Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the world sold nearly 45 million Wii.

KommentariiKto stop Nintendo? 16.01.2009Igrovye console company Nintendo once again led the American charts prodazhKompaniya Nintendo sold around the world 44.96 million Wii consoles by December 31, 2008, reports GameSpot. Only in the third quarter of this fiscal year were sold over 10 million prefixes. Nintendo's financial report also notes that sales of portable DS by the end of last year reached a point at 96.22 million consoles.
It is also known that total by 31 December for the Wii has sold 312 million copies of various games. Over the past nine months has sold over 10 million copies of Mario Kart Wii. Similar results could obtain fitness trainer Wii Fit. Also during this time was able to realize the 9.4 million copies of Wii Play.
Overall sales of games for the DS have reached the mark in the 533 million copies, of which 163.78 million were sold last year. In Nintendo note that a very good demand for such projects as Kirby Super Star Ultra and Pokemon Platinum.
For the first nine months of fiscal year net sales reached a point at 1.54 trillion yen (17.12 billion dollars). This is 17 percent higher than last year's figure. Operating profit grew by 27 percent and amounted to 501 billion yen (5.58 billion dollars). In doing so, the company's net profit amounted to 212.5 billion yen (2.36 billion dollars).
Because of the global financial crisis, Nintendo has had to revise its forecasts for the entire fiscal year. As the MCV, is now in the company expect to sell 26.5 million Wii, while the earlier planned to realize 27.5 million prefixes. Projections on the DS sales also declined from 31,5 million to 30,5 million consoles.

Nokia has announced three classic cell phone.

The company Nokia introduced three new mobile phone in a series of Classic, made in the form of monoblocks. Mobile phone will be on the shelves before the end of the first half of 2009. This was reported in the press release Nokia.
Nokia 6700 Сlassic is the most expensive phone out of the three new products. Its retail price will be 235 euros. The manufacturer positions this device as the heir of one of the most successful models, the company - Nokia 6300.
The Nokia 6700 works in the networks of 3G, equipped pyatimegapikselnoy camera module and GPS. Diagonal of the screen is 2.2 inches, the amount of internal memory - 170 megabytes. In addition, the unit supports memory card format microSD of up to eight gigabytes.
Nokia 6303 Classic does not work in networks of 3G. It is equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera and 2.2-inch screen. The maximum amount of memory card supported by your phone - four gigabytes. Nokia 6303 can be bought for 135 euros.
The cheapest among the three new phone is the Nokia 2700 Classic. It will cost 65 euros. Support networks in the 3G phone no. Resolution of the camera is equal to two megapixels, the screen diagonal - two inches, the maximum amount of supported memory card - two gigabytes.

NEC and Hitachi will reduce 27 thousand people.

KommentariiOdnim mahom27.01.2009Za day worldwide company laid off 85 thousand people the Japanese NEC Corporation intends to March 2010, the dismissal of 20 thousand employees around the world, transmits AFP. Forty per cent of the reductions will be in Japan. NEC expects that the net loss in the fiscal year ending in March 2009, amount to 3,2 billion dollars. Financial performance of
Another Japanese corporation, Hitachi, is going to reduce the strength of seven thousand people. In 2009, the company forecast its net loss will be 7.8 billion dollars.
The third corporation, Fujitsu, announced that from March to December 2008 its net loss amounted to 403 million dollars. Representatives of Fujitsu believes that financial year the company will be profitable.
The Japanese economy is experiencing the first recession for the past seven years. Its cause is the drop in foreign demand for cars, computers, photo and video cameras and other products are important exports.

Silicon Valley took a Poet Laureate.

The Council for the arts district in Santa Clara, California is located in Silicon Valley, completes the reception of applications from candidates for the post of poet laureate. The holder of an honorary title should be "to improve the perception of poetry," the residents of the center of high technology.
As writes British newspaper The Guardian, the poet-laureate relies modest fee - four thousand dollars. Elected poet must reside in the district at least five years. The title, it will be two years. It is expected that he will write a poem, which reflects the "rich and varied culture district. Call Council on the arts will complete 17 Feb., 2009. Name the first poet laureate will be known no later than April 1.
The practice of selecting the award-winning poet exists in Great Britain with the XVI century (with breaks). The present British Poet Laureate Andrew Moushn will leave his post in 2009. In the United States from 1937 to 1986 there was the post of adviser on Poetry Library of Congress. From 1986 on, she called the "poet laureate consultant in poetry." In 1991-1992, this position was Joseph Brodsky. Position poet laureate exists in some states, particularly in California.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Japanese mobile phone launched with a three-dimensional screen.

Japanese operator KDDI introduced a mobile phone Ketai H001 with a three-dimensional display. The latter allows you to watch movies, pictures, and run the game in 3D-mode. That was reported by The Register.
Diagonal screen Ketai H001 is 3.1 inches. It was created by Hitachi. Do I need the user to work with three-dimensional content to wear special glasses, are not reported.
Screen mobile phone can operate in three-dimensional, and in normal mode. To switch between them to press a special button on the main body apparatus.
Among other features the phone is to provide support for 3G networks and pyatimegapikselnuyu camera. Also Ketai H001 can be used as an electronic purse.
Date started selling the phone and its price is unknown. Also not reported, whether Ketai H001 sold outside Japan.
At present, several manufacturers have announced that three-dimensional television. To view these TVs are encouraged to use special glasses, otherwise the image may be blurred, but tedious viewing.

Sony game unit revenue fell by 97 percent.

Sales of the game unit of Sony in the third quarter of fiscal year declined by 32.2 percent compared with last year's results, reports MCV. From October 1 to December 31, the company managed to earn 393.8 billion yen (4.33 billion dollars). In this game unit operating income fell by 97 per cent - from 12.9 billion yen (144 million dollars) to 400 million yen (U.S. $ 4 million).
During this period the world has sold 4.46 million PlayStation 3 prefixes (at 440 thousand less than a year earlier), as well as 5.08 million portable PSP (at 680 thousand less than last year's result). Most sales dropped PlayStation 2 - with 5,4 million to 2,52 million consoles.
Sales of games for the PlayStation 3 have increased with 26 million copies to 40.8 million. In doing so, for the third quarter were sold 29.7 million copies of games for the PlayStation 2, which is lower than 31.2 million copies last year's results. Demand for projects for the portable PSP is also decreased. During the reporting period was 15.5 copies of games sold for that platform - 2.8 million copies in less than a year earlier.
Note that the currently PlayStation 3 is the last place in the race prefixes the current generation, after running in second place Xbox 360 as well as leading Wii. Console PSP took second place in the market of portable consoles, yielding DS from Nintendo.

Samsung has developed a memory chip chetyrehgigabitnuyu.

The company Samsung has developed the world's first chip RAM DDR3 memory capacity of four gigabita. It is made in compliance with 50-nanometer technology and will increase the amount of memory module up to 32 gigabytes. This was reported in the press releases.
For chetyrehgigabitnogo chip memory DDR3 voltage needed to 1,35 volts. This is 20 percent less than required for the work produced by the current memory chips DDR3.
Power 16-gigabaytnogo DDR3 modules on the basis of chetyrehgigabitnyh chips to 40 percent less energy use of similar modules that are based on the dvuhgigabitnyh chips.
Representatives of Samsung emphasize that chetyrehgigabitnye DDR3 memory chips can be used in the 16-gigabaytnyh server memory modules RDIMM. In addition, they can become the basis vosmigigabaytnyh memory for workstations, desktops and laptops.
In September 2008, Samsung announced dvuhgigabitnye of memory chips, made on 50-nanometer technology. Currently, line 50-nanometer chip RAM DDR3 company Samsung chip volume includes one, two and four gigabita.

U.S. Senate postponed the transition to digital television.

KommentariiPochti end sveta29.01.2009SShA ready to switch to digital broadcasting in fevraleAmerikanskie Senators January 29, unanimously voted to transfer the date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting on 17 February to 12 June 2009, reports Reuters. Earlier, this project has been supported by the Senate but rejected by the House of Representatives.
Senators approved the draft date of the transfer switch from analog to digital broadcasting virtually no different from what was rejected by the House of Representatives. However, it was subject to some amendments.
In accordance with the new instrument, the TV can decide when the transition to digital television. If a company finds it necessary, it may abandon analog broadcasting on February 17 in accordance with previous plans.
U.S. House of Representatives will consider a new draft of the transfer date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting next week. Previously, the transfer date of transition to digital broadcasting has supported U.S. President Barack Obama.
According to various sources, analog televisions used from 6,5 up to 20 million American families. To receive a digital signal, they need to buy a special prefix, which is from 40 to 80 dollars. Without such stations after the transition to digital broadcasting analog TV will not be able to receive the signal.

Protection of personal data to finance cellular operators.

Cellular operators "big three" will finance the development of standards for the protection of personal data, writes Vedomosti. In accordance with the law, from 2010 all companies that deal with information about citizens are obliged to ensure its protection.
The development of the new standard will be the company ReignVox, created by Bell Integrator and RNT. ReignVox was selected without competitive bidding infocommunication Union for the protection of operators.
Company to review the system of protection of personal data operators "big three" and on that basis to establish an industry standard. According to the total amount of contracts with ReignVox about 500 thousand dollars.
If a single standard will be developed, operators would have to obtain written consent to the use of personal data from each subscriber, and also to inform the subscribers of all individuals to access information about them.

"Rostelecom" will become a sponsor of the Olympics in Sochi.

General partner of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi in category "Telecommunications" has become "Rostelecom", writes the newspaper Kommersant. For participation in the sponsorship previously fought the "Comstar UTS", MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon, but the first three companies have withdrawn the application. As expected in the coming days it may be decided on a sponsorship contract with MegaFon.
According to the newspaper, the cost of sponsorship contract "Rostelecom is 170 million dollars. Of this amount, 70 million dollars account for the sponsorship fee. The rest of the money - it is the obligation to provide services. Partner of "Rostelecom" in the sponsorship of the Olympic Games can act as "Megaphone." Relevant consultations are ongoing with the International Olympic Committee.
"Rostelecom" 51 per cent owned by gosholdingu "Svyazinvest". Another 40 percent of the shares in the company controls the CFR. Capitalization of "Rostelecom" on the stock exchange RTS January 30, 2009 amounted to 5,7 billion dollars.

U.S. Senate postponed the transition to digital television.

