Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems.

The American Oracle, the third-largest software company in the world, Sun Microsystems will acquire the company for 5.6 billion dollars, the corporation said in an official joint press release. Given the debt and free cash flow Sun Microsystems amount of the transaction amount to 7.4 billion dollars (9.5 dollars per share).
It is anticipated that the transaction will close during the summer of 2009, after the company get approval of U.S. authorities and shareholders of companies.
Earlier in April, Sun Microsystems Board of Directors rejected the proposal on the purchase of IBM, then IBM withdrew its proposal to buy Sun. One of the reasons for collapse of the deal was that Sun is not arranged for the leaders of the proposed amount for the company - 9.4 dollar per share, while IBM was originally intended to buy the Sun, paying for one share of 10-11 dollars.
Company Sun Microsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of servers and workstations. Sun is also known as the developer of operating systems, Java platform and the party to project
In March 2009 it was reported that Sun Microsystems will reduce staff by one and a half thousand people for the restructuring, announced in November 2008 (a reduction of 15-18 per cent). In late January 2009 from the Sun has already laid off 1300 people.
Oracle is one of the largest developers of database management systems, tools for database development, and ERP-systems. The most famous product is Oracle - TimeZero database management system.

Flash technology into the TV.

The company announced a new version of Adobe Technologies Flash - Flash Platform for the Digital Home, reports IDG News. It is designed for consumer electronics and allows you to watch on a TV video from the Internet in the FLV, not using a computer or a special prefix.
The new version of the Flash enables you to watch on the TV screen video in HD-resolution. It will work not only with television but also, for example, players with Blu-ray and DVD. This will both look content, and burn it to optical media.
Currently, technology Flash, in particular, are streaming videhostingi different, for example, YouTube. Also, Flash is used to create animated sites.
Flash Platform for the Digital Home support by such companies as Atlantic Records, Broadcom, Comcast, Disney Interactive Media Group, Intel, Netflix, STMicroelectronics, The New York Times Company, NXP Semiconductors, and Sigma Designs. The first device in its database appear in the second half of 2009.
Note that in August last year, the company Yahoo! and Intel have agreed to create a platform that combines TV and Internet. It involves the installation of televisions, cable TV tuners, and optical disc players special Intel processors and software shell Yahoo!. This will allow the viewer to enjoy during the various mini-applications.

Mobile solar battery will be in Japan during the summer.

In June of this year, Japanese operator KDDI will start selling a mobile phone, equipped with a solar cell, the CrunchGear. The body of the phone will be waterproof.
According to the developer, after ten charging solar battery for mobile phone, you can let out a minute. In standby mode, after a phone elaborate charging up to two hours.
In addition to the solar battery, the phone will be installed and a regular battery. It can be charged as from the electrical network, and on solar energy. In the latter case, the battery is charged no more than 80 per cent.
Developer waterproof solar-powered phone - the company Sharp. The name and value of the mobile phone are not reported. Also unknown is whether it is available outside of Japan.
Sharp is not the only company that has created the phone with solar battery. In February this year at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona on the same mobile phone company LG and introduced Samsung.

In clockwork laptop install gigagertsevy processor.

In ultradeshevy laptop XO, escaping fund OLPC, will establish a processor VIA C7-M, the maximum clock frequency which is equal to one gigahertz, reports Electronista. Currently, the XO establish 500-megagertsevy processor AMD Geode.
The minimum frequency chip VIA C7-M, which will be installed in the CW, is 400 megahertz. Which processor is put in a CW depends on the model netbuka.
The new processor will allow netbuku CW to work with three-dimensional graphics, HD-video and surround sound. Power your computer after you install the processor VIA C7-M will not increase, but its price will decline.
Along with the new CW will increase the processor memory to one gigabyte. The amount of storage built this Laptop will be four gigabytes. As an option in netbuk can install vosmigigabaytny drive.
The first prototypes netbuka CW VIA processor will be in May of this year. Serial production of these computers will begin in August.
Apparently, OLPC laptop with a VIA will be known as XO-1.5. Netbuk XO-2 was announced in May 2008. It consists of two large-sensory displays and to appear in 2010. His alleged price was 75 dollars. Model CW-1, produced at the present time, it is worth 188 dollars.

Chinese fold Nokia N96 c Apple iPhone.

The Chinese company has released a mobile NokiPhone N3000i, reports Engadget. It was made in the form of dual-slider, like Nokia N96, and is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen.
The front panel NokiPhone N3000i looks like a smartphone Apple iPhone. It posted a large touch screen and one mechanical button.
N3000i supports simultaneous work two SIM-cards. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module and Wi-Fi. Permission of the phone's built-in camera - two megapixels.
Menu NokiPhone N3000i supports English, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian and Thai languages. The cost of the phone - 129 dollars.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Motorola turned Bekhema in Terminator.

English footballer David Bekhem Terminator withdrew from the image for a new advertising company Motorola, reports The Daily Mail.
Advertising poster Bekhem appears naked to the waist, one half of it darkened. With the help of computer technology athlete "pririsovany" through the translucent skin of the skeleton and the famous red-eye Terminator. The left hand holds Bekhem new model mobile phone from Motorola - Aura. Estimated retail price Aura will be 1.4 thousand pounds.
In January 2009 a Bekhema ended a 10-year contract with Pepsi, brought him, according to some data on 2.5 million pounds per year. The contract with Motorola is not a football player is named.
To date, David Bekhem played 108 matches for the national team of England, 58 of those matches he spent as captain of the team. In March 2009, Bekhem once again was named the most paid player of the world. Popularity athlete contributed to the invitation to participate in various advertising campaigns of companies - it was filmed in advertising Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Sharpie. Currently footballer stands for Italian club Milan "by lease from the American club Los Angeles Galaxy. In February 2009, Bekhem announced its intention to sign with the "Milan" a permanent contract.
For the first time a humanoid cyborg - Terminator - Arnold Shvartsneggerom was embodied in the same film by James Cameron in 1984, but became the most popular image of the hero in the form of polucheloveka-polumashiny appeared in the continuation of the picture, shot in 1991.

Toshiba dismiss because of the crisis, and four thousand employees.

Japanese Toshiba Corporation announced the reduction of 3900 jobs until March 2010, reports AFP. According to Vice President Fumio Muraoka Toshiba (Fumio Muraoka), the company will not update the ending labor contracts with employees, most of whom work in the Toshiba temporarily.
Previously, Toshiba has already dismissed 4,5 thousands of temporary workers. Thus the company tries to cut costs because its business in the global economic crisis has ceased to be profitable. The company expects on the basis of 2008 fiscal year, which ended last month, the net loss amounting to 350 billion yen (3.5 billion dollars). As noted by Muraoka, in 2009, business conditions remain "severe."
At the same time, significant reductions in staff, and said one of the leading manufacturers of cellular phones in the world of Sony Ericsson. The Company intends to terminate the appointment of two thousand people, after it was reported a net loss of $ 380 million dollars for the first quarter of 2009.
In summer 2008, Sony Ericsson has announced the dismissal of two thousand people. Given two cuts, the number of personnel in the company fall to 8 thousand people.
In recent months, many companies in the field of hi-tech was told that they intend to get rid of staff. In addition to the economic crisis, the reason for the reductions was the increased competition in the market. In particular, sales of Sony Ericsson and Nokia has suffered due to release an Apple iPhone, which significantly reduced the demand for traditional cellular phones at an expensive segment.

The Japanese have developed a flexible mobile phone.

Japanese company Kyocera has developed a mobile phone with OLED-screen, a shell which is made of a flexible polymer, the TechRadar. A prototype of the phone was introduced at CTIA.
Flexible Mobile Kyocera called EOS. Depending on the choice of the user, it can give a different form. For example, the full deployment, to EOS became similar to a widescreen display.
If desired, EOS can be folded in the form of a laptop. Then at one of its panel keyboard. When you change the form of the phone keys disappear.
To recharge the EOS uses kinetic energy, which receives from external influence. Special generators convert it into electricity.
In Kyocera stress that EOS - is a prototype. But technology, realized it would be implemented in serial mobile phones.

Last month, LG has sold two million of its flagship mobile phones.

The company LG has sold two million phones KM900 Arena, reports Electronista. Arena is equipped with a large touch screen and is the flagship line of mobile LG.
Mobile LG Arena was introduced in February this year at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. He appeared on the shelves in March. Prior to the sales company LG Arena has received a million pre-orders on this phone.
One of the competitors LG Arena is a smartphone with a touch screen Nokia 5800. In order to sell one million Nokia 5800, the Finnish manufacturer of mobile phones took nearly two months. In the first quarter of 2009, has sold about 2.5 million Nokia 5800.
Also competing at LG Arena smartphone Apple iPhone 3G. The first of these one million smartphones were sold for a couple of days.
LG Arena is in Russia about 20 thousand rubles. It is equipped with pyatimegapikselnoy camera modules, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G. One of the features of the cell phone is a three-dimensional interface of 3D S-Class.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nintendo called the exit date of Wii MotionPlus.

Company Nintendo announced release date of accessory called Wii MotionPlus, says GamesIndustry. New device for the Wii game console will go on sale in the United States no earlier than June 8 this year. European gamers will be able to purchase it on 12 June. Recommended price of Wii MotionPlus will be 19.99 dollars.
In addition became known date of the game Wii Sports Resort, which will support the Wii MotionPlus. A new sports project will be in stores July 26. Recommended price will be 49.99 dollars. Note that with this game will also be supplied Wii MotionPlus.
Announce Wii MotionPlus was held last July at the E3 Media & Business Summit. The new accessory joins the Wii Remote controller and allows you to increase the accuracy with which tracks the actions of the player's gamepad. Many publishers have already agreed to produce projects for the Wii to support a new accessory.
Sports simulator Wii Sports Resort is a continuation of the game Wii Sports, which comes with the Wii console in all regions except Japan and South Korea. The project also announced during the Nintendo press conference at last year's E3. As the first part, Resort will be a collection of sports mini-games. But this time the developers will stick to the beach theme, offering gamers throw frisbi or go on a water motorcycle.
Recall that the Wii is currently the most successful console of this generation. In January it became known that by the end of 2008, Nintendo has sold worldwide nearly 45 million prefixes. According to the website VGChartz, the game Wii Sports is the most successful project in the history of video games. In Nintendo did not confirm this information.

Nikon has released a budget zerkalku to support HD-video.

