Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The British bought 92 thousand DSi in two days.

The company has been able to realize the Nintendo 92 thousand DSi consoles in the UK for two days, GamesIndustry writes with reference to the data Chart-Track. Sales of portable gaming system, began on 3 April this year. Journalists CVG also noted that the DSi has taken fourth place in the list of the fastest-selling console in the country.
In terms of the number of gaming systems sold in the first weekend update portable console behind PSP, PlayStation 3 and Wii. At the same time in two days Nintendo has been able to realize more consoles in the UK than all other companies combined.
Recall that in Japan DSi sales started on 1 November last year. For two days the people of this country have bought more than 170 thousand of portable consoles. At the end of March this year, it became known that the DSi was able to overcome the mark of 2 million consoles sold. Earlier it was announced that Nintendo shipped to stores 100 million of various models of DS.
The first version of DS gaming system was introduced in 2004. The new model DS Lite, which was thinner and lighter its predecessor, was marketed in 2006. Recall that the DSi is the third version of the portable console. The device has a large screen with a diagonal of 3.25 inches, the two integrated cameras, as well as slot for SD-cards. The console can also play music files. In doing so, the developers decided to abandon the cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance.

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