Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nokia Phones taught to read posters.

Nokia Corporation April 1, announced service Point & Find, which allows owners of mobile phones to scan barcode into stores and "read" posters. In recognition using camera phone and the GPS-module. Point & Find to work also need an Internet connection.
Recognized barcodes, Point & Find will prompt the user to the prices of goods, as well as ask for and write reviews about them. When working with the playbill, it will show the trailer, reviews, and also indicate where the nearest movie theater and when it can be seen this movie.
While the service is in early beta. It is only in the United States and Great Britain. Later, Point & Find will work in other countries, and its ability to expand.
In December last year, the corporation at the Nokia World 2008 event introduced the concept of Social Location, which will make the services more interactive maps. In addition, using the built in compass and GPS-module of Nokia mobile phone will be able to tell the owner of the information about the object to which he looks.

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