Thursday, April 9, 2009

In 2011, the Russians will be able to choose a State Duma deputy with the help of mobile phone.

At the elections of deputies to the Duma in 2011, the Russians will be able to vote from mobile and satellite phones, as well as using social maps, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the statement by the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churova.
Vote can be via any mobile phone that supports Java-application. To this end, the voter must tell the telephone number from which wants to vote. On election day, this number will come a special annex for voting.
This application can be used only once, after which it is blocked. Vladimir Churov stressed that the same user will not be able to vote via mobile phone a few times, and the various abuses of the program are excluded.
To vote via the satellite phone will require a special apparatus. He is currently being developed.
Electronic voting system was tested at the first regional elections in March 2009. It allows citizens to vote outside the polling station, using a computer, mobile phone or social card.
Then the system of electronic voting have been over 270 thousand of hacker attacks in the five regions where it was tested. But the failures in the system did not happen.
After the March regional elections, the head of the CEC said that the total proved more difficult to vote via cell phone, so this technology will be improved. Minimum difficulty caused voters vote with the help of social cards.

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