KommentariiPochti end sveta29.01.2009SShA ready to switch to digital broadcasting in fevraleAmerikanskie Senators January 29, unanimously voted to transfer the date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting on 17 February to 12 June 2009, reports Reuters. Earlier, this project has been supported by the Senate but rejected by the House of Representatives.
Senators approved the draft date of the transfer switch from analog to digital broadcasting virtually no different from what was rejected by the House of Representatives. However, it was subject to some amendments.
In accordance with the new instrument, the TV can decide when the transition to digital television. If a company finds it necessary, it may abandon analog broadcasting on February 17 in accordance with previous plans.
U.S. House of Representatives will consider a new draft of the transfer date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting next week. Previously, the transfer date of transition to digital broadcasting has supported U.S. President Barack Obama.
According to various sources, analog televisions used from 6,5 up to 20 million American families. To receive a digital signal, they need to buy a special prefix, which is from 40 to 80 dollars. Without such stations after the transition to digital broadcasting analog TV will not be able to receive the signal.

"Rostelecom" will become a sponsor of the Olympics in Sochi.

General partner of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi in category "Telecommunications" has become "Rostelecom", writes the newspaper Kommersant. For participation in the sponsorship previously fought the "Comstar UTS", MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon, but the first three companies have withdrawn the application. As expected in the coming days it may be decided on a sponsorship contract with MegaFon.
According to the newspaper, the cost of sponsorship contract "Rostelecom is 170 million dollars. Of this amount, 70 million dollars account for the sponsorship fee. The rest of the money - it is the obligation to provide services. Partner of "Rostelecom" in the sponsorship of the Olympic Games can act as "Megaphone." Relevant consultations are ongoing with the International Olympic Committee.
"Rostelecom" 51 per cent owned by gosholdingu "Svyazinvest". Another 40 percent of the shares in the company controls the CFR. Capitalization of "Rostelecom" on the stock exchange RTS January 30, 2009 amounted to 5,7 billion dollars.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Asus Netbukam increased memory.

Company Super Talent introduced a new solid-state drive for netbukov Asus Eee PC S101, reports Fudzilla. Its capacity is 64 gigabytes, size - 68,5 h32, 1 millimeter.
Speed reading 64-gigabaytnogo SSD-drive Super Talent is 90 megabytes per second. The speed of data recording on this drive is 55 megabytes per second.
At present ruler SSD-drive Super Talent netbuka for Asus Eee PC S101 consists of three devices. Their volume is 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes. The most spacious of the solid-state drive worth 169 dollars.
Netbuk Asus Eee PC S101 was introduced in October 2008. Diagonal of the screen is 10.2 inches. The standard configuration of the installed 16-gigabaytnym solid drive. Buy this netbuk possible for 615 dollars.

Kodak dismiss every sixth employee.

KommentariiOdnim mahom27.01.2009Za day worldwide company laid off 85 thousand people is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world of photography company Kodak cut in 2009 from 3,5 to 4,5 thousand jobs, representing 18 per cent of its workforce, reports Bloomberg. A decision is due to set out in the fourth quarter of 2008 net loss, which amounted to 139 million dollars. During the same period of 2007, the company reported a profit of $ 92 million dollars.
Kodak Total revenues for the fourth quarter of 2008 fell by almost a quarter - from 3.22 billion to 2.43 billion dollars. Analysts had expected sales decline to 2.79 billion dollars.
According to the executive director of Kodak, Antonio Perez, the second half of 2008 will go down in the history of the company as one of the worst periods. The losses forced the company to hold a second restructuring in the past few years. Previous ceased in December 2007 and cost the Kodak in 3,4 billion dollars. In its course was reduced to half of the personnel of the company, and in addition, Kodak increased its share of digital products in the range of its technology.
In doing so, according to analysts, the restructuring was carried out too late, because the Kodak to the top of its already significantly behind competitors in the production of digital photography.
Kodak became a regular company, announced in February to reduce staff. In total, the volume reductions of the largest corporations in the world in January 2009 exceeded 300 thousand jobs.

Foreign media phrase attributed to Putin about the mentally retarded.

SyuzhetyVsemirny Economic Forum in Davos - 200929.01.2009OPEK promised a new quota reduction on the extraction neftiZarubezhnye mass media distorted the response of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to a question posed to him after his speech at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos.
The head of Dell, Michael Dell said the Russian prime minister, that it is possible to use information technology more intensively than they are now in Russia, and asked how IT-sector could help the country expand its economy.
According to foreign media, Putin has responded to this: "We do not have to help. We are not disabled. We are not mentally retarded" (We don't need help. We are not invalids. We don't have limited mental capacity). As such, the phrase quoted, for example, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.
However, in the text of Putin's speech, published on the website of "Vesti", there is no mention of the mentally retarded. According to this text, Putin said: "You know - the focus is that we do not need help. We are not disabled. Really need help the poor, it is necessary to assist people with disabilities, need help for pensioners, it is necessary to assist developing countries." The fact that Putin has not talked about the mentally retarded, and the video confirms his responses posted on YouTube.
Foreign media called Putin's response, Dell box. Fortune writes that "last shot" on the Della Putin was a reminder that Russia has traditionally been well-developed mathematical school and programmers, we have some of the best in the world. " According to Fortune, it means: "Any old fool can collect 'iron'." The title on the website The Inquirer states: "Russia said Della, where he thrust his computers."

Sony Quarterly Profit fell 19 times.

Sony's profit in the fourth quarter of 2008 amounted to 10.4 billion yen (115.6 million dollars). A year ago the figure was 200.2 billion yen. Thus, the company's profit for the year decreased by 95 percent. AP reported, citing a financial report on Sony.
Sony's revenues over the last three months of 2008 equal to 2.15 trillion yen, a quarter less than a year ago. In the last quarter of 2007 revenues Sony was 2.86 trillion yen.
The decline in revenues during the crisis anticipated leadership of Sony. Previously, the company said that for the first time in 14 years, Sony could complete the year with losses.
To reduce costs Sony is planning a restructuring, which will close about 10 percent of its 57 plants and cut eight thousand employees. In addition, the crisis has forced Sony to postpone the year of establishment of a joint venture with Sharp to produce LCD panels.

U.S. House of Representatives supported the February transition to digital television.

The House of Representatives of the United States did not support the transfer date of the country's transition to digital broadcasting, reports Reuters. Earlier, U.S. senators voted unanimously for the transfer date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting for four months, from 17 February to 12 June 2009.
Against the transfer date of the U.S. transition to digital broadcasting voted Republicans, who believe that this delay will lead to further confusion. As a result, the project has not received the necessary approval for two-thirds of the votes.
U.S. senators voted to shift the date of transition to digital broadcasting the U.S. on 26 January. They believe that while many Americans are not ready for digital TV.
The projected transfer date of the U.S. transition to digital broadcasting will be re-submitted to a vote the House of Representatives next week. If it is again not supported, it will be returned to the Senate.
Previously, the transfer date of transition to digital broadcasting has supported U.S. President Barack Obama. Prior to this, the Ministry of Commerce has not been enough 1,34 billion dollars allocated for the issue of coupons offering a discount on the purchase of digital-analog stations.
According to Reuters, to 20 million American households use analog TVs. To receive a digital signal, they need to buy a special prefix, which is from 40 to 80 dollars. Without such stations after the transition to digital broadcasting analog TV will not be able to receive the signal.

Acer will show its first smartphone in February.

Company Acer will introduce its first smartphone on 16 February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the IDG News with reference to information from the invitations to the presentation of new products Acer.
The invitation Acer says that the company goes to market smartphones in Barcelona and submit a line of interesting and easy-to-use devices. It is anticipated that they will work in different mobile networks.
Previously, it was reported that your smartphone at the exhibition in Barcelona could provide the company Dell. It is anticipated that it will work on the basis of the mobile operating system Windows Mobile.
Acer was the first time about plans to release a smartphone under its own brand name became known in early February 2008. Then, it was reported that the first markets where it will sell new, will be Russia and Western Europe.
Recall that in March 2008 became aware of the intention to buy Acer company E-Ten, producing communicators Glofiish. The transaction was completed in autumn this year. Remain there after the release of Acer brand communicator E-Ten Glofiish, not reported.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the way to Europe OLED-TV Sony went twice.

OLED-TV Sony XEL-1 started to sell in Europe, reports The Register. In Britain, it can be bought for 3490 pounds, which corresponds to almost five thousand dollars. In the U.S., this television set is 2.5 thousand dollars.
Sony XEL-1 is the only serial OLED-TV in the world. In Japan, you can buy from the end of 2007 for 200 thousand yen. This amounts to little more than a half thousand pounds or 2243 dollars.
The thickness of Sony XEL-1 is not more than three millimeters. Resolution of the screen is equal to 960x540 pixels, the contrast - 1000000:1. Angle of the TV is 178 degrees.
Currently, many companies produce OLED-screens for mobile devices. OLED-TV announced only a few producers. In particular, Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic.
Unlike LCD panels, OLED-TVs more subtle and consume little power. However, their production is very expensive.

A guglofon with two SIM-cards.

The company has established a General Mobile-based smartphone platform Android, which can simultaneously work with two SIM-cards, reports Engadget. It will be presented in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Guglofon from General Mobile called DSTL1. It is equipped with touch screen and trehdyuymovym pyatimegapikselnoy camera, made by Sharp. The amount of internal memory mobile phone is four gigabytes.
DSTL1 built based on the Marvell PXA 310 running at a frequency of 624 megahertz. It also installed Bluetooth module and Wi-Fi. The size of device is 112x54x16 mm, weight - 135 grams.
It was expected that on the shelves General Mobile DSTL1 appear in the third quarter of 2009. Price smartphone will not be disclosed.
Currently, the only mass produced Smartphone based on Google Android platform is the G1. It was established by order of HTC T-Mobile. In 2009, guglofony must submit, and other manufacturers. Among them are Motorola, Asus and Sony Ericsson.

The number of cell phones in South Korea and the population is almost equal.

South Korean mobile phone is more than 93 percent of the population, AP reported, citing data on the South Korean Communications Commission. On average, one family account for 2.75 South Korean mobile phone.
There are currently living in South Korea 48.6 million. They are in the hands of 45.6 million mobile phones. In terms of the number of cellular phones per capita, South Korea is one of the world leaders.
Representatives of the South Korean authorities believe that the number of cellular phones in the country will continue to grow despite the economic crisis. The Koreans are using mobile phone for calls and sending SMS, as well as for web surfing, listening to music and make purchases.
The best-known South Korean manufacturers of mobile phones are Samsung and LG. At the end of 2008, they took second and third places on the number of telephones in the world.
Representatives of the South Korean Communications Commission reported that 15.4 million people in South Korea enjoyed high-speed Internet. This is slightly less than one third of the population.

Apple and IBM settled a career conflict.

Mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster) take the post of senior vice president directions Devices Hardware Engineering company Apple April 24, 2009, said in a press release the company. Papermaster previously served as vice president of IBM microprocessor technology.
For the first time of the withdrawal of Mark Papermastera to the Apple became aware in late October 2008. Then the representatives of IBM called it a transition in Apple's illegal and filed suit against Papermastera.
According to IBM, with the resignation of the company Papermaster signed an agreement prohibiting him to work in a competing firm. In November, the court banned a former IBM vice president to report to work at Apple before the end of the complaint of his former employer.
In the press release, Apple reported that the conflict of career with IBM settled. The conditions under which it was resolved, not specified.
At IBM, Mark Papermaster has worked for 25 years and had access to many private developments, including the unpatented. At Apple, he will head to work on iPhone and iPod.

Ministry has not accepted the concept of the development of digital television in Russia.

Ministry of Economic Development sent the revision to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the draft federal target program "Development of digital broadcasting in the Russian Federation on 2009-2015 years", writes the newspaper Kommersant.
According to a source of Kommersant at the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, the project was returned for revision 16 January, but after minor amendments after a day was again sent to the Ministry of Economic Development. Also, the source of the publication stresses that the fundamental differences between the agencies on the project no.
According to Kommersant, the Ministry of Economic Development to agree on the final concept of the development of digital broadcasting in the Russian Federation on 2009-2015 years "before the end of the week. For the Government it will be introduced in February.
Program "Development of digital broadcasting in the Russian Federation on 2009-2015 years" to Russia's transition to digital broadcasting by 2015. The realization of this project is planned to spend 127.3 billion rubles. Of these, 80.1 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget, 1.13 billion rubles - from the regional budgets. Another 46.08 billion rubles are planned to attract extra-budgetary sources.

European manufacturer of chips dismiss 4500 persons.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies began publishing financial crisis otchetyFrantsuzsko-Italian company STMicroelectronics, producing various semiconductor products, plans to dismiss 4,5 thousand people, representing ten percent of the state, reported AFP.
Dismissals due to the economic crisis and the fall in demand for products of STMicroelectronics. In addition, the company will close its three factories in the U.S. and Morocco. It is expected that this will enable STMicroelectronics to save $ 700 million a year.
In 2008, STMicroelectronics has lost 786 million dollars. Annual revenues of the company fell by 1.6 percent and amounted to 9,84 billion dollars. In the last quarter of 2008 revenues STMicroelectronics fell by 17 per cent.
Representatives of STMicroelectronics believe that because of the economic crisis, the market of semiconductors in 2009 will decline by more than a quarter. They also stressed that in the first quarter of 2009 due to low demand plants STMicroelectronics will be loaded only half.
Previously announced to reduce the state and other chip manufacturers. For example, Texas Instruments plans to cut 3400 people. Intel will close five of its factories and dismiss at least five thousand employees. Over four thousand people laid off from IBM.

IBM has reduced the 1400 people.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies began publishing financial crisis otchetyKompaniya IBM dismissed a 1400 people, 200 of whom work in the research department, 1200 - Division Systems and Technology Group, Computerworld reported, citing data on the site Alliance @ IBM.
A few days ago, IBM has reduced the 2800 people in its Canadian offices. Then the employees were fired units in software development and sales.
IBM representatives did not deny the fact of the early cuts, but did not specify their scope. According to the Alliance @ IBM, all of us can be fired up to 16 thousand people.
To optimize costs in a time of economic crisis, many IT-companies are reducing staff. In particular, this week became aware of the intention to reduce the 3400 Texas Instruments man. Earlier, the closure of five plants and the dismissal of at least five thousand people announced Intel.

The Ministry of Finance refused to direct financial assistance to IT-companies.

The Government refused to direct financial assistance to companies working in the Russian IT-market, writes the newspaper "RBC daily", with reference to the statement by the executive director of the Association of Computer and Information Technology (APKIT) Nicholas Komleva .
Komlev publication reported that APKIT has recently received a letter signed by Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Alexander Nowak. It says that the support of IT-companies will be carried out without the direct involvement of the state, but through the structure they created.
Recently, Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Igor Shchegolev signed an order establishing a working group to promote the sustainable development of communications, information technology, media and mass communications. It will ensure the stability of enterprises and countering negative trends in the IT-industry.
To request the support of IT-companies during the crisis APKIT appealed to the government in November 2008. Later, the Adviser to the President of Russian Federation Leonid Reiman said that the IT-companies will be able to get loans during the crisis in state banks.

Network Neotorg "sold for debts.

Retail trade network computers" Neotorg "was sold to the company" Sphere ", affiliated with the distributor of Pronet Group, writes the newspaper Kommersant. The deal does not specify, but in the words of former general director of Neotorga "Alexei Priezzheva, Pronet Group received a sales network for the debts. In the sales contract stipulated that the buyer is committed to the trade network within 21 days from the date of completion of the transaction to attract funding in the amount of 300 million rubles.
The "Sphere" by 98 per cent owned by the current Director-General "Neotorga" Alexei Polosin. Nevertheless, according to the Priezzheva, the real owner of the company is Sergei Pronin, the owner of Pronet Group. In doing so, "Neotorg" came under the control Pronet for the debts, which are also not reported. The transaction took place in November 2008.
On 29 December last year, Pronet Group has tried to eliminate "Neotorg" Apply mezhrayonnuyu inspection of the Federal Tax Service. January 15, 2009 inspection had decided to deny the liquidation of the company. According to the Kommersant, it is possible that tax identified in Neotorge "signs of bankruptcy, and for this reason that the company can not be eliminated.
According to Priezzheva, the main creditors' Neotorga are bank Barclays, Moscow Credit Bank, as well as a number of suppliers. At the same time, the total amount of debt the company is valued at 400 million rubles.
In December 2008, it was reported that "Neotorg announced a technical default, failing to pay his creditors. Then the total amount of estimated nearly 30 million dollars. On the purchase of the company, was on the brink of bankruptcy, claiming a distributor of computer equipment Pronet Group and supplier of furniture and sanitary ware "Makslevel.
Network Neotorg "at the end of 2008 there were 50 stores an average area of 100 square meters each. At the end of 2007, the company's revenues amounted to 105 million dollars.

Japan has experienced outdoor posters of electronic paper.

Japanese company Toppan Printing has proposed an electronic paper as a material of street posters, passes Nikkei Electronics. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Liaison Office Kanto region on January 23 started field trials of such posters, which will last till January 29.
The posters showed how to behave in the event of a natural disaster or accident. Larger zadavalos wireless Center for Emergency Situations. The purpose of inspection was to determine whether the e-posters to be useful pointers in the evacuation.
High-tech signs were posted in two places - on the first floor of the post office, a special area of Tokyo Tosima, as well as at a bus stop Higashi-Ikebukuro.
The width of the first first poster is 3.2 meters and the height - one meter of resolution - 768 by 240 pixels. Technologically, it consists of four panels resolution 96 by 48 pixels. The size of the second poster is much less, only 60 to 40 centimeters. Its resolution of 144 by 96 pixels, it consists of three similar panels. Power consumption of both posters is 24 and 9 watts, respectively.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Issued dvuhterabaytny winchester.

The company has developed a Western Digital hard disk, two terabytes, reports Engadget. He had already been on sale in Australia.
Dvuhterabaytny Western Digital hard drive called the Caviar Green WD20EADS. It was made in the 3.5-inch form factor, supports SATA II interface and is designed for installation in desktop computers.
The rotational speed of the spindle dvuhterabaytnogo Western Digital hard disk at 7200 rpm. The capacity of the cache memory drive - 32 megabytes.
Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EADS already been on sale in Australia. Its value is around 250 dollars. Start of hard drive sales in other countries are not reported.
Previously, the most universal serial vinchesterom was polutoraterabaytny hard drive. The first hard drive company Seagate released in mid-2008.

Analysts predicted two-fold increase in sales netbukov.

In 2009, the world will be sold 35 million netbukov, according to a press release analysis of ABI Research. In 2008, it sold about 14 million netbukov, that is 2,5 times less.
According to analysts, the growth segment netbukov in the coming years will provide an economic crisis and the technical improvement of computers. This means that in 2013, the number of ultrabyudzhetnyh laptops will reach 139 million.
Representatives of ABI Research believes that netbuki repeat the success of smartphones, virtually vytesnivshih with PDA market. Place the CPC should take Ultra PC (UMPC) and mobile Internet devices (MID).
In the third quarter of 2008, the leader in sales netbukov became Acer, реализовавшая 2.15 million of these computers, to 1.7 million from Asus. In 2009, Acer intends to sell 12 to 15 million ultradeshevyh notebooks.
Currently netbuki releasing all the leading manufacturers of mobile computers, with the exception of Apple. The leader of ultrabyudzhetnyh range of laptops is Asus, producing in the Eee PC family of about 20 netbukov.

The congressman suggested banning silent mode kamerofonah.

U.S. Rep. Peter King (Peter King) has prepared a bill that prohibits fotokameram mobile phones to work quietly, reports TechRadar. King expects that the law further protects children from pedophiles.
Congressman proposes to ban the supply of phones in the U.S. who can work in a camera without sound. If the bill is adopted, all mobile phone sold in the U.S. will have to make good pictures with sound.
According to King, pedophiles enjoyed the fact that mobile phones have cameras silent mode, and secretly filmed children in public areas and cabins for changing clothes. If your phone will make the sound when shooting, then such action would be impossible.
Meanwhile, the King's bill does not include ordinary digital cameras. As the camera mobile phones, they can take pictures without sound.
Earlier, a similar law was passed in Japan. It requires that all phones sold in Japan, published in the photography good sound.

U.S. Senate postponed the transition to digital television.

January 26, U.S. Senators unanimously voted to transfer the date of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting for four months, from 17 February to 12 June 2009, transfers AP.
Legislators believe that many Americans are not yet ready for digital broadcasting. According to Nielsen, analog TVs still use 6.5 million households. According to Reuters, the number of American households with analog TVs may reach 20 million. All they have to buy a special prefix which converts the digital signal to analog. This attachment is from 40 to 80 dollars.
Postponement of the date of transition to digital broadcasting has supported U.S. President Barack Obama. This happened after the Ministry of Commerce has not been enough 1,34 billion dollars, allocated to issue coupons to help get a discount on the purchase of digital-analog stations.
The agency still has to send 2.6 million citizens of such coupons. Deferred until June transition to digital broadcasting will allow the Americans to get new coupons to replace those that have expired shelf life.

