operating modes, one of whom is an "office" as well as a separate key for quick launch of e-mailbox. The main body of the device has a 3.5-mm jack for connecting headphones. Nokia E75 positioned as a device that combines the functionality of a business and entertainment opportunities.
The first information on the development of E75 appeared in autumn 2008. In February 2009, this smartphone has been officially presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. E75 appears on the shelves in the second quarter.
Also, Russia has shown smartphone Nokia N97, is positioned as a mobile computer. It was made in the form of slider with 3.5-inch wide touch screen and qwerty-keyboard. The amount of internal memory N97 is 32 gigabytes. It has modules, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as an electronic compass. In the sale of Nokia N97 will be the summer of 2009.
In addition, during the summer in Russia will start a music store Nokia. In May, starting an online store application Ovi Store. It will allow owners of Nokia cell phones to download different applications into their devices. Russia will become one of the first countries where the work Ovi Store.

Samsung has updated its desyatidyuymovy netbuk.

March 23, Samsung Corporation has announced netbuk Samsung N110, who will succeed her first desyatidyuymovy netbuk, Samsung NC10, writes edition Laptop, published the first review of N110. Samsung NC10 It was recently announced in Russia as one of the first netbukov module with integrated WiMax.
Shestiyacheechnoy N110 is equipped with a battery capacity of 5900 milliampere-hour, and will be able to work more than seven hours without recharging. His predecessor had batereey calculated for 5-6 hours. However, at the official presentation of Samsung NC10 in Russia had been promised that the NC10 equip high-capacity battery that provides about nine hours of offline work.
According to the configuration N110 differs little from NC10. He also has gigabytes of memory, hard drive capacity of 160 gigabytes and a processor Intel Atom, running at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz.
Matte Cover NC10 in N110 replaced glossy. The same thing happened to the display. Dimensions tachpada N110 increased as compared to the NC10. Laptop on the test it was slightly faster than NC10.
The cost of the new netbuka reach 469 dollars. When he appeared in Russia, is unknown. Samsung also recently announced a price called netbuka with Samsung NC310 odinnadtsatichasovoy battery, says Engadget. It will cost customers in approximately 557 dollars.

Announced sverhproizvoditelny graphics chip for cell phones.

Mobile graphics processors and the Mali-200 Mali-400, built on the architecture of ARM, will enable to run on mobile phone games that are comparable in quality to similar products for the Xbox 360, PC World said, referring to the statement representative of ARM.
The processor is Mali-200 supports the OpenGL ES 2.0 and can display 275 million pixels per second. In addition, the chip supports playback of Flash and allows you to run Java-games.
The main characteristics of the chip Mali-400 identical to that of Mali-200 processor. But it is scalable so that you can change the architecture of one-on quad. The frequency of the chip, respectively, will increase from 100 to 300 megahertz. In addition, with the Mali-400 mobile phone screen can be operated with a resolution of 1080r.
The first chips Mali-200 Mali-400 should appear at the end of this year. Which phones will install the CPU, as well as how they would increase the cost of mobile phone, are not reported.

Intel has responded to the case of the word "netbook" quote from Psion.

Intel has formally responded to the lawsuit the company Psion, which calls for a billion dollars for the use of the word "Netbook", registered her as a brand, says Register Hardware. Intel representatives insist that the Psion in 2003, not sold in the U.S. any device Netbook Pro. As proof of their position, they bring a message from the site of the Psion, which refers to the cessation of sales netBook Pro.
In Intel did not contest the allegation Psion that netBook Pro since the beginning of 2009 was sold for an amount of 13650 dollars. Although netBook Pro was removed from production in 2003, but sold for a long time. For example, in 2006, sales surpassed two million dollars.
Intel has confirmed that using the term "netbook", but clarified that it is not used as a trademark. In fact, Intel claims that did not attempt to register the word as such.
In December 2008, Psion has asked Internet resources do not use the word "netbook" and remove it from the site until March 2009. This word Intel relatively recently begun to call ultradeshevye notebooks.
Your Psion netBook appeared in 2000. Manufacturing equipment has been curtailed because of their low popularity.

Ericsson has denied rumors of the resignation from Sony Ericsson.

Company Ericsson has no intention to sell its stake in joint venture Sony Ericsson, Electronista reports with reference to the representative of Ericsson.
Swedish company Ericsson in a joint venture Sony Ericsson owns half the shares. The other half owned by Japan's Sony.
At the end of last week, it was reported that Ericsson plans to sell its stake in the company Sony Ericsson. The buyer was supposed to be Sony, which reportedly has been negotiating with banks for a loan to buy share of Ericsson.
Currently, Sony Ericsson is the fifth volume manufacturer of cell phones. In 2008, the company had issued 96.6 million phones.
In the first quarter of this year, representatives from Sony Ericsson expect a sharp fall in demand for telephones. For more than 22 million vehicles sold during the first three months of 2008, the company expects to realize only 14 million cell phones.
Anticipated losses Sony Ericsson in the first quarter of 2009 range from 340 to 390 million euros. A year ago, the company's quarterly profit amounted to 133 million euros.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Acer set to netbuk 11.6-inch screen.

The company develops netbuk Acer Aspire One with a 11.6-inch screen, reports Engadget. Currently, Acer produces laptops ultradeshevye Aspire One with 8,9 - and 10-inch screens.
The display of new models of Aspire One will be 1366h768 pixels. The ratio of its sides - 16:9.
Acer Aspire One with a 11.6-inch screens will be constructed on the basis of 1,6-gigagertsevogo processor Intel Atom Z530. For work with graphics on the computer will respond to the integrated controller Intel GMA500.
Also on the new netbuke Acer knows that he will be equipped with an Ethernet connector and VGA. Time autonomous work of the netbuka be eight hours.
The first was the netbukom Acer Aspire One with a 8.9-inch screen. It was introduced in mid-2008. Desyatidyuymovy netbuk Aspire One was shown at the end of January this year.
It is anticipated that in the second quarter of 2009, Acer is fully concentrate on the production of 10-inch netbukov. Accordingly, the release 8.9-inch Aspire One will be terminated.

Samsung introduced netbuk with 11-hour battery life.

The company announced the Samsung NC310 netbuk with 10-inch screen, the Akihabara News. Its main feature - the battery, which allows it to operate without charging netbuku 11 hours.
Note that the 11-hour battery is available as an option Samsung NC310. In the standard ultrabyudzhetny this notebook is equipped with a battery, which is enough for five hours of autonomous work.
The amount of RAM Samsung NC310 - one gigabyte. The capacity of the hard drive - 160 gigabytes. Also inside Samsung NC310 modules installed wireless Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. As an option, you can put in netbuk module WiMax. Weight machine - 1,23 kg.
Start selling Samsung NC310 and its price is not reported. In addition, it is unknown what the processor is installed in the netbuke.
Previously, the company announced the MSI netbuk U110 "ECO". When you install a high-capacity battery of its time, offline work is nine hours.

The Chinese released the touch-slider smartphone.