The company introduced the Nikon digital SLR camera entry-level D5000, which can shoot HD-video. It is equipped with 12.3-megapixel matrix and 2.7-inch turning display. This was reported in the press release, Nikon.
Maximum resolution video, which records the D5000, is 720r. Speed of shooting - 24 fps. Video is recorded with sound, but the autofocus is not working.
During the processing of the images in the new system meets tsifrozerkalke Nikon EXPEED. Speed photography in JPEG format is 4 frames per second. The maximum camera sensitivity is equal to 6400 ISO. D5000 autofocus system supports 11 points.
Nikon D5000 Dimensions are 127x104x80 mm. Camera Weight - 560 grams.
Buy Nikon D5000 will be the end of April for 730 dollars. For D5000 complete with lens AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR will have to pay 850 dollars.
Recall that last summer was released digital SLR camera Nikon D90. It was the first in the world tsifrozerkalkoy feature video recording. Maximum resolution video, recorded D90, is equal to 720r. Cost D90 - some thousands of dollars.
In March 2009, Canon has released its first digital SLR camera entry-level, which can shoot HD-video. She called the 500D and is worth 800 dollars. Maximum resolution videos recorded with this camera - 1080r.

The laptop worked without charging more than a day.

Ultrabyudzhetny notebook MSI U115 with devyatiyacheechnoy cell battery worked 25 hours and 4 minutes, reports CrunchGear. All this time the computer worked as a test Battery Eater, himself laptop is in standby and other applications running on it was not.
Netbuk MSI U115 was introduced earlier this year. It comes with a battery of six or nine cells. In the first case, according to the manufacturer, being an autonomous work netbuka limited to 12 hours, the second - 20 hours.
Another feature of MSI U115 is a hybrid storage system. Thus, within the computer's hard drive along with up to 160 GB SSD-drive installed capacity of eight or 16 gigabytes.
At the core of MSI U115 is a processor Intel Atom Z530, which works with a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz. Diagonal screen Laptop is ten inches. As an operating system on the U115 can be installed either Windows XP, or Windows Vista Basic.
In autumn 2008, HP introduced a laptop EliteBook 6930p, being an autonomous work which is 24 hours. Then during the day without charging working experimental model of the Laptop with modified settings.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Intel postponed the premiere of the new mobile platform.

Company Intel will introduce a new generation of mobile platform Calpella until the end of the fourth quarter of 2009, reports Fudzilla. Previously, Intel had planned to submit to Calpella in the third quarter.
On the development of Intel Calpella mobile platform is known in August 2008 when he was shown a laptop on its base. And Intel representatives have stated that Calpella will force users to take a fresh look at mobile computers. In particular, it will print with graphics on a notebook to a new level.
Intel Calpella mobile platform is designed for processor microarchitecture for Nehalem. She will receive the support of wireless networks Wi-Fi a / b / g / n and WiMax. The foundation will Calpella Chipset Ibex Peak-M.
Chipset Ibex Peak-M is working with Intel processors next generation - Clarksfield and Auburndale. The latest integrated graphics core. Both chips include a memory controller DDR3.
Note that Intel, as a rule, presents its new mobile platform in the second-third quarters. In particular, in May 2007 was announced platform Santa Rosa, a mobile platform Intel Centrino 2 submitted in July 2008.

Nokia will release a smaller version of its Touch smartphone.

The company is developing a Nokia smartphone with a touch screen 5530 XpressMusic, informs Daily Mobile with reference to the data received from its own sources.
The new touch smartphone Nokia will be similar to the apparatus 5800 XpressMusic. The latter appeared in the sale in autumn 2008. It is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen and 3.2-megapixel camera.
Diagonal screen Nokia 5530 XpressMusic will be 2.9 inches. Smartphone is equipped with the module Wi-Fi, 3,2-megapixel camera, FM-tuner and 3.5-mm jack for headphones.
Also on the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is aware that he is working on a platform of Symbian S60 5th Edition. The amount of internal memory is 150 megabytes. It can be expanded by memory cards microSD.
In December 2008, Nokia introduced another touch-sensitive smartphone - N97. This device with a 3.5-inch screen and be nominated by the qwerty-keyboard is positioned as a manufacturer of mobile computer. He appears on the shelves in spring 2009.

Trehsotdollarovy mini-notebook dropped in price by half.

Subjects pursuit of stodollarovym noutbukom13.04.2009Vlasti India announced ten kompyuterKompaniya 3K presented ultradeshevy mini-notebook RazorBook 400 worth $ 150, reports CrunchGear. Previous generations of this semidyuymovogo computer worth $ 300.
Mini-notebook RazorBook 400 is built on the base 400-megagertsevogo processor ARM. The amount of RAM - 128 MB capacity solid state drive - four gigabytes. Also in the mini-notebook, you can install a memory card SD.
150-dollar option RazorBook 400 running an operating system Windows CE. To connect to the Internet, you can use a Wi-Fi, or Ethernet-connected.
Mini-notebook RazorBook 400 was introduced in the middle of last year. A 300-dollar version of the computer's RAM is 512 megabytes, but as a preinstalled operating system platform based on the kernel Linux.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Operators of the "Big Three" launched a general chat.

Beeline, MTS and MegaFon 10 April jointly launched nationwide service "chat", which allows subscribers without restrictions on time and traffic exchange instant messages. This was reported in the press releases of all three companies.
The service, which requires a special built the "Chat", is supported by more than dvumyastami model. Users of mobile phones which do not have such a function can be used to communicate a separate Java-application.
Currently, chat is in test operation and it's free. Operators promise to further report on the transition to commercial use. Operators noted that the testing will end 1 July 2009.

Bluetooth 3.0 will appear in April.

The Working Group is developing a standard wireless data transfer Bluetooth, April 21, will release the specification of Bluetooth 3.0, says Wi-Fi Net News. Modules to support the new specifications would be to combine the two radio.
First, with low power consumption, provides data on the normal version of Bluetooth for the second speed in the three megabita in the second. Another high-speed and compatible with the 802.11 standard provides speeds that are comparable with the speed networks Wi-Fi.
It should be noted that Bluetooth 3.0 uses the 802.11 standard without the suffix, that is not formally compatible with the specifications of Wi-Fi, both 802.11b / g or 802.11n. 802.11 - a more common standard.
The use of a radio depends on the size of the transferred file. Smaller files will be transferred to a slow channel, and more - for high speed. After the end of the transfer module returns to lower energy consumption.
In addition, Bluetooth 3.0 will be possible under the title "advanced control power" (Enhanced Power Control), writes Electronista. It avoids the connection if the device is put in a bag or pocket.
Not yet known whether it was possible to upgrade to the existing modules to support Bluetooth 3.0, and when the market will be products that use the new specification.

Americans and Europeans bought 600 thousand DSi in two days.

Living in North America and Europe have bought more than 600 thousand DSi handheld consoles in the first two days after the commencement of sales, reports GameSpot. This information confirmed the president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata. Also reported that in each of these regions has sold approximately equal number of gaming systems. Previously, the information about that in the UK on the first weekend was able to realize 92 thousand DSi.
DSi Console has been on sale in Europe on 3 April this year. In North American stores the device appeared on 5 April. In Japan DSi sale on 1 November last year. By the end of March in this country has sold over two million consoles.
Recall that the first model of DS has been on sale in 2004, and in 2006 began selling DS Lite. The new version of the portable console was thinner and lighter predecessor. Game System DSi is the third model of DS. It has a large screen with a diagonal of 3.25 inches, two camera and slot for SD-cards. The new console is 12 percent thinner than DS Lite, but it lacks the slot for the cartridge Game Boy Advance.
Add that the DS is currently the leader in the market of portable game systems. According to Nintendo, the world has already been shipped to stores more than 100 million of various models of the console.

Microsoft hinted at the "childishness" of laptops Apple.

KommentariiSprosite people with ulitsy07.04.2009Novaya advertising campaign Microsoft has been at the center skandalaMicrosoft has released the third spot in the campaign Laptop Hunters ( "Hunters for laptops), says Engadget. This mother and son to choose gaming laptop worth no more than 1500 dollars. In doing so, the mother calls the notebooks Apple "popular at this age," meaning her son. IT-analysts felt that way Microsoft hinted at the "childishness" products Apple.
Subjects Laptop Hunters are built on the same principle. Microsoft gets users to participate in market research, inviting them to buy a laptop within the amount appropriated. All roller members go to the store Apple Store, but went away empty-handed, in different ways explaining his reluctance to buy a Mac.
Thus, in the first video pokupatelnitsa acknowledged that "not enough pitched for the Mac", the second - that the most important thing in computers, Apple is not power, and aesthetics. A distinctive feature of the campaign Microsoft is the fact that although all members of rollers choose PC, focus on the use of Windows is not done.
Laptop Hunters is a response to a popular ad campaign Apple "Get a Mac", in the movie which is already several years compare Mac and PC.

Supercomputer to graphic chip will explore neural networks.

Evolved Machines Corp. has launched a supercomputer consisting of 42 cards Nvidia Tesla C1060 and 14 quad-processor AMD Phenom, says TG Daily. It will be the calculations associated with the development of neural networks, writes Softpedia.
Theoretically, the peak computing power of the supercomputer will be 40 teraflops, which corresponds to 84 position in the ranking of the most powerful computing systems in the world.
Thanks used Modules Tesla, based on graphics chips Nvidia, the new system has a 10080 parallel processor cores. A further 56 cores are processors AMD Phenom.
Tesla used for such decisions Nvidia, as personal supercomputers - a relatively cheap system performance equivalent to 250 conventional computers. The minimum value of personal supercomputers, based on Nvidia Tesla is about 10 thousand dollars.
Computational solutions based graphics chip, and is the main competitor Nvidia, the company AMD. In 2008, she released a map FireStream 9250, which exceeds the computing power of one teraflops.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

512-gigabaytny SSD-drive launched in series production.

Company Super Talent has released a line of solid state (SSD) drives MasterDrive RX, made in 2.5-inch form factor. It includes devices with capacity from 128 to 512 gigabytes. This was reported in the press release, Super Talent.
In SSD-drive Super Talent MasterDrive RX implemented technology RAIDSSD. It provides a higher speed of these devices. All line drives are compatible with various versions of Windows, Mac OS X operating system and based on the kernel Linux.
128 - and 256-gigabaytnye SSD-drives MasterDrive RX can be implemented as a multi-layer technology (MLC), and peer (SLC) cells. In the first case, their maximum reading speed of 230 megabytes per second and write speed - 160 megabytes per second. The second - 230 and 200 megabytes per second respectively.
512-gigabaytny solid-state drive Super Talent MasterDrive RX Only technology MLC. It reads data at speeds of 230 megabytes per second, writes - 160 megabytes per second. The cost of this drive - one and a half thousand dollars.
Previously, the maximum capacity of series SSD-drive is equivalent to 256 gigabytes. 512-gigabaytny solid-state drive at the end of last year, the company announced the Toshiba. Its serial production will begin in spring of this year.
From hard drives SSD-drives are high speed and low power consumption. In addition, they are impervious to external influences, as well as the lack of moving parts. However, the cost of SSD-drives are significantly higher than that of conventional hard drive.