Texas Instruments cut 3400 people.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies have begun to publish the financial crisis otchetyKompaniya Texas Instruments, known as a manufacturer of processors, will reduce the 3400 people, representing 12 percent of the state, reports IDG News. The reductions associated with the fall in demand for products, which is caused by the economic crisis.
Of the 3400 people who will leave Texas Instruments, 1800 will be dismissed. 1600 dismissed on his own will or will retire.
Downsizing is part of a campaign to optimize the costs Texas Instruments. It was expected that as a result of a manufacturer of chips will save up to $ 700 million a year.
Along with the announcement of the reduction of Texas Instruments unveiled the financial results of the fourth quarter of 2008. According to them, the company quarterly earnings for the year fell from 753 million to 107 million.
Earlier it was reported reductions in other companies engaged in production of chips. In particular, close five plants and the dismissal of at least five thousand people going Intel. AMD plans to reduce staff by nine percent. IBM has already been dismissed from their Canadian office a little less than three thousand people.

The Japanese presented netbuk with the DVD-drive.

The Japanese company has developed netbuk Mouse Computer LB-F1500W, which has become one of the first of this class of computers with DVD-drive, reports Cnet News. Earlier netbuk with an optical drive announced Asus.
LB-F1500W built on the basis of 1,6-gigagertsevogo processor Intel Atom. Diagonal of the screen is 10.2 inches. The amount of RAM, a one-gigabyte capacity hard drive - 160 gigabytes.
In Japan, LB-F1500W appear shortly. It can be bought for 64,800 yen, which corresponds to 729 dollars. Will netbuk available in other countries, are not reported.
Typically, netbuki not equipped with an optical drive. However, at CES 2009 the company announced desyatidyuymovy netbuk Asus Eee PC 1004DN, which as an option could be to add an optical drive.
Currently, a series of netbukov Asus Eee PC company consists of approximately twenty computers. In doing so, none of them do not have a configuration with an optical drive.

Chinese mobile phone battery installed in the ABA.

The Chinese company China Electronics Corporation, purchased in 2006, the mobile unit of Philips, announced the cell phone that can run on AAA batteries format, reports TechRadar.
New called the Philips Xenium X520. AAA battery is a reserve power source of the phone. Her charge enough for 2.5 hours of talk. To operate in standby mode, this mobile phone AAA batteries last for a week.
Note that the main battery Xenium X520 enough to work the phone in standby for a month. It is, as in other phones, under the rear lid device. AAA battery inserted into a special section at the bottom of the cell phone.
Also on the Philips Xenium X520 is aware that it is equipped with dvuhmegapikselnoy camera module Bluetooth, FM-tuner and slot for memory cards format microSD. Sales of the phone will start in March this year.

Apple has patented multisensornoe management.

Apple has patented multisensorny interface, reported AFP. Patent No. 7479949 was issued by the company U.S. Patent Office last week.
Patent 7479949 describes a way to work with the mobile device using multisensornogo screen, recognizes the simultaneous touch him a few fingers. This patent covers technology developed by the player in the Apple iPod Touch smartphone and iPhone. For example, changes in scale with the help of the movement of fingers on the surface of the screen.
Notice that a week ago, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, Apple (Tim Cook) stated that his company is not against competition. But while going through all available means to protect its intellectual property and development. Does Apple claim to any specific companies, Cook did not specify.
Currently, in addition to Apple, the mobile device with a screen multisensornym produces several manufacturers. In particular, HTC. Recently, a smartphone, an interface that resembles Apple iPhone, the company introduced the Palm.

AMD announced the five energy-efficient processors.

The company introduced five new AMD Quad Processor family Opteron HE. They were established in compliance with 45-nanometer tehprotsessa and are low power consumption. This was reported in the press release AMD.
These processors are designed to be installed in servers. Their operating frequency range from 2,1 to 2,3 gigagertsa. Power chips - 55 watts, thus reducing the overall server power consumption by 20 percent.
Currently, HP announced eight new systems based on processors AMD Opteron HE. By the end of the quarter servers based on these chips to produce and other manufacturers, including Dell and Sun.
At the same time, AMD introduced two new quad-chip Opteron SE. They were established in compliance with 45-nanometer technological processes. Power of the chip is 105 watts, the operating frequency - 2.8 gigagertsa.

Sprint Nextel dismiss every seventh employee.

The U.S. telecommunications company Sprint Nextel announced a reduction of eight thousand new jobs over the next three months, reported Bloomberg. This number is roughly equivalent to 14 per cent of the total number of employees.
Thanks to massive layoffs Sprint will be able to save for a year about 1.2 billion dollars. Additional funds are needed for the company to pay his debts in excess of September 2008, 20 billion dollars. At the same time, its market value is only 7.2 billion dollars. Now American companies is difficult to refinansirovatsya on the open market because interest rates on bonds and loans are very high.
Sprint has joined its rival AT & T in the process of job losses. In total, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits rose last week to 600 thousand, which is a 26-year maximum.
Sprint Nextel is the third largest cellular operator in the U.S., providing services to more than 50 million customers. In doing so, the company has net losses the past four quarters. In the third quarter of 2008, losses amounted to 326 million dollars.
In early 2008, the company also announced the dismissal of employees. Then it was reduced 6.7 per cent of the workforce, but it did not help us get out of negative numbers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Chinese fired clone WiMax-communicator HTC.

The Chinese company had submitted HTO Communicator HD, reports Engadget. Outwardly, it is almost an exact copy of WiMax-communicator HTC MAX 4G.
Chinese Communicator chetyrehdyuymovym HTO HD is equipped with a touch screen and pyatimegapikselnoy camera. As MAX 4G, he was deprived of the keyboard and works only with touch control. Also, there is a communicator GPS module and a TV tuner.
The amount of internal memory HD is eight gigabytes. In addition, Communicator, you can install a memory card format SDHC. From wireless modules in HD is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
In China, HTO HD will cost about three thousand yuan, or about 439 dollars. Will Communicator sold outside China, are not reported.

IT-company reduced because of the crisis, almost 200 thousand people.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT company began to publish financial reports Crisis January 2009, companies working in IT-field, fired 80,076 people, reports TechCrunch. Since August 2008, the state of IT-companies declined by 195 856 people.
More than a third of all a result of a decrease in January, IT-specialists - are members of the U.S. Circuit City, stated in November 2008 bankruptcy. In connection with the closing of the last of its stores were laid off 34 thousand people.
Last week, became aware of the reductions in a number of major IT-companies. For example, Sun Microsystems had dismissed a 1300 people. Microsoft dismiss five thousand people in one and a half years. Intel will close its five factories and dismiss at least five thousand people.
Also in January, it was reported that five thousand people will be dismissed from the company Ericsson. One hundred and management staff reduced Google. IBM dismissed from their Canadian office a little less than three thousand people.

New Zealander found a U.S. military secrets to the memory of second-hand player.

A resident of New Zealand's Chris Ogl find sensitive information on your MP3-player, acquired in a store of used goods. The device contained the names and personal information of American soldiers, including those served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as information on military equipment and instruction, said AFP.
According to the Australian television channel TV One, most of the recorded in the memory of the player information is dated 2005. In doing so, the channel correspondent was able to call on some of the phones were found in the device.
Oglu player itself cost 15 dollars. According to the New Zealanders, the previous owner hardly used the player on purpose and used a device for data storage. Might be added that he was willing to pass on the player to the Pentagon, where he will need to staff the past.

Processor Intel Core i7 dispersed to 5,61 gigagertsa.

Processor Intel Core i7 965, mounted on a motherboard Asus P6T6 WS Revolution, broke to the frequency of 5,61 gigagertsa, reports TG Daily. The standard operating frequency of this chip is 3.2 gigagertsa.
The chip was dispersed by the Japanese overclockers duck. In early December 2008, he disbanded the same processor to 5.51 gigagertsa. A year ago, duck disbanded processor Intel Pentium 4 631 to 8,18 gigagertsa.
In late November 2008 AMD broke Deneb processor for desktop systems to 6,3 gigagertsa. Deneb cooled with liquid nitrogen. The method of cooling Intel Core i7 965, accelerated to 5.61 gigagertsa not reported.
Motherboard Asus P6T6 WS Revolution is equipped with six slots, PCI Express. Thanks to the support of technology Nvidia 3-Way SLI and ATI CrossfireX it possible to install multiple cards.
Quad-core CPU Core i7 965 is produced in compliance with 45-nanometer manufacturing process. The amount of cache memory third level is eight megabytes. Serial production of the chip was launched in November 2008.

As IBM began massive reduction.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies have begun to publish the financial crisis otchetyKompanii IBM in the mid of last week dismissed more than 2800 people in its Canadian offices, Computerworld reported, citing data on the site Alliance @ IBM.
A reduction of two units podpali company. One of them is engaged in software development, the second - sales.
In early December 2008, it was reported that IBM intends to reduce its staff of the Japanese unit to 2.5 thousand. Then the Japanese Trade Union JMIMWU accused IBM in that it forces the employees to apply for dismissal.
Recall that last week became aware of the reductions in a number of major IT-companies. For example, Sun Microsystems had dismissed a 1300 people. Microsoft dismiss five thousand people in one and a half years. Intel will close its five factories and dismiss at least five thousand people.

Produced by NBC and CBS began preparing nekrologov Dzhobsu.

SyuzhetyBolezn director Steve Dzhobsa23.01.2009Zdorovem Apple interested in SECKommentariiUyti in ten15.01.2009Stiv Dzhobs took leave bolezniProdyusery largest telesetey U.S. began work on a nekrologov Steve Dzhobsu, Valleywag writes with reference to the source, which was contacted by representatives of the channels.
Representatives of TV channels have already calls Dzhobsa, arguing that remove "theme story" about the title Apple. Later, they admitted that in fact the pre-prepared obituary.
In January Dzhobs heavily pohudevshy over the past six months, said that the outbreak of simple treatment for hormonal imbalance. Later Dzhobs reported that the treatment has proven more difficult than he thought, and took a six-month sick leave.
Obituaries prepare in advance, many media outlets. For example, Bloomberg News in August 2008, bury "the head Apple, accidentally published" fish "obituarist in the tape.

Analysts in Russia counted 120 thousand sold iPhone 3G.