The company introduced the Lenovo Mobile Smartphone X1, reports Engadget. It was made in the form of slider with a large touch screen. Currently called X1 smartphone is already manufactured by Sony Ericsson.
Diagonal screen Lenovo X1 is 3.2 inches. The size of a smartphone - 115h55x12, 5 mm, weight - 143 grams. X1 shell program called Touch Dream and optimized for managing мобильником using your fingers.
Also on Lenovo X1 know that it works in networks GSM, supports data transmission module is equipped with EDGE and GPS. The first X1 will be able to buy Chinese. Its value is not reported. Also unknown is whether Lenovo X1 sold in other countries.
Lenovo X1 is not the first mobile Lenovo Mobile, designed to control the fingers. In mid-December 2008 was reported on the development Lenovo Mobile phone company based platform Android. He called OPhone, equipped with a large touch screen and one mechanical button.
The company Lenovo Mobile is not part of the manufacturer of computers Lenovo Group. From the latest Lenovo Mobile Division in 2008, when it was bought for a hundred million Chinese Hony Capital.
Smartphone Sony Ericsson X1 belongs to the family of Xperia. It has touch screen and was announced in February 2008. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 made a slider with qwerty-keyboard.

Sony Ericsson has predicted a sharp drop in sales of phones.

In the first quarter of 2009, the company Sony Ericsson is planning to sell about 14 million cell phones, reports IDG News. In the first quarter of 2008 was sold for more than 22 million phones Sony Ericsson.
Anticipated losses Sony Ericsson in the first quarter of 2009 range from 340 to 390 million euros. A year ago, the company's quarterly profit amounted to 133 million euros.
Currently, Sony Ericsson is the fifth volume manufacturer of cell phones. In 2008, the company had issued 96.6 million phones.
During the summer of 2008 Sony Ericsson announced its decision to cut 2000 jobs worldwide. It was anticipated that this step will reduce the cost of Sony Ericsson.
Recently, information came that the company Ericsson reportedly plans to sell its stake in the company Sony Ericsson. Officials from Sony Ericsson does not comment on these data.

Smartphones Dell is not impressed by the operators.

Company Dell has developed several models of smartphones, and showed their mobile operator, reports Barrons, with reference to the report of analysts of Kaufman Bros. However, operators are not interested in these devices.
According to Kaufman Bros, Dell introduced the operators of several models of smartphones running both Windows Mobile, and Google Android. Operators are not arranged, that the devices did not principally differ from the already available models from other manufacturers.
Analysts believe that in connection with the Dell drastically change its lineup of mobile devices. Perhaps, this company will have to buy a few developers.
About Dell to release a smartphone it became known in mid-January of this year. It was anticipated that this device will be shown in February at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
Note that in Barcelona, its first smartphone presented by Acer. All of them are running Windows Mobile.
For the first time rumors of Dell to enter the market of smartphones have appeared two years ago, when at work in Dell moved the head of Motorola mobile division Garrikes Ron (Ron Garriques). According to analysts of Kaufman Bros, this time the company Dell beginning to look to the mobile market.

The Japanese created the first virtual world for the iPhone.

Tokyo Genkii company announced the application Sparkle, which will become the first virtual world designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, writes TechCrunch.
The basis for the new program has become a virtual world of Second Life. Genkii already released Sparkle IM application for communicating via the network Second Life and OpenSim, the service for creating virtual worlds. The next program, Sparkle 3D, allowing travel on fully three-dimensional world.
Sparkle 3D obzavedetsya its own economic system. Users can change the appearance of their "homes" and the characters, as well as communicate with other players. In Sparkle 3D, on задумке developers, you can buy virtual goods, and download games.
In the future, Sparkle 3D will be ported to other platforms, in particular, the expected version for the PlayStation Home. In addition, the owners of Sparkle 3D will be able to connect users who do not have iPhone or iPod.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Intel Atom dispersed to two gigahertz.

The company has developed a processor Intel Atom Z550, which works with a frequency of two gigahertz, reports Electronista. It will be submitted in April 2009.
Power Intel Atom Z550 processor will not exceed 2.4 watts. It was expected that the frequency of the system bus will be 533 megahertz, while the cache second level - 512 kilobytes.
In addition, in April, Intel announced a chip Atom Z515. It is designed for mobile Internet devices. Clock frequency of the processor will be 1.2 GHz, power consumption - 1.4 watts.
Recall that in early March, Intel introduced a family of four processor Atom Z500, which are designed to be installed in mobile devices, and various electronics, including automotive. Their power does not exceed 2.2 watts.
First Intel Atom processors were released in mid-2008. They are low cost and low power consumption. Currently, Intel Atom chips are the foundation of most ultradeshevyh desktop and mobile computers.

The Chinese fired netbuk "Apple".

Hong Kong Shenzhen company has submitted ultradeshevy laptop "Apple", tells CrunchGear. There was no relationship to the company that Apple netbuk no.
The basis netbuka "Apple" is the CPU VIA Nano, operating at a frequency of 1.3 gigahertz. Skærmdiagonal "Apple" is equal to ten inches. The maximum amount of RAM - two gigabytes.
Netbuka hard drive capacity ranging from 40 to 160 gigabytes, depending on configuration. If you want a hard disk drive can be replaced by solid volume of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes.
From wireless modules in the "Apple" has a Wi-Fi and 3G. As an operating system on your computer can be installed as a Windows XP Home, and the operating system kernel based on Linux.
Outwardly, the Chinese netbuk of Apple computers with the native white hull and logo in the form of nadkushennogo apple. To be honest, netbuka "Apple" logo that turned the other way.
Note that Apple has not officially announced plans to release netbuka. However, from time to time in the media there are various reports about this device. In particular, recently became aware that netbuk, which supposedly is going to release Apple, will establish OLED-screen LG.

The Platform for iPhone 3.0 devices found traces of the new Apple.

In the code platform for iPhone 3.0 identifiers found six new devices Apple, reports The Boy Genius Report. Among them are several iPhone and iPod.
In the code were found the following identifiers of non-existent products Apple: iPhone2, 1 - 0x1294, iProd0, 1 - 0x1295, iPod2, 2 - 0x1296, iPhone3, 1 - 0x1297, iFPGA - 0x1298, iPod3, 1 - 0x1299.
It is expected that three of the six identifier belong to the new player models iPod Touch, two - for Smartphones iPhone. As for the device may be hiding under the identifier iFPGA - 0x1298, not reported.
Currently, products are Apple, working on the base platform for iPhone, have the following identifiers: iPhone First Gen - 0x1290, iPod touch 1G - 0x1291, iPhone 3G - 0x1292, iPod touch 2G - 0x1293. This iPhone and iPod Touch first and second generations.
IPhone 3.0 platform was provided by Apple on March 17. It has improved developer tools and new opportunities. Since then, analysts have speculated that it will soon appear and the device at its base.
Recently it was reported that the Apple and LG entered into a contract for the supply of OLED-displays. These displays will be installed in new players and smart phones iPhone iPod Touch, as well as in netbuk, who reportedly intends to release Apple.

3G Network in Moscow to test frequencies of GSM.

