Monday, April 13, 2009

Trehsotdollarovy mini-notebook dropped in price by half.

Subjects pursuit of stodollarovym noutbukom13.04.2009Vlasti India announced ten kompyuterKompaniya 3K presented ultradeshevy mini-notebook RazorBook 400 worth $ 150, reports CrunchGear. Previous generations of this semidyuymovogo computer worth $ 300.
Mini-notebook RazorBook 400 is built on the base 400-megagertsevogo processor ARM. The amount of RAM - 128 MB capacity solid state drive - four gigabytes. Also in the mini-notebook, you can install a memory card SD.
150-dollar option RazorBook 400 running an operating system Windows CE. To connect to the Internet, you can use a Wi-Fi, or Ethernet-connected.
Mini-notebook RazorBook 400 was introduced in the middle of last year. A 300-dollar version of the computer's RAM is 512 megabytes, but as a preinstalled operating system platform based on the kernel Linux.

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