In 2011, the Russians will be able to choose a State Duma deputy with the help of mobile phone.

At the elections of deputies to the Duma in 2011, the Russians will be able to vote from mobile and satellite phones, as well as using social maps, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the statement by the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churova.
Vote can be via any mobile phone that supports Java-application. To this end, the voter must tell the telephone number from which wants to vote. On election day, this number will come a special annex for voting.
This application can be used only once, after which it is blocked. Vladimir Churov stressed that the same user will not be able to vote via mobile phone a few times, and the various abuses of the program are excluded.
To vote via the satellite phone will require a special apparatus. He is currently being developed.
Electronic voting system was tested at the first regional elections in March 2009. It allows citizens to vote outside the polling station, using a computer, mobile phone or social card.
Then the system of electronic voting have been over 270 thousand of hacker attacks in the five regions where it was tested. But the failures in the system did not happen.
After the March regional elections, the head of the CEC said that the total proved more difficult to vote via cell phone, so this technology will be improved. Minimum difficulty caused voters vote with the help of social cards.

Reporters learned about the imminent release of a new generation of iPhone.

Taiwan electronics manufacturers have begun production of components for next-generation smartphone Apple iPhone, reports DigiTimes referring to information, publication Commercial Times. What are these components not specified.
It is anticipated that the new generation of smart phones iPhone will be presented in June this year. It is estimated the market for the quarter following the release of the new iPhone, Apple will sell 2-3 million of these smart phones as a second or third generations.
A week ago, it became known that OmniVision has received an order from Apple for the production of 3,2-мегапиксельнÑ&lsqauo;Ñ… cells for third-generation iPhone. In mid-February in the Network have the back cover photo of new iPhone.
The first generation of phones Apple iPhone will go on sale in June 2007. A year later, a second generation of the smartphone.
The first generation of iPhone comes with a platform for iPhone 1.0, the second - with the platform iPhone 2.0. March 17, 2009 Apple announced the third version of software platform iPhone. Since then, analysts have speculated that it will soon appear and the device at its base.
The two-generation iPhone were presented to the executive director and one of the founders of Apple Steve Dzhobsom. In mid-January 2009, he went on sick leave, which will last until June.

Acer introduced the 11.6-inch netbuk.

Acer introduced the Aspire One netbuk series with a 11.6-inch screen, said in a press release the company. On the development of this laptop ultradeshevogo became known in late March.
New Acer Aspire One, as the previous one in this series Laptops, works on the basis of processor Intel Atom. The amount of hard drive that netbuka is 160 gigabytes. From wireless modules in the 11.6-inch Aspire One has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.
Display 11.6-inch Acer Aspire One is 1366h768 pixels. The ratio of its sides - 16:9.
The thickness of the new Acer netbuka equals 2.5 centimeters. Time of autonomous work eight hours. Start of sales of the machine and its price is not reported.
Currently, Acer produces two versions netbuka Aspire One - c 8,9 - and 10-inch screens. 8.9-inch Acer netbuk was introduced in mid-2008, a 10-inch - in January 2009.
As a rule, diagonal screen netbukov limited to 10 inches. However, some companies have announced ultradeshevye notebooks with larger diagonal screen. For example, a 11-inch netbuki announced that HP and VIA.

MTS will begin selling BlackBerry for private individuals in April.

Until the end of April, the company ITT BlackBerry smartphones will begin to sell to private customers, writes the newspaper Kommersant. Currently, BlackBerry in Russia is only available to corporate customers.
According to a source of Kommersant at the telecommunications market, MTS will begin offering BlackBerry users the private next week. President of MTS Mikhail Shamolin confirmed to bring BlackBerry to the mass market, but stressed that this will happen within two weeks.
For users of the MTS will offer two models of BlackBerry: 8800 and 8900. They will cost about 17 and 20 rubles respectively. Until the end of the year the operator expects to sell no less than three thousand smartphones BlackBerry.
Monthly fee for individual BlackBerry users will be 350 rubles. It includes, among other things, unlimited access to the postal service.
BlackBerry Smartphones are very popular among corporate employees. They allow fast exchange of mail, as well as to save bandwidth for sending files in standard formats. To transfer data using secure protocols, encryption communication channels that ensure the confidentiality of business information.
Import of BlackBerry smartphones in Russia had been resolved last year. Currently, the corporate market to offer operators MTS and VimpelCom (brand name "Beeline"). Previously, MTS had planned to begin selling BlackBerry for private users in autumn 2008.

Company Uniloc otsudila at Microsoft 388 million dollars.

U.S. Federal Court on 8 April ordered the Microsoft Corporation to pay Uniloc 388 million dollars for patent infringement, reports AFP.

Uniloc, dedicated software to protect against software piracy, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in 2003, states on the website edition of The Wall Street Journal. The company accused Microsoft of illegally using its design, protected by patent of 1992, the technology Microsoft Product Activation, which prohibits the user to copy software unless the license agreement.

In 2003, Uniloc lawsuit was dismissed, but the company has made a review of this decision in the Court of Appeal. In August 2008, sued Microsoft for Uniloc was accepted by the Federal Court of Rhode Island. In the verdict, issued on April 7, 2009 jury, Microsoft was found guilty of willful patent infringement.

Representatives of Microsoft, tells AFP, has already stated that they did not agree with the decision of the court, and we intend to challenge it.

In August 2008, Microsoft lost the trial with Alcatel-Lucent, accusing the corporation of the illegal use of its development on the algorithm handwriting recognition, and work with calendars in Outlook, and the operating system Windows Mobile. Then the corporation is obliged to pay Microsoft for patent infringement over 367.4 million dollars.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Acer has established competitor thick MacBook Air.

Acer Inc. has announced a series of ultrathin laptops Timeline, which are positioned in the same niche as the MacBook Air or ThinkPad X301, writes Electronista. Despite ultraportivnost, the thickness of the new notebooks longer than those of competitors, ranging from 2.3 to 2.8 cm. The easiest Timeline of notebook weighs about 1.6 kilograms.
Notebooks Series Timeline equipped with screens with a diagonal of 13.3, 14 and 15 inch and LED backlight. They installed video Intel GMA 4500. Like the MacBook Air, notebook PCs equipped with multsensornym Timeline trackpad.
The new laptops are Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Solo with super power. The battery provides up to ten hours of autonomous work with solid drive and up to eight - with a hard drive.
Expected that the series will cost Timeline in U.S. stores from 699 to 899 dollars. How much will it cost laptops with optional solid drive, eight gigabytes of memory and module Wi-Fi/WiMax, not specified.

Announced the world's first computer platform Nvidia Ion.

Company Acer has created the world's first computer-based platform for Nvidia Ion, reports Engadget. This computer is called the Aspire Revo and belongs to the class desktops.
Inside the Aspire Revo is 1,6-gigagertsevy processor Intel Atom. The maximum amount of memory that your computer is four gigabytes. Depending on configuration, for storing data in the Aspire Revo can be used either a hard drive or solid-state drive.
The main body of Acer Aspire Revo are connectors HDMI, VGA, Ethernet ports and six USB. Also, there's a module Wi-Fi. As an operating system on this PC preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium, or Vista Basic, depending on configuration.
The integrated video platform Ion, desktop Acer Aspire Revo can handle HD-video with a resolution of 1080r. In addition, it can run games requiring DirectX 10 support, for example, Spore, Call of Duty 4 and Sim City 5.
Arrival date and sales price of Acer Aspire Revo are not reported. According to Nvidia, the first computers based on the Ion will be the summer and will cost $ 299.
On the development of Acer computer company based on Nvidia Ion became aware in late February. Then, it was reported that this PC is called the Hornet, and will be sold complete with controller, equipped with a motion sensor.
Platform Nvidia Ion was introduced in December 2008. Its GeForce 9400M integrated video is several times better than similar solutions on the performance of Intel. Last criticized Ion, stressing that this platform is nothing new and it consumes a lot of energy.

Launched the most powerful supercomputer in Siberia.

In the Siberian Supercomputer Center, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (SSKTS) put into operation a new computing cluster NCC-30T with a capacity of 4.8 teraflops, transmits "Interfax". A cluster based on Intel Xeon 5450 platform, increased the productivity of local supercomputer to 6 teraflops, making the latter the most powerful in Siberia.
Starting cluster held the governor of Novosibirsk region Viktor Tolokonskaya 8 April. The first task of a supercomputer will be the calculation of cellular automaton model of the formation of a cumulative jet with facings of nanocrystalline powders of tungsten.
Superior supercomputer took 25 place on the computing power in the top 50 ranking of supercomputers CIS. Until the end of the year its capacity will double by the end of 2010 it will be brought up to 30 teraflops. In the long run, productivity will grow up to 100 teraflops. The cost of the new cluster are not reported.
It should be noted that 6 teraflops - a relatively small capacity for a supercomputer. Indeed, AMD still a corporation in 2008 released a specially designed solution for computing FireStream 9250 worth less than a thousand dollars with a capacity of more than one teraflopsa. Technically possible to combine the four FireStream 9250, reaching a performance in about five teraflops.
Competitor AMD, the corporation Nvidia, since the end of 2008, producing the so-called personal computers, which are used for computing solutions Tesla. The cost of such a computer that has a capacity of two teraflops, is about 10 thousand dollars.
As a budget solution for the creation of productive supercomputer is also sometimes used in game consoles Sony PlayStation 3 with high computing power and standing in the United States about four hundred dollars. Thus, the known system of 336 prefixes, the overall performance of 53 teraflops of.

Sales of mobile phones in Russia fell to a five-year minimum.

In the first quarter of 2009 in Russia has sold 5.48 million mobile phones, which is 29 percent lower than a year ago. In addition, for the first time since 2004, sales of mobile phones has exceeded one billion dollars. This writes the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to independent data analyst, teacher of the Academy of National Economy Vladimir Bogdanov.
During the first three months of 2009 the Russians spent on the purchase of cellular telephones 819 million dollars. A year ago the figure was 1.76 billion dollars. In the first quarter of 2004, Russians spent on the purchase of 836 million U.S. cell phones.
According to Vladimir Bogdanov, the percentage of phones sold on credit has been reduced to ten percent. In the first quarter of last year sold 19 percent of the credit cell phones. The main reason for decline in credit sales - the liquidation of banks lending programs.
The average price of mobile phone sold in the first quarter of 2009 amounted to $ 150. A year ago the figure was 35 percent higher.
Vladimir Bogdanov believed that in the second quarter of 2009 will be sold 6.25 million mobile phones, which is 28 percent lower than the second quarter of 2008. Proceeds from sales of phones will increase to 970 million dollars, which is lower than that of last year by 48 percent.
Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin do not agree with the study by Vladimir Bogdanov. According to his data, which led the newspaper Vedomosti, in the first quarter of 2009 were sold 6.6 million mobile phones. In monetary terms, the market fell to 840 million dollars.