In the fourth quarter of 2008, Russia has sold 89 thousand iPhone 3G, says the newspaper Vedomosti, citing the data analyst from Mobile Research Group. According to sources close to the Russian mobile operators from October 2008, Russia has sold at least 120 thousand iPhone 3G.
Data on sales of iPhone 3G in Russia Apple has not disclosed. Cellular operators also failed to inform the smartphone sales statistics, as well as an agreement with Apple forbids them to do so.
The representative of Euroset said "Vedomosti" that the evaluation of Mobile Research Group somewhat overstated. According to the retailer, the actual volume of sales iPhone 3G in Russia for ten percent less than the claimed 89 thousand analysts smartphones.
According to the company's "threaded" in October 2008 they sold 23 thousand smartphone iPhone 3G, which corresponds to approximately thirty per cent of the market. Thus, the total number of iPhone 3G in Russia is 76 600 smartphones.
Recall that Russia's sale of iPhone 3G began in the night from the second to third in October 2008. Before the start of sales of phones, it was reported that MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon have pledged to sell a total of 1.8 million iPhone 3G annually.

Sold million smartphones Nokia 5800.

Nokia has sold one million smartphones in 5800, according to a press release the company. For the first time on display, this smartphone has started in late November 2008.
The message for the sale of one million Nokia 5800 coincided with the date of the start of smartphone sales in the UK - 23 January 2009. Smartphone sales began on 26 November with Russia. Thus, in order to sell a million 5800, the Finnish manufacturer of cell phones took nearly two months.
Nokia 5800 smartphone was introduced by the second in October 2008. It is equipped with a large touch screen and eight gigabytes of internal memory. For the first time on its development was reported in spring 2008.
One competitor is the Nokia 5800 smartphone Apple iPhone 3G, also equipped with touch screens. The implementation of these smartphones million won from the manufacturer is several times less time. Thus, on the shelves iPhone 3G appeared on 11 July. July 13, Apple reported the sale of three million iPhone 3G.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Acer refuses to release devyatidyuymovogo netbuka.

Acer intends to discontinue the 8.9-inch Aspire One netbuka in the second quarter of 2009, to concentrate fully on the production of 10-inch netbuka, DigiTimes reports citing information received from manufacturers of notebooks.
Currently, 8.9-inch Aspire One is the only netbukom Acer. His release is a company Quanta Computer. In the third quarter of 2008 was sold 2.15 million Aspire One.
Previously, it was reported that 10-inch netbuk Acer will be presented in February 2009. It will assemble the company Compal Electronics. Cost netbuka reach 399 dollars.
For the first time about plans to release ultradeshevy Acer laptop with a 10-inch screen was reported in late November 2008. Also, the fall of 2008, Acer announced its intention to become a leading manufacturer of netbukov. To this end, in 2009 the company intends to release between 12 and 15 million of these laptops.

Unknown announced from the pages of Wired on the cardiac arrest Dzhobsa.

SyuzhetyBolezn director Steve Dzhobsa22.01.2009Zdorovem Apple interested in SECNeizvestnye hackers on January 22 without the editorial published on the website Wired false message that the head of Apple, Steve Dzhobsa stopped heart. This was written by himself Wired, speaking to the official denials, as well as several other IT-media.
For the publication of attackers took advantage of facing a mechanism available to everyone viewing the downloaded images. After downloading the images, this mechanism generates a page with the logo design and Wired.
Needless message typed with multiple errors, was a picture to-such a way as to seem normal news. Then, the reference to "news" was published on Digg and other resources.
This is not the first false reports concerning the health Dzhobsa. For example, in 2006, Apple has had to refute rumors of the death of the head of the company, and in August 2008, Bloomberg accidentally published harvesting obituarist Steve Dzhobsa. In October, rumors about the alleged heart attack Dzhobsa resulted in a decrease in quotations of shares Apple.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sun reduced its 1300 people.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies have begun to publish the financial crisis otchetyKompaniya Sun Microsystems dismissed 1300 people, reports Computerworld. Total reductions to be covered under the six thousand employees Sun.
About future employment at Sun Microsystems was obyavileno in November last year. It affected staff all levels, including directors and vice presidents.
A reduction of 15-18 per cent is part of a restructuring of Sun Microsystems during the economic crisis. It was expected that the restructuring will allow the company to save between 700 to 800 million dollars a year.
Earlier on the reduction of staff in connection with the crisis optimization has already announced a number of companies. For example, Microsoft dismiss five thousand people in one and a half years. Intel will close its five factories and dismiss at least five thousand people.
We at Sun Microsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of servers and workstations. Sun is also known as the developer of operating systems based on the kernel Linux, Java platform and the party to project

Executive Director of Intel withdraws his resignation.

The Executive Director and former head of Intel's Craig Barrett (Craig Barrett) will leave the company in May 2009, reports Reuters.
On the reasons for his departure are not known, however, as the agency recently in connection with the financial crisis profit Intel declined. At the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008, revenue of the company fell by 90 percent (compared to the same period in 2007. - Notes. Yesterday the company also announced the upcoming restructuring, which involves the dismissal of employees and closing five plants.
After the departure of Barrett will be replaced by a member of its board of directors of Intel since 1993, Jane Shaw (Jane Shaw). According to the company's analyst Wedbush Morgan, staff changes would not affect the status of the company.
Craig Barrett worked at Intel for 35 years. From 1998 to 2005 he served as Director-General, which was forced to withdraw after reaching age 65, according to the rules of the corporation. Currently, Intel is headed by Paul Ottelini (Paul Otellini).
Company Intel is one of the two leading manufacturers of microprocessors in the world. At the end of the last financial quarter net profit corporation made up 234 million dollars, while the total net profit for the year 2008 - 5,3 billion dollars. At the close of stock markets on Friday 23 January, Intel share price 13.10 dollars.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Acer introduced its second netbuk.

Acer Company has submitted its second netbuk, reports TechRadar. It belongs to the series and the Aspire One is equipped with desyatidyuymovym screen.
Screen desyatidyuymovogo netbuka Acer is 1024h600 pixels. The foundation has been netbuka processor Intel Atom. As a chipset, buyers of new Aspire One can choose Intel 945GSE or 82801GBM.
In the standard netbuk module is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As an option in desyatidyuymovy Aspire One module can be installed WiMax or 3G.
According to Acer, the maximum amount of RAM to a new netbuka is two gigabytes, the hard drive - 160 gigabytes. Laptop Batteries should be sufficient to seven hours of autonomous operation.
The date of the start of sales desyatidyuymovogo netbuka and its price is not known as Acer representatives. Also they do not report what operating system is preinstalled on the computer.
For the first time about plans to release ultradeshevy Acer laptop with a screen desyatidyuymovym became aware in late November 2008. Previously, it was reported that a netbuk will appear in February 2009 and will cost 399 dollars.
Currently, Acer produces only one netbuk - Aspire One with a 8.9-inch screen. It is anticipated that the company refuses to release him since the start of series production model desyatidyuymovoy Aspire One.

The German producer of memory chips went bankrupt.

The German producer of memory chips Qimonda, a unit Infineon Technologies, filed an application for protection from bankruptcy court in Munich, reported AFP. This happened after the company was unable to agree about how to obtain assistance from the state.
In the previous fiscal year, Infineon Qimonda together and suffered a net loss of $ 3 billion euros. The fall of Qimonda, in need of cash to continue the activities had to appeal to the state. In December, the company received 325 million euros from the governments of Saxony and Germany, as well as of the Infineon. In addition, the state has provided 280 million euros as a guarantee.
However, in early January, Qimonda require additional credit value of 300 million euros. This time, the government of Saxony, underdeveloped region in the east of Germany, refused to allocate funds. Negotiations with the federal government is also stalled. According to German media, the company has failed to submit his plan of salvation.
Qimonda specializes in the manufacture of semiconductor memory to DRAM. Recently, the company faced serious competition from larger competitors from the Asian region, where production costs are lower. In October, the company had dismissed a 3 thousands of its employees in an attempt to improve efficiency.

Australian scientists invented botinkofon.

Australian expert in the field of bioinformatics at the University of Flindersa invented botinkofon, transmits AAP. The device, as its name, is located in the footwear and podzaryazhaetsya while walking. This allows him to work on the battery is much longer than a normal phone.
Initially, the device was part of theatrical props, but soon found the inventor of the practical application of it. He believes that Voice over shoes technically similar to the transfer of medical data about the patient - the pulse, the level of oxygen in the blood and so on.
Botinkofon is intended primarily for elderly and disabled people, as one of the devices, allowing them to live separately from friends and relatives.
The device is equipped with a detector and sensor orientation strikes in the space. This botinkofon able to trace the owner of the fall and call for assistance by calling a specific phone number.

Wireless work at gigabit speeds.

A CMOS-chip, capable of speed wireless data transfer up to several gigabytes per second, reports Electronista. It operates at a frequency of 60 gigahertz.
The chip includes a wireless transmitter with built-in antenna. Power consumption of the wireless transmitter is one hundred milliwatts. The chip was developed in the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology).
The speed of data transmission chip depends on the distance. For example, if the transmitter and receiver, one-meter, the data transfer rate will be 15 gigabits per second. Data transfer rate is reduced to ten and five gigabytes with increasing distance of up to two and five meters, respectively.
It is expected that this chip will be widely used in consumer electronics. For example, it can replace the wires that connect the DVD-player with a TV or a computer with an external hard drive.
Judging by the small distance, which tested the transfer of data to new wireless chip, its closest competitor will be the technology Bluetooth. Currently, it operates at a frequency of 2.4 gigagertsa and allows data transfer up to one hundred meters. The maximum transfer rate - three megabita per second.
It was expected that in mid-2009, a new version of technology Bluetooth, which will increase the data transfer rate of a hundred times. It will work in conjunction with Wi-Fi networks, or broadband UWB (Ultra-Wideband).

Annual profit fell by a quarter of Samsung.

KommentariiVseobschaya optimizatsiya22.01.2009IT companies have begun to publish the financial crisis otchetyPribyl Samsung in 2008 amounted to 5.5 trillion won (about four billion dollars), representing a 26 percent lower than a year ago, reports said IDG News with reference to these financial statements the company.
South Korean company's revenues in 2008 increased by 15 per cent to 73 trillion won (about 53 billion dollars). In the last quarter of 2008, Samsung lost 22 billion won (15 million dollars).
Samsung's revenues in the fourth quarter of 2008 amounted to 18.5 trillion won (about 13.5 billion dollars). A year ago, Samsung quarterly revenue amounted to 17.5 trillion won (about 12.5 billion dollars).
The main reason for falling profits Samsung has been lowering prices for memory and LCD panel. Thus, the semiconductor unit of revenue for the quarter fell by 18 per cent unit LCD panels - at 12 percent.
Samsung demonstrated a mobile unit dvuhprotsentny growth against the backdrop of a five reducing the market. Last year Samsung sold about 200 million phones, but the average price of mobile phone has dropped by ten percent.

3G Network to appear in a Moscow subway station before the end of the year.

