Friday, February 27, 2009

In Japan, began distributing free iPhone.

Japanese mobile operator Softbank Mobile has begun the distribution of free vosmigigabaytnyh iPhone in exchange for signing a two-year contract for the service provider. That was reported by Fortune.
The cost model with 16 gigabytes of memory was reduced from 350 to 118 dollars. In addition, from 62 to 45.6 dollar dropped the monthly fee for data transfer. The average monthly bill in this case iPhone users will be about 150 dollars.
Softbank Mobile has the exclusive right to sell the iPhone in Japan. Sales of the phone are not as well as in other markets due to the fact that the iPhone not adapted to the demands of Japanese users. In particular, it does not support the electronic wallet, does not have removable panels, equipped with the weak by the standards of the camera market and is inconvenient for the recruitment of Japanese SMS.

Acer has developed a computer-based Nvidia Ion.

KommentariiPohozhe is voyna26.02.2009Intel criticized Nvidia platform IonKompaniya Acer has developed a compact PC-based platform for Nvidia Ion, said Slashgear. He called the Hornet.
Hornet will work with single or dual-core processor Intel Atom. Of the other technical characteristics Hornet know that with your PC come with a motion sensor controller movements. It enables you to control the device using gestures.
Date premieres Acer Hornet will not be disclosed. But we know that the first computers based on the Nvidia Ion will be the summer of 2009, and their price will be $ 299.
Platform Nvidia Ion was introduced in December 2008. Its main feature - the embedded video GeForce 9400M, which is several times the performance of embedded graphics Intel. Computer-based Ion permit to work with HD-video with a resolution of 1080r.
Company Intel platform criticized Nvidia Ion. She believes that the Ion is just the new name for existing products Nvidia. According to Intel, power consumption of the platform will be relatively high, despite the fact that it is designed to work with the energy efficient processor Intel Atom.

Asus will produce ultra netbuk.

Asus Company is developing a family of ultra netbuk Eee PC, DigiTimes reports citing data from the Chinese publication Commercial Times.
The new Asus Eee PC is equipped with 10-inch screen and is called the Shell. It will cost from 486 to 571 dollars. It is anticipated that netbuk will be in April.
About the technical characteristics of Eee PC Shell is aware that they exceed the relevant parameters netbuka Eee PC S101. The latter is one of the most expensive netbukov Asus. Volume SSD-S101 drive is from 16 to 64 gigabytes.
Also reported that in April its intention to provide ultra netbuk company Acer. Because of its technical characteristics are known only diagonal screen - 10 inches.
Currently, ultra notebooks produce several companies. The most famous is the so Laptop Apple MacBook Air. However, ultra notebooks do not belong to a segment of netbukov and are considerably more expensive than 571 dollars.

Issued a useless application for guglofonov.

Developer Mike DG has created the application I am richer platform for Android, says TG Daily. The program, which costs $ 200, is the most expensive application guglofonov. However, it only shows the blue crystal in a sign that it had bought, and will not do anything.
I am richer Cost could be higher than 200 dollars, but it is this amount is the maximum that can be requested for the program in a store Android Market.
I am richer is a clear imitation of the program I am rich for the Apple iPhone, which developers have asked almost a thousand dollars. This program consisted of only one picture in which a picture of Ruby.
Creators I am rich earned nearly six thousand dollars before their program was banned Administration Apple App Store. I am richer is unlikely to share its fate, as Google does not moderated applications to set up his platform.

Dell Quarterly Profit fell by half.

In the fourth quarter of 2008 profits of the company Dell was 351 million dollars. A year ago the figure was 48 percent higher and amounted to 679 million dollars. That was reported by Cnet News, with reference to the financial report of Dell.
Dell's revenues in the last quarter of 2008 is 13.4 billion dollars. This was 16 percent lower than a year ago. Then Dell revenue was 16 billion U.S. dollars.
Annual revenue Dell has not changed. In 2007, it amounted to 61.13 billion dollars in 2008 - 61,10 billion.
Dell representatives have emphasized that during the economic crisis, the company intends to take steps to optimize their costs. It was expected that in the end by 2011, Dell will be able to reduce annual costs by four billion dollars.

Beeline will increase rates for corporate clients.

KommentariiSotovaya devalvatsiya11.02.2009Rossiyskie operators have begun to raise prices on 1 March roumingS company VimpelCom, operating under the brand name Beeline, will introduce an allowance of 1.2 per cent of all corporate tariff plans. That was reported by RIA Novosti.
In "Vympelcom" pay attention to the fact that the allowance will not be introduced for operators of non-residents, as well as government agencies or users of State Contract. According to the Vympelcom, the increase in tariffs associated with the retention of a universal service fund, the Government of Russia in 2005. Allocations represent just 1.2 percent.
Previously, it was reported that "VimpelCom" 27 February enhance a range of tariffs for private subscribers. In addition, the company introduced additional fees for roaming. Similarly, received, and other major Russian mobile operators: roaming rose in price and in MegaFon, and MTS. However, in the ITT increase was recorded only in unpopular directions to popular as prices, in contrast, declined.
Raising tariffs on roaming associated with the devaluation of the ruble. The point is that the operators agree on roaming with foreign partners in the currency, which makes the cost of services is pegged to the dollar and the euro rather than the ruble. Nevertheless, the Russians pay for roaming in the national currency.
"VimpelCom - the second largest cellular operator in Russia. Subscribers are more than 61 million people in Russia and CIS.

David Perry to declassify a new model of PSP.

The creator of Earthworm Jim game, and founder of Shiny Entertainment, David Perry (David Perry) said that Sony is working on a new version of the portable console PSP. About this he said one of the developers involved in the creation of this game system, Edge says, referring to Kotaku. According to Perry, the so-called PSP2 will go on sale in autumn of this year.
The new portable console will be slots for disk format UMD. Games enables you to record directly to a memory card. Downloads will be available through a network service company Sony. Disclaimers UMD slot will increase the duration of the console. In addition, Sony will have the opportunity to provide content to users without intermediaries. Perry also noted that all went to the game discs will be available as digital copies.
Sony representatives have not commented on these rumors. Recently appeared information that the Japanese unit of the company began to search for testers for a new gaming device, relating to trade marks PlayStation or PSP. In doing so, Sony representatives did not elaborate on what exactly they work.
Recall that at this time yields PSP DS portable consoles on the market. By mid-February this year, Sony sold around the world 50 million game systems. Nintendo Company by the end of 2008 had sold 96.22 million DS. Added that the first model PSP has been on sale in the territory of Japan in late 2004.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Samsung will produce OLED-TV before the end of the year.

Samsung plans to begin production in 2009 OLED-TVs, according to a company blog. Currently, Samsung produces only small OLED-screens for mobile devices.
By the end of this year, Samsung intends to release of not only televisions with OLED-screens. The company also plans to begin installing such displays in monitors and laptops. In 2010, according to Samsung, will begin production of flexible displays.
Currently, Samsung is able to produce two million OLED-screens each year. Until the end of the year the company expects to double that figure. According to Samsung, in 2010, production capacity should help to produce eight million OLED-displays annually.
The first OLED-TVs Samsung announced in 2007. Then, it was reported that the South Korean company plans to produce OLED-TVs with a diagonal screen of 14 to 42 inches. In October 2008, was submitted to OLED-TV Samsung 40-inch screen.
Currently, the only serial OLED-TV is the Sony XEL-1. In Japan it is sold with the end of 2007. In the U.S., this TV has started in early 2008, the 2009 Sony XEL-1 started to sell in Europe.
Unlike LCD panels, OLED-TV more subtle and consume little energy. However, their production is very expensive.

Rostelecom has requested permission to purchase "Skylink".

Public Company Rostelecom, member of the holding "Svyazinvest", filed in the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), a motion to purchase 100 percent of the shares "Skylink", serving approximately 900 thousand subscribers. About Interfax reports with reference to the data of FAS. The amount of potential transactions, as well as its conditions were not disclosed.
In the FAS is not yet able to say whether it would be approved by his "Rostelecom", as the agency needed additional information.
Earlier in "Rostelecom, the largest operator of fixed communications in the country, reported that they are ready to fight for the 30 telecom operators in Russia, as well as for" Ukrtelecom "if it may be for sale.
In 2007, Rostelecom and the "Skylink" signed a cooperation agreement, under which companies provide the interaction networks in the transmission of traffic between regions, to provide voice and IP-connections and other services.
"Skylink" calls himself the leader of Russian market of 3G and offers the possibility of high-speed mobile Internet access, and services. "Skylink" is present in 32 regions of Russia in more than five thousand settlements.

President of Nokia has confirmed interest in the company to the market of notebooks.

Nokia is considering entering the market of notebooks, reports Reuters referring to the statement by the President of Nokia Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo).
For the first time rumors of Nokia plans to release a laptop there at the end of 2008. Prior to this statement by the President of Nokia, they are not confirmed.
Company CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood (Ben Wood) finds that Nokia will face certain difficulties in entering the market for notebook PCs. However, large manufacturing capacity, established distribution channels and customers to the brand will help Nokia company to develop a new market.
President of Nokia said that currently the line between cell phones and laptops blurred. In particular, many laptops is built module 3G, but the functionality of smartphones increases.
Note that many manufacturers of cellular phones produced laptops, for example, Samsung and LG, taken in 2008, the second and third largest number of sold cell phones. Moreover, as communicators, and laptops produced by such companies as Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo.

Apple re Board of Directors.

SyuzhetyBolezn Steve Dzhobsa24.02.2009Glava Apple will not come to a meeting held on 25 February aktsionerovApple meeting of shareholders, which were re-director of the company, writes The Wall Street Journal. This was the largest meeting of shareholders for the past three years, says Bloomberg.
The head of Apple, Steve Dzhobs taking a six-month sick leave, was not present at the meeting. Top managers told shareholders that Dzhobs was still hoped to return to his post in June.
Re-enabled the eight directors to serve for another year. The Board of Directors consists of Steve Dzhobsa, former U.S. Vice President Albert Gore, director of Google Eric Schmidt, the heads of Avon by Andrea Jung, the director of Arthur Levinson Genentech, Bill Campbell, head of corporate Intuit, and Jerome York, the president Harwington Capital and Head J. Crew Millard Drekslera.
On the agenda for shareholders' meeting, it was four points, writes CrunchGear. Apple offered to report on waste-related policies, reform health care, to report on corporate strategy related to the impact on the environment and give shareholders the right to vote on the recommendation of salaries of directors. All four proposals were rejected.
Steve Dzhobs took leave for health reasons in January 2009, stating that he found hormonal imbalance. His temporary departure raised concerns of investors. Another big fear has caused Dzhobsa decision not to come to a meeting of shareholders.