State Commission for Radio Frequencies has allowed the operators to test 3G network in Moscow at frequencies 900/1800 MHz, writes the newspaper Kommersant. These frequencies are currently employs conventional GSM-network. For 3G, typically using 2.1 gigahertz frequency.
MTS and VimpelCom "(brand" Beeline ") emphasize that problems with the construction of networks of third generation mobile communication frequencies 900/1800 MHz will not arise. In particular, the 3G network at a frequency of 900 MHz are already working in Finland.
Australian operator Optus in 2007, tested the 3G network at a frequency of 900 megahertz. As a result, the operator has concluded that such a format is best suited for sparsely populated regions, as well as the coverage of one station operating at 900 megahertz, is much broader than that of the station, which operates at a frequency of 2.1 gigahertz.
Representatives of Qualcomm emphasize that the 900-megagertsevye advantage of 3G networks and in the cities. The construction of two identical networks of 3G base stations operating at 900 megahertz, will be required in 2,2 times less than the stations operating at a frequency of 2.1 gigahertz.
The representative of Vympelcom "reported the newspaper" Vedomosti "that the construction and testing of the network in Moscow 3G, operating at a frequency of 900/1800 MHz, will take six months. ITT expects to test and deliver the Moscow 3G network into commercial operation a year and a half. Plans "megaphone" in Moscow on the construction of 3G networks in the 900/1800 MHz frequency range are not reported.
There are fears that the network is 3G, operating at 900 megahertz, can lead to overloading of conventional networks GSM, operating on the same frequency. As a consequence, the quality of connection deteriorates.
At present, MTC, Vympelcom and MegaFon have 3G networks in more than a dozen of Russia's regions. They work on a standard frequency of 2.1 gigahertz. In Moscow, the frequency is occupied by soldiers.
In January, reported the successful completion of interoperability testing at frequencies of 3G networks and structures of the Ministry of Defense in the Moscow subway. Network 3G, operating at a frequency of 2.1 gigahertz, will appear in the Moscow subway by the end of 2009.

The new iPhone and the iPod will be an OLED-screen LG.

Apple and LG Company entered into a contract for the supply of OLED-displays, the Australian publication Smarthouse. These displays will be installed in new players and smart phones iPhone iPod Touch.
Furthermore, OLED-screen LG will install and netbuk, who reportedly intends to release Apple. Previously, it was reported that touch screens for the netbuka will supply the company Wintek.
According to Smarthouse, Apple already has a working prototype netbuka with OLED-screen LG. It is anticipated that the OLED-Displays in Technology LG Apple will lower soil.
In addition, based on OLED-panel LG Apple has intended to create ultrathin display. It can be connected to a prefix Apple TV wireless.
Apple Plans to produce new models of iPhone and iPod Touch are not known. However, after March 17, was announced the third version of the platform iPhone, analysts have speculated that it will soon appear and the device at its base. The basis for smartphone iPhone 3G, manufactured at the present time, the platform is iPhone 2.0.
Previously, it was reported that LG intends in 2009 to substantially increase investment in development and production of OLED-screens. One of the goals of the program - to reduce the number of marriages in the issuance of such panels.
Recall that in January 2009, LG Display and Apple entered into a five-year agreement for supply of LCD panels. Of the documents referred to LG Display regulator, it is known that the amount of advance payment, Apple is half a billion dollars.
Unlike LCD screens, OLED-displays are brighter and the contrast. In addition, they are thinner and consume little energy. However, their production is very expensive. One of the reasons for an expensive production - a large percentage of the marriage.

E-book reader devices connected to Google Books.

Sony Corp. has opened its users to release devices for reading electronic books to book service Google Book Search, writes Reuters.
The store e-books Sony will result in 600 thousand free books in the public domain and not protected by copyright.
The new initiative will increase the competitiveness of its Sony devices compared with the same device, Kindle, giving access to 245 thousand book store Amazon, as well as newspapers, magazines and blogs.
In February 2005, the developers of Google Book Search have opened access to the mobile version of the service. This allowed the owners of portable devices to gain access to a half million books.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farmers will be connected to the Internet a powerful laser.

Staff, University of Melbourne, and NEC have developed a technology that would provide residents of rural areas of Australia's broadband internet access, writes Electronista. Researchers hope that the high power laser can reduce the cost of laying fiber in rural areas.
Currently, developers of technology are experimenting in the Australian state of Victoria, hoping to provide broadband access 99 per cent of its residents. In total there live more than five million people and a population density of about 23 people per square kilometer.
The basis for the experiment was the current gigabit passive optical network. Data transmitted over fiber to the passive splitter, which разводят signal to households. Typically, the signal fades, passing about thirty kilometers.
The researchers used Raman laser and the output signal increased almost tenfold. They were able to transfer data at speeds of 2.5 gigabita per second over a distance of about sixty kilometers.
The advantage of the new development is to reduce the number of splitters in the two-fold. Disadvantage - more stringent requirements for security channel and other equipment.

Cisco has decided to engage in the production of cameras.

Cisco Corporation has proposed 590 million dollars for a corporation Pure Digital Technologies, which produces the popular pocket camcorder Flip Video. This is stated in a press release, the largest manufacturer of networking equipment.
Pure Digital has sold over two million video camera Flip Video, which can not only remove the videos, but also classify them, edit, and upload to YouTube, MySpace and other popular resources.
Purchase will be part of corporate strategy for entering the consumer market. Flip Video will allow Cisco to increase presence in the segment of the home media devices.
Cisco expects the deal to close in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009. Pure Digital will become part of the consumer business unit, Cisco, which already includes the Linksys.

The crisis has increased the share of pirated discs and 80 per cent.

The percentage of pirated products in the market of DVD-and CD-ROM drive in Russia increased from 70-75 to 80 percent, writes the newspaper Kommersant. The reason for increasing the share of pirated products - the desire of customers to save during the economic crisis.
According to the company "GFK Rus', in January 2009, sales of licensed DVD-ROM drive in Russia fell by nine percent compared to December 2008. However, in December 2008 were sold at 11 per cent more than regular DVD-ROM drive, than in November.
Dealers of DVD-and CD-ROM drive argue that since December 2008 to March 2009 the market declined by about 25 per cent. According to the rights, since that time, sales of licensed products dropped by 40-50 percent.
In 2008, the volume of Russian market of licensed DVD-and CD-ROM drive was from a half to two billion dollars. For five years this market has grown by 25-30 percent annually.

Journalists learn about reducing the price of the console Sony.

Company Sony representatives warned retailers about early reduction of the price of the console PlayStation 3 and PSP, CVG reports with reference to information received from a major British company involved in the sale of video games. In doing so, journalists were told, when podesheveyut these game systems. Also not reported, but the console will cost after the price reduction.
Representatives of Sony refused to comment on these rumors. Employees of the British retail chains GAME and Gamestation also confirmed information on lowering prices.
In January of this year, analyst Michael Pachter (Michael Pachter) from Wedbush Morgan Securities predicted that as early as April, with the PS3 hard drive with 80 gigabytes podesheveet at $ 100. At the moment, this model is 399 dollars. According to journalists CVG, the declaration may be made in late March at the event Game Developers Conference 2009.
Recall that the PlayStation 3 is one of the most expensive next-generation consoles. According to the latest figures, Sony managed to realize in the world more than 21 million prefixes. This yields PS3 sales Xbox 360 console and the Wii. The game system PSP, whose sales have surpassed 50 million consoles, Nintendo DS is also inferior to the market of portable game systems.

