Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prefix PlayStation 2 podesheveet from 1 April.

Company Sony has announced a reduction in the price of PlayStation 2 game console, reports MCV. From 1 April this year, residents of North America will be able to acquire the prefix for 99.99 dollars. In Europe, the console price drop to 99.99 euros. Currently, the cost of PlayStation 2 in these regions is 129.99 dollars and 129.99 Euro respectively.
Representatives of the British division of Sony has already confirmed that the UK PS2 price will remain unchanged. Currently, the recommended price of the console in the country is 94.99 pounds sterling (about 136 dollars).
Recall that the PlayStation 2 console is the sixth generation. This attachment has been on sale in 2000. Currently she is the most sold console. According to data released in the middle of last year, the world of Sony managed to sell over 140 million PS2.
In January of this year, it became known that only in North America, gamers have purchased 50 million PlayStation 2. Despite the fact that in March, the console was nine years old, she was still in demand.

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