Until the end of 2009 in a Moscow subway station should receive the basic networks of third generation mobile communication (3G), writes the newspaper Kommersant. This was made possible after the successful completion of tests on the compatibility of frequency 3G networks and structures of the Ministry of Defense in the Moscow subway.
According to the head of the Moscow metro Dmitri Gaeva until the end of this year, subscribers will be able to take advantage of the MTS network 3G services at stations and subway cars. From the operators' Vimpelcom and Megafon "agreement on the deployment of 3G base stations in the Moscow metro has not yet been signed.
MTS expects to receive permission to use the subway 3G frequencies in the first half of 2009. Representatives of MTS told Kommersant that began tests on the compatibility of 3G networks and the frequency of war in the streets of Moscow. In the event of success, ITT expects to launch 3G network in the center and the main thoroughfares in the capital in 2010.
Third-generation cellular networks can speed data transfer up to 7.6 megabits per second. Currently, EDGE technology enables data transfer at speeds of 180 kilobits per second.
The first 3G network was launched in Russia in early October 2007 in St. Petersburg by Megafon. The company MTS passed in the commercial exploitation of its first Russian 3G network in late May 2008, "VimpelCom" - at the beginning of September 2008. Launching 3G networks in Moscow complicated by the fact that necessary for its operation frequency used by the defense ministry.

Securities Commission the U.S. interest in health Dzhobsa.

SyuzhetyBolezn Steve Dzhobsa20.01.2009Glava Apple re DisneyKomissiya to the board of directors of the Securities USA (SEC) launched an investigation policy disclosure Corporation Apple, says Bloomberg, referring to an anonymous source familiar with the situation. In the commission wanted to make sure that Apple does not hide important information about the health chapter Corporation Steve Dzhobsa and thus does not introduce confusing shareholders.
Investigation SEC, according to the same source does not mean that the Commission has proof of any violations.
Analysts interested in health Dzhobsa the summer of 2008, when the head Apple showed them seriously pohudevshim. Sam Dzhobs in January 2009, explained the weight loss hormonal imbalances, noting that magistral treatment is relatively easy.
A week later, Steve Dzhobs left in the six-month sick leave, claiming that the treatment of the disease has proved more difficult than he anticipated. This has negatively affected the company's stock quotes. A few days later it became known that Dzhobs, in spite of illness, intends to run as a member of the Board of Directors of Disney, where he is from 2006.
Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Steve Dzhobs considering the possibility of a liver transplant because of complications after cancer treatment. Cancer of the pancreas gendirektoru Apple was diagnosed in 2003, and in 2004 Dzhobsa successfully prooperirovali. At the request of Bloomberg correspondent to comment on this information, Dzhobs asked to leave him alone.

Video will determine the behavior of the characters of games.

Video in 2010 will support hardware akseleratsiyu calculations related to artificial intelligence in games, writes TechRadar. Over the relevant procedures are already working Nvidia and AMD, the major manufacturers of graphics cards.
The developers claim that 90 percent of the procedures of artificial intelligence are a few basic algorithms. In particular, the video will help identify the characters, whether they see the player and each other, as well as to calculate the optimal way in the game world.
The main advantage of this approach is the ability to cheat a large number of parallel in the world of computer characters, and there is no need to develop an artificial intelligence system from scratch.
Video is much better than conventional processors, adapted to the parallel processing of large volumes of identical data. To implement this capability exists standard OpenCL, describing the modes of transmission of computer graphics processing power. This technology will greatly accelerate the normal application.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nokia Net profit fell by more than two times.

The Finnish company Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, reported a 60 percent decline in net profit in the 4 th quarter of 2008. This is the agency France Presse.
Total Nokia earned in the last quarter of 2008, 576 million euros. Over the same period in 2007, the company earned 1.84 billion euros. The volume of sales in 2008 fell by 19 percent to 12.7 billion dollars.
The proportion of companies in the world market dropped to 37 percent. Recall that in 2007, Nokia held 40 percent of the world market for mobile phones.
The company also projected reductions in the market of mobile phones in 2009 to 10 per cent compared to the year 2008. The reason is the decline of world financial crisis.

Microsoft has decided to dismiss 5,000 people.

KommentariiNovogodnie zhertvy11.01.2009V the beginning of 2009 the company announced that tens of thousands of uvolennyhKorporatsiya Microsoft has decided to cut in one and a half years and five thousand employees. This is stated in an official press release issued on the company's website.
The reductions affected, including financial, marketing, legal departments, as well as Human Resources and Sales. In the near future without the work of 1400 employees will remain a corporation.
The decision guidance Microsoft has taken with regard to the implementation of its own anti-crisis plan to reduce costs. In particular, due to loss of jobs the company is expected to reduce the cost of half a billion dollars annually.
Simultaneously with news of the dismissal of employees Microsoft announced its financial results up to the second quarter of 2008 fiscal year (October-December). In particular, the corporation's net profit for the period decreased by 11 percent compared with the same period a year earlier and amounted to 4.17 billion dollars. Earned income decreased 8 percent compared with October-December 2007 and reached 5.94 billion dollars.
January 15, newspaper The Wall Street Journal wrote that Microsoft is considering the possibility of a significant reduction in the state. At the same time, the head of Microsoft, Steve Balmer said that the dismissals run counter to global politics Corporation.

Seagate lost for three months, nearly half a billion dollars.

Seagate Company in the second quarter of 2009 fiscal year, ended second in January 2008 calendar, lost 496 million dollars or 1.02 dollars per share. Revenue for the company in the same period amounted to 2.3 billion dollars. This was reported in the financial report of Seagate.
Seagate's revenues during the first half of 2009 fiscal year amounted to 5.3 billion dollars. Net loss for the same period is 436 million dollars or 0.9 dollars per share.
In the second quarter of 2009 fiscal year, Seagate has released 37 million hard disk drives. In the first half of 2009 fiscal year the company made 85 million hard disk.
A week ago, it was reported that Seagate in the course of restructuring to reduce costs, will dismiss up to 10 per cent of the staff. This is about 5400 people.

The company LG Electronics has become unprofitable.

Korean corporation LG Electronics announced the first in seven quarters of net losses, transmits AFP. Over the last three months of 2008 the company lost 671.3 billion won, which corresponds to 487.2 million dollars. In the same period in 2007, its net profit amounted to 621.3 billion won (451 million dollars).
The cause of loss was the decline in the prices of televisions, as well as fines for price collusion, which involved the company LG Display, a producer of LCD displays. This company will pay a penalty of five years beginning in 2009.
At the same time, LG Electronics revenues for the quarter grew by 12.2 per cent from 5.87 to 6.59 trillion won (with 4,26 to 4,78 billion dollars). In addition, the company sold 25.7 million mobile phones, 8 percent more than the previous period. Only in 2008 was sold to over 100.7 million mobile phones LG.
LG Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, flat screen TV.

Intel will close five plants.

Company Intel will close its five factories for the production of electronic components, which uses outdated technology, reported The New York Times. At least five thousand people working in these factories will be dismissed from the company.
Among the plants would be closed and one of the oldest factories of Intel, based in Silicon Valley, California. Also subject to closure of a plant in Oregon and three Intel factories in Asia.
Recall that a week ago, Intel has published financial results last quarter of 2008. According to them, the profits the company has fallen tenfold. In addition, the Intel has not been able to provide a financial forecast for the first quarter of 2009.
The head of Intel Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini) believes that the semiconductor industry will be at the plight of at least six months. At that time Intel will introduce austerity regime. In particular, abolish bonuses to staff.
By the end of 2008, Intel has worked in 84 thousand people. Over the past three years, Intel has reduced the 20 thousand jobs.
The company AMD, the main competitor of Intel processors on the market, also reduces the costs of the economic crisis. In particular, AMD had reduced wages and a decision on the reduction of nine per cent of the state.

Sony will close one of its two television factories in Japan.

Company Sony intends to close one of its two television factories in Japan, reported AFP. Sony also plans to cut more than two thousand jobs.
Previously, Sony announced a reduction of 16 thousand employees. In addition, the company intends to reduce investment and close several factories across the globe.
Staff cuts and plant closures are part of a plan to restructure the company. As a result, Sony plans to save 1.1 billion dollars a year.
It should be noted that in 2008, Sony has suffered the first loss in 14 years. According to the company, in 2008 the losses Sony will be 2.9 billion dollars.

Apple has received a record revenue during the crisis.

In the first quarter of 2009 fiscal year, which ended Dec. 27, 2008 calendar, Apple has earned a record 10.17 billion dollars. A year ago, Apple quarterly revenue was 9.6 billion dollars. This was reported in the press release the company.
Apple Net profit in the first quarter of 2009 fiscal year amounted to 1.61 billion dollars or 1.78 dollars per share. A year ago, Apple quarterly profit amounted to 1.58 billion U.S. dollars, or 1.76 per share.
According to the report Apple, for the three months the company has sold just over 2.5 million computers Macintosh, which is nine percent higher than a year ago. Your iPod in the first quarter of 2009 fiscal year have been sold more than 22.7 million, which is three percent higher than a year ago.
Smart Phone iPhone for three months has sold 4.4 million. As compared with the first quarter of 2008 fiscal year, an increase of 88 percent. Quarterly sales of Apple TV for the year increased more than threefold.
In line with the forecast guidance Apple, in the second quarter of 2009 fiscal year, the company should earn from 7.6 to 8 billion dollars. The expected profit in the second quarter ranging from 0.9 to one dollar per share.
Note that the earnings of a number of IT-companies has decreased significantly due to the global economic crisis. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2008, Intel profit fell to ten times.

AMD has sold its mobile unit.

The company AMD has sold its mobile unit of Qualcomm. The latter paid him 65 million dollars. This was reported in the press release AMD.
The agreement between AMD and Qualcomm have been signed on 19 January 2009. The period during which the transaction is completed, are not reported.
Qualcomm plans to use to enhance the development of AMD characteristics of mobile devices in various fields. For example, with two-and three-dimensional graphics, sound. Together with the production staff and a mobile unit to the AMD Qualcomm over all of its design and technology.
Representatives of AMD emphasize that selling mobile unit will focus on the development of the two pillars of its business. This is a development and manufacturing of processors and graphics systems.
Sales of noncore units are part of the return of AMD profitability. In August 2008, AMD sold a unit engaged in digital television, the company Broadcom. The deal amounted to 192.8 million dollars.
In autumn 2008, it was announced on the division of AMD into two companies. One of them will develop and design chips, the second - production of processors. Thus AMD intends to reduce costs and increase market share.

Apple updated the plastic Macbook.