Psystar has released his third Mac-clone.

SyuzhetyApple against the creators of clones Mac09.02.2009Nemtsy fired clones computers MacKompaniya Psystar introduced a desktop computer Open (3), reports Computerworld. It runs under Mac OS X Leopard and is the cheapest Mac-clone Psystar - you can buy for $ 600.
Psystar Open (3) is based on Intel processors with two or four nuclei. The maximum clock speed of chips - three gigahertz. In the standard amount of RAM equal to two gigabytes. In addition, Open (3) you can install an additional two gigabytes of RAM.
Depending on configuration, the new Mac clone may be determined by one or two hard disk. The capacity of each of them equal to 500 gigabytes or one terabyte. For work with graphics in the Open (3) meets the Nvidia GeForce 8400GS video card with 256 megabytes of memory, an Nvidia GeForce 9500GT with 512 megabytes of memory.
As an option, the computer can be equipped with modules of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Standard DVD-drive in the Open (3) can be replaced by Blu-ray.
In the maximum configuration Psystar Open (3) is a 2022 dollar. In addition to Mac OS X Leopard in the computer software packages are installed iLife and iWork.
Recall that in July 2008, Apple sued the Psystar, alleging the latest in a copyright infringement notice. Later, Psystar filed a countersuit, accusing Apple of monopolism.
In addition to Psystar Mac clones produced several computer companies. This U.S. Open Tech, Argentine and German OpeniMac HyperMeganet. However, neither one of which Apple is not filed in court.

Reporters learned of the intention to Ericsson to sell its stake in Sony Ericsson.

Company Ericsson plans to sell its stake in the company Sony Ericsson, Electronista reports with reference to information published by the German publication Manager-magazin.
Swedish company Ericsson in a joint venture Sony Ericsson owns half the shares. The other half owned by Japan's Sony. At present, the latter was negotiating with banks for a loan to buy share of Ericsson.
The possible amount of the transaction are not reported. Also not known whether the market will remain the brand Sony Ericsson, Ericsson, if the company sells its stake in the enterprise.
Note that the division of Sony Ericsson have already appeared about a month ago. Then the company denied it.
Currently, Sony Ericsson is the fifth volume manufacturer of cell phones. In 2008, the company had issued 96.6 million phones.

The network "Eldorado" has created a virtual operator.

Network of Eldorado, the largest seller of home appliances and electronics in Russia, has created a virtual operator, which will operate under the brand retailer. This company reported in an official press release.
Virtual Operator "Eldorado" will be created in collaboration with JSC "Sonic Duo", Moscow's daughter "megaphone" and a virtual operator "Mobile Matrix". Number of capacity, which will use the "El Dorado" and the base by "MegaFon". The "Eldorado", suggest that the number of subscribers of cellular communication "Eldorado" by 2010 will reach 100 thousand. Trading Network has already started to sell in their stores first plan.
This is not the first time that retailers, in partnership with cellular companies offer mobile services. Operators of these cases involved only maintenance. The formation of tariffs and the sale is fully passed on their partners - virtual mobile operators (Mobile Virtual Network Operator, MVNO), which is the "Eldorado." These transactions are profitable cellular company, as they are downloaded to the power that otherwise would be lost. However, not all operators in Russia is free size and number.
One of the features of MVNO is the focus of their services for a certain segment of buyers. In Europe and the U.S. market of virtual operators segmented into several main groups - for youth, corporate clients, certain national groups, children and so on. For example, in 2008, the Swedish IKEA sells furniture offered to its customers and employees in the UK MVNO services in a "loyalty program" of the company. Partner IKEA made at T-Mobile.
Earlier in March it was reported that MegaFon launched its own MVNO-project under the brand name "Just to talk", which will position the company as an operator-discount. This MegaFon cost without an outside partner.
Until 2009 in Russia market MVNO little developed because of the lack of legal framework, but in December last year Minkomsvyazi issued an order on the licensing of virtual mobile operators. March 17, 2009 document was registered in Ministry of Justice of Russia.
The "Eldorado" was established in 1994. Under this brand in Russia now has more than 1100 shops of home appliances. Turnover in 2008 amounted to five billion dollars. In January 2008, a Czech financial group PPF has filed an application with the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the purchase of 100 percent shares of the trade network from its owner Igor Yakovlev. Later, up to 40 percent of the network will become the Italian Insurance Corporation Generali Group.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The number of SIM-cards in Russia for more than a third of the number of residents.

In February 2009, the number of active SIM-cards in Russia reached 189.6 million units. Thus, the level of penetration of cellular communication was 130.6 percent. That was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the data analysis company AC & M Consulting.
In Moscow, the level of penetration of cellular communication in February amounted to 188.3 percent. In January 2009 the rate was 187.2 per cent.
The largest Russian mobile operator MTS is. In February 2009, at the company in Russia, there were 64.8 million subscribers. According to AC & M Consulting, ITT took a 34.2 percent market of cellular communication in Russia.
Do operators MegaFon and VimpelCom "(brand" Beeline ") in February, there were 42 and 48.7 million subscribers respectively. The market share of "MegaFon" in Russia amounted to 22.9 per cent, "Vympelcom" - 25.7 percent.
The share of regional mobile operators in February 2009 reached 20,8 percent. A month earlier the figure was 17,2 percent.

Released e-book reader with a color screen.

The company Fujitsu has released the world's first device for reading electronic books with a color touch screen of the electronic paper. It is called Flepia, and was first announced in 2008. This was reported in the press release Fujitsu.
The maximum number of colors displayed screen of the device - 260 thousand. It is made of electronic paper. Minimum update the image on the screen Flepia - 1,8 seconds, maximum - eight seconds.
Diagonal screen Flepia equal to eight inches, its resolution - 1024x768 pixels. The size of the device comprise 158h240h12, 5 mm, weight - 385 grams.
For storage of books Flepia owners are encouraged to use the SD memory card formats of up to four gigabytes. This is enough to accommodate about five thousand books. Time autonomous work Flepia - forty hours.
To load data into Fujitsu Flepia can be used as a wired connection to a PC, and wireless communications. The device has a module Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Currently Flepia available in Japan for 99,750 yen, or about a thousand dollars. Start Flepia sales in other regions are not reported.
Currently, the device for reading electronic books based on the electronic paper released several companies, including Sony and Amazon. However, until Fujitsu Flepia in any of these chitalok e-books was not a color screen.
The device for reading electronic documents Fujitsu Flepia was announced in October 2008. About his development of the representatives of Fujitsu announced in spring 2008. In mid-February 2009 it has been tested by visitors to the restaurant Termina Kinshicho Fujiya. While waiting for an order they can read on the screen Flepia, such as a newspaper.