Intel will release two new processors for ultrathin laptops.

The company is developing two new Intel processors for ultrathin laptops, DigiTimes reports with reference to data obtained from computer manufacturers. Expected that the chips will be presented in March this year.
These processors are Core 2 Duo SU9600 and Core 2 Solo SU3500. They operate at frequencies 1.6 and 1.4 GHz respectively. Their wholesale price is equal to 289 and 262 dollars for a chip for the purchase of thousands of processors.
It also became aware of the Intel plans to release three versions of the platform CULV, for ultrathin laptops. The platform will be equipped with an entry-level processor Celeron. A more powerful version of the platform is designed to work with a Core 2 Solo. Processor the most expensive version of the platform will CULV Core 2 Duo.
The most famous is the ultrathin laptop Apple MacBook Air. But such is in the range of Laptops and other companies. For example, in January of this year, Dell introduced ultra notebooks and MSI.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The new version of the Nvidia Ion appear at the end of the year.

The company is developing a second generation of Nvidia Platform Ion, Fudzilla reports with reference to the statement by representatives of Nvidia. This platform will be presented in the fourth quarter of 2009.
Nvidia Ion 2 platform will support multiple processors. Among them are Intel chips families Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Core 2. Also, computers based on the Ion 2 processors will be able to work with Via Nano.
Platform Ion Nvidia was presented at the end of 2008. It is particularly designed for ultradeshevyh mobile and desktop computers. The first PCs based on the Ion will be this summer. They will cost from $ 299.
The main feature of the platform Nvidia Ion - integrated video GeForce 9400M, which is several times the performance of embedded graphics Intel. Computer-based Ion permit to work with HD-video with a resolution of 1080r.
Company Intel platform criticized Nvidia Ion. She believes that the Ion is just the new name for existing products Nvidia. According to Intel, power consumption of the platform will be relatively high, despite the fact that it is designed to work with the energy efficient processor Intel Atom.

A computer the size of a network adapter.

The company Marvell announced the so-called "rozetochny computer SheevaPlug the size of a network adapter. His price was 49 dollars at an average cost of similar devices in the $ 200. Version developers will cost 99 dollars.
The device is equipped with a Marvell Sheeva CPU with 256 KB cache memory of the second level, running at a frequency of 1.2 gigahertz, 512 megabytes of DDR2 memory and 512 megabytes of flash memory. He has a USB 2.0 connector and Mini USB, and slot Gigabit Ethernet.
SheevaPlug supports various OS distributions on the kernel Linux, which gives users the choice of tens of thousands of applications for this platform. By default, SheevaPlug a distro based on Debian Linux.
Device power consumption which is only five watts, it is proposed to use as a home file or web server and print server. USB-port can, in particular, to connect to SheevaPlug large external drive.

Psion right to challenge Intel on the word "netbook".

Intel Company required by the court to cancel a trademark owned by Psion netbook, reports Electronista. Previously, Dell made a similar request to the Office for Patent and Trademark USA (US Patent and Trademark Office).
Intel representatives have stressed that the term netbook (netbuk) is nominal and indicates ultradeshevy laptop designed primarily for the Internet. In addition, in 2003, ceased production Psion netBook handheld computer and has no plans to return it to the market.
Recall that two handheld computer netBook and netBook Pro Psion were issued in 2000. Their names are registered trademarks. In December 2008, Psion netbook required to remove the word from the site.
Companies, on sites where the word occurs netbook, it was proposed to remove him from there until the end of March 2009. Its continued use would be regarded as Psion harm right.
Search engine Google in early 2009 found the word netbook registered trademarks of Psion. In this regard, he asked the advertisers not to use it in ads.

The Koreans fired 315 g notebook.

South Korean company has released a notebook UMID mbook, reports The Register. He is positioned as a manufacturer of small and light laptop in the world.
Dimensions mbook constitute 158x94, 1x18, 6 mm. Weight machine - 315 grams. Diagonal screen mbook - 4,8 inches. Laptop battery, enough for six hours of autonomous work.
At the core lies mbook processor Intel Atom. Depending on the configuration computer, its frequency is equal to 1.1 or 1.3 gigahertz. The capacity of flash memory laptop is from eight to 32 gigabytes, the amount of memory - a gigabyte.
The manufacturer stresses that mbook module is equipped with 3G, Bluetooth, and WiBro (analog network WiMax, used in South Korea). Also, a laptop enables you to watch mobile TV, but only in standard DMB, used in South Korea.
Cost mbook with 1,3-gigagertsevym processor in South Korea is 534 dollars. Will the laptop sold in other countries, are not reported.

Nokia will offer one thousand employees to resign on his own will.

Nokia Corp. announced a voluntary retirement program, which will take effect from 1 March 2009 and closes May 31 or, or thousandth of a dismissal of their own volition. This was reported in the press release of the Nokia.
The program, which aims to reduce costs in a time of crisis, does not affect employees in the production and management company. Terms of the program will depend on local conditions and legislation.
The company also during 2009, will try to as little as possible to provide paid leave.
In Nokia at the end of 2007 employed 122 thousand people. Last year the company intends to save more than 700 million euro, transmits AFP. In early 2009, Nokia intended to reduce the 400 people employed in research and design unit in Finland.

Olympus introduced the most compact zerkalku with integrated stabilizer.

The company announced the Olympus digital SLR camera, entry-level E-620. It is positioned as the most compact tsifrozerkalka with integrated image stabilizer. This was reported in the press release Olympus.
The size of Olympus E-620 make up 130x94x60 mm, weight - 475 grams. Resolution matrix camera - 12.3 megapixels. These photos can be viewed on turning the LCD screen with a diagonal of 2.7 inches. Also, it can be used to the sight frame.
Olympus E-620 supports the autofocus on the seven zones. Maximum photosensitivity camera - 3200 ISO. For processing images made available in six predefined filter: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light, Light Tone, Grainy Film and Pin Hole.
On the shelves Olympus E-620 will be in May of this year. The cost of the camera will be 700 dollars. Set the lens Zuiko 14-42mm will cost a hundred dollars more expensive.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Nvidia will release 40-nanometer graphics chip.

The Company intends to Nvidia in April this year, GPU GT218, made on 40-nanometer technology, reports Fudzilla. He will relate to budget decisions.
It is also known that by the end of this year, Nvidia will introduce a few more graphics processors, created on 40-nanometer production methods. Their characteristics are not reported, it is known only that such chips will support DirectX 11.
Recall that in the 55-nanometer technology, the release Nvidia graphics chips moved in 2008. It was assumed that 55-nanometer production methods will enable Nvidia to reduce costs by an average of 20 percent.
The main competitor Nvidia in the graphics processor market, the company AMD, producing graphics brand ATI, also intends to provide 40-nanometer production by the end of this year. Video Cards ATI c 40-nanometer graphics chips will support DirectX 11.

Most users found the mobile Internet harmful to children.

Seventy-two percent of the organization YouGov polled 1,900 Britons believed that the mobile internet is harmful to children, as the latter are looking for is not intended for their eyes content, writes TechRadar.
Hazardous sites, services and materials are nemoderiruemye chats, violent games and pornography. In order to prevent access to children, it is proposed to use the cell phone special PIN codes, or send SMS to parents if the child comes to a potentially dangerous site.
Some experts argue that the responsibility for children's access to potentially harmful materials should be held providers. In doing so, over a third of children and their parents refused to report their age cellular operator, which could help in the delineation of access to the Internet.
Harmful to the mobile Internet are not considered to be only in the UK. In May 2008 it became known that the Japanese government intends to limit the use of mobile phones in children. They found that the mobile Internet adversely affects the students.

Belarus threatened to mobile operators to state regulation of tariffs.

KommentariiSotovaya devalvatsiya11.02.2009Rossiyskie operators have begun to raise prices for Belarus roumingMinisterstvo economy may enter a state regulation of tariffs for services of mobile operators if they did not rescind its recent decision to significantly increase costs. This statement was made by Minister of Economy Nikolai Zaichenko, the PRIME-TASS.
According to the publication, the Ministry of Economy has already sent letters to two operators, MTS and Velcom, with the requirement to reduce tariffs.
In January, notes Reuters, the company raised prices by an average of 18 percent, citing an increase in its costs in connection with the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. At the same time, the Minister of Communications Nikolai Panteley said that raising the tariff has been agreed with the Ministry of Economy. According Panteleev, "it was agreed that an increase of 0.16 percent due to growth rates in the general level of inflation suppose."
Belarus held a devaluation of the currency at the beginning of this year, weakening the Belarusian ruble against the dollar and the euro by around 20 per cent. Because of this, in January, consumer price inflation in the country amounted to 4.1 per cent, like Reuters. The Government of Belarus has deprived a number of trade licenses of companies to obtain lower prices.
The main operators in the market of cellular communication in Belarus are Velcom, owned by Austria Telecom, controlled by the Turkish Turkcell "Belarusian Telecommunications Network, as well as the ITT, where Belarus prinadlazhit 51 per cent of the shares.

Intel has released an energy-efficient server processors.

Company Intel has released a series of Xeon processors with reduced power consumption, reports Cnet News. They are intended for installation in servers.
Power chip Intel Xeon L3110 at 45 watts, which is a record low for a family of Xeon. The working frequency of the processor - three gigahertz, the amount of cache second level - six megabytes. When buying a batch of thousands of processors, one chip will cost 224 dollars.
Energy Efficiency announced the second Xeon chip was the L3360, which works with the frequency of 2.83 gigahertz. Its power consumption is 65 watts, the amount of cache second level - 12 megabytes. When buying a batch of thousands of such processors, one chip L3360 will cost 369 dollars.
The most expensive and most powerful energy-efficient processors from the Xeon chip was the X3380. Its power consumption is 95 watts, the operating frequency - 3.16 GHz, the amount of cache memory - 12 megabytes. Wholesale price processor - 530 dollars.
In addition, the company reduced the price of the processor Intel Atom Z530. Now when buying thousands of such processors, one chip will cost $ 65 instead of 70. Working frequency of Intel Atom Z530 - 1,6 GHz, the amount of cache memory - 512 kilobytes.

