Sunday, November 30, 2008

Intel complained to the European antimonopolschikov.

Company Intel has filed a complaint against the European Commission, a leading antitrust investigation against it. Intel insists on considering complaints within 30 days. It is reported IDG News.
A leading manufacturer of processors called the investigation the European Commission biased and demanded to withdraw the charges of violating antitrust laws. In particular, Intel stresses that antimonopolschiki not taken to address the important documents that Intel had intended to use for protection.
Recall that the activities of European interest in Intel in 2001 after receiving complaints from AMD and computer manufacturers, working with the latter. Intel is suspected of illegal replacement AMD from the market.
In July 2008, the EC said that Intel technology paying vendors for refusing to sales of computers with chips AMD. Also evrokomissary believe that Intel paid for the retailer regularly delayed shipments of computers based on AMD processors and provide more discounts retail networks for refusing to sales of notebook processors AMD.
In 2007, Intel accused the company AMD is blocking access to the European market by providing significant discounts computer manufacturers for their products.

Asus will release a 200-dollar netbuk in early 2009.

In the first quarter of 2009, the company will issue Asus netbuk in a series of Eee PC, which will cost $ 200, reports IDG News. Currently, the cheapest Eee PC costs about $ 300.
The exact date of the premiere 200-dollar netbuka Asus representatives were reported. Also, no information and technical characteristics of new items.
A year ago in Taiwan Asus introduced netbuk Surf worth 241 dollars. It was built based on Intel Celeron M processor and running an operating system based on the kernel Linux. Diagonal screen Surf equal to seven inches.
Despite the low cost of Surf did not become popular. His driven from the market more expensive netbuki Eee PC with a 8.9 - and 10-inch screens.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nokia taught to manage mobile home electronics.

The company Nokia has announced new service to manage the home electronics via mobile phone or computer. It is called Home Control Center and will be available in late 2009. This was reported in the press release Nokia.
With the help of Home Control Center can be, for example, regulate air-conditioning, electric control or configure the security system. The user can be located anywhere. The only condition for working with the Home Control Center - Internet access.
To connect to the Home Control Center will require smartphone with support for 3G or Wi-Fi, an Internet-connected computer. Access to the service through a special application that works in your browser.
Service Home Control Center will be demonstrated by Nokia in early December this year at an exhibition in Barcelona. Currently, Nokia partner in the program is a company RWE, produces climate control system in the room.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chinese clone iPhone release on 8 December.

Communicator Meizu M8, apparently very reminiscent of Apple iPhone, available for sale eighth December this year, reports Engadget. For the first time on the development of Meizu M8 became known during the winter of last year.
In combination with Communicator will be delivered white charger, white headphones and a white cable to connect the M8 with a computer. In this corpus Meizu M8 is made of black plastic.
Also on the Meizu M8 is aware that his diagonal touch screen is 3.4 inches, the resolution - 720h480 pixels. For work Communicator is responsible modernized by sensory management platform Windows CE 6.0.
Previously, it was reported that sales Meizu M8 will begin in October 2008. Later start sales communicator moved to November. About the company plans to sell Meizu M8 outside China are not known.

Asus named the date of the bamboo laptop.

Asus Corp. announced that it will begin selling its first notebook with a bamboo shell Nov. 29, at the IT-exhibition in Taipei, says PC World.
A laptop is part of a series Asus U6V and equipped with 12.1-inch screen and a processor Intel Core 2 Duo. It predustanovlena Windows Vista.
It is believed that bamboo body is much less toxic than plastic, which is usually performed by the shell laptops. Environmentally friendly laptop will cost 1802 dollars.
Sales in the U.S. and Europe will begin later. The exact date has not yet been determined.
Above the bamboo laptop Asus is working with June 2007. Before that, she produced notebooks, cover telyachey krokodiley and artificial skin.

In the Apple laptops and found "black screen of death."

The new line of laptops Apple discovered two errors related to graphics. Now the company is working on them. It is reported AppleInsider.
One of those errors, named users MacBook Pro "black screen of death" (the black screen of death), is a black screen that appears after a few minutes after the start of the game. When it appears, the system hangs, and sound loops.
Black screen of death "appears in the MacBook Pro laptop as you would in an operating system, Mac OS, and Windows. This error occurs when you play in many games, including Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Ages of Empire III, Command and Conquer, Oblivion and Company of Heroes.
It is anticipated that the cause of "black screen of death" are problems with cooling or with the drivers. For example, some users who planted alternative drivers for Nvidia graphics card and working with programs that support continuous speed fans, got rid of "black screen of death".
In addition, on the screens of MacBook and MacBook Pro a new generation of emerging wave distortion you scroll the site with HD-video. The same problem was seen several times on iMac computers with graphics cards Nvidia. At Apple computers with Intel and ATI graphics, it is not met. Also, this problem is acute with Windows.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guglofon recolor white.

Mobile T-Mobile G1, better known as "guglofon, began production in the body in white. This was reportedly the site cellular operator G1. Previously, all guglofony were either black or bronze color.
Along with the new color from guglofona not created new opportunities, including not promised users screen keyboard (the mobile phone is equipped with physical). It is expected to appear in the first three months after, until February.
G1 is the first mobilnikom on a platform of Google Android and a major competitor iPhone. He put on sale 22 Oct., 2008. Guglofon worth 179 dollars, an increase of $ 20 cheaper smartphone Apple.
Phone manufacturer, the company HTC, to be sold prior to the end of 2008, 600 thousand G1. November 24, it raised its forecast up to a million pieces.

The Japanese market will remain without Nokia.

Company Nokia intends to discontinue the sale of its mobilnikov in Japan, reports Reuters. Nokia has not been able to adapt to the specifics of the Japanese market, and market share the company has been very low.
While Nokia makes four out of every ten mobilnikov in the world, in Japan, its market share does not exceed one percent. Local consumers prefer phones in Japan, the maximum possible use of wireless data networks.
Despite the denial from the sale of mobilnikov in Japan, Nokia has no plans to curtail its research activities in the country. Also, Nokia will not abandon sales in Japan of mobile phones Vertu.
Earlier this week it was reported that Nokia intends to establish in Japan a virtual mobile operator, who will work at the NTT Docomo network under the brand name of Nokia. The services of the operator will benefit owners mobilnikov Vertu. Sales last start in Japan in early 2009.