IBM intends to buy Sun Microsystems.

IBM intends to buy the company Sun Microsystems, reports The Wall Street Journal, referring to the information received from its own sources inside the companies. IBM expects that the transaction would increase its market share in servers.
According to The Wall Street Journal, IBM offered to Sun Microsystems for about 6,5 billion dollars. This is about twice as much market value of Sun Microsystems.
Negotiations between Sun Microsystems and IBM have begun recently and are far from complete. Analysts do not rule out that the transaction did not take place.
According to IDC, IBM controls 31.4 per cent of the market of servers. Companies of HP and Dell took 29.5 and 11.6 per cent of the market respectively. The percentage of Sun Microsystems in the server market was 10.6 percent.
It is possible that the deal between Sun Microsystems and IBM could prevent regulators. Both companies are dominant Unix-servers. In addition, Sun Microsystems and IBM has several products in the same segments of the software and data storage systems.

HTC will introduce at least three new guglofonov until the end of the year.

Until the end of this year HTC will release at least three models of smartphones based on the platform Google Android, reports CNet News, referring to the statement by the head of HMRC Chow, Peter (Peter Chou).
Note that among the three guglofnov that HTC will be available until the end of 2009, includes the Magic. It was announced in mid-February at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
Currently, HTC serially produced only one smartphone based on Android - G1. It is designed to order the mobile operator T-Mobile. In the sale of G1 received 22 October, under the brand name T-Mobile.
In addition to HTC or one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones is not producing smartphones that are running Android. However, the plans for the production of such devices have declared, in particular, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Asus.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dell introduced its most thin laptops.

The company introduced the Dell ultrathin notebook Adamo, reports The Register. The thickness of the shell does not exceed 16.4 mm. For the first time, it was announced earlier this year at CES 2009.
Diagonal Screen laptop Dell Adamo is 13.4 inches. Weight machine - 1.8 kg. Its minimum retail price would be 1999 dollars.
In the basic configuration of Dell Adamo installed processor Intel Core 2 Duo, running at a frequency of 1.2 gigahertz. SSD-drive capacity of the Laptop is 128 gigabytes, the amount of RAM - two gigabytes.
Notebook Dell Adamo in 2699 dollars is equipped with a 1.4-gigagertsevym Intel Core 2 Duo processors and four gigabytes of RAM. All versions are equipped with Adamo port Ethernet, Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth. According to the manufacturer, the time-alone computer is about five hours.
Integrated optical drive from Dell Adamo no. As an option in your notebook can be switched on an external DVD drive or Blu-ray.
Dell intends to do from Adamo new brand under which products will be produced segment luxury. To support the company Adamo has created a special site.
The main competitor of Dell Adamo is ultrathin laptop Apple MacBook Air. A new version of the Laptop with 13-inch screen was introduced in mid-October last year. The maximum thickness of the shell MacBook Air - 19,4 mm. Depending on configuration, this laptop is 1799 or 2499 dollars.

In Russia announced two netbuka module with WiMax.

Samsung Company and Skartel (brand name Yota) announced netbuk Samsung NC10 c module WiMax. It was introduced at their joint press conference in Moscow on March 17. This netbuk will go on sale March 23 at a cost of 19 990 rubles.
In addition, 16 March, the network "White Wind Digital" started to take pre-orders for the Asus netbuk the module WiMax. It is called the EeePC 4G and 1003 will cost 19 990 rubles.
Both netbuka equipped with 10-inch screens and are based on the processor Intel Atom N270, running at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz. The amount of memory equal to one terabyte capacity hard drive - 160 gigabytes.
Note that the Samsung NC10 is equipped with high capacity batteries. It was expected that it last for 9-9,5 hours of autonomous work.
Both netbuka are designed to work in the WiMax-network "Skartel. Currently available USB-modems and cards for laptops with WiMax module for the network Yota. In addition, on 12 November by Skartel "was presented to the world's first communicator module with WiMax - HTC MAX 4G.

Intel AMD threatened to deny licenses to its microarchitecture.

Intel has threatened its main competitor AMD deprivation of the license for the x86 microarchitecture within 60 days, transmit Reuters. Intel disappointed that AMD has created a Globalfoundries production of chips, and believes that these actions violate the terms of the cross-licensing technologies, concluded in 2001.
AMD itself sent a commission to the U.S. Securities and Exchange statement, which asserts that does not violate the license agreement. The paper stresses that Intel does not have the right to terminate the license AMD. As Intel will try to resolve the dispute through negotiations.
The price of the new venture, formed in early March, at 4.3 billion dollars. Globalfoundries specializes in the manufacture of chips, and AMD - for their development. AMD Partner in Globalfoundries is an Arab company Advanced Technology Investment.
Intel is the largest manufacturer of processors for personal computers. AMD - the second largest producer. AMD has previously been initsiiatorom antitrust litigation against Intel in Europe, arguing that the latter abused its dominant position in the market.

Nokia operates dismiss 1700 persons.

Finnish corporation Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, announced the reduction of 1700 people worldwide in the program to reduce expenditures in times of crisis. This is stated in the official press release issued at the company's website.
Dismissals affect employees of departments of marketing, sales, and technology, said MarketWatch. Reductions in state should help the company reduce the negative impact of falling demand for mobile phones. At the end of 2007 the Corporation employed 122 thousand people.
Previously, it was reported that from March 1, 2009 Nokia will begin a program of voluntary resignation. It will end either May 31 or to the dismissal of a thousand own volition.
In late January 2009, Nokia reported a decrease in net profit in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 60 per cent - up to 576 million euros. The reason was the global financial crisis, demand for many products, including mobile phones.

HP will sell the batteries with a constant volume.

Corporation HP will sell batteries that maintain the stated capacity for a period of three years, says PC World. Batteries used batteries Sonata Boston Power Production and will appear in the shops under the HP brand name "Enviro", to highlight their environmental friendliness.
Boston Power has developed a lithium-ion battery, which can store a maximum storage capacity for thousands of recharges. This is two to three times more than the normal rate. In addition, Sonata is charging up to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minut.Novye batteries are suitable for 18 HP laptop models Corporation, covering about 70 per cent of the entire consumer line. The cost of batteries will be 150 dollars, 20 dollars more than the price of conventional batteries.
This is not the only cells that possess properties comparable to the Sonata. The presentation semnadtsatidyuymovogo Apple MacBook Pro, it was stated that it stands up to a thousand recharges the battery. Sonata batteries are already available to users through Mac QuickerTec, offering external batteries.

Russian cellular operators have asked Apple to reduce the prices of iPhone.

