Thursday, April 9, 2009

Company Uniloc otsudila at Microsoft 388 million dollars.

U.S. Federal Court on 8 April ordered the Microsoft Corporation to pay Uniloc 388 million dollars for patent infringement, reports AFP.

Uniloc, dedicated software to protect against software piracy, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in 2003, states on the website edition of The Wall Street Journal. The company accused Microsoft of illegally using its design, protected by patent of 1992, the technology Microsoft Product Activation, which prohibits the user to copy software unless the license agreement.

In 2003, Uniloc lawsuit was dismissed, but the company has made a review of this decision in the Court of Appeal. In August 2008, sued Microsoft for Uniloc was accepted by the Federal Court of Rhode Island. In the verdict, issued on April 7, 2009 jury, Microsoft was found guilty of willful patent infringement.

Representatives of Microsoft, tells AFP, has already stated that they did not agree with the decision of the court, and we intend to challenge it.

In August 2008, Microsoft lost the trial with Alcatel-Lucent, accusing the corporation of the illegal use of its development on the algorithm handwriting recognition, and work with calendars in Outlook, and the operating system Windows Mobile. Then the corporation is obliged to pay Microsoft for patent infringement over 367.4 million dollars.

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