Friday, April 3, 2009

Intel Atom in netbuke replaced by a mobile platform Nvidia.

At CTIA Wireless 2009 the company introduced the Nvidia netbuk HP Mini 1000, which is based on a mobile platform Nvidia Tegra, and not the processor Intel Atom, reports Electronista.
Apparently, netbuk Operating System Windows CE, as XP and Vista platform Tegra does not support. At this netbuke opened the browser and start a video with a resolution of 720p.
Problems playing HD-video with netbuka based Tegra not there - the picture does not pull. Despite the fact that Nvidia Tegra platform supports playback of HD-video in the resolution of 1080r, the quality of the movie was not running.
Nvidia Tegra mobile platform was introduced in February this year. It brings together on one chip, in particular, the processor microarchitecture-based ARM, graphics chip, memory controller and input / output.
Currently, Nvidia is negotiating with manufacturers on the issue of mobile devices based on Tegra. It is anticipated that the price will start from 99 dollars. The first such device to be shown this summer at the Computex.

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