Sales of LCD monitors for the first time fell by the end of the year.

In the fourth quarter of 2008 was sold for 7.4 percent less than LCD monitors, as in the previous quarter. Earlier, fourth-quarter sales will not be lower than sales of the third quarter. This was reported in a study of DisplaySearch.
In the fourth quarter of 2008 the world was sold to 39.6 million LCD monitors. Over the last three months of 2007 in the world have sold 43 million of these displays.
Most of the demand for LCD monitors dropped in the United States. For 2008, sales of displays in the country declined by 24 percent. In the EMEA region, including Europe, Middle East and Africa, the decline was 16 percent. During the same period, sales in China, LCD displays have grown by 26 percent.
Negative dynamics of sales in the fourth quarter of 2008, compared with the third quarter, showed all the leading manufacturers of LCD monitors. For example, Samsung sales fell by four per cent, Dell - 13 per cent, LG - ten per cent.

European antimonopolschiki refused to give the floor to representatives of Intel.

SyuzhetyAntimonopolschiki against Intel04.12.2008AMD accused Intel of delaying razbiratelstvaEvrokomissiya received a response from Intel on charges of violating antitrust laws, but the corporation refused a request for protection during oral hearings, writes The Wall Street Journal.
The answer to the charges Intel would submit before 17 October 2008, but only produced a response on 5 February 2009. For several months she tried to challenge the deadline of submission.
The corporation argued that it needed to prepare additional documents to show in his defense. The court found that these documents were not so necessary. The European Commission also pledged to verify if the documents submitted in February needed for administrative procedures in the anti-monopoly proceedings.
EU officials have accused Intel of monopoly in July 2007. In their view, the corporation has blocked access to the market to its main competitor, the company Advanced Micro Devices.
In July 2008 the European Commission presented new charges Intel with violating antitrust laws. Corporation suspected of bribery of technology vendors, who allegedly urged Intel not to sell computers with processors AMD.
Intel - one of the largest manufacturers of processors in the world. Its market share for PC processors is about 80 per cent.

Kodak LG suspected of violating the patents.

South Korean company LG Kodak suspects in the illegal use of proprietary LG technology in digital photography, reported Reuters.
To conduct an investigation LG asked the Federal Commission on International Trade in the U.S. (ITC). On the illegal use of what technology in question, not reported.
Recall that in November 2008, the company Kodak launched similar accusations against LG. Then, Kodak sued the Samsung and LG, accusing them of illegally using proprietary Kodak technology in digital photography.
Violations were found in digital cameras and mobile phones, South Korean manufacturers. Kodak demanded reparation for harm suffered, as well as a ban on the sale of Samsung products in the U.S. and LG, which illegally used technology Kodak.
A week ago, the company accused Samsung Kodak of illegally using its technology in the production of digital cameras. South Korean manufacturer has asked the Federal Commission on International Trade in the U.S. to ban the import of digital cameras Kodak.

Steve Dzhobs skip shareholder meeting Apple.

SyuzhetyBolezn Steve Dzhobsa26.01.2009CBS and NBC are preparing Obituaries AppleGlava head of Apple, Steve Dzhobs the first time since 1997 will not come at the annual meeting of shareholders, appointed this year to 25 February, writes Bloomberg. Previously, such meetings are held in spring. This meeting will take place on the day following 54 days of birth Dzhobsa.
Shares Apple after reports that Dzhobs will not be at the meeting of shareholders, fell to 4.7 per cent to 86.95 dollars per share. Total for the year the paper company at 27 per cent cheaper.
Steve Dzhobs in early January, he took a six-month sick leave and for the first time abandoned the traditional speech at Macworld. Is still unknown, he is sick. Sam Dzhobs explain his ailment, which he lost heavily, hormonal imbalance.
In mid-January, it became known that, in spite of illness, Steve Dzhobs intends in March to the Board of Directors re-Disney, where he was from spring 2006. This is when Disney acquired Pixar, based Dzhobsom.

ARM has released its smallest processor.

The British company ARM, the largest developer of processors for mobile devices, announced the chip Cortex-M0. It is the smallest and energy efficient processor company.
Cortex-M0 consumes only 85 microwatt per megahertz of clock frequency and binary compatible with older processors, the architecture of Cortex-M3. His optimum operating frequency is 50 megahertz.
The new processor can be used in medicine, electronic measurements, the illumination devices, gaming accessories, compact power supplies and other devices.
A few days ago announced the ARM chip architecture Cortex A9 with the code name Sparrow. This cheap multicore processors, which the company hopes to enter the market netbukov.

The Germans were taught to understand the gestures of a three-dimensional screen.

Development of German scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, which is called iPoint 3D, enables you to control the three-dimensional screens using gestures, reports The Register.
For fixation movements iPoint 3D uses two cameras. No additional accessories, such as special gloves to work with this device is not required. According to their dimensions, iPoint 3D is comparable to the normal keyboard.
iPoint 3D can be used such as for games, as well as for presentations. Start of sales of the device and its price is not reported. Official iPoint 3D premiere held at the exhibition CeBIT 2009 in early March.
In January of this year, the company presented a Toshiba and Hitachi TVs, which are managed with the help of gestures. So far, only a few TVs understood gestures. In particular, lifting his hands up is the inclusion of on and off the TV. To change channels enough to run your hand from side to side.

Sony testers start searching for a new gaming device.

The Japanese unit of Sony began to search for testers for a new gaming system, GameSpot writes, with reference to the official website of the company. According to journalists, the device may be related to the Trademark PlayStation or PSP.
The network already rumors that Sony is working on a new portable console. There's also a chance that the said game system - just an updated version of PSP, or another peripheral device for the PlayStation 3. It should be noted that representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment has not made any comments on this matter.
Recall that in 2008 the market was already the third model of the portable console, Sony, called PSP-3000. At the moment, this game system has the second largest market, after DS from Nintendo. Score by mid-February of this year around the world have been sold 50 million PSP. Earlier, rumors have emerged that Sony is working on a new portable console. However, this information has proved unreliable.
The other day as it became known that the sale of PlayStation 3 in the world reached a point in the ‭ ‬ 21,3 ‭ million prefixes. Despite that, PS3 is still a place in the last race of the current generation consoles, giving way to Xbox 360 and Wii.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Japanese decided to create teleoboi.

Japan's Toshiba Corporation engineers develop television Wallpaper - paper that can be fully translated into the screen, says The Daily Telegraph.
The ability to emit light through the paper gave the organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). New technology will not only display images on the walls, and wallpaper to use as a light source. In addition, the energy barriers for organic LEDs is much lower than that of LCD or plasma displays.
Until now, OLED-screens produced only a slight diagonal. Toshiba was able to find a way to create a "grid" of the molecules of silicon dioxide to provide a more efficient svetoispuskanie, thus greatly reducing power consumption.
Development began in television wallpaper 2008. Nevertheless, the technology is still under study, and its commercial applications will begin only after a few years.

In the Network has a video with the new Mac Mini.

User monthy published on 20 February on the forum site MacRumors video showing how he argues, a new model of Mac Mini. Earlier that same user has published a photo of the back of your computer, which many considered forgery.
Video entitled "Mac Mini 2009 Edition". Thus, it is anticipated that the new Mac Mini will be released in 2009. The last major update "of the smallest computer in the world" took place in 2007.
In the video did not indicate the future configuration of Mac Mini, but with the publication of photographs indicated that the supply dvuhgigagertsevym Processor Core 2 Duo, 1066-megagertsevoy system bus, two gigabytes of memory DDR3, as well as videorazemami Mini DisplayPort and mini DVI. Judging by the roller and photos, he will have five USB-ports instead of four, a FireWire 400 port in the new model will be replaced by FireWire 800.
Previously, it was reported that the new Mac Mini will use video Nvidia GeForce 9400M, which is already used in the new MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Motorola has developed a touch-sensitive mobile phone.

The company Motorola has developed a mobile phone with large touch screen. Photos of the mobile phone were published Engadget.
Specifications phone are not reported. Of the published images only, it is clear that he pyatimegapikselnoy is equipped with a Kodak camera and xenon flash. Also the phone has a TV output.
For the first time about plans to release Motorola cell phone with large touch screen that replaces physical buttons, became known in August 2008. Then, it was reported that the phone will be named Atila, a diagonal of the screen will be 2.8 inches.
At the end of June 2008 it was reported on the development of the phone Motorola Alexander. It will be equipped with GPS-navigation module, a large touch screen and vosmimegapikselnoy camera.

The British turned the mobile phone in the doctor-diagnostician.

Applied Nanodetectors British company has developed a chip that turns a mobile phone in the doctor-diagnostician, reports Nikkei. The diagnosis is after the analysis of exhaled air user.
In Applied Nanodetectors chip embedded sensors, which determine the composition of human exhaled air. In particular, they determine the level of carbon dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen oxide. Also, using this chip, you can find out whether people used alcohol.
Applied Nanodetectors presented a prototype of the chip at the Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference. He was one of the phone company Nokia.
Currently, Applied Nanodetectors no clear plans to bring the chip to market. However, the company is negotiating with Nokia and the operators of some of the Japanese introduction of its development in their mobile phone.

Americans' otvyazali "three-dimensional display of points.

3DFusion American company has developed a display for viewing three-dimensional image that does not require special glasses, reports Electronista.
Three-dimensional display 3DFusion called 3DFMax. It will be presented at the Digital Signage Exposition 2009, which opens Feb. 24 in Las Vegas.
3DFMax built on the basis of Phillips WOWvx 3D and 2D Plus Depth. Other technical characteristics of the screen are not reported.
It is also known that 3DFMax is not intended for home users. He will act as a billboard and be used both inside and outside buildings. Start of sales of the screen and their prices are not reported.
Recall that in the past year, Philips has released a prototype of three-dimensional TV, which can be viewed without special glasses. Diagonal of the screen - 56 inch, Resolution - 3840h2160 pixels.
In addition, in August 2008 was submitted to a three-dimensional view of Seiko Epson for mobile devices. It allows you to view volumetric images without special glasses.
Typically, three-dimensional screens form separate images for each eye. Special glasses combine them and make the image volume. 3D-TV, working on such technology, began selling in Japan in mid-2008.

AMD has developed shestiyaderny processor.

