Sunday, January 15, 2017

Journalists have appointed a new prime minister Kindle is the sixth of May.

Amazon presented 2B Kindle Amazon coming days the company will introduce a new device for reading electronic documents, reports CrunchGear. Indirectly, this confirms the appointment of six May press conference Amazon. The truth is what it will be dedicated to the company did not elaborate.
According to The New York Times, the new Amazon Kindle is for reading newspapers and magazines. As a result, this device will be a big screen. Characteristics of new Kindle are not reported.
Currently, Amazon releases the device for reading electronic books Kindle 2. Diagonal screen it is six inches. Cost Kindle 2 - 359 dollars.
One of the features of Kindle 2 - Text to Speech. When it activates the device reads the currently open document.
The first version of Kindle was introduced in November 2007. It cost 399 dollars. Development of the device has taken more than three years.

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