Monday, April 6, 2009

In North Korea, counted 20 thousand cell phones.

The number of cellular subscribers in North Korea by the end of March grew to 20 thousand, transmits Associated Press. This is due to launch in the country in December 2008 a new network of Egyptian operator Orascom Telecom.
Total country population of more than 20 million people. How many of them will have access to mobile telephony in the next few years is unknown.
Orascom operates through a special company Cheo Technology, 25 percent of which belongs to the Government of North Korea. Cheo Technology License is valid for 25 years. At five years, the company was released from paying taxes.
Cellular communication is still in Pyongyang and the highway linking Pyongyang and Hyansan. Orascom Telecom expects to cover the whole country by 2012. To use a network connection, third-generation.
Attempts to provide residents of North Korea's cellular communication made in the past. Previous network worked short and ceased to exist in 2004.

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