Intel has released the fastest processor Atom.

Company Intel Developer Forum IDF 2009 introduced two new processor Atom, one of which operates at a frequency of two gigahertz, reports IDG News. Previously, the maximum frequency Atom processor is equivalent to 1.86 gigahertz.
Dvuhgigagertsevy processor called the Intel Atom Z550. The second presented at IDF 2009 processor - Atom Z515. It operates at a frequency of 1.2 gigahertz. Power consumption of these chips, the development of which became known in March, at 2.4 and 1.4 watts.
Both processors are made in compliance with 45-nanometer production methods. They support up to two gigabytes of memory and are designed for use in mobile Internet devices.
Intel representatives stressed that the Z515 and Z550 are already available to manufacturers of electronics. The cost of processors not reported.
The first Atom processor family was announced a year ago. Currently, the most popular chips Intel Atom, operating at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz. They are the core of most ultradeshevyh desktop and mobile computers.

The British bought 92 thousand DSi in two days.

The company has been able to realize the Nintendo 92 thousand DSi consoles in the UK for two days, GamesIndustry writes with reference to the data Chart-Track. Sales of portable gaming system, began on 3 April this year. Journalists CVG also noted that the DSi has taken fourth place in the list of the fastest-selling console in the country.
In terms of the number of gaming systems sold in the first weekend update portable console behind PSP, PlayStation 3 and Wii. At the same time in two days Nintendo has been able to realize more consoles in the UK than all other companies combined.
Recall that in Japan DSi sales started on 1 November last year. For two days the people of this country have bought more than 170 thousand of portable consoles. At the end of March this year, it became known that the DSi was able to overcome the mark of 2 million consoles sold. Earlier it was announced that Nintendo shipped to stores 100 million of various models of DS.
The first version of DS gaming system was introduced in 2004. The new model DS Lite, which was thinner and lighter its predecessor, was marketed in 2006. Recall that the DSi is the third version of the portable console. The device has a large screen with a diagonal of 3.25 inches, the two integrated cameras, as well as slot for SD-cards. The console can also play music files. In doing so, the developers decided to abandon the cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apple has accelerated its server twice.

April 7, Apple Inc. has updated its line of servers, Xserve, saying an increase in productivity by 89 percent in terms of watts of power consumption. The new Xserve installed processors Intel Xeon, using microarchitecture Nehalem. Also, they can establish solid-state drives.
In the standard configuration of Xserve includes Quad Intel Xeon 5500 processor, running at a frequency of 2.26 GHz and equipped with 8 MB cache memory of the third level. Also, the server is installed, three gigabytes of DDR3 memory and hard disk capacity of 160 gigabytes. Overall, it can be installed drives with total capacity of up to three terabytes.
In addition, the Xserve, you can add a boot capacity of solid-state drive 128 gigabytes, consuming much less power than a hard disk, and in some cases working at 48 times faster.
The minimum value of Xserve will be 2999 U.S. dollars. A server with two Quad-core CPU will cost in 3599 dollars. Apple points out that the server operating system for pre Xserve, contains no restrictions on the number of clients.

Motorola tested the network provider the fourth generation.

Company Motorola at the CTIA Wireless 2009 to demonstrate the network provider fourth generation technology based on LTE, reports Computerworld. In this network was transferred to video monitors located in a moving van.
The speed of data transmission in the test network in excess of ten megabits per second. The only setback during the ten-test occurred when the equipment in a moving van to switch between base stations. At this moment the broadcasting was interrupted for about three seconds.
Representatives of Motorola emphasize that the current engineers are working to address this shortcoming. Then, Motorola will begin serial production of equipment for the LTE-networks. This happens at the end of 2009.
The speed of data transmission in the current 3G networks is typically three to five megabits per second. During testing LTE technology data transfer speed is equivalent to 10-15 megabitam per second. Close to the base station, it exceeded 25 megabits per second.
At present, the main competitor to cellular communication networks fourth generation technology based on LTE, a wireless WiMax. The speed of data transmission in the WiMax network to 75 megabits per second. The main proponent of WiMax - the company Intel.
Recently, head of sales and production company Nokia Anssi Vanoki (Anssi Vanjoki) standard called WiMax dead. He was confident that by 2015, will receive wide distribution network of LTE, but WiMax will share the fate of videostandarta Betamax, which at that time was replaced cassettes VHS.
The first mobile phone Nokia, support networks LTE, to appear in 2010. Last autumn, the company Nokia Siemens Networks launched the equipment for networking standard 4G LTE. It was expected that the first such network in early 2010 will launch the U.S. operator Verizon.

Channels "BBC" took to the screens of smartphones in a live broadcast.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC started broadcasting television on mobile phones, reported the newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Monday, 6 April.
The publication notes that the broadcast of mobile phones conducted simultaneously with the main broadcast on television, that is, without delay.
Watch live channels "BBC" are the owners of smartphones, it requires to connect to Wi-Fi. Already available for mobile viewing channels BBC One, BBC Four, CBeebies and BBC News. Radio "BBC" are also available for listening on mobile phones.
As noted by The Daily Telegraph, no special software on the phones do not need to install. However, while mobile viewing product "BBC" can only benefit the owners of phones Nokia N Series, as well as T-Mobile G1. iPhone does not support the proposed service corporation.
Remember, in the spring of 2008, "the BBC" has launched a new Internet version of its site for mobile phones. And at the end of November 2008 launched the Internet TV broadcasting of major corporations - BBC One and BBC Two.

Processor Intel changed their logos.

Company Logos Intel has updated its processor, said CNet News. The company also introduced a new system for evaluating performance of chips based on the scale of five stars.
Processor Intel entry-level and low-productivity solutions are assigned one or two stars. Solutions with an average capacity of receiving three or four stars. Five stars Intel assigns the most productive chipam.
In addition, the processor varies the color and logo. For example, the budget decisions it white, but the most powerful - black. As before, the new logos for Intel put the name of the producer and processor family, to which the chip.
The new logos and evaluation system chips will help customers in choosing a computer. In particular, based on processor type, they can determine the approximate performance of interested computer.

The second sensor BlackBerry smartphone will appear in September.

KommentariiShtormovaya ezhevika08.10.2008Predstavlen touch smartphone BlackBerry StormKompaniya RIM will release a second BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen in September this year, reports SlashGear. It will be called the BlackBerry Storm 2.
When you create a Storm 2 RIM engineers took into account the criticism received by the address of their first touch smartphone. In Storm 2 will be the outcome, in particular, the module Wi-Fi, which is lacking in its predecessor.
In autumn 2008, the company RIM has released the first BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen - Storm. It is equipped with a 3.25-inch screen, a maximum resolution of which is 480h360 pixels. This smartphone works in 3G networks and is equipped with a module of GPS.
The amount of RAM BlackBerry Storm is 128 megabytes capacity embedded flash memory module - one gigabyte. Smartphone also supports memory card format microSD of up to 16 gigabytes.

The Italians launched the desktop-designer for 99 Euro.

The Italian company Abaco presented ultradeshevy desktop (nettop) Primo. Its price starts from 99 Euro. This was reported at Abaco.
For 99 dollars nettop Primo is available in a minimum configuration. It is equipped with a 1.6-gigagertsevym processor Intel Atom, chetyrehgigabaytnym flash drive and 512 megabytes of RAM.
Note that for 99 dollars Abaco offers only a set of components, which will have to collect yourself. For the assembled nettop Abaco Primo minimal configuration will have to pay 111.5 euros.
In the maximum configuration available Abaco Primo worth 439.5 euros. It includes a 1.6-gigagertsevy Intel Atom processor, two gigabytes of RAM, terabaytny hard drive, DVD-drive, Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth. All Primo versions can be supplied without an operating system, and with XUbuntu Linux.
Market leader nettopov is Asus. His first ultrabyudzhetny the desktop, the company released in mid-2008. Soon, similar to the PC beginning to produce the company MSI. Average price nettopov Asus and MSI is about $ 300, which corresponds to 223 euros.

Monday, April 6, 2009

In North Korea, counted 20 thousand cell phones.

The number of cellular subscribers in North Korea by the end of March grew to 20 thousand, transmits Associated Press. This is due to launch in the country in December 2008 a new network of Egyptian operator Orascom Telecom.
Total country population of more than 20 million people. How many of them will have access to mobile telephony in the next few years is unknown.
Orascom operates through a special company Cheo Technology, 25 percent of which belongs to the Government of North Korea. Cheo Technology License is valid for 25 years. At five years, the company was released from paying taxes.
Cellular communication is still in Pyongyang and the highway linking Pyongyang and Hyansan. Orascom Telecom expects to cover the whole country by 2012. To use a network connection, third-generation.
Attempts to provide residents of North Korea's cellular communication made in the past. Previous network worked short and ceased to exist in 2004.

Japanese twice improved green organic light-emitting diodes.

The Japanese researchers have improved the organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), based on a green light emitting phosphor. The new OLED outer reaches 56.9 per cent of the total light produced. This is two times higher than in conventional organic light-emitting diodes.
Effective improvement of organic light-emitting diodes has a very high value of 210 lumens per watt. The brightness of these diodes of 10 candelas per square meter.
New OLED receives light through a substrate of transparent electrodes. Also attached to the substrate glass panel with the index of refraction of 2.03 and a thickness of 0.7 millimeters. Her process in such a way that becomes grating on the surface of the lens.
The efficiency strongly depends on the glass panel. Without it, it is 94.3 lyumena per watt instead of 210.
Organic LEDs are one of the most promising devices for electronics and lighting. Their disadvantage is the high cost and short time of blue LEDs. At the end of 2008, Korean scientists have developed a better material for the blue OLED.

Intel predicted three-fold increase in sales of integrated graphics.

In 2008, the integrated graphics for the first time ahead of the discrete graphics card sales, reports CNet News, referring to the data analysis company Mercury Research.
The leading manufacturer of integrated graphics is a company Intel. It expects that by 2013 these graphics solutions will be three times as popular discrete graphics cards.
The most common integrated graphics installed in notebooks. However, the power of such decisions is not enough, in particular, to run many modern games.
Intel representatives have emphasized that intend to address this shortcoming. To this end, the company cooperates with several game developers who optimize their products to work with the integrated graphics system.
Leading manufacturers of discrete graphics cards are Nvidia and AMD. The latter produces visual solutions under the brand ATI. The first Intel discrete graphics card should appear in 2010. Its foundation will plurinuclear graphic chip Intel Larrabee.

IBM was not able to buy the Sun.