The company demonstrated a working shestiyaderny AMD processor, said The Tech Report. The code name of the chip that is included in the family of Opteron, - Istanbul.
Istanbul was created in compliance with 45-nanometer production methods. It supports memory DDR2. The amount of cache at the third level of the chip is equal to six megabytes.
Shestiyaderny processor AMD Opteron Istanbul is designed for installation in servers. During the presentation, AMD introduced three systems based on this chip. Two of them can support up to four processors. The third was designed to work with two chips.
Serial production of Istanbul due to commence before the end of 2009. In 2010, AMD plans to release shestiyaderny processor AMD Sao Paulo with support for DDR3 memory and a 12-nuclear chip, Magny-Cours.
Company Intel, the main competitor AMD processors on the market, has released shestiyaderny server processor in September 2008. It is part of a line of Xeon, and operates at a frequency of 2.6 gigahertz. The amount of cache at the third level of the chip is 16 megabytes.

The platform will support Nvidia Ion processors VIA.

Platform Ion, introduced by Nvidia in late 2008, will support processors VIA, DigiTimes reports citing the statement by the director Nvidia Jensen Huang (Jen-Hsun Huang)
Currently, the platform Ion, support the VIA, is under construction. Negotiations on cooperation between Nvidia and VIA have begun a year ago.
Platform Nvidia Ion ultradeshevyh designed for mobile and desktop computers. Originally it was designed to work with the processor Intel Atom. The first computers based on the Ion appear this summer. They will cost from $ 299.
The main feature of the platform is an integrated Nvidia Ion video GeForce 9400M. It is installed in the latest generation of Apple notebooks and several times the graphics performance embedded Intel.
Computer-based platforms will enable Nvidia Ion work with high-definition video with a resolution of 1080r, including movies from the disc Blu-ray. Also, they can be run games that require DirectX 10 support.
The company produces several models of VIA processors ultrabyudzhetnyh for desktop and mobile computers. Currently netbuki based on VIA produce, in particular, Commodore, and HP. In addition, processors VIA plans to make the basis of their desktop computers ultrabyudzhetnyh company Acer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New technology enables you to record hundreds of DVD to disc the size of a coin.

Scientists have created a new technology that will allow to obtain ordered nanostructures with the size of cells is about 3 nanometers. This technology potentially allows to achieve the density of information recording media for about 1.7 terabits per square centimeter. The work of researchers published in the journal Science, and a brief description is available on the site, University of Berkeley.
Ð' качестве основного материала, с которÑ&lsqauo;м работали ученÑ&lsqauo;е, вÑ&lsqauo;ступал так назÑ&lsqauo;ваемÑ&lsqauo;й блок-сополимер PS-b-PEO. Molecules of this compound, if you combine several types of polymer blocks of different chemical nature. In this case, the blocks are polystyrene and polyethylene.
Known that in thin films of PS-b-PEO self-comes nanostructures caused by various chemical properties of its polymers. They formed a matrix of polyethylene, which at the same distance from each other are placed vertical "pins" of polystyrene. If the area is a great film, then the order of placement of pins is broken. This does not allow use of the material, for example, to record his information, because of defective data blocks can not be considered. In the new study, scientists from the University of Berkeley, was able to maintain order in the whole area of the film.
First, specially prepared block copolymer thin film applied to the surface of industrial sapphire received no slices along the lattice planes of the links. Then the crystal was heated to high temperatures - around 1300-1500 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. Scientists are well aware that as a result of such treatment on the surface of the sapphire is formed numerous parallel ridges, the distance between the two being roughly the same.
As a result of this exposure of the PS-b-PEO is provided in the valleys between the ridges. This formation of polystyrene "pins" comes in different valleys, independently of one another. This allowed us to obtain large area films without defects. Besides the increase in the thickness of cover, allowing smooth out the traces of the ridges on the outer surface of the sapphire material.
According to researchers, the new technology will enable the media to create an unprecedented density. As a result, the disc diameter of three centimeters will fit more than 1400 gigabytes of information (for comparison, the capacity of modern single-DVD is 4.7 gigabytes).

Sales of Mac computers fell by six per cent.

In January 2009, Apple sold a six percent less than a Mac, than in the same period last year, InformationWeek writes with reference to the record NPD Group. Revenues, as compared with January 2008 decreased by eleven percent.
At the same time, manufacturers of PC sold in retail for 13 percent more computers than in January 2008. Their revenue has remained at the same level as a year ago, as consumers in 2009 bought cheaper computers.
NPD Group tracks retail sales only in U.S. stores. The report does not take into account the on-line sales, where Apple may be more. The main reasons for reducing the demand for Mac different analysts called the high cost of computers Apple.
According to the corporation itself, in the fourth quarter of 2008, Mac sales in the world rose by nine per cent, avoiding the rate of growth of industry PC, where sales fell slightly.

Asus has taken up the development netbuka platform Android.

Asus Corporation has established a team of developers to create netbuka platform Google Android, which until then used only in mobile phones. Reported Bloomberg referring to the words of the head unit companies producing netbukov Eee PC.
Netbuka prototype should be ready by the end of 2009, but Asus has not yet decided whether the display device on the market.
Using the free Android system in netbuke budget will reduce the price of the device. In addition, thanks to Android undemanding to resources netbuk will be able to use the cheaper and weaker processor, which may not be Intel-compatible.
Currently, most of the market netbukov hold the device using the solutions and platform for Intel. In the near future this market will be ARM, which manufactures processors for cell phones, and Freescale, the processor which can work with Android.
Asus is one of the largest manufacturers of netbukov. Asus netbuk first appeared in 2007. In 2008, the world has sold over 11 million netbukov. It was expected that in 2009 will be sold 22 million devices.

The new LCD screen will increase the time of the laptop one and a half times.

Announced the LCD screen, which will increase the time an autonomous work of notebooks by 50 percent, reports IDG News. It was designed by Pixel Qi, which is based former employee of OLPC, Mary Lou Dzhepsen (Mary Lou Jepsen).
Unlike conventional LCD monitors, to highlight the new screen Pixel Qi using external light sources. The latter can be, for example, the sun or conventional lamps. This saves battery charge by abandoning the use of internal illumination display.
Dzhepsen emphasizes that, such as, for example, color and refresh images, screen, Pixel Qi is not inferior to modern laptop displays. It allows you to extend the offline work laptop, for example, from three to 4.5 hours.
Expected that the new technology for production of screens for notebooks will lead to the emergence of cheaper and light laptops. So, instead shestiyacheechnoy powerful batteries in a laptop equipped with a screen Pixel Qi, you can set more than a weak battery. At the time of autonomous work computer is not affected, but its price and weight decrease.
Within a few months, new screens Pixel Qi will be tested. The first notebook computers, which would establish such displays will be desyatidyuymovye model. They will appear in the middle of this year.
At the end of last year, it was reported that Pixel Qi is working on a screen that will allow the Laptop without charging from 20 to 40 hours. The basis of this display will be new electronic paper developed by Pixel Qi.

Dell Psion right to challenge the word "netbook".

Company Dell has asked the Office for Patent and Trademark USA (US Patent and Trademark Office) to cancel a trademark owned by Psion netbook, reports Cnet News.
Dell representatives stressed that the Psion is not producing any products under the brand netbook in the past six years and has no plans to do so in the future. Dell also said that one of the managers Psion lied when he talked about the sale of devices under the brand netbook in November 2006.
Recall that Psion in 2000, has released two handheld computer netBook and netBook Pro, whose names are registered trademarks. In December 2008, Psion required to remove the word netbook (netbuk) sites.
Companies, on sites where the word occurs netbook, it was proposed to remove him from there until the end of March 2009. Continued use of the word would be regarded as Psion harm to the right.
In early 2009, Google found the word netbook registered trademarks of Psion. At the same time, the search engine has asked advertisers not to use it in ads.
The term "netbuk in practice introduced by Intel. They were taken to signify ultradeshevye notebooks designed primarily for the Internet. One of the brightest representatives netbukov are a family of mobile computers Asus Eee PC.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Named date DSi console in Europe.

Company called Nintendo launch date DSi portable game system outside of Japan, writes Eurogamer. Living in North America will be able to buy a console is already on 5 April this year. In European DSi stores appear slightly earlier - on April 3. In Japan, this game system has been on sale on 1 November last year.
American gamers will be able to buy a DSi for 169.99 dollars. While not reported, what is the recommended price DSi in Europe. According to rumors, the residents of the region will have to pay for a console is about 149 pounds (a little more than $ 210). Officially, this information has not yet been confirmed.
Already aware that the inhabitants of North America will be able to buy a console is a blue or black. The Europeans will be able to choose a black or white DSi. Representatives of the American units Nintendo added that the U.S. will continue selling the previous model of a portable gaming system, which is called the DS Lite.
A new model of the console will be 12 percent thinner than the predecessor. In addition, the diagonal of the DSi screens at 0.25 inches more than the DS Lite. In addition, it can play music files, and also has two integrated cameras. Do DSi has a slot for memory cards format SD, but disappeared slot cartridge Game Boy Advance.
Recall that the DSi is the third version of the console DS. The first model came out in 2004 and in 2006 sales came DS Lite. The second version of the console is thinner and lighter predecessor. Added that the DSi enjoyed good demand in Japan. By the end of last year, residents of this country have bought more than one million portable game systems. Global sales of all models of DS by the time reached the mark at 96.22 million consoles.

Asus refuses to release devyatidyuymovyh netbukov.

The company refuses to release Asus Eee PC netbukov with 8.9-inch screen, DigiTimes reports citing the statement by the President of the Asia-Pacific representative Asus Benson Lin (Benson Lin).
Lin stressed that in 2009 95 per cent netbukov Asus Eee PC will be the machine with 10-inch screens. The remaining five percent ultradeshevyh Laptop will be equipped with semidyuymovymi displays.
Currently, the family of Asus Eee PC is about 20 ultradeshevyh models of laptops. Slightly less than half of them are equipped with 8.9-inch screens. First netbuki Asus Eee PC was released in 2007.
At the end of January, became aware of the intention of the main competitor to the Asus netbukov market, the company Acer, refuse to release 8.9-inch notebook ultrabyudzhetnogo Aspire One in the second quarter of 2009. The company intends to concentrate fully on the production of 10-inch model Aspire One.

At the World Mobile Congress stolen communicator with Windows Phone.

