Friday, April 10, 2009

Microsoft hinted at the "childishness" of laptops Apple.

KommentariiSprosite people with ulitsy07.04.2009Novaya advertising campaign Microsoft has been at the center skandalaMicrosoft has released the third spot in the campaign Laptop Hunters ( "Hunters for laptops), says Engadget. This mother and son to choose gaming laptop worth no more than 1500 dollars. In doing so, the mother calls the notebooks Apple "popular at this age," meaning her son. IT-analysts felt that way Microsoft hinted at the "childishness" products Apple.
Subjects Laptop Hunters are built on the same principle. Microsoft gets users to participate in market research, inviting them to buy a laptop within the amount appropriated. All roller members go to the store Apple Store, but went away empty-handed, in different ways explaining his reluctance to buy a Mac.
Thus, in the first video pokupatelnitsa acknowledged that "not enough pitched for the Mac", the second - that the most important thing in computers, Apple is not power, and aesthetics. A distinctive feature of the campaign Microsoft is the fact that although all members of rollers choose PC, focus on the use of Windows is not done.
Laptop Hunters is a response to a popular ad campaign Apple "Get a Mac", in the movie which is already several years compare Mac and PC.

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