Monday, April 20, 2009

In clockwork laptop install gigagertsevy processor.

In ultradeshevy laptop XO, escaping fund OLPC, will establish a processor VIA C7-M, the maximum clock frequency which is equal to one gigahertz, reports Electronista. Currently, the XO establish 500-megagertsevy processor AMD Geode.
The minimum frequency chip VIA C7-M, which will be installed in the CW, is 400 megahertz. Which processor is put in a CW depends on the model netbuka.
The new processor will allow netbuku CW to work with three-dimensional graphics, HD-video and surround sound. Power your computer after you install the processor VIA C7-M will not increase, but its price will decline.
Along with the new CW will increase the processor memory to one gigabyte. The amount of storage built this Laptop will be four gigabytes. As an option in netbuk can install vosmigigabaytny drive.
The first prototypes netbuka CW VIA processor will be in May of this year. Serial production of these computers will begin in August.
Apparently, OLPC laptop with a VIA will be known as XO-1.5. Netbuk XO-2 was announced in May 2008. It consists of two large-sensory displays and to appear in 2010. His alleged price was 75 dollars. Model CW-1, produced at the present time, it is worth 188 dollars.

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