At Mobile World Congress 2009 Communicator was stolen from a mobile operating system, Windows Phone (Windows Mobile 6.5), reports ZDNet. It was a HTC Touch Pro 2 or Touch Diamond 2.
The unit belonged to Microsoft, and was abducted from the Executive Director of Australian operator Telstra Sol Trujillo (Sol Trujillo). It is assumed that the communicator was pulled from his pocket Trujillo.
Mobile operating system is Windows Phone was presented on 16 February at the Mobile World Congress. First communicators on its base there until the end of 2009.
In Windows Phone revised user interface, improved navigation, there is support for Flash, as well as simplified the work on the Internet. The interface of this platform makes it possible to work with the device using your fingers rather than stylus.

Pantech has released dual slider.

Company Pantech and AT & T operator provided smartphone Matrix Pro, made in the form of dual-slider. Halves of his body can move apart both horizontally and vertically. This was reported in the press release AT & T.
Pantech Matrix Pro is equipped with two keyboards. One of them is a normal digital, consisting of 12 buttons, the second - qwerty. Diagonal display device is 2.4 inches.
Smartphone works in 3G networks that are running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Permit Matrix Pro built-in camera is two megapixels. The size of a smartphone - 106h51h21, 5 mm.
The amount of embedded memory is 256 megabytes. In addition, Matrix Pro supports microSD memory card format up to 32 gigabytes.
According to Cnet News, Pantech Matrix Pro will be on sale Feb. 24, 2009. In a two-year contract with the operator AT & T, it will cost 180 dollars.

Nvidia has rejected the accusations of the illegal development of chipsets.

Company Nvidia believes that he has the right to produce chipsets for Intel's new generation, including the memory controller. Previously, Intel filed in court at Nvidia, accusing the latter of the illegal development of such chipsets. This was reported in the press release, Nvidia.
Intel representatives have emphasized that Nvidia does not have the right to develop and produce chipsets for Intel processors with improved communication channels between the components and integrated memory controller. Leaders Nvidia assured that the company received from Intel in 2004, the license allows it to develop and produce chipsets for these processors.
Nvidia representatives also emphasized that at present the role of graphics processor in your computer increases. In doing so, Intel resist this trend, seeking to protect in a way his own business.
Chipset Nvidia graphics cards using graphics processors GeForce 9300 and 9400 whose performance substantially higher than that of the outcome of Intel. As the basis of its new notebook chipsets Nvidia has chosen, for example, the company Apple.
Chipset called the chipset, the core of the motherboard. The main producers of chipsets are Intel, Nvidia, AMD, VIA and SIS.

Canon has released its first waterproof camera.

Canon company introduced its first waterproof digital camera. She called the PowerShot D10 and is equipped with 12.1-megapixel matrix. This was reported in the press release Canon.
According to the manufacturer, PowerShot D10 can take pictures at a depth of up to ten meters. Through hull camera not afraid of falling from a height of 1.2 meters. Also reported that the novelty will be guaranteed to operate at temperatures up to minus ten degrees Celsius.
The size of the camera comprise 104h67h49 mm, weight - 190 grams. In addition to photographs, he can shoot video at a speed of 30 frames per second at resolution of 640x480 pixels. The results obtained can be viewed on the 2.5-inch screen.
Currently, one of the most popular waterproof camera, Olympus cameras are a series of Tough. Until January 2009, this line of cameras called SW. All models in this series are different hull higher strength, they are not afraid of water and drop in a small height.
Together with the Canon D10 company announced nine more cameras family PowerShot. Among them ultrazum SX1 IS with dvadtsatikartnym increase. Was also SX200 IS compact camera with 12 times optical zoom.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nokia and Qualcomm together to make a smartphone for the Americans.

Company Nokia and Qualcomm have jointly developed samartfon, which will support the network 3G, reports PC World. It is designed for the North American market.
Smartphone will be built on the base chipset Qualcomm. Platform of the device will be Symbian S60, used in mobile phone Nokia. It is anticipated that this smartphone will be released in mid-2010.
Note that during the three years between Nokia and Qualcomm had a conflict. In 2005, they accused each other of violating the patents. Qualcomm sought to prohibit the importation and sale of products in the U.S. Nokia, violate its patents. Nokia demanded by Qualcomm licenses and accused of illegal use of their developments in the production of microchips.
This conflict was resolved in July 2008. Then, Nokia and Qualcomm entered into a new partnership agreement for a term of 15 years.
Currently, Qualcomm is the largest supplier of chips for mobile phones. Nokia - the largest manufacturer of cell phones.

Samsung demanded to ban the import of digital cameras Kodak in the United States.

South Korean company Samsung has asked the Federal Commission on International Trade in the U.S. (ITC) to ban the import of digital cameras Kodak, reports Reuters.
Representatives of Samsung emphasize that Kodak illegally used in the production of its digital camera technology Samsung. What technology is involved, are not reported.
Recall that before Kodak launched similar accusations against Samsung. In November 2008, Kodak sued the Samsung and LG, accusing them of illegally using proprietary Kodak technology in digital photography.
Violations were found in digital cameras and mobile phones, these manufacturers. So Kodak demanded reparation for harm suffered, as well as a ban on the sale of Samsung products in the U.S. and LG, which illegally used technology Kodak.

Fujitsu has rid itself of the production of hard disks.

Japan's Fujitsu Corporation agreed to sell their units for the production of hard disks of Toshiba, passes Bloomberg. The unit in 2007, ceased to be profitable. The annual loss by April 2009 will be about 50 billion yen (about 540 million dollars).
The transaction involves the purchase of 80 per cent of the company by 30 June 2009. The deal has not been determined but will be hundreds of billions of yen (billions of U.S. dollars).
According to the forecasts of Toshiba, by March of 2013 revenue of this unit will be about 600 billion yen (6.5 billion dollars).
Buying Enterprise will allow Toshiba to increase its market share is almost twice as hard drives, up to 16 percent. By 2015, the company hopes to increase the proportion to 20 per cent. The main competitors in this area is the Seagate.
The whole market is estimated at 32.6 billion dollars. It was expected that in 2009 sales to fall by 19 percent to 26.3 billion dollars.

LG will release three guglofona end of the year.

KommentariiTeper their semero29.01.2009Za four months, a new six guglofonov By the end of 2009, the South Korean company LG plans to release three smartphone platform based Google Android, reports Engadget.
It was expected that the first smartphone LG c Android will be presented in June. Another two vehicle-based mobile platform Google Android South Korean company will release in the second half.
In addition, the smartphone will release Android-based Acer. This became known after the accident, journalists saw the plan for the production of smartphones in the notebook of one Acer.
Recall that the first smartphone based on Google Android was announced in September 2008 and will go on sale in October. It is designed for HTC custom operator T-Mobile.
Recently, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was the second guglofon HTC - Magic. Previously, their smart phones based on Android announced some little-known producers.

Asus has announced a module netbuk WiMax.

The company Asus has established a WiMax module in netbuk Eee PC 1000HG. The latter was shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That was reported by Electronista.
Netbuk Asus Eee PC 1000HG also supports wireless Wi-Fi. Diagonal screen of Laptop is 10 inches.
Other technical features of the computer does not communicate. Price Asus Eee PC 1000HG and the date of commencement of its sales are unknown.
Also on the stand were presented netbuki Asus Eee PC 1003HA, and T91. They are equipped with 3G module, and are running an operating system, Windows 7. A distinctive feature T91 is turning touchscreen.
First netbuki Asus Eee PC was released in 2007. At the present time line ultradeshevyh Laptop Asus includes about 20 models.

In Nokia phones predustanovyat Skype.

Company Skype has agreed to a preset program for its negotiation over the Internet to mobile phone Nokia, transmits Reuters in the World Mobile Congress, held in Barcelona.
The world's largest manufacturer of cell phones will begin pre-Skype into some of its smartphones in the third quarter of 2009. In particular, Skype will install on the phones of a series of N, including a mobile computer is positioned as the N97.
Version of Skype for mobile phones already exist, but it provides users with limited capabilities.
Most cellular operators oppose the use of Skype on mobile phones, for fear of reducing the revenue, if users will be free of charge or for a small fee to talk with each other via the Internet. Representatives of Skype, by contrast, argue that earnings in the use of their programs is increasing, as more consumers are beginning to use internet services operators.
Daily calls from mobile to other mobile Skype account for nearly one million minutes of calls. Total already has been committed by calls to 300 million minutes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HTC has announced its second guglofon.

Company HTC at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced its second mobile platform Android, says Engadget. This is the first guglofon do not have a keyboard.
The device called HTC Magic is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen, 3.2-megapixel camera and the same trackball as the guglofona T-Mobile G1. In HTC Magic also has a GPS module and Wi-Fi. In addition, the phone supports data transmission standard HSDPA.
In HTC Magic preinstalled update Android, known under the code name cupcake, notes TechRadar. It corrected many errors and speed up the work with the Internet.
Buy HTC Magic subscribers will be able to Vodafone. The first countries where it is sold, will be Britain, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. The exact dates of sale and the price is not yet known, but it is expected that the Spanish HTC Magic will cost from 99 to 199 euros depending on the contract. Presumably, in stores guglofon will appear by April.

ARM has developed a cheap multicore processors.

British processor manufacturer ARM, whose chips are used in most mobile devices, presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona cheap multicore processors Sparrow, writes PC Magazine.
The new chip is built on the Cortex A9 microarchitecture, and is intended primarily for netbukov. Cortex A9 is the same set of instructions that the previous architecture Cortex A8, but allows the computing device to have up to four cores.
Computing power of each of the cores in the Cortex A9 at least three times superior to that of processor ARM11, installed in the iPhone and T-Mobile G1. The first devices based on the Sparrow will appear in 2011.
Until now, the market netbukov mainly used by Intel-compatible processors. Operating system for ARM chips will become the operating system kernel on Ubuntu Linux, and Debian. In addition, Cortex A8 and A9 will help greatly reduce the cost netbukov.
The company also introduced the first ARM processor to made on 32-nanometer production methods. In the future it is going to move to 28-nanometer production methods.
ARM - the largest manufacturer of processors for mobile devices. In mid-February the company announced the release of its desyatimilliardnogo chip.

Manufacturers of mobile phones to develop a universal charger.

Leading mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to develop and produce a universal charger, transmits AFP.
The initiative supported by over 20 companies, including Nokia, Motorola and Samsung. The charger is connected to the connector mini USB. It is expected to be more energy efficient than today's "charging".
Currently, each manufacturer produces its own cell phones charger. The aim of the new initiative proposed by Association of GSM, is the savings of consumers and reduced environmental pollution. In addition, a battery charger will allow companies to save on production of cell phones. On the establishment of such "zaryadok also urged the European Commission.
It was expected that by 2012 the majority of mobile phones will support the new charger.

