Monday, April 6, 2009

Intel predicted three-fold increase in sales of integrated graphics.

In 2008, the integrated graphics for the first time ahead of the discrete graphics card sales, reports CNet News, referring to the data analysis company Mercury Research.
The leading manufacturer of integrated graphics is a company Intel. It expects that by 2013 these graphics solutions will be three times as popular discrete graphics cards.
The most common integrated graphics installed in notebooks. However, the power of such decisions is not enough, in particular, to run many modern games.
Intel representatives have emphasized that intend to address this shortcoming. To this end, the company cooperates with several game developers who optimize their products to work with the integrated graphics system.
Leading manufacturers of discrete graphics cards are Nvidia and AMD. The latter produces visual solutions under the brand ATI. The first Intel discrete graphics card should appear in 2010. Its foundation will plurinuclear graphic chip Intel Larrabee.

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