Apple Inc. no official announcement has updated the old generation Macbook in plastic casing. Laptops are already sold in the online store Apple Store.
The main difference between the new laptop from the old video was the Nvidia GeForce 9400M, set to replace Intel GMA X3100. The same video system used in the Macbook in aluminum casing. Thus, now all laptops Apple switched to video Nvidia, which is several times more powerful than GMA X3100.Takzhe accelerated from 800 to 1066 MHz system bus. The standard configuration of laptops in the plastic case is still, in contrast to the aluminum models, includes a port FireWire.
The updated notebooks are still worth 999 dollars. Tests Apple revealed that its battery is enough for 4.5 hours using a wireless network.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snayperam suggested the use of sight for iPod.

The shop applications Apple App Store, for the iPod Touch and iPhone, a program BulletFlight company Runaway Technology, to help snayperam in pritselivanii. This writes The Daily Telegraph.
Users are invited to hang BulletFlight iPod on his rifle, put several options and make the shot, following the advice program. Among the input parameters - the wind, the type of ammunition, as well as the distance to the goal.
The authors of the program note that BulletFlight an advantage over the competitors, launching ballistic calculation results in tabular form. Instead, the application Runaway outstanding results in the form of council.
The program found three profiles for different models of weapons: semiautomatic sniper rifle M110, KAC PDW automatic rifles and SR16. Users can add their profiles in the program. The cost of the program is 6.99 pounds sterling.

AMD lowered prices on Quad processors.

Company AMD lowered prices on its processors in a series of Quad Phenom II, reports DigiTimes. The decline affected models Phenom II X4 940 and 920.
The new wholesale price of the chip AMD Phenom II X4 940 is 225 dollars. Earlier, one such chip, the purchase of thousands of processors had to pay 275 dollars.
Wholesale price processor AMD Phenom II X4 920 fell to 195 dollars. Earlier, one processor cost $ 235 for the purchase of thousands of chips.
Processors AMD Phenom II X4 940 and 920 are made in compliance with 45-nanometer technological processes. These chips were first announced in 2008.
Less than a week ago, Intel reduced the prices just a few lines of processors. Among them, the Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, dual-core Pentium, Celeron and Xeon.

Guide Intel has been unable to provide a financial forecast for the quarter.

Intel company could complete the first quarter of 2009 with losses. In doing so, for the first time in 34 years, the leaders were unable to Intel's financial forecast for the quarter. That was reported by Bloomberg, with reference to internal correspondence Intel.
According to Intel CEO Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini), the last 87 quarters (20 years) have been profitable for Intel. However, the outcome of the first quarter of 2009 is still too early to predict. Otellini also pointed out that companies face a very difficult six months.
Moreover, in his message, the head of Intel said that the company refused to award employees and their career advancement. Otellini also said that more selective will be the recruitment of new staff.
A week ago, Intel unveiled the financial results last quarter of 2008. According to them, the company quarterly earnings fell by 90 per cent to 234 million dollars.
Then the leaders of Intel stressed that the sharp decline in income was not a surprise for them. They said that Intel is not the first time faced with a crisis, and knows how to successfully emerge from it.

Swedish Ericsson Corporation dismiss five thousand people.

Swedish Ericsson Telecommunications Corporation intends to reduce the 5 thousand jobs to reduce costs. That was reported by Bloomberg. Most of the laid-off employees at Ericsson in Sweden itself.
In total the company employs almost 79 thousand people worldwide. At the same time in 2008, the company has already dismissed a 4 thousand people.
Ericsson will reduce the working of the contract employees, as well as transfer some operations to countries where such activities would cost it more cheaply. Ericsson also will reduce the amount of dividends that are intended to pay shareholders on the basis of 2008 fiscal year.
In 2008, the company Sony Ericsson, which is owned by Ericsson and Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony, announced the decision to cut 2000 jobs worldwide. Net loss companies in the last quarter of 2008 amounted to 245 million dollars.
The company Ericsson, the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for mobile communications, was founded in 1876. In 2001, the Office for the production of mobile phones Ericsson together with the same unit of Sony.

The Russians have been buying fewer cell phones and more SIM-cards.

In 2008, the Russian retail company sold about 32 million cell phones, Kommersant daily, referring to the data analysis of Mobile Research Group.
According to the Mobile Research Group, in December 2008 had been sold 4.1 million phones, instead of previously planned 7.5 million. At the same time in 2007, according to Euroset, Russia has sold 32.45 million mobile phones.
The main reason for the decline of sales of mobile phones in Russia analysts called the almost total refusal of banks to provide loans for the purchase of cell phones. In doing so, about a quarter of all mobile phones in Russia are sold on credit.
In addition, analysts noted a 30 per cent drop in demand due to economic crisis and the weakening of the ruble. In some regions, the decline in demand has reached 70 percent.
In line with the forecast of Mobile Research Group, in 2009, sales of mobile phones in Russia will decrease by 25-30 percent. Total for the current year will be sold around 24 million phones.
Despite the drop in demand for cellular phones, the subscriber base of Russian cellular operators continue to grow. According to AC & M-Consulting, in December 2008, Russia has sold 3.5 million SIM-cards, which is 1.9 percent more than in December 2007. At the end of 2008 in Russia, there were 187.8 million active SIM-cards, which is 8.6 percent higher than a year ago.

The Chinese used the technique suggested Apple.

Apple is beginning to sell in China, second-hand equipment, reported Reuters. The average discount on used Apple products is 22 percent.
Second-hand equipment Apple will be able to buy a Chinese specialist in online stores. For example, a used iPod Shuffle player, it is worth 44 dollars. Used computer iMac will cost approximately two thousand dollars.
Because all the goods were in use, the building may be damaged. But before selling electronics have been tested, so its performance is not affected by external damage.
The first campaign for the sale of used equipment Apple was announced in China late last year. What is the interest shown to the Chinese, are not reported.
China was not the first country where Apple began selling their used equipment. Earlier this electronics has become available in several countries including USA, UK and Japan. In these states, used equipment is the very small percentage of the total sales of Apple.
There are currently sold in the U.S. used smart phones iPhone 3G. They can be purchased online at Best Buy $ 50 cheaper than similar new devices.
The first corporate Apple store was opened in China 19 Jul., 2008. It is located in the capital - Beijing. In 2009, Apple intends to open another company store in Beijing. Later Apple Store will be in Shanghai and other major cities.

Sony TVs will be for people in the room.

Company Sony has developed a new generation of energy-saving televisions Bravia V5, reports IDG News. They are automatically disabled when there is nobody in the room.
Under the screen LCD TV Sony Bravia V5 is a special sensor, which determines whether there are people in the room where he works. If people in the room there, the Bravia V5 turns off the LCD screen. After the return of people display Bravia V5 again.
Note that if you unplug the TV screen does not cease to work. However, if the room is half empty, the sound is too muted. Then the TV goes into standby mode.
In a series of Bravia V5 includes two LCD television sets with 40 - and 46-inch screens. Their power consumption is 129 and 153 watts respectively. Power TVs with the same diagonal screen in a series of Bravia V1, announced a year ago at 217 and 263 watts.
In Japan, TV Sony Bravia V5 appear on 20 February. 40-inch model will cost 2314 dollars, 46-inch - 3085 dollars. In the U.S., LCD TVs Sony Bravia V5 appear before the end of the first half of 2009.

Steve Dzhobs decided to re Board of Directors of Disney.

KommentariiUyti in ten15.01.2009Stiv Dzhobs took leave bolezniGlava of Apple, Steve Dzhobs taking 14 January, a six-month sick leave, in March, intends to re-board of directors Disney, says AppleInsider.
Dzhobs is on the board of directors of Disney since the spring of 2006 when it bought the studio Pixar. It has four billion shares of Disney, making it the largest co-owner of the corporation.
For the membership of the council Steve Dzhobs does not receive any payments. It is believed that he plays a technical adviser to his friend and director of Disney Igera Bob (Bob Iger).
Analysts and experts have expressed concerns about the decision Dzhobsa, noting that the member of the board of directors of large companies should spend at the post less than 250 hours a year.
Dzhobsa disease remains unknown. In early January, the head of Apple announced that it has found hormonal imbalance, and added that the designated treatment is relatively simple. A week later, Dzhobs said that the required treatment has proved more serious than he thought.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LG ahead of Motorola in the number of cell phones sold.

In 2008, the company LG has released more than one hundred million mobile phones, becoming the third largest supplier of cell phones in the world, reports DigiTimes. Motorola for the same period, produced a 99.9 million mobile phones.
Finland remained the market leader Nokia, released in 2008, 470 million phones. Second place is occupied by Samsung, implemented in 2008, 200 million cell phones.
Company for the year Sony Ericsson has released 96.6 million phones, becoming the fifth volume producer of cell phones. Although the outcome of the second quarter of 2008, Sony Ericsson ahead of Motorola on the number of issued phones.
In 2006, Motorola ranked second line in the rating of the largest sellers of cell phones. In 2007, the company has become the third largest manufacturer of cellular telephones.

The American company complained to the European Commission to IBM.

The U.S. computer company T3 Technologies has sent a complaint against IBM in the European Commission, transmits BBC News. T3 alleges that IBM is abusing its monopoly position in the market mainframes - powerful computers typically used in large corporations.
The complaint stated that the IBM operating system to match hardware mainframes. T3 also claims that IBM holds a license to patents and other intellectual property. In IBM refused to comment on the complaint because it had not yet seen the text.
In T3 believe that IBM overstates the prices of their meynfreymy and suggest that a positive decision the European Commission will help the Europeans to save on meynfreymah more than 48 billion dollars.
This is not the first such complaint. In 2007, the company Platform Solution in the European Commission sent a formal complaint, accusing IBM of refusing to license other companies and refusing to provide information on meynfreymam.
According to IBM, more than 80 percent of these corporations and government bodies are stored at meynfreymah. The cost of the assets held there more than five trillion dollars.

Intel will issue a 320-gigabaytny solid drive.

Company Intel is developing a 320-gigabaytny SSD-drive, reports Fudzilla. It is anticipated that it would be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2009.
The new solid-state drive Intel will be available in the 1,8 - and 2,5-inch form factor. The foundation will drive 34-nanometrovye cell flash memory capacity of 32 gigabita. They are produced in a factory IM Flash Technologies.
Currently Intel produces drives SSD-X18-M and X25-M, 80 and 160 gigabytes. The company also produces SSD-drive X25-E Extreme. It is designed to be installed in servers and is available in 32 - and 64-gigabaytnom options.
Currently, the maximum capacity of serial SSD-drive is 256 gigabytes. In late 2008, Toshiba announced a 512-gigabaytny solid drive, with production to begin in 2009.
Factory IM Flash Technologies is a joint venture between Intel and Micron to produce flash memory. In late November 2008 it has begun mass production of multilevel flash memory in compliance with 34-nanometrovoy technology.

