Friday, April 17, 2009

The Japanese have developed a flexible mobile phone.

Japanese company Kyocera has developed a mobile phone with OLED-screen, a shell which is made of a flexible polymer, the TechRadar. A prototype of the phone was introduced at CTIA.
Flexible Mobile Kyocera called EOS. Depending on the choice of the user, it can give a different form. For example, the full deployment, to EOS became similar to a widescreen display.
If desired, EOS can be folded in the form of a laptop. Then at one of its panel keyboard. When you change the form of the phone keys disappear.
To recharge the EOS uses kinetic energy, which receives from external influence. Special generators convert it into electricity.
In Kyocera stress that EOS - is a prototype. But technology, realized it would be implemented in serial mobile phones.

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