LG will produce a transparent cell phone.

LG Electronics Corporation at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona announced mobile LG-GD900 with transparent keyboard. This is stated in the official press releases.
Keyboard while the phone is backlit. LG is going to supply mobile phone, along with Bluetooth-headset.
LG-GD900 become the world's first transparent mobile phone. It will focus on the premium market segment.
Phone will be on sale during the second quarter of 2009. Then become aware of its technical characteristics.

Microsoft introduced a new version of the mobile operating system.

Microsoft at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona presented a mobile operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. Starting with this version, OS name change to Windows Phone, writes T3.
In Windows Phone revised user interface, improved navigation, there is support for Flash, as well as simplified the work on the Internet. Touch screen mobile phone on Windows Phone does not require the stylus.
The new operating system in the fourth quarter of 2009 will be installed on three mobile phone: LG GM7300, HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro the same company. According to The International Herald Tribune, LG will install Windows Phone on 50 models of its phones.
In addition, the corporation announced a free online service MyPhone, which will synchronize the data on mobile devices. Synchronization touches like text messages and contacts, as well as photos and videos. Currently MyPhone passes beta testing.
Also, Microsoft hopes that users of devices on the platform of Windows Phone applications will take advantage of a special magazine Windows Marketplace, which is similar to Apple App Store, Android Market and Nokia Ovi.

Nokia introduced its online store.

Nokia operates at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona announced a mobile application store Ovi, reportedly at the site of Nokia. Service for users of phones of Nokia, will be similar to Apple App Store for iPhone or the Android Market for a device based on Google Android.
Store opened in May 2009 in nine European countries. Developers will get 70 percent of the cost of selling applications. The first phone model with a built connecting to the shop, will become the flagship of Nokia N97, writes Reuters.
Also, access to Ovi will be able to get tens of millions of owners of telephones on platforms S40 and S60. By 2012, an estimated Nokia, Ovi to shop will be able to access 300 million users.
The partners of the store, except all the others, will become the social network Facebook and MySpace. In addition, it is anticipated that Ovi will be sold not only applications but also, for example, videos.
Though Ovi still closed, developers are able to register on a special website for the publisher of applications, games and other content.
App Store of Apple was the first sverhuspeshnym store of its kind. In January there were 15 thousand applications. Over half the users download to their phones 500 million program.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nvidia announced a platform for cell phones.

Nvidia Corp. at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona announced a mobile platform based on an integrated system of six hundredth Tegra series. The platform is designed for the release of mobile Internet devices cost less than a hundred dollars. This is stated in the official press releases.
Cell phone and other devices based on Tegra 600 can play and record high-definition video (720p and 1080p), have built Wi-Fi and 3G modules, the hardware is optimized for working with Web applications and supported operating systems Microsoft Windows Embedded OS.
Judging by the specifications Tegra 650 and Tegra 600, the new device will have a processor ARM11 MP Core, running at a frequency of 750 or 650 megahertz. Their video will maintain the standard OpenGL ES 2.0. Mobile on Tegra could also be equipped with dvenadtsatimegapikselnoy camera. In addition, the image from the device can be put on a big screen resolution up to 1920 to 1080 pixels.
Power platform enables mobile phone for several days without recharging.

Sony Ericsson will release the world's first 12-megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona announced the world's first 12.1-megapixel camera Idou, which is planned for release in the second half of 2009. This writes TechRadar.
Idou be equipped with a wide touch screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches and the resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. In the camera as a new interface, based on the development of Symbian Foundation. OS version Symbian, which will be used in it, have not even had his name, says PC Magazine.
It was expected that the device will combine the dignity of rulers Sony Ericsson Walkman and Cybershot. Departing mobile receives a new name, as Idou - working title.
Sony Ericsson is not the first company which produces 12-megapixel camera. In early February, the Korean media wrote that on such a phone company Samsung, which will present it in Barcelona.

Cellular operators are built into mobile instant messaging.

Sixty mobile operators around the world have agreed to develop a new chat features, which will be built into the software cell phones, transmits AFP.
Users will be able to see which of the contacts in your address book is available and send them text messages, images or video. In fact, it is a built-in instant messaging program.
In addition, each user will be able to write than it currently is, or where. This status is similar to what is the social network Facebook, will be shown to other users.
It was expected that the first commercial models of phones that support such a chat, to appear in the second half of 2009. Not yet known how much it will cost to use IM, and whether he was replaced by SMS.
The initiator of the new development was the Association of GSM, which includes the GSM-850 operators in 218 countries around the world.

The company sold 50 million Sony PSP.

The company Sony has sold worldwide to 50 million portable consoles PSP, reports GamesIndustry. Total to date for this platform released about two thousand games on the disk format UMD. In addition, gamers can download more than 500 projects through the network services PlayStation Network. The total number of games have already reached the mark in the 200 million copies.
Note that when calculating the company took into account the wholesale sales of Sony PSP consoles various retail networks. In other words, we are talking about the number of gaming systems shipped to stores. The exact number of consoles, gamers who have purchased until you called.
The first model of the portable console PSP was marketed on the territory of Japan in December 2004 and the launch of the game outside the country took place in 2005. In 2007, began selling a thin and light model PSP-2000, and in 2008 a PSP-3000, which has advanced LCD-screen and a built-in microphone.
Currently, PSP is in second place in the race of portable consoles. Leader of the DS game system Nintendo. By the end of 2008, the company sold around the world 96.22 million handheld consoles.

LG has developed a mobile phone with solar battery.

The company LG has developed a mobile phone with solar battery. The latter is located on the back cover of the cell phone. That was reported by Electronista.
Outwardly, LG cell phone with solar cells is very similar to previously released mobile phone LG KF750. The latter is made in the form of slider.
Technical specifications of your phone with solar battery LG does not. It is just that, after ten charging solar battery for mobile phone, you can let out three minutes.
Almost simultaneously with your LG Mobile phone ecological Blue Earth announced the company Samsung. On the back cover of this phone made from recycled plastic, is solar battery.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The network got the back cover photo of new iPhone.

Apple iPhone Smartphone third generation may be less marks than its predecessor. The back cover of these devices will be made of opaque plastic rough. Reported site iPodObserver, published a photograph allegedly rear lids new iPhone, from a source in China.
At iPodObserver published a snapshot of only the lower part of the back cover of your device. Judging by the inscriptions, it is intended for the iPhone with 16 gigabytes of memory. Model number - A1303. At present, the back cover other smartphones Apple listed the model number.
A little later, the site MacRumors has published more photos of the same back cover. They also show that it is made of opaque plastic. Color cover - black.
Note that currently Apple releases second generation smartphone iPhone. Rear cover device is made from polished plastic and is easy to smudge. Smartphone is available in black and white.

Asus and MSI will reduce staff by ten percent.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies began publishing financial crisis otchetyKompanii Asus and MSI will reduce staffing by about ten percent, DigiTimes reports citing sources at the producers of computers. All of the companies will be laid off just under a half thousand people.
Asus dismiss 460 people. By reducing podpadut staff mobile units, as well as the department for the production of optical cables. In addition, staff will be reduced by controlling the services.
Of the MSI will be dismissed one thousand people working in the company's offices worldwide. One fifth of the members of MSI, a result of the reduction works in the Taiwan office of the company.
Asus representatives confirm that the intention of reducing staff in order to optimize costs. In the MSI states that it does not plan massive cuts and lay-offs are an integral part of the work process.
Recall that in recent months, many IT-companies have begun to reduce staff in order to optimize costs in a time of economic crisis. In particular, Pioneer 12 February announced the decision to dismiss 10 thousand employees. Earlier it was reported on the cuts in Texas Instruments, IBM, Sony, Intel and other companies.

Samsung has developed a mobile phone with solar battery.

The company announced the Samsung phone ecological Blue Earth. It is made from recycled plastic and is equipped with a solar battery. Phone will be presented in mid-February at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. Reported in the press release of Samsung.
The manufacturer emphasizes that the Blue Earth has become the world's first phone with a large touch screen, on the back cover which houses the solar cell. In addition, the production of the phone and accessories to it, does not use harmful substances. For example, brominated flame resistant additives, beryllium, and phthalate.
Solar panel is a reserve power supply Samsung Blue Earth. It can be used when the main battery, the cell phone.
In Blue Earth implemented a unique user interface, which should draw the attention of the owners of the phone to conserve the environment. For example, it allows the phone to transfer the energy saving mode with one click.
In addition, with the help of Blue Earth, you can see how much he made up. Also, the phone will allow to calculate the number of ejected when walking into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. This Blue Earth shows how much more gas would be released if the passed path would place on the car.

Garmin-Asus will release a smartphone under the Eee brand.

Company Garmin-Asus will release a smartphone Eee Phone, reports IDG News. It will be submitted before the end of 2009.
Asus representatives stress that the Eee Phone will be affordable Smartphone. It is anticipated that it will be built on the base platform for Android, but the representatives of the Asus does not support.
Companies Asus and Garmin have created an alliance to develop mobile phones Garmin-Asus in early February. Smartphones Garmin-Asus will be created based on several mobile platforms. These include Windows Mobile, a platform for the Linux kernel and Google Android.
The first smartphones announced by Garmin-Asus, became Nuvifone G60. It has a large touch screen and will be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in mid-February in Barcelona.
Initially, under the brand name Asus Eee company produced only ultradeshevye notebook Eee PC. The intention to expand the range of Asus products under the brand name Eee, it became known at the end of April 2008. Currently, under the Eee brand produced, in particular, computer-monoblock and ultrabyudzhetny desktop.
Previously, it was reported that in the Eee line will also include a TV Eee-TV and the Eee-Monitor. In October 2008, became aware of plans to release the Asus motherboard brand Eee.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Acer has developed a two-communicator.

Acer Company has developed a two-communicator, reports Engadget. He called the DX650, and will be presented in mid-February at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona.
On one side of Acer DX650 available 2.8-inch touch screen. His resolution of 320x240 pixels. On the other side - 1.27-inch OLED-display and a standard numeric keypad.
It is also known that the DX650 is equipped with a built-in camera and works in the networks of 3G. Inside the device there is a module Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The amount of internal memory is not reported, but it is known that Communicator supports the card format microSD.
For the first time about plans for Acer to release communicator under its own brand became known in early February 2008. Then, it was reported that the first markets where it will sell new, will be Russia and Western Europe.
Recall that in March 2008 became aware of the intention to buy Acer company E-Ten, producing communicators Glofiish. The transaction was completed in autumn 2008.

