Friday, April 10, 2009

Supercomputer to graphic chip will explore neural networks.

Evolved Machines Corp. has launched a supercomputer consisting of 42 cards Nvidia Tesla C1060 and 14 quad-processor AMD Phenom, says TG Daily. It will be the calculations associated with the development of neural networks, writes Softpedia.
Theoretically, the peak computing power of the supercomputer will be 40 teraflops, which corresponds to 84 position in the ranking of the most powerful computing systems in the world.
Thanks used Modules Tesla, based on graphics chips Nvidia, the new system has a 10080 parallel processor cores. A further 56 cores are processors AMD Phenom.
Tesla used for such decisions Nvidia, as personal supercomputers - a relatively cheap system performance equivalent to 250 conventional computers. The minimum value of personal supercomputers, based on Nvidia Tesla is about 10 thousand dollars.
Computational solutions based graphics chip, and is the main competitor Nvidia, the company AMD. In 2008, she released a map FireStream 9250, which exceeds the computing power of one teraflops.

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