Monday, April 6, 2009

In the United States and Europe have begun selling DSi.

DSi portable console has been on sale outside of Japan, says MCV. As planned, the launch of the game in Europe took place on April 3. On Sunday, April 5, the company began selling Nintendo DSi in the United States. In Japan, the updated console appeared on 1 November last year.
New model of a portable gaming system, officially announced in October last year. The company Nintendo stated that the DSi will be 12 percent thinner than the previous version of the console, which is called the DS Lite. In addition, the device has two screens with a diagonal of 3.25 inches, whereas in previous models of screens with a diagonal of 3 inches.
Do DSi has two built-in camera and slot for memory cards format SD. The console can also play music files. In doing so, the developers decided to abandon the cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance.
The first model of DS has been on sale in 2004. The second version of the console, DS Lite, introduced in 2006. Note that this is a handheld device in great demand worldwide. By mid-March this year, it became known that Nintendo shipped to stores 100 million of various models of DS. At the end of March it was announced that Japan residents bought more than 2 million DSi.

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