Pioneer Corporation dismiss 10 thousand people.

KommentariiOdnim mahom27.01.2009Za day worldwide company laid off 85 thousand people the Japanese company Pioneer announced a February 12 decision to dismiss 10 thousand employees, including those working under contract with a plan in this way to reduce costs. Reported AFP. From March to December last year, Pioneer has already cut 5900 jobs and 4000 temporary vacancies.
In addition to layoffs, Pioneer also intends to reduce the salaries of top managers in the 20-50 per cent, to close nine of the 30 industries worldwide. In addition, the Corporation has confirmed its intention to leave the television market. Unconfirmed information about the decision of a Pioneer in Japanese media on 9 February.
The decision of the corporation due to the influence of global economic crisis, adversely affect the company's financial performance. Thus, on the basis of 2008 fiscal year (ending in March 2009 on) Pioneer expects a record loss in the history of the company. According to preliminary data, they would be 130 billion yen (1.4 billion dollars).
During April-December 2008 net loss amounted to Pioneer 79.13 billion yen. For comparison, during the same period of 2007, the company managed to show a profit of 11.62 billion yen.
Pioneer is one of the largest manufacturers of plasma panels. However, in March 2008 she withdrew from the business, and was installed in its plasma panels televisions Panasonic.

Adapter between the Mini DisplayPort and HDMI will be in March.

Company Monoprice March 15, will begin selling the adapter to connect laptops Apple, equipped with a connector Mini DisplayPort, and the technique with a standard port, HDMI, reports AppleInsider.
Adapter between the Mini DisplayPort and HDMI will cost 14.25 dollars. Simultaneously Monoprice will begin selling adapters between the Mini DisplayPort and DVI connectors and VGA.
Currently, corporate coupler between Apple Mini DisplayPort and VGA, you can buy for 29 dollars. The same stands firm coupler between the Mini DisplayPort and DVI. This adapter connects the Mini DisplayPort and HDMI, not from Apple.
Mini DisplayPort connector equipped with a new generation of Apple notebooks and 24-inch Apple Cinema Display. Specification standard Mini DisplayPort opened.
Apple representatives are confident that the Mini DisplayPort connector is optimal for compact equipment. It is designed for connection to a monitor and is capable of transmitting images with 2560h1600 pixels, which is normally used for 30-inch screens.

Computer-based Nvidia Ion will cost $ 299.

Nvidia Ion platform has been certified to work with operating system Windows Vista. The first computers based on the Ion will appear this summer. Their cost will be $ 299. This was reported in the press release, Nvidia.
Computer-based platforms will enable Nvidia Ion work with high-definition video with a resolution of 1080r, including movies from the disc Blu-ray. Also, they can be run games that require DirectX 10 support.
In addition, Nvidia Ion supports all the features Windows Vista Home Premium, including Aero Glass and Flip3D. Integrated graphics processor platform will allow you to edit photos and videos.
Platform Nvidia Ion, ultradeshevyh designed for mobile and desktop computers, was introduced in December 2008. Its main feature is the built in video GeForce 9400M. It is installed in the latest generation of Apple notebooks and several times the graphics performance embedded Intel.
In addition, Ion provides HDMI and DVI connectors and supports the memory of standard DDR3. But the platform is not entirely composed of the components of Nvidia. In particular, it requires a processor Intel Atom.

FAS will help return the money for pre-Windows.

Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), check whether the Russians are buying PCs preloaded with Windows operating systems to abandon this and return the money, writes the newspaper Kommersant. In early February, an investigation was launched against companies such as Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Dell and Toshiba.
Checking computer manufacturers will continue until the end of February. During this time antimonopolschiki find out whether there is a demand for the service to return the operating system. Also, the FAS will check whether the user, in the case of pre-operating system, the return of the money paid for a computer.
If it turns out that the demand for return of pre-service operating system is, but buyers can not take it, Anti-Monopoly Service to apply sanctions to manufacturers. What kind of sanctions are not reported.
According to the company "Finam", currently about 70 percent of computers sold in Russia with preloaded operating system Microsoft Windows. In the U.S., 90 percent of new PCs pre-Windows.
By the way, the partnership agreement Microsoft describes the procedure for returning to the pre-computer programs Corporation. Also, the agreement provides for compensation for the return of partners Microsoft software.
Note that in July 2008, a resident of St. Petersburg Vladimir Sadovnikov waived preinstalled on new computer BenQ operating system Windows Vista. After the company paid him BenQ 73,9 dollar. One of the first users who returned the money after the waiver of pre-Windows, has been a resident of Australia, received in 1998 from Toshiba 110 Australian dollars.

British scientists have decided to create a universal game emulator.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth are developing a software emulator to play all the old video games that were released later in 1970, writes TechRadar.
The scientists note that until now no one seriously engaged in the academic catalog and the collection of archival copies of old games, although they are an important part of culture. Games, according to project leader Dr. David Anderson - one of the largest by volume mediaformatov in the world and therefore should be preserved for future generations.
The initiative to establish a so-called general-purpose emulator is part of pan-European Project KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable, "Saving portable emulyatsionnyh media"). This project aims to develop ways to protect digital objects, including text, audio files and image files, websites, databases, and video games.
In this article, TechRadar not explain how the authors of the draft are going to deal with copyright in the video games themselves, their materials, related information and firmware of popular gaming devices.
As estimated by 2010 the volume of digital data 18 million times the amount of information in books written in the history of mankind. Investigation of the British Library has shown that Europe is losing an annual 2.7 billion pounds because of the difficulty of storing old files.

In February, 40 percent of U.S. broadcasters switch to "figure".

KommentariiPochti end sveta29.01.2009SShA ready to switch to digital broadcasting in fevraleSorok percent of American broadcasters switch to digital format on February 17, reports The Wall Street Journal. Completely to digital television the U.S. should go on Jun 12, 2009.
About 500 broadcasters petitioned the Federal Communications Commission USA (FCC) for permission to cease analog broadcasting and switch to digital on 17 February. More about 190 stations have already received such permission.
Recall that initially the U.S. had to abandon analog broadcasting on Feb. 17, 2009. But in the beginning of the month, Congress postponed the transition to digital broadcasting for four months. This company will decide when to move to the "figure".
According to various sources, analog TVs use up to 20 million American families. To receive a digital signal, they must buy a special prefix, which is from 40 to 80 dollars. Without such stations after the transition to digital broadcasting analog TV will not be able to receive the signal.
To help owners of analog TVs government issued special coupons. They allow you to buy at a discounted price prefix which converts the digital signal to analog. This corresponds to $ 40 coupon.

Predicted a decrease in the MTS market of cellular communication.

In 2009 the market for cellular services will decline by 10.5 per cent passes PRIME-TASS referring to the words of Vice-President for Commercial Affairs of MTS Mikhail Ð"ерчука.
Reducing the volume of the market, according to Ð"ерчука will be linked to the weakening of the ruble against the dollar and the decline in consumption. In MTS expect the average revenue per subscriber per month in 2009 will decrease from $ 12 to 10.
It is projected that in 2010 the market will grow by 6.2 per cent, while in 2011 and 2012 the growth rate will increase to 10 per cent. Along with them will grow and the average revenue per subscriber.
Operators due to changes in exchange rates have already begun to raise tariffs for the use of cellular communication. Thus, the rise of the roaming service announced MegaFon and VimpelCom.
In the past year, according to the agency claiming to unnamed experts, the volume of Russian market of cellular communication was 555 billion rubles, which corresponds to 23 billion U.S. dollars at the average rate in 2008. At the same time, according to MForum Analytics, in 2007 the market of cellular communication of all the countries of the former Soviet Union amounted to only 9.8 billion dollars.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

By 2013 the world will be half a billion subscribers of mobile TV.

In 2013, half a billion people will use mobile TV service, and not all of them will be watching TV on-screen cell phone, InformationWeek writes with reference to the study "The Mobile TV Market" company ABI Research.
The market of mobile TV by 2013, researchers projected to grow to 50 billion dollars, despite the fact that while the industry is relatively little developed.
In the U.S. cellular operators, AT & T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless have spent billions of dollars to the introduction of mobile TV services. In 2009, the device will be created to support the American standard of mobile TV to provide free broadcasts in 22 U.S. cities.
In doing so, according to analysts, users still do not see this TV as an independent provider of product or service. In the near future, mobile TV will become a continuation of the traditional broadcasting services.
Mobile TV is actively being developed worldwide. Ð'есной 2008 года о намерении начать тестовую эксплуатацию мобильного ТÐ' заявила Ð'Ð"ТРК. Around the same time the EU has adopted a single standard for mobile TV.

Analysts predicted a 15 per cent drop in demand for processors.

In 2009, the demand for processors will be 15 percent lower than in 2008, reports IDG News with reference to the data analysis company IDC.
According to IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2008 reduced the supply of processors by 17 percent compared with the third quarter. In comparison with the rate one year ago, the demand for processors fell by 11.4 per cent.
The percentage of Intel processors on the market in the fourth quarter of 2008 amounted to 81,3 percent. Quarter earlier this figure was 80.8 per cent the year before - 76.7 percent.
The market share of AMD in the fourth quarter of 2008 decreased to 17.7 percent. In the third quarter, the company held 18.5 per cent of the market. A year ago, the share of AMD had 23.1 percent market processors.
The reason for falling sales of chips is to reduce the demand for PCs due to the economic crisis. According to IDC, in 2008, sales of PCs declined by 0.4 percent.
Earlier edition of The Wall Street Journal reported that the volume of total sales in the semiconductor industry in December 2008 amounted to 17.41 billion dollars. This 17 per cent less than in November and 22 per cent less than in December 2007.

Integrated camera taught to manage mobile.

Development of the American company GestureTek Mobile enables you to control almost any mobile phone by changing its position in space, reports TechRadar. Currently this feature supports only mobile phone with an accelerometer.
GestureTek Mobile proposes changes to the provisions of the phone in a space with the help of built-in camera. This enables you to control various functions of the device, without touching his keyboard or touch screen.
A software company GestureTek Mobile will introduce in mid-February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. She also announced an interface API to develop applications.
Agreement on the use of their vehicles development GestureTek Mobile entered into a number of companies. Among them, Sharp, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson.
Currently, such phones as the iPhone, HTC Diamond, Nokia 5800, management carried out by tilting the game in mobile phone in different directions. In some phones, Sony Ericsson, altering the position of the vehicle in space, you can control the player. In all these cases works accelerometer.

