Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Channels "BBC" took to the screens of smartphones in a live broadcast.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC started broadcasting television on mobile phones, reported the newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Monday, 6 April.
The publication notes that the broadcast of mobile phones conducted simultaneously with the main broadcast on television, that is, without delay.
Watch live channels "BBC" are the owners of smartphones, it requires to connect to Wi-Fi. Already available for mobile viewing channels BBC One, BBC Four, CBeebies and BBC News. Radio "BBC" are also available for listening on mobile phones.
As noted by The Daily Telegraph, no special software on the phones do not need to install. However, while mobile viewing product "BBC" can only benefit the owners of phones Nokia N Series, as well as T-Mobile G1. iPhone does not support the proposed service corporation.
Remember, in the spring of 2008, "the BBC" has launched a new Internet version of its site for mobile phones. And at the end of November 2008 launched the Internet TV broadcasting of major corporations - BBC One and BBC Two.

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