Monday, April 20, 2009

Mobile solar battery will be in Japan during the summer.

In June of this year, Japanese operator KDDI will start selling a mobile phone, equipped with a solar cell, the CrunchGear. The body of the phone will be waterproof.
According to the developer, after ten charging solar battery for mobile phone, you can let out a minute. In standby mode, after a phone elaborate charging up to two hours.
In addition to the solar battery, the phone will be installed and a regular battery. It can be charged as from the electrical network, and on solar energy. In the latter case, the battery is charged no more than 80 per cent.
Developer waterproof solar-powered phone - the company Sharp. The name and value of the mobile phone are not reported. Also unknown is whether it is available outside of Japan.
Sharp is not the only company that has created the phone with solar battery. In February this year at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona on the same mobile phone company LG and introduced Samsung.

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