40 percent have used the hard drive data to the former owners.

Forty percent of used hard drive, sold in the U.S. and Canada, contain personal details of former owners, reports Computerworld, with reference to the study of Kessler International.
Kessler International in the six months bought second-hand hard drive to an online auction eBay. Total purchased one hundred discs, the amount of 40 to 300 gigabytes. At the 40 carriers had different information. Only some discs, it was restored with the help of special software.
Much of the information on used hard drive - it is personal and financial documents (36 percent). The share of e-mail accounts and photographs of 21 and 13 percent respectively.
Also, experts from Kessler International found on used hard drives corporate documents (11 percent) and history of visits to sites (10 percent). Four per cent of the information on these records are on the DNS-servers.
Previously, repeatedly reported the discovery of the users of various information technology, acquired on eBay. For example, in August 2008 on-line auction for 35 pounds has been sold a computer containing nearly a million records of personal data of customers American Express, Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Ladies SMS longer than men were.

Women write more expressive and long SMS, than men, says the study, Indiana University professor Susan Herring (Susan Herring), the results of which are published in the quarterly journal Written Communication, and summary conclusions - in a press release the University .
Researcher analyzed the 1164 text messages displayed on the broadcast of Italian music channel Allmusic. She found that SMS from the girls are approaching the limit on the length of the message. In addition, women are more likely than men use the abbreviations and emoticons.
Despite the common belief that women prefer regular expressions, and men - slang, it turned out that in fact the case with the accuracy of the reverse.
Despite the fact that most reports on the music channel is not involved with music in the near future, the researchers checked their findings at the news and political programs.

Intel introduced 32-nanometer chips.

Company Intel has demonstrated the current models of mobile and desktop processor Westmere, established in compliance with 32-nanometer production methods, reports The Register.
According to Intel, the working frequency of 32-nanometer chips will coincide with those of processors, manufactured on 45-nanometer technology. The amount of the processor after the transition to 32-nanometer production methods to decrease by about 70 per cent.
The first chips will be dual Westmere with integrated graphics kernel. The code name of a desktop version of the processor - Clarkdale, mobile - Arrandale. Graphical kernel of these chips will be made on 45-nanometer technology.
Manufacturing processors Intel Westmere on 32-nanometer technology for desktop and mobile PCs will begin in the fourth quarter of 2009. The server version will Westmere in 2010.
Shortly before the announcement processor Westmere Intel announced its intention to invest seven billion dollars in their U.S. production facilities for the rapid transition to 32-nanometer production methods.
The main competitor of Intel, the company AMD, intends to move to 32-nanometer production methods in 2010. Production of processors for 45-nanometer technology AMD beginning in 2008, Intel - in 2007.

Quarterly revenue Nvidia dropped by 2,5 times.

In the fourth quarter of 2009 fiscal year, which ended Jan. 25, 2009 calendar year revenues of Nvidia was 481.1 million dollars. A year ago this figure was 1.2 billion dollars. This was reported in the press release, Nvidia.
Loss Nvidia in the fourth quarter amounted to 147.7 million dollars. In the last quarter of 2008 fiscal year earnings Nvidia equivalent to 257 million dollars.
In the 2009 fiscal year, Nvidia has earned 3.4 billion dollars. Nvidia annual loss was 30 million dollars. At the end of 2008 fiscal year earnings Nvidia equivalent to 797.6 million dollars.
The reduction of revenues is not a surprise for Nvidia. In mid-January, Nvidia forecast adjusted earnings in the fourth quarter of 2009 fiscal year, it predicted a decline of 40-50 per cent compared with the third quarter. The latest company earned 897.7 million dollars.
The reason for reducing the income Nvidia is the economic crisis, which led to a reduction in demand on the graphics card end-users.

"Telefon.Ru" MTS cost of 60 million dollars.

The largest mobile operator MTS has acquired 100 percent of the network stores "Telefon.Ru. The deal was about $ 60 million. This is stated in the official press release of MTS.
As the amount of the transaction includes the company stock on 22,4 million dollars. In MTS stressed that the acquisition of new assets would make the brand the company closer to consumers. In addition, in the press release stresses that "Telefon.Ru" - one of the most profitable companies in its market segment.
A day before, it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly Service has allowed MTS to buy "Telefon.Ru. This also applied to the asset Euroset, the principal shareholder of which is "VimpelCom" (trade mark Beeline).
In the second half of 2008, Russian cellular operators have started an active interest in the acquisition of retail sales of telephone networks. In particular, the same ITT agreed that the network Betalink "will operate under the brand name of the MTS. In addition, VimpelCom became the major shareholder "Euroset", and "Megaphone" is negotiating with "Tsifrogradom.
"Telefon.Ru" brings together more than 500 stores. In 2008, the company's earnings amounted to 13 billion rubles.

In the Japanese restaurant there were newspapers from the electronic paper.

Company Fujitsu beginning to test the device for reading electronic documents Flepia, reports Nikkei. From 4 to 13 February while waiting for the order with the help of visitors restaurant Termina Kinshicho Fujiya able to read, for example, the newspaper Mainichi Shogakusei Shimbun.
Apart from the Mainichi Shogakusei Shimbun, in the terminal Flepia can be seen advertising the restaurant and shopping center Termina, know the weather forecast and timetables. To download the content on the Fujitsu Flepia using wireless communication.
Objective testing - to check the suitability of Fujitsu Flepia for mass use. Also, the manufacturer expects to find out how much interest to the users of such devices and whether they increase the sale of the restaurant.
Earlier, the Japanese company Toppan Printing has proposed an electronic paper as a material of street posters. Tests of these posters were from 23 to 29 January 2009. Images are transmitted through a wireless connection.
The device for reading electronic documents Fujitsu Flepia was announced in October 2008. About his development of the representatives of Fujitsu announced in spring 2008. One of the features of the device is the screen of a color electronic paper.
The main advantage of e-paper - a lower than that of LCD screens, power. In addition, working with such a display could be even in direct sunlight without losing quality. The main disadvantage of e-paper - slowly updating pictures.

In Belarus, will release their laptop.

In Belarus in the near future will be on sale from the first established local business laptop, transfer agency said. The device, developed by UP "Integraltehnis, members of the NGO" integral ", is currently undergoing certification.
The system configuration and cost of a laptop is not called. Is also not clear whether the laptop will come out of the Republic of Belarus.
"Integraltehnis manufactures LCD monitors, computers, thin clients and monitors for medical equipment. These devices are mainly collected from foreign parts.
National business in 2008 has already produced the first Belarusian mobile phone "Evrotef-M, equipped with a color screen and video camera. It was collected from Chinese components.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Intel will invest in nanotechnology processor 7 billion dollars.

Corporation Intel, the largest manufacturer of processors, will in the next two years to invest in the construction of production facilities in the U.S., using the processor, nanotechnology, and seven billion dollars, transmits AFP.
These factories will allow Intel to move to 32-nanometer manufacturing process, making the new chips faster, smaller and reduce their energy consumption. The first processors to appear in 2009 or early 2010, notes ZDNet.
Currently, Intel processors are manufactured on 45-nanometer production methods, and sales in the semiconductor market falls due to reduced demand from end users.
Intel Quarterly Profit in the fourth quarter of 2008 decreased ten times. In January it became known that Intel will close five factories for the production of electronic components. This would reduce the approximately five thousand employees.

Amazon has updated the device for reading electronic books.

Online shop introduced a new version of its device for reading electronic books - Kindle 2, reports Engadget. New items can be bought for 359 dollars, effective 24 February.
Memory Kindle 2 is two gigabytes. representatives emphasize that this is enough to store a half thousand books. The thickness of Kindle 2 is 0.9 cm. Diagonal screen device is six inches. It displays the 16 gradations of gray.
The developers emphasize that the Kindle 2 is 20 percent faster than its predecessor. In addition, its battery is 25 percent stronger. As a result, a full charge last for two weeks of the Kindle 2.
To download books Kindle 2 owners will be able to take advantage of wireless communication module. Installing the full version of the book to the device takes less than a minute. Currently on the website in the electronic version is available about 230 thousand books.
The first version of Kindle was introduced in November 2007. Development of the device began more than three years ago. Its price was 399 dollars.

Antimonopolschiki allowed ITT to buy "Telefon.Ru.

Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has allowed the company to buy the MTS network stores" Telefon.Ru. That was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the data of FAS. Previously, the application for the acquisition of "Telefon.Ru" filed as "Euroset", the main shareholder of which is the main competitor of MTS - Company "VimpelCom" (trade mark Beeline).
Recall that in 2009 the business media have written that almost all the major chains stores have been seen as objects for acquisitions. In particular, the same Euroset claimed to purchase "Betalinka and Tsifrograda," and "Megaphone" - only on "Tsifrograd. According to the newspaper Kommersant, the MTS has already agreed to "Betalinkom, that all 650 stores of the network will be transferred under the brand cellular operator.
"Telefon.Ru brings about polutysyachi stores. In 2008, the company's revenue exceeded 13 billion rubles, while accounts payable amounted to 26 million dollars. 50 per cent of the shares of the company belongs to the group "Russian funds", while another 50 per cent - to individuals.
MTS is the largest mobile operator in Russia. In the CIS, the company serves more than 95 million subscribers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nvidia has taken up the creation of Intel-compatible processor.

Corporation Nvidia, a leading manufacturer of graphics cards in the world, according to the edition of The Inquirer, started work on the creation of Intel-compatible processor. Officially, the company has announced no such intention.
Nvidia beginning professionals to develop a set of processors throughout Silicon Valley. According to the publication, the unit is almost fully formed from the newly hired employees.
Cluhi on Nvidia plans to build a family of x86 processors are distributed in 2006. The main obstacle to the implementation of these plans are legal risks. Experts are not sure that Nvidia will be able to produce such a chip, without license or Intel AMD, which it will be difficult to obtain.
Nvidia has recently submitted a platform Ion, for netbukov. The platform is not entirely composed of the components of Nvidia. In particular, it requires a processor Intel Atom, which the company would replace the chip in the presence of its own.