Sun Microsystems Board of Directors rejected the proposal on the purchase of IBM, reported The Wall Street Journal, referring to information from people familiar with the details of the transaction.
According to the data The Wall Street Journal, the board of directors rejected the proposal by IBM Sun on Saturday, the fourth of April. The next day, IBM withdrew its proposal to buy Sun. However, representatives of both companies continue to negotiate.
One of the reasons for collapse of deal between Sun and IBM is that Sun is not arranged for the leaders of the proposed amount for the company. For example, IBM was originally intended to buy the Sun, paying for one share of 10-11 dollars. Then, IBM has proposed per share Sun 9,5 dollar, but to the refusal of Sun - 9,4 dollars.
Another reason for refusal was the lack of Sun firm position IBM in the event of claims against the deal from antitrust authorities. The latter is quite real, as well as IBM and Sun in a segment dominated by Unix-servers, taking up 65 per cent of the market.
For the first time on IBM plans to buy Sun became aware in mid-March. Then, it was reported that the sum of the transaction amount to 6.5 billion dollars. At the end of last week it was reported that IBM will pay Sun for seven billion dollars, and the transaction will be announced shortly.
Representatives of IBM and Sun Microsystems not comment on that information.
According to IDC, IBM controls 31.4 per cent of the market of servers. Companies of HP and Dell took 29.5 and 11.6 per cent of the market respectively. The percentage of Sun Microsystems in the server market was 10.6 percent.

In the United States and Europe have begun selling DSi.

DSi portable console has been on sale outside of Japan, says MCV. As planned, the launch of the game in Europe took place on April 3. On Sunday, April 5, the company began selling Nintendo DSi in the United States. In Japan, the updated console appeared on 1 November last year.
New model of a portable gaming system, officially announced in October last year. The company Nintendo stated that the DSi will be 12 percent thinner than the previous version of the console, which is called the DS Lite. In addition, the device has two screens with a diagonal of 3.25 inches, whereas in previous models of screens with a diagonal of 3 inches.
Do DSi has two built-in camera and slot for memory cards format SD. The console can also play music files. In doing so, the developers decided to abandon the cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance.
The first model of DS has been on sale in 2004. The second version of the console, DS Lite, introduced in 2006. Note that this is a handheld device in great demand worldwide. By mid-March this year, it became known that Nintendo shipped to stores 100 million of various models of DS. At the end of March it was announced that Japan residents bought more than 2 million DSi.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sanyo has released a video camera for divers.

Company Sanyo launched camcorders that can shoot under water. At the first stage, the camera will be sold only in Mexico and the United States. This was reported in the press release Sanyo.
Sanyo Waterproof camcorder is in the range of Dual Camera. She called the VPC-WH1, and is available in blue and yellow. The cost of the camera - $ 400.
Sanyo VPC-WH1 can operate at depths of up to three meters. Maximum video resolution, which can remove this chamber - 720r at a speed of 30 frames per second. Maximum resolution photos - two megapixels.
Dimensions Sanyo VPC-WH1 represent 5,3 x10, 1h5, 7 cm, weight - 355 grams. Diagonal screen this camera is 2.5 inches.
Lens Sanyo VPC-WH1 supports tridtsatikratnoe optical zoom. The camera image stabilization system is implemented and the function of recognition of individuals. A lens is a flash.

U.S. senators have declared war on mobile spam.

U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe (Olympia Snowe), and Bill Nelson (Bill Nelson) have developed a bill designed to reduce the number of unwanted messages per mobile phone, transmits AFP.
The authors of the document, which is called m-SPAM Act of 2009, indicate that mobile spam comes not only in cell phone, but also accounts for the services of millions of people. In the United States, some tariff plans involve the payment of incoming text messages. Sometimes the cost is 20 cents.
Bill tighten existing rules prohibiting commercial messages to mobile numbers entered in the list of "Do not call" (Do-Not-Call). In this registry may include a number of every American, not wishing to call him with commercial offers.
In addition, senators have warned that with each passing day increases the threat of transfer of viruses and other malicious programs via mobile communications. It is believed that the law will help protect their mobile citizens.
According to the senators, U.S. mobile subscribers in 2007, received over 1.1 million messages, which can be attributed to mobile spam. This is a 38 per cent more than in 2006.

IBM buys Sun for seven billion dollars.

Company IBM buy Sun Microsystems for seven billion dollars, reported The New York Times, referring to information from people familiar with the details of the transaction.
According to the publication of one share Sun Microsystems IBM company pays 9.5 dollars. Previously, IBM offered one share for Sun Microsystems from 10 to 11 dollars.
IBM Board of Directors approved the purchase of Sun Microsystems. It was expected that the transaction will be officially announced either on Friday, the third of April, or next week.
Representatives of IBM and Sun Microsystems do not comment on the deal.
For the first time, the intention of IBM to buy Sun Microsystems became aware in mid-March. Then, it was reported that the sum of the transaction amount to 6.5 billion dollars.
According to IDC, IBM controls 31.4 per cent of the market of servers. Companies of HP and Dell took 29.5 and 11.6 per cent of the market respectively. The percentage of Sun Microsystems in the server market was 10.6 percent.
It is possible that the deal between Sun Microsystems and IBM could prevent regulators, as these companies in a segment dominated by Unix-servers, taking up 65 per cent of the market. In addition, Sun Microsystems and IBM has several products in the same segments of the software and data storage systems.

Intel Atom in netbuke replaced by a mobile platform Nvidia.

At CTIA Wireless 2009 the company introduced the Nvidia netbuk HP Mini 1000, which is based on a mobile platform Nvidia Tegra, and not the processor Intel Atom, reports Electronista.
Apparently, netbuk Operating System Windows CE, as XP and Vista platform Tegra does not support. At this netbuke opened the browser and start a video with a resolution of 720p.
Problems playing HD-video with netbuka based Tegra not there - the picture does not pull. Despite the fact that Nvidia Tegra platform supports playback of HD-video in the resolution of 1080r, the quality of the movie was not running.
Nvidia Tegra mobile platform was introduced in February this year. It brings together on one chip, in particular, the processor microarchitecture-based ARM, graphics chip, memory controller and input / output.
Currently, Nvidia is negotiating with manufacturers on the issue of mobile devices based on Tegra. It is anticipated that the price will start from 99 dollars. The first such device to be shown this summer at the Computex.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nokia found dead WiMax standard.

Standard wireless WiMax besperspektiven, and by 2015 will be widely used standard LTE, writes The Financial Times, referring to the words Anssi Vanoki (Anssi Vanjoki), head of sales and production corporation Nokia.
Vanoki believes that WiMax will share the fate of videostandarta Betamax, which at that time was replaced cassettes VHS. Currently, the population in the regions covered with WiMax networks of 400 million people. In particular, the WiMax network already deployed in Moscow.
At the same time, the U.S. cellular network operators are actively deploys LTE, the data transmission rate that can theoretically be about 100 megabits per second. WiMax in the United States developed worse.
Nokia are reluctant to support WiMax. In 2004, the corporation even came from the industrial organization WiMax Forum, but will soon re-joined to it. She also released a mobile device that supports N810 WiMax, but later ceased its sales and support.
WiMax is the main protector of the corporation Intel. Other organizations believe that WiMax, which provides fast data transfer, can coexist with third-generation networks and networks of LTE.

Nvidia introduced a new powerful graphics card.

April 2, Nvidia Corp. has announced a powerful new GeForce GTX 275 graphics card with an embedded mechanism to support the physical calculations PhysX. It is based on the architecture, GT200.
GeForce GTX 275 is equipped with 240 processor cores operating at a frequency of 1404 megahertz, and 80 texture processors. Equipped Nvidia GTX 275 896 MB memory. According to a new performance site is located between the GTX 260 and GTX 285.
Argued that a new video card is fully prepared to work with Windows 7. It will go on sale worldwide until April 14. The cost of GeForce GTX 275 range from 229 to 249 dollars. In Nvidia assured that it is the fastest card in this price category.
Announce GeForce GTX 275 almost coincided with the announcement of new graphic chip ATI Radeon HD 4890, which is the main competitor Nvidia, corporation AMD, is positioned as the fastest in the world. Its performance surpasses 1.3 teraflops.

Sony announces pocket video camera module with GPS.

The company introduced the compact camcorder Sony HDR-TG5V lens with Carl Zeiss. It also has a module of GPS, that allows you to assign a geotag videos and photos. This was reported in the press release Sony.
Sony HDR-TG5V record video with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Maximum resolution pictures - four megapixels. The amount of internal memory TG5V is 16 gigabytes. Additionally, you can set the camera memory card.
The size of Sony HDR-TG5V equal 30h117h62 mm, weight - 290 grams. Diagonal screen this camera is 2.7 inches. The main body of TG5V has connectors HDMI, USB and component video output.
Lens Sony HDR-TG5V supports tenfold optical zoom. Responsible for processing the image processor BIONZ. Also implemented in the camera image stabilization system and the function of recognition of individuals.
On the shelves, compact camcorder Sony HDR-TG5V will appear in May. It will cost about a thousand dollars.

AMD has announced the most powerful graphics card.

Corporation AMD announced the world's most powerful graphic processor ATI Radeon HD 4890. Its computing power is 1.36 teraflops. ATI Radeon HD 4890 can operate at frequencies of up to one gigahertz.
The chip is made of 55-nanometer production methods consists of 956 million transistors and 800 stream processors. It is equipped with 256-bit interface that supports ultra-fast memory GDDR5. For the ATI Radeon HD 4890 requires slot PCI Express x16 2.0.
ATI Radeon HD 4890 supports interface DirectX 10.1, including shaders version 4.1. Also expressed support for the graphical library OpenGL 3.0. The value of video in the description on the site is not called.
Prior to the announcement ATI Radeon HD 4890 the most powerful odnochipovoy card AMD has ATI Radeon HD 4870. In August 2008 the company announced dvuhchipovuyu ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2, which was the most productive in the world.

In the United States appeared netbuki for $ 50.

Company AT & T began selling in the United States netbuki for $ 50. As long as they can buy only the residents of Atlanta and Philadelphia. This was reported in the press release AT & T.
Total AT & T offers four netbuka: Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12, and LG Xenia. Depending on the model, they are worth from 50 to 250 dollars. What netbuk the cheapest and most expensive is not specified. Normal price of these machines ranges from 450 to 600 dollars.
All of these netbuk equipped with a 3G module and is sold complete with a two-year contract for communications services AT & T. Minimum fee, provided AT & T for the owners netbukov - 59.95 dollars a month.
As a rule, under the scheme operators sell mobile phones and smartphones. In particular, iPhone. If you buy it bundled with a contract, it is usually much cheaper than a smartphone.
Note that AT & T is not the first operator, began offering subsidized netbuki. For example, last summer, similar to computers appeared in the British offices of the operator Orange.
Then Orange netbuk offering free Asus Eee PC 900 complete with a 3G-modem. But instead it was necessary to conclude a two-year contract with a monthly subscription fee of 25 pounds sterling, or about 47 dollars.