In late January guglofon appears in continental Europe.

At the end of January, the operator T-Mobile will start selling smartphone G1, based on the platform Google Android, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Austria, reported Reuters. Currently guglofon is only available in the U.S. and Britain.
According to the Executive Director of T-Mobile Hamid Ahavana (Hamid Akhavan), in Germany will be the second G1 February this year. In Poland, a smartphone can be purchased at the end of February.
G1 smartphone has been created by HTC on the order of the operator T-Mobile. It is equipped with a large touch screen, sliding qwerty-keyboard and is optimized for the management of the fingers. Sales G1 commenced on 22 October 2008.
In the U.S. smartphone G1 in a two-year contract with T-Mobile is worth 179 dollars. In Germany guglofon with a two-year contract can be bought for one euro.
It is anticipated that in the U.S. before the end of 2008 were sold 400 thousand smartphone G1. Executive Director of T-Mobile does not give the exact number of G1, but stressed that it was sold several hundred thousand guglofonov.
HTC originally expected in 2008 to sell 600 thousand smartphone G1. At the end of November 2008 sales forecast was raised to guglofona million smartphones.

AMD announced the fiscal platform for gamers.

Corporation January 19, AMD announced a new budget with a powerful platform 760G integrated video, writes Electronista. Processor for the platform to become Athlon X2 7000. It is expected that the video 760G will provide a good performance in games.
AMD graphics supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2, and also contains a kernel of Radeon HD 3000. Declaring that it is much faster than the integrated Intel GMA 4500 solutions. In testing AMD game World of Warcraft on high settings at 1280 by 1024 pixels show 31 frames per second, while the GMA 4500 - only 19.
Chipset does not support hardware accelerated playback of high-definition video, but supports a similar function for DVD-video. On motherboards with 760G may appear as videorazemy DisplayPort, and HDMI. 760G also supports Hybrid CrossfireX, allowing the system to work with the cards ATI Radeon HD 3450 and ATI Radeon HD 2400.
The cost of a new motherboard based on the 760G chipset will be 79 dollars. The same is the processor. Such fees will be soon released Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and other manufacturers.

Companies Sony Ericsson to make PSP banned in Mobile.

Sony Corp. has banned the use of Sony Ericsson brand, PlayStation, 1UP writes with a link to Mobile Today. This means that Sony Ericsson will not be able to create a mobile phone based on a portable console, PSP, as originally planned.
The journalists, referring to unnamed sources, indicate that Sony is planning to develop such devices themselves. Indirectly, this may mean that in the foreseeable future, the joint venture Sony Ericsson may cease to exist. In addition, representatives of the company refused to comment on statements by Sony.
At the moment, Sony Ericsson already owns the rights to the use of such brands as the Walkman and Cyber-Shot for the release of new phones. Also in the territory of Japan issued mobile phone under the brand name Bravia. All these brands are owned by Sony.
Note that the rumors about the creation of a mobile phone based on the portable PSP console appeared yet in 2007. Company Sony Ericsson has already patented the device with a turning screen, looks like a hybrid game system and Sony's mobile phone.

The company will release Lego mp3-players.

The company Lego, which specializes in producing children's toys, will release mp3-players, together with Digital Blue, reports Gigwise. Design of Digital audioproigryvatelya will be made on the model of classical design Lego.
According to the representative of the company, launched a new production will help revive the company's image in the eyes of fans with toy Lego. It is anticipated that the mp3-player from Lego will benefit children aged 7 to 11 years, however, as the head of the patent department of the company, new products may also attract the attention of adults.
Digital Blue representative said that the company is very proud to cooperate with Lego. "We are very pleased to be able to work with world-famous brands, products which are loved and children, and adults," - noted in the Digital Blue.
In addition to the players in a new line of digital products from Lego will also be presented cameras, radios and alarm clocks. The cost of gadgets ranging from 20 to 59 dollars. Recall that in September 2008, Lego has released a special series of toys depicting the well-known musicians.

Nokia N97 will be released in spring 2009.

KommentariiRevolyutsiya in finski02.12.2008Nokia introduced a mobile computer, and bought SymbianMobilny computer Nokia N97, the Finnish анонсированнÑ&lsqauo;й Corporation in early December at the Nokia World in Barcelona, will be released in spring 2009, writes The Register Hardware. Previously, Nokia as an indicative date device claimed the first half of 2009.
Reporters noticed that the site invited visitors to order razlochenny N97 for 479.99 pounds sterling (about 700 dollars). The proposal stated that the phone is set out on 31 March.
Nokia N97 is equipped with a 3.5-inch wide touch screen with a resolution of 640 by 360 pixels, 32 gigabytes of memory, pyatimegapikselnoy camera modules, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and A-GPS, as well as an electronic compass.
In addition, the Nokia N97 has a retractable QWERTY-keyboard and battery, which is enough for 37 hours of music playback.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Intel cut prices on processors.

January 18, Intel Corp. lowered the price just a few lines of processors, including Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, dual-core Pentium, Celeron and Xeon, writes Cnet news.
Most chips cheaper Celeron. The price of a mobile Celeron 570 processor, running at a frequency of two gigagertsa, fell to 48 percent from 134 to 70 dollars.
Also greatly reduced prices for Quad processors. Thus, trehgigagertsevy Core 2 Quad Q9650 dropped in price by 40 percent, from 530 to 316 dollars. Exactly the same was the cost and trehgigagertsevy Xeon X3370. The price for dual-core Pentium E5200 dropped by 24 percent, from 84 to 64 dolllarov.
At the same time, Intel introduced the new processors, including Core 2 Duo E7500, running at a frequency of 2.93 gigagertsa. This chip will cost 133 dollars.

China announced the creation of an analog of GPS by 2015.

China plans by 2015 to complete the establishment of a global navigation system, reports Xinhua. Source of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation told that orbit must be withdrawn 30 satellites. Between 2009 and 2010 China will launch 10 of them.
Chinese navigation system was called Beidou. Its establishment was announced in 2006. At present, China has launched to orbit the Earth five navigation satellites. They allow you to orient in some parts of the country. The additional 30 satellites should provide coverage Beidou throughout the globe.
Now the most popular global positioning system is the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS). Analogs GPS there, the European Union (Galileo) and Russia (GLONASS). But so far they have not been able to get ahead in the popularity of GPS.

Director predicted rise LG Display LCD panels.

In the near future, the cost of LCD panels will start to grow. This is due to the fact that in 2008 the price reached the lowest possible levels. That was reported by Reuters, referring to the statement by the executive director of LG Display Vona Yong-soo (Kwon Young-soo).
Also Won Yong-soo, stressed that in 2009, LG Display will focus on producing high-quality LCD screens for mobile devices. To this end, the company would invest 427 million dollars to build a production line for production of mobile screens premium class.
According to analysts, because of the economic crisis, demand for electronics, including LCD TVs, in the last quarter of 2008 decreased markedly, and this decline will continue in 2009. Executive Director of LG Display stressed that the fall in demand relates primarily to the large and expensive televisions. Demand for low-cost LCD TVs a diagonal, in his opinion, in 2009, will grow.
According to Reuters, in the last quarter of 2008, LG Display has demonstrated a record loss. The reason for this steel as falling prices of LCD panels, and a fine of 400 million dollars for violating the company of antitrust laws.
Recall that in mid-November 2008 U.S. Department of Justice fined the company LG Display, Sharp and Chunghwa Picture Tubes for entry conspired to prevent a fall in prices in the market of LCD panels. The bulk of the 585 millionth fines paid LG Display.

Today's mobile phone were too complicated for users.

Modern mobile phones have proved too complex for 61 percent of the thousands of Britons and four Americans, transmit BBC News, referring to a study of Mformation. These respondents stated that the setting up of new phones in complexity compared with the transfer of accounts from one bank to another.
Razdrazhayuschey setting new phones appeared 85 percent of those surveyed. At the same time to test new features in the event that their setup will be easier, agreed 95 per cent of respondents.
Representatives Mformation note that users of cell phones when setting up the device did not wish to seek the assistance of the mobile operator or to seek the necessary information on the Internet. Instead, they try to use a new feature once or twice, but with failure more than it did not apply.
Thus, many modern mobile phone is used mainly for voice calls, although able to work with e-mail, transmit images and provide access to the Internet. In addition, users spend on setting vehicles an hour or more, although the entire process should take no more than 15 minutes.

Canadians fired rival Mac mini.

Canadian company Stealth Computer has released a mini-computer LPC-650. The size of the computer account for 15.24 Ñ…16, 5x5, 08 centimeters, which is practically identical dimensions Apple Mac mini. That was reported by Electronista.
The basis of LPC-650 processor is Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.4 or 2.6 gigagertsa, depending on the configuration PC. The amount of RAM desktop reaches four gigabytes.
The capacity of hard disk installed in the LPC-650, ranging from 80 to 500 gigabytes. If you prefer a hard drive can be replaced by the SSD-drive up to 128 gigabytes. All configuration LPC-650 equipped with an optical drive module and Wi-Fi.
In the basic configuration, including 2,4-gigagertsevy processor, 80-gigabaytny gigabyte hard drive and memory, LPC-650 is 1595 dollars. With 2,6-gigagertsevym processor, four gigabytes of RAM and a 500-gigabaytnym vinchesterom computer cost 2055 dollars.
At present, the Mac mini is available with Intel Core 2 Duo, operating at a frequency of 1.83 and two gigagertsa. The amount of RAM is a mini-Apple computer is one gigabyte, hard drive - 80 or 120 gigabytes. Depending on configuration, the U.S. Mac mini is 599 or 799 dollars. The size Mac mini constitute 16.51 Ñ…16, 51h5, 08 centimeters.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Intel delayed production of a new processor.

Intel Corporation has decided to postpone the release of processors Lynnfield, intended for desktop computers, as well as the P55 chipset until the end of August or early September 2009, writes Digitimes.
The manufacturers of motherboards, the publication of the respondents indicate that Intel may postpone the release of chips and at a later date, depending on the situation in the market.
Initially, Lynnfield, based on a microarchitecture Nehalem, and P55 chipsets should be on the market at the end of July. Because of the economic downturn of the manufacturers of motherboards accumulated nerasprodannye components, and that was the main reason for the postponement of the new release.
At the same time, Intel intends to February 2009 to provide entry-level processor partners Havendale, mass production will start in September and October. Deliveries Havendale tentatively scheduled for January 2010.