Russian cellular operators have asked Apple to reduce prices on iPhone and alleviate the conditions of the sales agreement, Kommersant daily, citing unnamed participant in the market. However, operators of big three have promised to buy a few million Apple iPhone: ITT million over two years, VimpelCom and MegaFon for half a million in three years.
For information about the negotiations confirmed the publication of "MegaFon". In "Vympelcom" said met with representatives of Apple, but did not specify details. In the MTS is not confirmed the talks.
At the same time in 2008, according to a source of newspaper operators together have sold all 180 thousand devices, but new sales have fallen by 30-40 per cent. According to January data analysts Mobile Research Group, it was more a question about 120 thousands of phones. Official sales data has not been submitted. It is believed that the volume of sales has affected not only the crisis but also a large number of "gray" machines on the market.
In Russia the iPhone 3G appeared in early October. Cellular operators bought the eight-and shestnadtsatigigabaytnye devices 400 and 470 euros respectively. Currently in stores, they are about 21.5 and 25 thousand rubles. Around the world in the first three days of sales were sold about a million devices.

MSI Announces netbuk with nine batteries.

MSI Corporation Announces netbuk U110 "ECO", the distinctive feature is the battery is capable of nine hours without recharging, writes CrunchGear. It should be noted that the default netbuk comes with trehyacheechnoy battery. Statement of work is achieved only when using shestiyacheechnoy.
Device instead of the customary video is equipped with Intel ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200, supports playback of high-definition video. Diagonal screen netbuka is 10 inches, the resolution - 1024 by 600 pixels. In U110 "ECO" is used chipset Intel Poulsbo US15W.
More specifications MSI U110 "ECO" is little different from the standard configuration netbukov. The device uses a processor Intel Atom Z530, which works at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz, gigabytes of memory and hard drive capacity of 160 gigabytes.
Weight trehyacheechnoy devices with battery is about a kilogram. Netbuka thickness ranges from 19 to 31,5 mm.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Japanese have developed a robot-supermodel.

March 16, Japanese engineers have demonstrated a robot that can replace the models at the Tokyo podiums, transmits AFP. Gumanoidny robot HRP-4C is a "girl" with hair to the shoulders and with a metal body.
Inside the robot has 42 motors, coordinating their movement and simulate gait patterns. Growth of HRP-4C is 158 centimeters. This is the average growth of Japanese girls. The robot model along with the battery weighs only 43 kilograms.
HRP-4C can take a variety of poses and smiles. It can be controlled via Bluetooth. At the same time when the acoustic sensor robot once incorrectly perceived the sound of the camera, to which HRP-4C reacted strange expression.
Creating a robot developers come in about two million dollars. The basic model will sell for 200 thousand dollars. While HRP-4C will be used only in the entertainment industry. Buy it at retail is not.
It was expected that the first performance of the robot on a podium place at Tokyo's fashion shows on March 23.

Nvidia has spent 40 million dollars for the replacement of marriage.

Manufacturer of Nvidia graphics cards in the past fiscal year ended January 25, spent for the replacement of defective chips with weak insulation 43,6 million U.S. dollars. This says PC World.
Total in July 2008, Nvidia has reserved for additional warranty cases, and replacement of defective chips 196 million dollars. Thus, the unspent remain 78 per cent of this amount.
Part Nvidia was able to prevent failures. The company has released a patch that causes fans to build notebooks. This allows more efficient cooling video overheated in normal conditions.
Nvidia is not the first time is faced with marriage in their chips. The last time the crash told the owners of Apple MacBook Pro 17''at the beginning of March. They overheated Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT, more powerful of the two installed video systems.

The second generation of the touch table Microsoft appears to 2012.

Microsoft has released a new version of a touch-table Surface to 2012. Currently, the second generation of Microsoft Surface is under construction. That was reported by BBC News, referring to statements by members of Microsoft, as well as corporate partners.
The exact date of release of Microsoft Surface 2 is not reported. But we know some details about this product. In particular, it will be the first generation of Microsoft Surface.
In addition, Microsoft Surface 2 learn to understand the gestures, so it is not necessary to touch during operation. Also, it is assumed that in the Microsoft Surface 2 will be built in HD-cells.
We know that Microsoft Surface will be equipped with overhead projector 2 SecondLight. It can simultaneously project a different image on the surface and at any translucent material.
The touch table Microsoft Surface was announced in May 2007. Externally, the device resembles an ordinary table, but the tabletop is replaced 30-inch touch screen, but inside a computer. The latest version of Microsoft Surface will recognize up to 52 simultaneous touches the surface of the screen.
The first test Microsoft Surface few visitors have been able to store the operator AT & T in the U.S.. They touch table Microsoft introduced in April 2008. With Microsoft Surface you can learn more about a product, simply attach it to the surface of the touch table.

Friday, March 13, 2009

LG will reduce the number of defective OLED-screens.

LG Company intends in 2009 to substantially increase investment in development and production of OLED-screens. One of the goals of the program - to reduce the number of marriages in the issuance of such panels. This tells TechRadar.
The total investment by LG in its research unit in 2009 will exceed seven billion dollars. That is 25 percent greater than the sum of investment in research in 2008.
Currently, the company LG produces only a small OLED-screens for mobile devices. According to unconfirmed information officially, OLED-screen LG may begin to install equipment voyu Apple.
The first OLED-TV LG was introduced in October 2008. Diagonal of the screen is 19 inches. Then the LG representatives stressed that showed only a prototype of the TV, and plans for serial production of such devices from the company yet.
Currently, the only serial OLED-TV is the Sony XEL-1. In Japan it is sold with the end of 2007. In the U.S., this TV has started in early 2008, in 2009 he began selling in Europe. In 2009, production OLED-TVs will have to the company Samsung.
Unlike LCD panels, OLED-TV more subtle and consume little energy. However, their production is very expensive. One of the reasons for an expensive production - a large percentage of the marriage.

A phone that supports three SIM-cards.

Company QiiQ EcoCarrier developed a mobile phone with three slots for the SIM-card, reports TechRadar. But while he supports the work of only two SIM-cards.
The new phone QiiQ EcoCarrier no names. But we know some of its technical characteristics. In particular, it has touch screen, dvuhmegapikselnoy camera and battery capacity of two thousand milliampere-hour.
Start of sales of the phone with support for three SIM-card is not reported. The price of this mobile phone is also unknown.
There are currently produced mobile phone, supporting both one and two SIM-cards. Phones with two slots for SIM-cards produces, in particular, Samsung.

VIA Chipset for netbukov will support HD-video.

The company introduced the chipset VIA VX855. It is designed for compact computers, including laptops for ultradeshevyh. This was reported in the press release of VIA.
Chipset VIA VX855 includes a graphics processor and supports the work with high-definition video with a resolution of 1080r. VX855 also provides hardware-accelerated video playback format H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC1 and DivX.
The maximum amount of memory supported by this chipset - four gigabytes. Dimensions VIA VX855 constitute 27h27 millimeters power - 2.3 watts. It is designed to work with processors VIA Nano, C7 and Eden.
The company VIA is one of the leading manufacturers of chipsets. In addition, it produces the same processors. The latter, in particular, are the basis of netbukov HP's own netbukov VIA.
Currently the main platform is netbukov chipset Intel 945GSE. He did not support the playback of video with a resolution of 1080r.
In late 2008, Nvidia announced a platform company Ion, designated, including, for netbukov. It works with the Intel Atom processor, and supports playback of high-definition video with a resolution of 1080r. Until the end of 2009 in the Ion will support processors VIA.