HTC smartphone developed with single-qwerty-keyboard.

Company HTC at CTIA Wireless 2009 smartphone introduced Snap, reports Electronista. He performed in atypical for HTC layout - monoblock with qwerty-keyboard with touch screen.
Smartphone HTC Snap is based on the Qualcomm, operating at a frequency of 528 megahertz. The amount of memory device - 192 megabyte capacity embedded flash memory - 256 megabytes. The latter can be expanded through a memory card, microSD.
Diagonal screen HTC Snap is 2.4 inches. From wireless modules in the smartphone is Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. Any of them can be used to synchronize calendar, contacts and mailbox. Also in the apparatus is a module and GPS dvuhmegapikselnaya camera.
HTC Snap running Windows Mobile 6.1. For convenience, in the pre-smartphone interface TouchFLO 3D.
Currently, HTC produces about 20 models of smartphones. Among them, until Snap, there was not one single with the qwerty-keyboard. In addition, all the other HTC smart phones equipped with touch screens.

Nokia Phones taught to read posters.

Nokia Corporation April 1, announced service Point & Find, which allows owners of mobile phones to scan barcode into stores and "read" posters. In recognition using camera phone and the GPS-module. Point & Find to work also need an Internet connection.
Recognized barcodes, Point & Find will prompt the user to the prices of goods, as well as ask for and write reviews about them. When working with the playbill, it will show the trailer, reviews, and also indicate where the nearest movie theater and when it can be seen this movie.
While the service is in early beta. It is only in the United States and Great Britain. Later, Point & Find will work in other countries, and its ability to expand.
In December last year, the corporation at the Nokia World 2008 event introduced the concept of Social Location, which will make the services more interactive maps. In addition, using the built in compass and GPS-module of Nokia mobile phone will be able to tell the owner of the information about the object to which he looks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bankrupt Silicon Graphics sold over 25 million dollars.

The company Silicon Graphics (SGI), developed the graphical library OpenGL, buy for 25 million U.S. Corporation Rackable Systems, which specializes in servers and storage solutions for large amounts of information. This is stated in a press release Rackable Systems.Odnovremenno Silicon Graphics has asked regulators for protection from bankruptcy. The market capitalization of the company on 31 March was just 4.78 million dollars. The market value of Rackable Systems more than $ 120 million. It was expected that the transaction will be completed within sixty days.
Silicon Graphics is a public company. In exchange, she experienced severe financial difficulties since mid-2007. For a year and a half the value of the company's shares fell from $ 30 to tens of cents. In December 2008, ground NASDAQ delisting warning on SGI, as it no longer meets the minimum requirements of the Exchange.
SGI was founded in 1982. Over time it became one of the most famous manufacturers of computers for computer graphics, but lost the competition, when the market appeared more cheap Intel-compatible solutions.

The Japanese have bought a million Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft has sold one million Xbox 360 consoles in the territory of Japan, reports IGN, with reference to the data company Enterbrain. This attachment point was able to overcome last week. Total to date, residents of Japan bought 1001191 console Xbox 360. Sales of Microsoft gaming system in this country began in December 2005.
It should be noted that American companies use the console is not too good demand in Japan. According to journalists, sales of Xbox consoles first stopped at the point of approximately 500 thousand gaming systems. In Enterbrain also added that Japanese gamers have already bought more than 3 million PlayStation 3, although the console is now on the market almost a year after Xbox 360.
At the moment, a game system Xbox 360 is in second place in the current-generation console race. According to official figures, by 31 December 2008 Microsoft has sold worldwide over 28 million prefixes. PlayStation 3 is the last place. According to Sony, gamers have bought more than 21 million consoles.
Leading game system Wii from Nintendo. By the end of last year around the world has sold 44.96 million consoles.

HP will test Google Android on netbukah.

Company HP is working on netbukami platform based Google Android, reports The Wall Street Journal. Previously, the development of similar computer company has announced Asus.
According to the publication, HP is currently testing Google's platform for the various devices. The final decision on early release netbuka based Android has not yet been decided.
In February this year, it became known that netbuk based on Google Android platform developed by Asus. The prototype of this device appears to the end of the year. A decision on the withdrawal of such netbuka the market has not yet been decided.
Free mobile platform Google Android was announced in 2007. The first smartphone on its base was introduced on 23 September and will go on sale Oct. 22, 2008. At the same time was published the source code of the platform. There are currently about ten smartphones based on Google Android.
The use of Android in netbuke budget will reduce the price of the device. In addition, this platform is less resource intensive, as a consequence, in netbuki can be installed cheaper and weaker than Intel-compatible processor.

Prefix PlayStation 2 podesheveet from 1 April.

Company Sony has announced a reduction in the price of PlayStation 2 game console, reports MCV. From 1 April this year, residents of North America will be able to acquire the prefix for 99.99 dollars. In Europe, the console price drop to 99.99 euros. Currently, the cost of PlayStation 2 in these regions is 129.99 dollars and 129.99 Euro respectively.
Representatives of the British division of Sony has already confirmed that the UK PS2 price will remain unchanged. Currently, the recommended price of the console in the country is 94.99 pounds sterling (about 136 dollars).
Recall that the PlayStation 2 console is the sixth generation. This attachment has been on sale in 2000. Currently she is the most sold console. According to data released in the middle of last year, the world of Sony managed to sell over 140 million PS2.
In January of this year, it became known that only in North America, gamers have purchased 50 million PlayStation 2. Despite the fact that in March, the console was nine years old, she was still in demand.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gateway to SSD-cost Western Digital drives in 65 million dollars.

Western Digital Company has bought the company SiliconSystems for 65 million dollars, reports Computerworld. This transaction allows Western Digital to begin production of solid state (SSD) drives under its own brand.
SiliconSystems The company was founded in 2002. It is a production of solid-state drives, and development of technologies to improve their reliability. In particular, SiliconSystems has created a program PowerArmor, prevent errors in the work of the drive.
While representatives from Western Digital is not raised no plans to release SSD-drives under its own brand. SiliconSystems to absorption produces various drives based on flash memory. Among them, SSD-drives in the 2.5 - and 1.8-inch form factor that can replace the hard drive in notebooks and netbukah.
Western Digital is the second largest producer of hard drives in the world. The leader of this market - the company Seagate. It should begin to release solid state drives by the end of 2009.
The main advantages of solid-state drives over hard disks are low power and high speed. In addition, SSD-drives are not noisy. However, their production costs significantly higher than that of the hard drive.

Transparent LG phone will start selling in May.

Mobile Phone LG GD900 Transparent keyboard appears on the display in May of this year, reports Electronista. For the first time it was presented in February at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
LG GD900 face of a slider with touch screen trehdyuymovym. It will support an interface S-Class UI, optimized for control мобильником through your fingers. GD900 The keyboard can be used as tachpad laptop.
Move your finger on the touch panel LG GD900, you can activate the various functions of the phone. For example, if you write a letter "M", then launch a music player.
LG GD900 thickness is 13.4 mm. Phone works in 3G networks and supports wireless Bluetooth. Other characteristics of the cell phone are not reported, as well as its price.
LG-GD900 become the world's first transparent mobile phone. It focuses on the premium market segment.

Humanoid robot can read thoughts.

Humanoid robots have learned to understand the thoughts, reports AP. The technology developed by Honda Motor. It is designed for use with the robot Asimo.
Honda Motor engineers have created a special helmet, which is based on an analysis of changes in activity of the brain can determine what people think. Then, the corresponding signal is transmitted to the robot wireless.
However, this technology is imperfect. If a person is distracted, the system may not recognize him, accordingly, the robot does not receive any instructions. In addition, the system of reading the thoughts worked, it is necessary for two to three hours to adjust for each user.
Currently, Honda Motor technology allows the robot Asimo to understand when a person thinks about moving his hands, running or foods. At the signal, and the action of the robot takes a few seconds.
Honda Motors Company is working on humanoid robots in 1986. The first Asimo was demonstrated to the public in 2000. The growth of the robot is 130 centimeters, weight - 54 kilograms.
In summer 2008, Asimo has learned to understand the speech of several people simultaneously. Previously, these robots were taught to work in pairs. In May 2008, Asimo made in the role of the symphony orchestra conductor.

Best supercomputer CIS became more powerful than a quarter.

Released the tenth edition of 50 rating the most powerful supercomputers CIS. It continues to be led by a set of MVS-100K set in Mezhvedomstvennomcuperkompyuternom center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Peak performance of the MIF-100K is 95 teraflops. In autumn 2008, this figure was 75 teraflopsam. Number of processors MFR-100K during this period increased from 1564 to 1980. In the rating of 500 most powerful supercomputers world, this system takes place 35.
The second place ranking remained supercomputer SKIF located in the MSU. Its peak performance is 60 teraflopsam. Also in the top ten most powerful supercomputers CIS includes computing facilities, located in Ufa, Russia, Taganrog, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk and Chelyabinsk.
Note that total peak performance of systems in the ranking the most powerful supercomputers in the autumn of the CIS in 2008 increased by 14.95 per cent, reaching 510 teraflops. Average peak performance for the first time exceeded ten teraflops.
In the tenth edition of 50 rating the most powerful supercomputers CIS number of systems based on Intel processors has decreased to 37. On AMD processors built seven supercomputers. At the core of five computer systems based on chips IBM, based in one - HP.
A leading manufacturer of supercomputers in the CIS became the "T-Platforms". It accounted for 17 of the 50 computer systems that are included in the rating. HP had been set up 11 supercomputers, IBM - eight.
Currently, the most powerful supercomputers world is IBM Roadrunner, located in the United States. Its peak performance is 1456 teraflops, almost three times more than the total peak performance 50 best computing capacity CIS.

Nvidia has released a new generation of professional graphics cards.

Company Nvidia introduced a new line of professional graphics cards series Quadro. It consists of seven cards, the cheapest of which costs less than a hundred dollars. This was reported in the press release Nvidia.
The younger model is a new line of Quadro - Quadro NVS 295 graphics card. It is positioned as a solution for business and supports the simultaneous work of two 30-inch displays.
Video Quadro FX 380 and Quadro FX 580 are a professional entry-level solutions. Quadro FX 1800 is a mid-level decisions and is the best for price / quality ratio.
Video Cards Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 and FX 4800 SDI technology support and SLI Multi-OS and provides, inter alia, for developers of graphical applications. Quadro FX 5800 - masthead new model line Quadro. This card supports SLI Multi-OS and is the first decision of this level with four gigabytes of memory.
Technology SLI Multi-OS allows the system to use multiple Nvidia Quadro graphics cards at one workstation in the virtualized environment. In this way you can optimize costs and increase productivity with graphically heavy applications.

