Friday, April 3, 2009

IBM buys Sun for seven billion dollars.

Company IBM buy Sun Microsystems for seven billion dollars, reported The New York Times, referring to information from people familiar with the details of the transaction.
According to the publication of one share Sun Microsystems IBM company pays 9.5 dollars. Previously, IBM offered one share for Sun Microsystems from 10 to 11 dollars.
IBM Board of Directors approved the purchase of Sun Microsystems. It was expected that the transaction will be officially announced either on Friday, the third of April, or next week.
Representatives of IBM and Sun Microsystems do not comment on the deal.
For the first time, the intention of IBM to buy Sun Microsystems became aware in mid-March. Then, it was reported that the sum of the transaction amount to 6.5 billion dollars.
According to IDC, IBM controls 31.4 per cent of the market of servers. Companies of HP and Dell took 29.5 and 11.6 per cent of the market respectively. The percentage of Sun Microsystems in the server market was 10.6 percent.
It is possible that the deal between Sun Microsystems and IBM could prevent regulators, as these companies in a segment dominated by Unix-servers, taking up 65 per cent of the market. In addition, Sun Microsystems and IBM has several products in the same segments of the software and data storage systems.

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