Apple has developed a controller with motion sensor.

Company Apple has patented wireless controllers with motion sensing, the CrunchGear. They are intended for use with the device Apple TV.
The new controllers allow Apple move the cursor around the screen movement of the hand. At the same time their functionality is not limited. It could, for example, resize the image and manage the various applications.
At present, the most popular controller with motion sensor is the Wii Remote. It comes with a game console Nintendo Wii.
In 2008, the motion sensor controllers presented by Asus. They called the Eee Stick, and are designed to control game characters through gestures.
Apple TV is a prefix, which allows you to watch movies on your TV, music videos and other content with home computers or from the online store iTunes. Apple TV supports wireless Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Wii will increase the wholesale price in the UK.

Nintendo representatives have confirmed information that the wholesale price of a game console Wii in the UK will increase, says MCV. The company attributed this to the fact that the national currency continues to depreciate. This indicates that managers of retail networks to decide whether to raise the price of the Wii in stores, or leave it unchanged.
Currently, the recommended value of Nintendo console in the UK is 179.99 pounds sterling (about 248 dollars). Reporters found that the wholesale price of a game system to grow at 16.5 pounds sterling (almost 23 dollars). With VAT, the retail network will have to pay for each console by about 19 pounds (26 dollars) more.
The representatives of retail chains have already stated that Nintendo will leave such a decision without profit. They stress that since the Wii launch was held for more than two years. All this time the price of the console has remained unchanged, while the competitors reduce their cost of gaming systems.
Leaders of trade networks also note that this is the first time in history when the console went through several years after the start of sales. In addition, experts agree that after the price increase the demand for Wii can be significantly reduced.
Recall that the launch of Wii consoles at the end of 2006. At the moment, this game system is a leader in current generation console race. According to official figures, by 31 December 2008 around the world have been sold 44.96 million Wii.

The new iPod shuffle put other people's headphones.

Third-party companies will soon begin production of headphones that are compatible with the new version of iPod shuffle. This Lente.ru told the Russian press office Apple.
The new player standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, but the wire is trehknopochny remote control device. While these headphones produces only Apple, others are likely to require an adapter.
Plans for the release of new headphones, according to Apple, in particular, confirm the representatives of Monster Cable, and Etymotic Research.
Apple introduced the new iPod shuffle on 11 March. The device is equipped with four gigabytes of flash memory, as well as the function of VoiceOver, able in 14 languages to pronounce the names of songs, albums, and playlists. Screen in the new iPod shuffle, as in the preceding models, it is not.

Sony and Seiko Epson together to produce LCD screens.

Company Seiko Epson and Sony are discussing the possibility of signing agreements on cooperation in the market of LCD screens, reports IDG News. It may become part of the restructuring of the business of both companies.
The agreement involves the joint production of small and medium displays diagonal. They are designed for mobile devices such as phones and communicators.
The agreement between Sony and Seiko Epson must be signed in late June. It will, inter alia, Seiko Epson in a larger volume of their technologies in the field of LCD panels.
It is anticipated that the agreement between Sony and Seiko Epson will help companies reduce the losses that they suffer during the economic crisis.
Analysts believe that because of the crisis, the losses Sony and Seiko Epson in 2009 amount to half a billion and a billion dollars, respectively.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acer has brought to Russia its first communicators.

Company Acer March 12 in Russia showed their communicators. They introduced the senior vice president of Acer Eymar de Lenkesan (Aymar De Lencquesaing). First communicators Acer will display at the Russian stores before the end of March.
Eymar de Lenkesan introduced eight communicators. This F900, X960, DX900, DX650, M900, F1, L1 and C1. Previously, they were announced at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, which took place in mid-February.
Until the end of March, Russia will DX900 and DX650. The first is designed for simultaneous work with two SIM-cards, the second has two front panel. One of them - a large touch screen, the second - a small monochrome display and a standard telephone keypad.
In April, the sale must occur Communicator Acer X960. It is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen module and GPS. In addition, Communicator supports the various widgets that can be placed on the desktop.
In May, Russian start selling Acer F900. Its main feature - the 3.8-inch touch screen. Communicator is also equipped with a GPS module and the 3.2-megapixel camera.
Communicator F1 is running Windows Mobile 6.5, or Windows Phone. It has a thin shell and large touch screen. L1 is made in a slider phone with advanced keypad. C1 - entry-level communicator.
For the first time about plans for Acer to release communicator under its own brand became known in early February 2008. Then, it was reported that the first markets where it will sell new, will be Russia and Western Europe.
In March 2008, became aware of the intention to buy Acer company E-Ten, producing communicators Glofiish. The transaction was completed in autumn 2008. After the release of Communicator Acer similar devices under the brand name E-Ten Glofiish or not.

Submitted fastest SSD-drive in the world.

The company released the Fusion-io solid (SSD) drive ioDrive Duo, which is the fastest in the world. It is installed in slot PCI Express x8 or PCI Express 2.0 x4. This was reported in the press release, Fusion-io.
Maximum speed of reading data from the drive is a half gigabytes per second. The speed of recording data on the drive - 1.4 gigabytes per second.
The first ultrafast solid-state drives Fusion-io ioDrive Duo will be on sale in April this year. Their capacity will be 160, 320 and 640 gigabytes. In the second half will ioDrive Duo up to 1.28 terabytes.
Representatives of Fusion-io emphasize that ioDrive Duo still the most reliable SSD-drive. In particular, it realized multibitovaya system of detecting and correcting errors, as well as proprietary technology Fusion-io, prevent errors.

Mitsubishi has developed a contactless touchscreen.

Company Mitsubishi has developed a touch screen, which does not necessarily touch. Through a system of sensors, he sees the hand movement over the surface. That was reported by Engadget.
Diagonal test sample of the screen is 5.7 inches. Special sensors record the motion of fingers at a distance of up to two centimeters above the surface of the screen.
It should be noted that the touchscreen submitted Mitsubishi, and responds to routine touches. Switching between modes takes place automatically.
In Mitsubishi emphasize that their new development based on technologies already in use. It is expected that this will make the designs of the screen affordable.
Contactless touchscreen Mitsubishi, in the opinion of its creators, is designed primarily for mobile devices with small displays. Date of occurrence of such devices are not reported.

Nintendo has stores in 100 million DS.

Nintendo company has stores in 100 million portable game systems DS. In an official press release says that up to this point managed to get on 6 March this year. The exact number of consoles has not yet been named. Previously, it was reported that by 31 December last year, Nintendo sold 96.22 million DS.
Nintendo representatives noted that the DS is now at seven games, which were able to overcome the level of 10 million copies shipped. Journalists GameSpot found that the number of hit Nintendogs, New Super Mario Bros., Brain Training, More Brain Training, Pokemon Diamond / Pearl, Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Total for this console released 83 games, the shipment of which has exceeded a million copies.
The first model of Nintendo DS console has been on sale in 2004. An updated version of the game system, known as the DS Lite, appeared in stores in 2006. This model is thinner and lighter predecessor.
On 1 November last year in Japan can buy the version DSi. This console has two camera, slot for memory cards format SD, as well as large screens. In North America and Europe, sales of DSi will begin in early April.

