Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HP will test Google Android on netbukah.

Company HP is working on netbukami platform based Google Android, reports The Wall Street Journal. Previously, the development of similar computer company has announced Asus.
According to the publication, HP is currently testing Google's platform for the various devices. The final decision on early release netbuka based Android has not yet been decided.
In February this year, it became known that netbuk based on Google Android platform developed by Asus. The prototype of this device appears to the end of the year. A decision on the withdrawal of such netbuka the market has not yet been decided.
Free mobile platform Google Android was announced in 2007. The first smartphone on its base was introduced on 23 September and will go on sale Oct. 22, 2008. At the same time was published the source code of the platform. There are currently about ten smartphones based on Google Android.
The use of Android in netbuke budget will reduce the price of the device. In addition, this platform is less resource intensive, as a consequence, in netbuki can be installed cheaper and weaker than Intel-compatible processor.

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