Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nokia found dead WiMax standard.

Standard wireless WiMax besperspektiven, and by 2015 will be widely used standard LTE, writes The Financial Times, referring to the words Anssi Vanoki (Anssi Vanjoki), head of sales and production corporation Nokia.
Vanoki believes that WiMax will share the fate of videostandarta Betamax, which at that time was replaced cassettes VHS. Currently, the population in the regions covered with WiMax networks of 400 million people. In particular, the WiMax network already deployed in Moscow.
At the same time, the U.S. cellular network operators are actively deploys LTE, the data transmission rate that can theoretically be about 100 megabits per second. WiMax in the United States developed worse.
Nokia are reluctant to support WiMax. In 2004, the corporation even came from the industrial organization WiMax Forum, but will soon re-joined to it. She also released a mobile device that supports N810 WiMax, but later ceased its sales and support.
WiMax is the main protector of the corporation Intel. Other organizations believe that WiMax, which provides fast data transfer, can coexist with third-generation networks and networks of LTE.

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