Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bankrupt Silicon Graphics sold over 25 million dollars.

The company Silicon Graphics (SGI), developed the graphical library OpenGL, buy for 25 million U.S. Corporation Rackable Systems, which specializes in servers and storage solutions for large amounts of information. This is stated in a press release Rackable Systems.Odnovremenno Silicon Graphics has asked regulators for protection from bankruptcy. The market capitalization of the company on 31 March was just 4.78 million dollars. The market value of Rackable Systems more than $ 120 million. It was expected that the transaction will be completed within sixty days.
Silicon Graphics is a public company. In exchange, she experienced severe financial difficulties since mid-2007. For a year and a half the value of the company's shares fell from $ 30 to tens of cents. In December 2008, ground NASDAQ delisting warning on SGI, as it no longer meets the minimum requirements of the Exchange.
SGI was founded in 1982. Over time it became one of the most famous manufacturers of computers for computer graphics, but lost the competition, when the market appeared more cheap Intel-compatible solutions.

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