Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apple has accelerated its server twice.

April 7, Apple Inc. has updated its line of servers, Xserve, saying an increase in productivity by 89 percent in terms of watts of power consumption. The new Xserve installed processors Intel Xeon, using microarchitecture Nehalem. Also, they can establish solid-state drives.
In the standard configuration of Xserve includes Quad Intel Xeon 5500 processor, running at a frequency of 2.26 GHz and equipped with 8 MB cache memory of the third level. Also, the server is installed, three gigabytes of DDR3 memory and hard disk capacity of 160 gigabytes. Overall, it can be installed drives with total capacity of up to three terabytes.
In addition, the Xserve, you can add a boot capacity of solid-state drive 128 gigabytes, consuming much less power than a hard disk, and in some cases working at 48 times faster.
The minimum value of Xserve will be 2999 U.S. dollars. A server with two Quad-core CPU will cost in 3599 dollars. Apple points out that the server operating system for pre Xserve, contains no restrictions on the number of clients.

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