Sun cut one and a half thousand people.

The company Sun Microsystems will reduce staff by one and a half thousand people, reports IDG News. This step is part of the restructuring program Sun, announced in November 2008.
According to analysts Wedge Partners, essentially reducing the affect sales and service Sun. They will be laid off up to half staff.
Sun representatives confirmed the information about the impending dismissals. But stresses that under the reduction podpadut staff in all divisions of the company, including top managers.
Sun's restructuring program during the economic crisis, a reduction of 15-18 percent. It is expected that this will allow the company to save between 700 to 800 million dollars a year. At the end of January 2009 was dismissed from the Sun 1300 people.
Company Sun Microsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of servers and workstations. Sun is also known as the developer of operating systems, Java platform and the party to project
Note that the economic crisis has forced many IT-companies to begin the restructuring, which includes a reduction in staff. In particular, the dismissals announced Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM and Nokia.

Russian operators were charged with "improper" sale of iPhone 3G.

In Taganskiy and Savelovskaya district court of Moscow filed suit against four companies: MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon, "writes on Tuesday the newspaper" Kommersant ". The plaintiffs accuse the largest cellular operators in violation of consumer rights when implementing the sales of mobile phones iPhone 3G.
Representative in court on behalf of the plaintiffs - an uncertain group of people - society serves to protect the rights of consumers, "Social control" (JC). As the newspaper company chairman Michael Anshakov, in one of the lawsuits, aimed solely at the MTS, we are talking about the conditions of admission to the iPhone warranty service. According to the rules of the MTS, the buyer can return the phone is only subject to the availability of cash and a check guarantee card, which the initiators of the proceedings, contrary to Russian law. Note that it follows from the "Law on Protection of Consumer Rights", "lack of consumer goods or cash a check or other document certifying the fact and conditions of purchase, not a ground for refusing to meet his demands."
The remaining claims, said "Kommersant", directed against all three companies. Human rights defenders, in particular, accuse the operators that they provide incomplete information about the unit sold, as well as indicate the instructions to the phone that it was impossible to use it without activation through the Internet. Do not agree with the value of OK and the phone, changing depending on the buyer enters into a contract for the provision of services or not.
The press service of the MTS categorically rejected such accusations, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti". According to the representative of the company Irina Osadchy, MTS conducts warranty service even in the absence of a buyer's cash receipts. For the remaining claims Osadchaya stated that they should be directed not against the MTS, but the iPhone 3G.
In companies Vimpelcom and MegaFon declined to comment, citing the lack of information. At Russian Mission Apple promised to comment on the situation with the lawsuits, but at the time of the output numbers that have been made, writes Vedomosti. "Kommersant" meanwhile reported that the head of the Russian Mission Valery Lanovenko Apple declined to comment on.
Apple introduced the iPhone 3G, one of the most popular smartphones in the world, in the summer of 2008. For 2008, it sold 13.7 million devices in the plan at 10 million. In Russia the iPhone 3G came in early October 2008. According to unofficial data, in 2008, sales of phones of this model was only 180 thousand devices.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nokia will collect the phones themselves.

Company Nokia has refused the services of contract assemblers of mobile phones, reports DigiTimes referring to the data analysis company iSuppli. This decision caused a decline in global demand for mobile phone.
In 2008, the share of contract assemblers accounted for 17 percent of phones Nokia. The main partners were Nokia Taiwanese company Foxconn, BYD, Elcoteq and Jabil Circuit.
The company Nokia to use the services of contract electronics assemblers, as well as its production could not satisfy the growing demand for mobile phone. However, because of the economic crisis, sales of phones declined sharply. As a result, Taiwanese electronics assemblers in 2009 did not doschitayutsya five billion dollars from Nokia.
According to iSuppli, in 2008 the total revenue for contract electronics assemblers exceeded $ 300 billion. In 2009, analysts have predicted a reduction of revenues of these companies to 270.8 billion dollars. However, after the decision of Nokia to abandon service contracts collectors, this forecast will be revised.
In mid-March, Nokia announced a reduction of 1700 people worldwide in the program to reduce expenditures in times of crisis. In addition, the first of March in Nokia launched a program of voluntary retirement, as a result of which thousands of people leave the company of their own volition.

The Russians began to talk less on the mobile phone.

KommentariiMobilny antikrizis11.03.2009Kak Russian cellular operators to cope with the economic downturn? Russian customers during the crisis have been less use of cellular communications, writes Vedomosti. Because of the demand reduction net profit of "Sonic Duo", which operates under the brand name "MegaFon-Moscow", fell in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 13.4 percent.
Basically subscribers MegaFon-Moscow "abandon such costly services such as roaming and international communications. The duration of conventional negotiations until reduced by only a few minutes a month.
At the same time, MTS subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2008, referred to 2.3 per cent more than in the third. They began to move to cheaper fares, but the operator has reduced the average per minute from 1.3 to 1.18 rubles.
Operators have begun to respond to reduced demand in the winter of 2009. They have raised prices for roaming, as well as the revised cost of calls on some of the normal tariff. It also became an opportunity to SMS and calls for "your favorite room."
Also, the MTS, Megafon and Beeline has already launched a crisis rates, which dramatically reduces the cost of calls after a few minutes spent on us. MegaFon-Moscow also launched a fare "Just to talk" enables subscribers connected to it to talk with each other for five cents per minute.

Computer-monoblock Asus entered the market.

Computer-monoblock Asus Eee Top ET1602 will go on sale, reports Engadget. It is currently available, including online and in stores, including Amazon, for 599 dollars.
Asus Eee Top ET1602 was introduced in November last year. Diagonal its touch screen is 15.6 inches. Inside the computer is the processor Intel Atom N270, running at a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz.
Disk Capacity ET1602 is 160 gigabytes, the amount of memory - a gigabyte. Also, there's a module Wi-Fi, 1,3-megapixel web camera, Ethernet connectors, and USB.
During the premiere of Asus Eee Top ET1602 reported that he is available for pre-order at several online stores. Then he was worth 734 dollars.
Note that along with the ET1602 has been submitted to the computer-monoblock Asus Eee Top ET1603. Its only difference from ET1602 - video. U Asus Eee Top ET1602 is Intel GMA950, a ET1603 - discrete graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450. While the Eee Top ET1603 not be on sale.
Both computer-monoblocks Asus are running Windows XP. For the first time on their design became known in June 2008.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Netbuk Asus with DVD-drive will appear in April.

Series netbuka Asus Eee PC E1004DN with integrated optical drive will begin in mid-April of this year, reports DigiTimes, citing information received from sellers of computer equipment.
Netbuk Asus Eee PC E1004DN was introduced at CES 2009 in January this year. He is ultrabyudzhetnym the first Asus laptop with integrated optical drive.
The basis of Asus Eee PC E1004DN based on Intel Atom N280 processor and chipset GN40. The volume of the hard disk of the netbuka is 120 gigabytes. Depending on configuration, the price of Eee PC E1004DN range from 531 to 590 dollars.
Along with the Asus Eee PC E1004DN sales come ultrathin netbuk Asus Eee PC 1008HA. The thickness of the shell does not exceed 2.54 centimeters, weight of machine is 1.1 kg. The value of this netbuka not reported.
At the end of January 2009 the Japanese company has released netbuk Mouse Computer LB-F1500W. It was built on the basis of 1,6-gigagertsevogo Intel Atom processor and is equipped with a DVD-drive. In Japan, LB-F1500W is 64800 yen, which corresponds to 729 dollars.

Announced netbuk with a processor from a smartphone.

Taiwanese company Wistron presented netbuk Firstbook with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, reports Electronista. Currently, the chip is used in smartphones.
It is assumed that the diagonal wide-screen Firstbook is 11.1 inches. Outwardly, this netbuk very similar to a laptop Sony Vaio P. It was introduced in January this year and is positioned as the easiest in the world of 8-inch laptop.
The frequency of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, established in Firstbook, is one gigahertz. Of the wireless interfaces that netbuk supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.
Detailed technical specifications Wistron Firstbook unknown. Also, the manufacturer does not report when the netbuk appears in the sale and how much it will cost.
In early March, it became known that the ability to install Qualcomm chips in netbuki consider the company Asus. It is assumed that this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon.
In early February, Communicator-based Qualcomm Snapdragon company announced the Toshiba. He called TG01, and is equipped with 4.1-inch touch screen.
Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was released in late 2007. It supports playback of high-definition video with 720p resolution and is optimized to work with three-dimensional graphics. Also, it can work with 12-megapixel camera.

LG promenyaet notebooks to smartphones.

LG Company intends to focus on the development of smartphones due to changing demand and the economic downturn, reports Electronista. The development of the segment of laptops and netbukov the company will spend less force than intended.
Increased attention LG will pay, in particular, the smartphone with qwerty-keyboard and touch screen devices. My new developments in this regard the South Korean company will introduce before the end of this year.
In LG expects that the new smart phones and mobile phone will be more subtle and functional. The company also intends to promote a device with high resolution cameras and a large amount of memory.
To meet the demand at the lower price segment LG will release several budget models. To attract more buyers, smart phones and LG phones will be produced in several colors.
Currently, LG is the third volume manufacturer of cell phones. In 2008, the company has sold more than one hundred million mobile phones.
The market netbukov and LG notebooks occupy leading positions. However, it is this company has developed one of the first laptops with built ultrabyudzhetnyh module 3G.

Nvidia sued the Intel.

Nvidia company filed a lawsuit against Intel, accusing the latter of violating the license agreement. This action was a response to the lawsuit Intel, filed against Nvidia in February 2009. This was reported in the press release, Nvidia.
Nvidia believes that the licensing agreement of 2004 allows it to produce chipsets for all processors Intel, and Intel, prohibiting Nvidia chipsets for processors to produce Nehalem, violated the terms of this agreement. Moreover, in its lawsuit Nvidia asked the court to suspend the license to Intel technology Nvidia.
Recall that in February this year, Intel has filed a lawsuit against Nvidia, alleging the latest in the illegal development of chipsets for Intel's new generation, including the memory controller. These include chipam processor microarchitecture for Nehalem. In Intel believes that the license agreement entered into between the companies in 2004, does not allow Nvidia to produce such chipsets.
Once the company Intel has filed a lawsuit against Nvidia, the representatives of the latter stated that currently the role of graphics processor in your computer increases. Intel resist this trend, seeking to protect in a way his own business.
Chipset Nvidia graphics cards using graphics processors GeForce 9300 and 9400 whose performance substantially higher than that of the outcome of Intel. As the basis of its new notebook chipsets Nvidia has chosen, for example, the company Apple.
Chipset called the chipset, the core of the motherboard. The main producers of chipsets are Intel, Nvidia, AMD, VIA and SIS.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Announced the computer with 192 gigabytes of RAM.