Scientists have learned how to charge the batteries for a few seconds.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has succeeded in developing a material that allows charged lithium-ion batteries for 10-20 seconds, said in an official press release, MIT. An article about the opening of published in the journal Nature.
Lithium-ion power supplies are widely used in portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops. These batteries have high capacity, but their charge takes several hours.
Previously, scientists believed that the charge responsible for the long slow lithium ions. Computer calculations have shown that they, by contrast, must move very quickly. Soon it was discovered that lithium ions can actually move quickly, but it is necessary that the ion with the surface was in a "tunnel" of material.
Scientists, figuratively speaking, was able to create a "ring road" for the lithium ions that allow them to move along the surface until they do not fall into the "tunnel."
Material itself was opened five years ago, and now researchers have only changed the method of its manufacture. Is expected that the sale of new batteries come in two to three years.

IPhone prototype was removed from internet auction.

Lot of prototype smartphone Apple iPhone has been removed from online auction eBay, tells CrunchGear. This administration has asked the auction company is Apple.
In addition, at the request of Apple with videohostinga YouTube video has been removed, which demonstrated a prototype iPhone.
Note that a year ago, also at the request of Apple, eBay has been removed from the same lot. The reason, which require Apple to remove the lot, are not reported.
Lot with the prototype iPhone has appeared on eBay a couple of days ago. The tender should have been completed on 11 March. Tenth of March at eleven o'clock in the morning Moscow time, the maximum amount proposed for the prototype iPhone, at 940 dollars.
Smartphone Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007. It has a large touch screen, no stylus, and is optimized to control the fingers. In June 2008, was introduced iPhone 3G. He works in the networks of third generation cellular communication module and is equipped with GPS.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apple iPod taught to talk.

Apple Inc. on March 11 formally introduced the new version of the player iPod shuffle, which functions through VoiceOver can pronounce the names of songs, playlists, and artist names. This is the first player in the world with such a function.
VoiceOver supports 14 languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In Russian player is unable to speak. It should be noted that VoiceOver is already built into Mac OS X, which allows voice menus and other interface elements.
A new, third version of iPod shuffle is equipped with four gigabytes of memory, which allows it to pump in about a thousand songs. IPod shuffle battery provides desyatichasovuyu work without recharging.
As the player size is much less standard batteries AA, its weight is about 11 grams. Building the device is made of aluminum. As with previous iPod shuffle, the new model has no screen.
Cost of iPod shuffle in the U.S. will be 79 dollars. Russian price is unknown.

Steve Dzhobsa correspondence to the Board of Directors re-Disney.

SyuzhetyBolezn Steve Dzhobsa26.02.2009Aktsionery Apple correspondence re Dzhobsa to the board of Apple, Steve direktorovGlava Dzhobs was re-elected in the Board of Directors of Disney at the next meeting of shareholders of the company, writes ZDNet. This is Dzhobs at a meeting of shareholders was not.
That will re Dzhobs to the board of directors, despite the state of health. it became known on 19 January. During a meeting of shareholders Correspondent MarketWatch said Dzhobs allegedly came to the meeting. Later this information was denied.
From 14 January Dzhobs is in the six-month leave of absence due to illness. It is the largest co-owner of Disney, he has a 7.4 percent stake. Steve Dzhobs is on the Board of Directors since the spring of 2006, when he sold his studio Disney Pixar. The company, he plays the role of advisor on technical issues director Bob Disney Igera.
Apple Shareholders February 25, also correspondence re Steve Dzhobsa to the board of directors of the corporation.

The proportion of Nokia smartphones in the market fell by 10 percent.

In the fourth quarter of 2008 the share of Nokia smartphones in the market was 40.8 percent, reports Dow Jones NewsPlus, with reference to the analytical report of Gartner. In late 2007, Nokia controlled 50.9 per cent of the market of smartphones.
Quarterly sales of smartphones Nokia also declined. Over the last three months of 2008 were sold 15.6 million of such devices, a 17 percent lower than a year ago.
The proportion of the company RIM, which produces Smartphones Blackberry, in the last quarter of 2008 increased to 19.5 percent from 10.9 percent a year ago. Quarterly sales rose by 85 per cent to 7.4 million smartphones.
Apple for the fourth quarter of 2008, won 10.7 per cent of smartphone market, sold 4.1 million of such devices. A year ago, Apple held 5.2 per cent of the market.
In the last quarter of 2008, the company HTC and Samsung sold about 1.6 million smartphones each. However, the market share of HTC was higher - 4.3 percent versus 4.2 percent at Samsung. A year ago, these companies controlled the 3,7 and 1,8 per cent of smartphone market, respectively.
Overall in the fourth quarter of 2008 were sold 38.1 million smartphones. This is 3.7 percent higher than a year ago.

Nokia announced its first phone with an embedded radio antenna.

The company Nokia has announced three new mobile phone. This Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia 5330 XpressMusic and Nokia 5030. They appear on the shelves before the end of this year. This was reported in the press release Nokia.
Nokia 5030 was among the cheapest of the new products - the price will not exceed 40 euros. In addition, he became the first Nokia phone with an embedded radio antenna. This means that to listen to the radio with Nokia 5030 does not have to connect your headphones or speakers. Usually the wire headphones or speakers connected to the phone, plays the role of the antenna, which catches the signal.
The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is made in the form of slider to be nominated by the qwerty-keyboard side. Thus, under the cell phone screen is a standard alphanumeric keyboard. The phone supports gaming service N-Gage and other applications. Its cost of 280 euros.
Music Phone Nokia 5330 XpressMusic is made in the form of the classical slider. On his body there is a 3.5-mm jack for connecting headphones, batteries and mobile enough to listen to music within 26 hours. Buy 5330 XpressMusic will be starting in the third quarter of 2009 for 160 euros.
Also in the press release Nokia said that to date the company has sold more than 425 million devices with integrated music player. In doing so, cell phones and smartphones with FM-tuner, sold over 700 million.

Samsung announced the budget mobile phone with touch screen.

The company Samsung has announced two mobile phone with touch screen related to srednetsenovomu segment. The first market, where they will be mobile, will be Europe. This was reported in the press release of Samsung.
New items are called S5600 and S5230. Both of them supports TouchWiz, allowing the phone to various miniprilozheniya or shortcuts for quick access to services.
S5600 works in the networks of third generation mobile communication. Diagonal screen of the phone is 2.8 inches. Dimensions of the cell phone equal to 102,8 x54, 8x12, 9 mm.
S5230 does not support network 3G. Diagonal screen of the phone is three inches. The size of Samsung S5230 constitute 104x53x11, 9 mm.
Both the cell phone supports wireless Bluetooth 2.1. The amount of internal memory is 50 megabytes. It can be expanded through a memory card microSDHC of up to eight gigabytes.
Samsung S5230 can be purchased starting from April this year. S5600 will be on sale a month later. The cost of phones are not reported.