The company introduced the Dell T7500 computer with 192 gigabytes of RAM standard DDR3, said Networkworld. He belongs to the class of work stations, and will cost no less than 1800 dollars.
At the core T7500 server based on Intel processors with miroarhitekturoy Nehalem chipset and Intel X5520. This machine is equipped with five slots, PCI Express. Two of them support a standard PCI Express x16, two - PCI Express x8, one - PCI Express x4.
In addition, Dell announced two additional workstations - T3500 and T5500. The maximum amount of memory equal to 24 and 72 gigabytes, or GB, respectively. The cheapest version of Dell T3500 will cost a thousand dollars, Dell T5500 - 1620 dollars.
To work with the graphics in the new work stations installed Dell Video ATI FirePro V3750 and V570. If you prefer, they can be replaced by the Nvidia Quadro FX4800 and FX5800.

Asus will return the money for pre-Windows.

KommentariiBezokonnye PK13.02.2009FAS will help return the money for pre WindowsU of Asus in Russia a procedure for refund of pre-to the new PC operating system Windows, writes the newspaper Kommersant, citing the statement by representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).
According to FAS, the Asus has the documents governing the refund of pre-to the new computer Windows. According to them, you may receive for the rejection of the Windows OS from 20 to 77 dollars, depending on the version of Windows. The companies Acer, HP, Samsung, Dell and Toshiba, Russian antimonopolschiki such documents are not found.
FAS representatives told Kommersant that the current test results are studied for a violation of antitrust laws. What sanctions are waiting for producers in case of violations not specified.
It is assumed that if FAS recognizes the computer manufacturers guilty of violating antitrust laws, they have to pay a fine of from one to 15 per cent of revenues.
It is possible that antimonopolschikam, in case of violations, will have to bring cases against foreign entities. The fact is that most manufacturers are working in Russia as a marketing representative and have no legal entity.
Recall that in February this year, FAS start checking on companies Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Dell and Toshiba. The purpose of inspection - to find out whether the Russians are buying PCs preloaded with Windows operating systems to abandon this and return the money.
According to the company "Finam", currently about 70 percent of computers sold in Russia with preloaded operating system Microsoft Windows. If ten percent of the buyers of computers with Windows abandon the OS, demanding return of money, the revenues of producers could be reduced by 100 million dollars a year.

Western Digital has released dvuhterabaytny external hard drive.

Western Digital Company launched a series of external hard drive My Book volume two terabytes, reports Electronista. Previously, the maximum capacity external hard drive Western Digital is one and a half terabytes.
All dvuhterabaytnye Western Digital external hard drive interface is USB 2.0. This allows them to exchange data at speeds of 480 megabytes per second.
The external hard drive series Home Edition also supports FireWire 400 and eSATA. Hard drives Studio Edition and Studio Edition II - Interfaces FireWire 400/800 and eSATA. The speed of the eSATA interface is three gigabytes per second.
Cost dvuhterabaytnyh external hard drives from Western Digital is 330 to 380 dollars, depending on the model. Version dvuhterabaytnogo external hard drive for Apple computers will be in April.

Working at night PCs cost the German companies in 918 million euros.

On the services included in a time of computers, German companies spend more than 918 million euros a year, according to a press release, 1E and Alliance to Save Energy. In 2009, these computers are cast into the air as much harmful substances, but almost half a million cars.
American computer companies to work in night-time cost of 2.8 billion dollars. UK Companies annually spend on maintenance of computers, nevyklyuchennyh staff before leaving the office, 300 million pounds (about 437 million dollars).
According to the 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, nearly half of employees in the U.S., Britain and Germany did not disable their computers before leaving the office. One reason for this is forgetfulness. Many do not shut down your PC because it takes a long time, some are connected to your office computer remotely.
According to Gartner, the share of annual IT-industry accounts for two percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions. Working computers and monitors are responsible for 39 percent of carbon dioxide emissions IT-industry.
It is anticipated that if all the PCs in the world to switch off for one night, then saved in a manner sufficient electricity for lighting the New York Empire State Building skyscraper for 28 years.

Nintendo Wii PlayStation 2 ahead of the pace of sales.

Company Nintendo has in the retail network, more than 50 million game consoles Nintendo Wii, said on 25 March the head of Satoru Iwata at the passing of the San Francisco Game Developers Conference. According to Iwata, Wii, thus, became the console of bystroprodavaemoy history, ahead of PlayStation 2.
Iwata said that the popularity of Wii is directly related to the growing market of video games and the growing number of Casual gamers. In support of this assertion Iwata cited the fact that one fifth of families with Wii in the U.S. to purchase the console did not have other prefixes.
Earlier in March, Nintendo announced the delivery of the stores 100 million portable console Nintendo DS. According to Iwata, 47 percent of sales in 2008, DS was purchased by women.
According to the agency, the number of sold copies of Wii, launched 19 November 2006, far been spared major competitors - Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

European Union by 2011 will reduce the cost of roaming.

All 27 countries - EU members have agreed by 2011 to reduce the cost of roaming services for tourists, writes Electronista. Minute talk on mobile phone roaming will cost no more than 35 Euro cents.
The maximum value of SMS roaming will not exceed 11 cents. Now sending a text message that costs an average of 29 cents, which is almost ten times higher than in the transfer of the internal network. Some countries charge for SMS roaming to 80 cents.
Falling prices for roaming will be gradual. Thus, the French customer, who per minute in the UK pays 45 cents, before the end of 2009 would drop to 43 cents. By mid 2010, the price will drop to 39 Euro cents.
EU countries also agreed in 2010 to reduce the cost of data transmission for mobile communication networks. Maximum price megabyte while roaming in the year 2010 will be 80 cents, and in 2011 - 50 cents.
The length of the conversation will be determined to the nearest tridtsatisekundnogo interval. Currently, the last half minute is counted as complete.
Negotiations to lower the cost of roaming, began in 2006. Then reduce the anticipated cost of roaming calls in the half.

The Japanese have bought two million consoles DSi.

The Japanese bought more than two million handheld consoles DSi, IGN writes, referring to data the company Enterbrain. This box of Nintendo game system has overcome the previous week. Total to date, residents of Japan have acquired 2024431 console. On the territory of the country's DSi has been on sale on 1 November last year.
Launch console DSi in Europe to be held on 3 April this year. Living in North America will be able to buy this game system on 5 April. Diagonal screen by DSi at 0.25 inches more than the previous model called DS Lite. In addition, the new version has two integrated cameras and slots for memory cards format SD. Added that the DSi can play music files, but it has no slot for the cartridge Game Boy Advance.
Recall that the DSi is the third model of the console DS. The first version of the portable game system came out in 2004. The second model, known as the DS Lite, introduced in 2006. It is thinner and lighter the original console.
By 6 March this year, Nintendo has stores in 100 million different models of DS. The exact number of consoles sold has not yet been named. We know only that by 31 December 2008 has sold 96.22 million DS. Add to that the game system is a leader in the market of portable consoles. As it overtakes sales reaching second place in the PSP is almost two times.

The first budget zerkalka Canon support HD-video.

The Company Canon has released its first digital SLR camera, entry-level, which can shoot HD-video. It is equipped with 15-megapixel matrix and trehdyuymovym display for the sight picture and viewing captured material. This was reported in the press release Canon.
In the U.S., called the new Rebel T1i, in Europe - 500D. Maximum video resolution, which can record the camera - 1080r. In this case, speed shooting at 20 frames per second. When shooting at a speed of 30 frames per second maximum video resolution is equal to 720r.
During the processing of images in the Canon 500D with the DIGIC 4 processor. Velocity images in JPEG format at 3.4 fps. The maximum camera sensitivity is equal to 12800 ISO. 500D autofocus system supports nine points.
Canon 500D equal dimensions 128,8 x97, 5x61, 9 mm. Camera Weight - 480 grams.
Canon 500D on the shelves will be in May of this year. It will cost 800 dollars. For the kit with lens Canon EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 have to pay another hundred dollars.
The world's first digital SLR camera with the ability to capture video in August 2008 presented by Nikon. It's called D90, and allows you to record video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

Announced a game console for developing countries.

The event Game Developers Conference 2009 and Tectoy company Qualcomm announced a new gaming console called Zeebo, writes GamesIndustry. The device will be focused on countries with developing economies. The developers hope that the console will be in demand in Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  Prefix Zeebo can display the picture in the resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. The device is equipped with three USB-output and memory card slot format of SD. All games for Zeebo will be distributed through the network 3G and EDGE. Especially for this console will be a network service called ZeeboNet. The device will support developers and publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Capcom, id Software, Namco and THQ.
Games for the new console will cost by 10-20 per cent (around 2-3 dollars) more expensive than pirated copies. According to the creators Zeebo, is the prefix will be released in Brazil in late May - early June this year. The cost of the console in the country will be $ 199.
Official site of the device, it is reported that in the set will be supplied with Zeebo four games: FIFA 09, Need for Speed Carbon, Brain Challenge and Prey. Another project (the first part of Quake) can be downloaded free of charge through the network. In the future, the library of games will be added as the games that have emerged relatively recently (such as Resident Evil 4) and a rather old project (for example, released in 1996, the Fighting Tekken 2).
At the end of 2009 Zeebo should appear in Mexico, and in 2010 will launch the game system in India. Date the console in the territory of Russia has not yet been clarified.

Announced netbuk keyboard 12-inch laptop.

Samsung Company presented desyatidyuymovy netbuk N120, reports Electronista. Its main feature - the keyboard, which is comparable in size keyboard with 12-inch laptops.
Despite the fact that the diagonal screen Samsung N120 equal to ten inches in size, this corresponds to ultradeshevy laptop 12-inch laptops. Its screen occupies the central portion of the upper lid, while its edges are two dynamics.
A similar arrangement is used in semidyuymovyh netbukah Asus Eee PC. Dimensions of the shell corresponds to the amount of 9-inch ultradeshevyh laptops, while at the edges of the screen are two semidyuymovogo dynamics.
Netbuk Samsung N120 is equipped with 160-gigabaytnym hard drive, three USB-ports and 1.6-gigagertsevym processor Intel Atom. The amount of RAM is one gigabyte. From wireless modules installed in the N120 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
N120 is equipped shestiyacheechnym battery. Its capacity is not reported, but it is known that the time for autonomous work netbuka was 10.5 hours.
Samsung recently announced two more desyatidyuymovyh netbuka. This is N110, and NC310. The first should change in the market first desyatidyuymovy netbuk Samsung - NC10. The main feature of NC310 - high-capacity battery, which would allow the netbuku without charging up to 11 hours.